Janice's Discovery 3

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2007 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; chast; bond; rubber; bagged; transported; susp; cons; X

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Chapter 6

As the cab pulled away, Jessica looked back at Jason’s car with a pang of despair.

“Damn that man!” she muttered.

Six days!  She would have to wait for six whole days before she could see him again…….six days before she would be bound, and gagged, and tormented, and hopefully have him fuck her brains out.

She sat back in the seat with a deep sigh.

Then she remembered. 

The thing.

 It was on her!

She was locked in a chastity belt, and would have to wear it all week!

Once home, Janice undressed, and stood in front of the mirror naked, really looking at the belt closely for the first time.  Earlier she had been too rushed, and too excited to think about the reality of what had happened to her.

It was tight, but not unendurable.  Experimentally she bent over at the waist.  It pinched a little if she bent way over, but she had already sat in it for several hours tonight without discomfort.

Clothes.  She would have to wear slacks, with sweaters or loose tops that didn’t tuck in at the waist.  She worked in a casual office, so that was ok.

It was not so tight that she could not eat.  It was made out of stainless steel, so she could bathe.  She was not due for a period, which was good, because…well….just because.

Let’s see……that left……the bathroom.  This would take some experimentation!  She turned to the mirror, bent over, and spread her ass cheeks.  The belt had thin chains that bisected each cheek, but her pink rosebud was completely unobstructed.  The front of the belt was another matter.  To maintain chastity, the belt covered her entire mound, rubbing on each thigh.  There was a little grid of 1/8” holes…..this was going to be messy!

Janice slipped on her nightgown, and watched TV until bedtime.  By now she had to pee, so she sat down, and allowed a small flow.  “Ugghh!”  Pee seeped and splattered everywhere.  There was no way she would be able to go at work without disrobing below the waist, and doing a thorough cleanup job when she was finished. 

“Damn him!” she though.  Not being a female, she doubted whether he had thought about the practicalities of this apparatus!

Janice went to bed, but slept poorly.  She kept thinking about the events of the last two days, and how much she looked forward to Saturday.  She really didn’t want to go to work, or shop, or see her friends.  All she wanted was Jason, and whatever came with it….all day….every day.

The next day Janice drank no coffee, very little water, and was able to go all day without having to pee.  She wore demure, loose clothing, and other than the tight belt causing her hips to swing when she walked, nobody could notice a thing.

Janice, however, could think of nothing else!  Normally she would go through her day involved in work, and seldom think about sex, but now, she was always feeling horny, and all she could think about was being Jason’s bondage sex slave!

It got worse as the week wore on.  Days and nights of thinking about it, and not being able to even diddle herself to sleep!

By Friday she was frantic for sexual release.  Somehow she was able to get to sleep.

Saturday!  Only a few more hours!

Jason had only said that he would pick her up on Saturday.  He did not say when, or what to wear, whether they were going to have dinner, or what they might be doing.

To be safe, she was ready at 4 P.M. in a nice dress, heels, hair hanging prettily at her shoulders, and perfect makeup.

She sat waiting expectantly until 7, when she heard a car drive up.  It was Jason’s BMW!
She opened the door as she walked up the steps, giving him a good view of her legs and high heels below the pretty skirt. 

He was wearing shorts, a golf shirt and sandals.  “Hi, Hon,” he said, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.  “Will you please open the garage door for me?”

She nodded, and went through the kitchen to open the door into the garage, then pushed the opener.  Jason backed the BMW into the garage.  He opened the truck, and removed a large, soft sided bag and went into the house.

“How was your week?” he asked with an innocent smile.

“Have you ever tried to pee in one of these things?” she shot back, pretending anger.

“Not that I recall.” He laughed.  “Different equipment, you know?”

“Well, in case you are interested, it is very messy,” she answered.  “Did you think about that when you made me wear it for an entire week?”

“Well, I’m not really that interested, no, the thought never crossed my mind, and as I recall, you put it on yourself, didn’t you?” he retorted.  “Nobody forced you.”

“No,” she admitted, ‘but you made me hurry, and I didn’t have time to think about it.”

“I guess you survived.”

“That’s not all.”  She took a deep breath.  “Most of all, it makes me horny!”


“Yeah, really,” she answered.  “At work all day, at night trying to sleep, all I can think about is sex.”

“And there is nothing you can do about it?” he inquired.

“You know damn well there is nothing I can do about it!”

“Well”, he answered, reaching for the gym bag “maybe I will take it off you……one of these days!”

“One of these days!” she exclaimed, stamping her foot.  “Oh….you!”

He stood up, with a huge coil of rough, brown sisal cord in his hand.  “Turn around, hands behind your back.”

Janice turned and cooperatively clasped her fingers behind her, palm to palm.  Jason wound four loops of the cord around her wrists, then another three loops between her wrists as a cinch, drawing the rough cord deep into her flesh.  Another longer piece of cord was doubled in half, and then looped around her arms, just above the elbows.  Janice whimpered softly as the cord abraded her skin.  Five more loops circled her elbows, and then another three cinches drew it tight until her elbows touched.  He fed the cord under her left arm, around the back of her neck, back under her right arm, then through the cinch between her elbows. Finally the loose end was tucked under the cord behind her neck, then back down to her elbows, pulled tight, and tied off.  No amount of wiggling or contortion would let the cords to loosen or slip, and none of the knots were within reach of her fingers.

Jason used another long cord to circle her torso above, and below her breasts, pinning her bound arms tightly to her sides.  Janice moaned softly and bit her lip in consternation at the tightness of her bonds.  Her shoulders were already aching from being pulled back by the elbow bondage, and she could feel the cords bite into her skin.

Jason held a large, shiny black mass in front of her face. “Open,” he commanded.  Janice opened her mouth, and she felt a huge, thick plug being inserted to the very back of her throat.  “Yuck!” she thought to herself.  “Rubber.”  The pungent, unpleasant taste became amplified as the gag became slick with her saliva.  It was so thick that her lips were stretched tightly around its girth, but there was a small hole in the center, so she was able to breath.  The rubber hood was pulled over the top of her head.  Jason stretched the taut rubber, tugging at the zipper to make the hood close around the back of her head.  Her world was suddenly totally black. There were no openings other than the small hole in the gag.  Janice took a deep breath.  She could hear and feel air whistling through the gag as Jason affixed a thick, three inch rubber collar around her neck, sealing the hood tightly.

“Get on the ground,” she said, taking her arm to guide her.  Awkwardly Janice knelt, then sat in a splay legged heap.  Jason smiled at the sight of her pink pussy lips.  They glistened, wet with her excitement.  He reached down, cupping her sex with his hand, and inserting a finger inside her.  She “mmmummffed” with surprise as it easily slipped inside her, and moaned softly as he continued to probe her hot, wet depths.  He rubbed her clit with the knuckle of his thumb, and laughed softly at her groan of dismay when he removed his hand.

Jason bound her ankles and knees, the watched in amusement as she struggled with his instructions to kneel.  Once on her knees he had she sit back on her ankles, then looped cords around her thighs and shins pinning her feet against her ass.  “Bend down,” he ordered.  He tied a short rope to a ring on her collar and through the loops around her knees, pulled it tight, and tied it off.  This pinned her in a bent over position with her chin against her knees.  Another small rope was tied between her wrist and bound feet.  It was pulled tight through the crack in her ass, further pinning her feet to her ass, and placing strain on her bound arms.  Longer ropes soon circled her bent over body, under her legs and across her back, forcing the woman into a tight, compact ball.

The compressed ball of her body was, as it turned out, small enough to fit inside the soft, zippered bag.  In moments her silent, helpless form was bagged, and the bag was deposited in the truck on Jason’s BMW.

She felt the truck lid slam.  The garage door closed behind them, and the car accelerated down the road.

Chapter 7

For a while, the excitement Janice felt from being Jason’s captive on the way to his “lair” kept the discomfort at bay.

It was hot, noisy and bumpy inside the trunk.  “Well, she thought to herself, “It’s only 15 minutes to Jason’s house.”

She felt the car stop at several traffic lights, and heard the sound of traffic beside her.  Then, to her dismay, she felt the car accelerate up to a higher speed…..and keep going.

There were no Interstate driving needed between her condo and his house!

The journey seemed interminable.  Every second seemed like a minute, every minute, an hour.  She ached everywhere, and the rough brown cords bit into her flesh like angry rodents.  Sweat inside the rubber hood stung her eyes.  Drool pooled at her chin, and dribbled slowly through the small breathing hole in the gag, and onto her bound knees.  Her breath rasped wet and harsh through the tiny hole.  She tried to roll over on her side to relieve the pressure on her back and knees, but was unable to do so.  She sighed, and wiggled her fingers against the growing numbness.

After several hours of high speed driving, she felt the car brake, and turn off the highway.  They continued for a while longer.  She heard Jason move up and down through the gears, and it felt like they were climbing.  After a bit, the car slowed, turned onto gravel, and stopped.  She heard his car door open and close, and his footsteps walk away from the car.  “Please!” she thought, “Please come and get me out……”

More time passed in helpless, uncomfortable waiting in the dark, hot trunk.  Finally she heard footsteps, and the trunk opened.  Janice felt herself being lifted out of the trunk, and being carried; walking for about 20 paces, then up some steps, then put down.  It was not a soft landing...certainly not a bed, or a sofa…most probably just the floor.  Inside the bag she heard his footsteps and several doors being closed.

Janice continued to kneel inside the bag, impatient for release, but unable to do anything about her plight.  She heard a refrigerator door shut, the “pppsst” of a can being opened, footsteps, and a TV being turned on.  She heard him sit, very near to where her bound body had been dropped.  She guessed she was on the floor near his chair.  She thrashed and wiggled, and yelled behind the gag and hood, but the bag hardly quivered, and the sound was stifled by the gag, the hood, and the tightly zipped bag.  He watched the end of a ballgame, and then the late news.  She guessed it was nearly midnight, and hoped desperately that he would release her for the night, even if she was rebound in a different position….anything to get off of her knees, and out of this cramped, bent over position.  Nothing could be as bad as this gag, this hot, humid, claustrophobic hood, and being zipped inside this airless, stifling bag.

Suddenly it was quiet.  She shrieked, but no sound escaped.  Despair stabbed her heart, her bravery weakened and her resolve evaporated.  Her body betrayed her.  She needed to pee, so she peed, and suffered the consequences inside the soggy, smelly bag. She gave in to the helplessness.  She became one with the pain.  She embraced the boredom.  Her mind found subspace, a place that she could exist and endure.  Perhaps she slept……

In the back of her mind she thought she heard an alarm ringing.  Yes!  She heard footsteps.  The bag was being unzipped!  She felt the wonderful rush of cool fresh air and goose bumps formed on her sweaty skin.  She groaned softly as he lifted her cramped body out of the bag, and then whimpered happily as she felt his fingers begin the long process of untying dozens of knots, and releasing her from her bonds.

She moaned with joy when she was able to sit up.  “Oh….how wonderful!” she thought, “To finally stretch my legs!”   He untied her ankles and knees, and helped her to her feet.  He held her firmly by the arm as she took hesitant unsteady steps, but the body has wonderful recuperative powers, and she was soon able to walk.  He led her outside.  Even through the hood she could hear the sounds of the crickets chirping in the long grass.  Jason remained quiet while he removed the ropes from her torso, then peeled the cords from the deep red grooves the rough cord had dug in the flesh above her elbows.

  “Mmmmmmm……hhheeerrrrummmph!” she groaned as the pain gave way to the pleasure of restored circulation, overjoyed at being able to move her shoulders, shrugging away the stiffness from hours and hours of stringent bondage.  He untied her hands, but quickly each wrist was captured in a heavy softly lined leather cuff.  She heard a snap link click onto each cuff, then felt her arms being drawn up and away from her body.  Cuffs were fastened to each ankle, and her feet were pulled laterally until her thigh muscles began to scream from the stretching.  Her bonds were adjusted, leaving her standing in a taut, spread-eagled position.  After so many hours compressed into the cramped ball tied position, and stuffed inside the bag, the pull on her arms and shoulders actually felt good.  She stood expectantly, still hooded, blind and silent, wondering what was going to happen.  The air was cool, and she felt her nipples stiffen. 

She stood for a time, and then she heard him approach from behind, and begin to unbuckle her collar.  Unzipping the hood, he tugged it off her head.  The huge gag slipped from between her lips with a wet, slurping pop.  Janice tossed her head, and blinked her eyes against the stinging sweat.  It was still night, and there were no lights.  She could hear the wind, and barely see the outline of trees against the sky.  The house must be behind her, because she could not see it.  She worked her stiff jaw muscles, and felt a tube probing at her lips.  “Drink,” he said.  Janice sucked greedily on the tube.  It was only water, but nothing had every tasted so good.  She swished some around in her mouth to get rid of the taste of rubber, before swallowing.  “Thank you,” she said softly, her voice hoarse.

“How are you feeling?” he asked in the darkness.

“Tired,” she answered, “and stiff….but not too bad, considering.”

“Considering what?” he asked.

“Considering that I have spent the last however many hours helplessly bound and hooded inside a gym bag,” she answered wryly.

“Suitable accommodations for a bondage slave,” he opined.  “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Is that what I am?” she asked softly.  “A bondage slave?”

“What do you think? He replied.

Janice was quiet for a moment, and then she sighed.  “Yes…..I am a bondage slave.”  She turned, a serious look on her face.  “As long as you are my bondage Master, I will happily serve as your bondage slave.”

“There is one thing, though.” He cautioned.

“What is that?” she answered, wondering what else he might ask her to endure.

“You will have to become my wife.”

Janice felt her knees go weak, and would have fallen had not she been stretched taut by her bonds.  “You…….you are asking me…..?”

“Yes,” he interrupted.  “Will you marry me?”

Janice was happy beyond words, but somehow she kept a poker face.

“I don’t know……..” she said seriously, her brows furrowed in thought.

“You’re not sure?” he queried in surprise.

“I’m pretty sure….,” she said, breaking into a smile. 

“But maybe you ought to lock me away the hardest bondage yet for about 24 hours to think about it.”

“Whatever you want, slavegirl,” she said, returning her smile.