by Scarecrow

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© Copyright 2002 - Scarecrow - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; scarves; cuffs; rope; hood; tickle; sex; reluct/con; X

"My God, I must be crazy!" thought Nick. "I'm sitting here in a stranger's house wearing a blindfold, for crying in a bucket."

He moved to take off the scarf that covered his eyes but jumped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Not so fast, young man. You've come this far, now you have to go the rest of the way." the husky, female voice whispered in his ear. Nick sat still, fear and anticipation, in equal parts, flooding though his body.

This had all started a couple of days before when Nick got home from work and found an unmarked envelope in his letter-box. A pastel pink card inside simply read "If you want an adventure to fulfill your fantasies come to my house at 10-o-clock on Saturday morning." An address in a nearby suburb was printed on the bottom of the card. The card had a faint aroma of Jasmine, but otherwise there was no indication of the sender's name.

Nick's first reaction had been to throw it away but curiosity kept him from doing so. For the next couple of days his mind had raced with possibilities. At times he was convinced that one of his colleagues was playing a joke on him, then he was unsure of what it all meant. The phrase "an adventure to fulfill your fantasies" echoed through his mind. How could anyone know his fantasies? He hadn't spoken about them to anyone. What did "She" mean? He was convinced that the invitation came from a woman, something about the hand-writing and the perfume on the card struck him as being intensely feminine. Besides no male would be so mysterious!

Out of curiosity, on the way home from work on Friday evening, Nick drove past the address given on the card. The house was a nondescript detached bungalow just like all the others in the street. A well maintained garden filled the space between the front of the house and the street. A drive-way led past the left of the house to a garage at the back and through the drawn curtains Nick could see that lights were on inside. There was nothing to distinguish the house from all the others in the road but, inside was a woman who had promised to give him an adventure to fulfill his fantasies. There was that phrase again.

When he went to sleep that night Nick still hadn't decided what he would do the next morning. By the time he awoke the decision was made. He would ignore the card and the mysterious person - woman - who had churned through his thoughts, go to a movie and forget the whole thing. Adventures and fantasies just didn't happen in real life, at least not in Nick's life. 

As Nick started his car intending to go and see a film at the local cinema he thought "Fuck it! What do I have to lose? I can still get there in time." and drove to the address. Deciding that, if he was going to do this he would not be too stupid, Nick parked the car some distance away, emptied his pockets of all cash and valuables and only took his car key as he walked the remaining distance.

The hourly beep on his watch sounded just as he approached the front door of the house. "Right on time" thought Nick. He was about to knock when he noticed another pink card stuck on the door. "Come in" was all it said. His palms suddenly sweating, Nick hesitated and then slowly opened the door. He was greeted by a small, almost featureless, hallway with a closed door on the opposite side. 

He cautiously stepped inside and shut the front door behind himself. The only furniture in the room were a small table against the left wall and an upright chair on the right. A folded black silk scarf lay on the table with another pink card on top of it. "Who ever this is she sure likes pink cards" Nick said to himself. This time the card had more than one sentence written in the same, flowing, hand. "You have a choice. You can leave now and never know what you have missed or, if you want to carry on, blindfold yourself securely with the scarf and wait for me on the chair." 

Suddenly Nick had a huge erection at the thought of blindfolding himself and waiting for this strange woman. "How did she know about his blindfold fantasy like this?" 

Slowly, almost mesmerised, Nick picked up the scarf. It was woven from thick, heavy, silk and felt very sensuous and erotic in his hands. He eased himself gently onto the chair folded the scarf into a broad band and slowly raised it to his eyes. One part of his mind was frantically telling him he was being a bloody fool and to get out of here at once, but he slowly wrapped the scarf over his eyes and tied it firmly at the back of his head. He sat back against the chair in utter darkness, not a scrap of light reached his eyes through the folds of heavy silk. "Now I've done it" he thought, and waited.

The shock of realising that he was not alone almost sent Nick into panic. "Who are you? What are you going to do with me? Can I take off the blindfold now?" 

The words poured out. The only answer he got was to be urged to his feet and then kissed very firmly. Nick's breathless questions died away as he felt her lips meet his and her tongue slide into his mouth. Eventually the kiss ended and Nick felt even more breathless. 

"Now, let me take your shirt off and look at you." he heard and felt fingers working on his buttons. "No! Don't try and help. Just stand still." Nick did as he was commanded.

"Mmh, not bad. Not bad at all. Just stand there and let me look at you. You work out at the local gym." The last was a statement not a question, but Nick took the opportunity. "Yes, twice a week, but why did..." A finger touched his lips. 

"Ssh. So many questions. All in good time. Now, give me your hand." With the last command, Nick felt his right hand being taken and pulled gently behind his back. "And now the other one." His left hand was drawn back and towards the right. He heard a quick ratcheting sound that was immediately repeated and felt something encircling his wrists and joining them together.  As he reacted, shouting "Hey! What's going on?" he felt the same thing happen to his legs. "You'd better sit down." He heard, "I wouldn't want you to fall and hurt yourself."

Nick carefully tested that his ankles were indeed attached to each other and that he couldn't separate his hands and then slowly sat down on the chair he could still feel behind him. "Very sensible." he heard. "The front door is locked and, in that state, you won't get away from me." There was quiet satisfaction in the female voice. None of these events had done anything to diminish the erection that was threatening to burst out of his jeans. Suddenly Nick was revelling in the helplessness he felt. Bound hand and foot and blindfolded (blindfolded by himself) he realised that there was very little he could do to improve the situation. Anything he tried would probably just make it worse. One thing he could do was to try and find out what was going on. "And now? What's the idea of all..." Something large and round slid into Nick's mouth, effectively stopping his questions. He felt straps being buckled behind his head and now he couldn't even ask his captor what she intended.

"You really are enjoying this aren't you? I can tell." A hand caressed his engorged cock through his jeans and Nick almost came in his pants. A grunt was all the reply he could make. He felt a strap of some kind cross his chest and felt himself pulled back into the chair, further trapping his hands and arms. Next his legs were drawn back and, in some way attached to the chair. "Now you just be a good boy and stay there for a while. I've got some things to do and then we'll have fun. Oh, one more thing. Just to make sure that the blindfold doesn't somehow work loose." Nick felt a silken bag pulled down over his head and tied around his neck below the straps for the gag. "There we are. We can't have you seeing things you shouldn't now can we?" The question was obviously rhetorical but Nick grunted in reply all the same.

Time passed slowly for Nick as he sat in darkness. He squirmed a bit to test how securely he was tied to the chair, very securely, he discovered. The one thing he was very conscious of was the huge, almost uncomfortably large, erection that strained against his jeans. Eventually, he had no way of knowing how much time had passed, he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard the female voice again. "Right now it's time to take the next step"

Nick jerked and grunted through his gag. Then he felt his legs being freed from the chair and the strap across his chest being loosened. "Stand up" he was commanded. He slowly stood and flexed his shoulders. "Now we aren't going to do anything silly are we now? After all you are still completely helpless" Nick grunted. "Good boy, I'll take that for a 'No I won't do anything silly'" Nick grunted again. He felt her hands undoing his belt buckle and then opening his jeans. Instinctively he hunched forward and immediately felt a slap on his bum. "Stand up straight. I'm taking your pants off and there is nothing you can do about it. Anyway..." he felt her hand encircle his engorged cock "I don't think you want to do anything about it. This must have been quite uncomfortable trapped in there." He slowly straightened up. "That's better."

Nick had never felt so embarrassed, nor excited, in his life. He stood, arms and ankles bound, blindfolded and gagged whilst a woman he had never seen undressed him and fondled his cock. Even so far this exceeded his wildest fantasies. He felt his jeans drop around his ankles followed by his underpants. "No sit down whilst I take these right off." He heard. He sat back in the chair and felt the chest strap again securing him to it. "Just so you don't get any foolish ideas when I undo your legs." This woman certainly thought of everything! Once the last of his clothing, including his shoes and socks had been removed, Nick felt the cuffs encircling and confining his legs again. Once again he felt them being secured to the chair.

"Now you just sit there quietly." he heard. "In a few moments some of my friends will be arriving. I'm sure you will make a lovely conversation piece, particularly with Freddie here standing up so proudly." Her hand again caressed his swollen cock. At these words Nick panicked. It was one thing to have a woman playing with him alone like this, but the thought of others seeing him in this state! He tried to shout and throw himself out of the chair. Nothing happened, the chair was somehow bolted to the floor and he was far too securely attached to it to achieve anything. The shouted denials just came out as strangled grunts. Eventually he ceased his struggles as the futility of them became more and more evident.

"That's better." he heard her say. "From the moment you put on that blindfold you gave up any control over what happens next. Your last choice was to leave, whilst you could, or give up any freedom until I decide to let you go. What ever happens will be what I choose to happen, you have no say in the matter. Do you understand?" Miserably Nick nodded and grunted his affirmation. "Now cheer up. Nobody will know who you are. You're pretty anonymous under that hood. Let's get Freddie back up shall we." Once again her hands began caressing his cock, that had gone limp during his struggles. Amazingly it soon firmed up as Nick continued to think about his helpless situation. "There, that's better, make me proud of you." 

"She talks to me as if I were a little schoolboy" Nick thought to himself, the thought making him even harder.

After a while Nick realised he was alone again. "How long was he going to have to wait this time?" he wondered. He had no sooner had the thought than he heard tapping sounds from outside the front door, the tapping of stiletto high heels. The door opened and a wave of cooler air brushed over him. Voices. "Oh I wonder what J has for us today." "Look at that! She said she would have a surprise, but I didn't think it would be anything so magnificent!" "I hope she'll let us play with it. Oh please J can we play with your toy?" Oh look, it's blushing, how sweet!" 

A warm rush of blood made Nick feel that his whole body must be bright red with embarrassment. "At least they don't know who I am" was the only thought in Nick's head as several women's voices swirled around him. The thought - hope - was short lived. "That's Nick Prendegast. I recognise that torso from the gym. I always wanted to get my hands on it." Nick felt his blush deepen and hung his head. "Now look what you've done. You've embarrassed him. Don't worry, she'll make it up to you."

"Come on girls." He heard J's voice over the general hubbub. "J, that was how one of the women had referred to her. J for Jasmine?" he wondered. "Let's bring him through. I promised him an adventure to exceed his wildest fantasies, and you wouldn't want to make a liar of me would you. Besides if we don't treat him nicely he may never come back"

"Come back?! Come back?! You'd better believe I'll never come back!" was Nick's startled, if silent, reaction to these words. But somewhere deep inside another little voice was saying "You mean I might have the chance of coming back? Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Several pairs of hands started rubbing over him, the strap holding him to the chair was released, as were his legs and he was helped to his feet. The hands continued rubbing, feeling and, occasionally, pinching him as he was urged forward. "It's alright, it's quite safe. We won't let you fall or hurt yourself, will we girls?" He didn't recognise the voice, but the words were greeted with gales of laughter. Nick felt himself almost being carried forward by the throng of women. He had no idea how many there were but it seemed like six or seven. After a few turns he was told that there were three steps down and carefully guided down them.

"Ok girls, what will it be? Spreadeagle, suspension or The Frog?" J's voice cut through the chatter. "Or maybe we can think of something else to do with our toy boy this afternoon."

"I think The Frog would be a bit harsh, for a first time." one of the other voices cut in. "After all there are quite a few of us and we don't want to tire it out until we've all had some fun."

"By this reaction," Nick felt a hand grasp his swollen prick and squeeze gently. "I don't think we need to worry about that." another voice interjected.

"I know, what about The Swing?"

"Good idea P, since you thought of it, you can go first." J's voice cut through the general sounds of approval that greeted this last suggestion. Nick was having some difficulty accepting that he was being handled and spoken about as if he was an object and tried to take some part in the proceedings. Shaking off the hands that held him he tried to turn around. Quite what he thought he was going to achieve he didn't know but he felt that he had to let these women know that he wasn't just a toy for them to play with as he pleased.

Unfortunately his actions had the opposite effect. "Ooh, it's got some spirit" he heard as the whole group of women seemed to grab him and force him to the floor. "Hog tie him girls." J seemed not to be involved physically but directing operations from the background. In quick succession Nick's legs were caught, tied together and then attached, in some way to his hands leaving him even more helpless than before. "Stupid, stupid, stupid" thought Nick to himself. "Now you've blown it." Confirmation came from J. "That was very silly." She said. We'll have to punish you for that. To teach you not to try that again I think The Feather would be appropriate." Nick wanted to ask what 'The Feather' was but all he could do was grunt in a questioning way.

One of the other women answered his grunt "Don't worry, you'll soon find out."  "Maybe you'll wish you hadn't" she added with a malicious tone of voice. "We're going to have fun, aren't we girls?" Shrieks of laughter confirmed Nick's worst fears.

He felt himself being lifted by several pairs of hands and deposited on a table or board of some sort. One by one his bonds were loosed and his limbs fastened until he was lying spreadeagled on his back. Straps held his arms at wrist and elbow, and his legs at ankle and knee. The whole operation had been very quick and he hadn't had the slightest opportunity to try and gain his freedom again. 

"Right ladies, let's leave it to contemplate it's fate while we have some tea." J again seemed to be taking charge. It all seemed so mundane in a bizarre kind of way. Nick lay on his back, blindfolded, gagged and hooded, with his arms and legs stretched out and strapped down, whilst a groups of ladies had a tea party a few metres away. They were all careful not to reveal anything that would give their identities away, referring to each other by initials rather than names. The same was true about their acquaintances. All the ladies seemed to know one another very well and regaled each other with some intimate stories, to gales of laughter. Nick was completely ignored until one of them, Nick now knew her as D, the one who had recognised him in the first place said "Haven't we got some unfinished business ladies?"

The silence, and feeling of being, once more, the centre of attention made Nick squirm. "Oh dear, it's gone down." "We'll soon fix that." and "Remember, I'm first on the swing." "Look it's coming back up again." Without being touched and conscious again of his helplessness, Nick felt his erection starting to return.

"No time for that now." J sounded all business-like. "You must learn not to displease us in any way. This is The Feather."

Nick braced himself for he knew not what. Nothing happened until Nick started to relax, then he felt a single fingernail start at the inside of his elbow and run slowly down, through his armpit and down his side. It was exquisitely ticklish and Nick grunted and tried, unsuccessfully, to get away. As soon as it reached his hip the nail started back up again and at the same time another one started running up and down his left foot. In short order Nick was being attacked from all sides. He couldn't move to avoid the maddening, tortuous, tickling fingernails. 

He squirmed and writhed as far as his bonds would allow. He grunted and thrashed his head from side to side but nothing stopped the inexorable, silent, assault on his senses. The only conscious thought he had left was that his erection was now even bigger than ever! Eventually, finally the tickling stopped. Nick heard J's voice through his daze "You won't displease me again, will you?" He weakly shook his head and grunted a negative "Uh, uh." "Otherwise..." Once more that lone fingernail travelled down his side overloading his tortured senses again.

"The Swing, P. That was your idea and you go first" J was clearly in charge. "Before we move it let's just fix Frederick so that he doesn't go away." Nick felt a thin band encircle the base of his penis and then another one just below the engorged hood. "That should do it, now for a condom. We can't be too careful now can we?"

 Nick felt himself being released from the board and his hands were again cuffed behind his back. He was led across the floor and then told to sit on a plank that swayed as he sat on it. Straps were passed across his thighs holding his legs slightly apart and some kind of belt went around his chest and then seemed to be fastened on each side, holding him upright. Finally his legs were cuffed together and pulled up underneath the seat and attached there. "This" thought Nick, "must be the swing."

"Now you are quite safe and you can't fall off." J again. "Let me demonstrate." he felt a shove from behind and started to swing. Being blindfolded Nick quickly became totally disoriented by the movement but the straps held him firmly in position. He was brought to a halt. "See, It's quite safe."

The next thing that happened was even more shocking than anything that had gone before. Nick felt a lithe woman's naked body join him on the swing. P, she was the one who was to "go first" he remembered, sat on his lap facing him and slowly impaled herself on his engorged cock. He wanted to cum as he felt the warm moist pussy slide onto his erection but, somehow, the bands at top and bottom prevented this. He felt her hard nipples crushed against his chest as she held him hard. "Mmh... I love the swing" she whispered in his ear. 

The next thing they were moving, swinging backwards and forwards, being pushed higher and higher. As the swing reached the top of it's travel there was a moment of almost weightlessness and Nick felt the girl rise up on him. As they reached the bottom her weight came down hard and she ground against him. Nick was becoming more and more frustrated by his inability to cum, his whole focus of existence seemed to be concentrated in his groin. He heard the woman on his lap start panting and moaning, felt her scrape her nipples across his chest and grind down even harder on him and them she was cumming, shuddering and shrieking and pounding him into her.

Slowly the swing settled and stopped as did Nick's passenger. "Ooh... Thank you. That was lovely." He heard her say through the haze of desire and frustration that still enshrouded him. He felt her ease herself off her perch and was left alone for a moment. Then J's voice "Right let's change that condom and then it's your turn D." Once again embarrassment flooded over Nick as the thought about what had just happened being witnessed. His next guest seemed to be a bit taller than the first. "You'll give me a good ride, won't you Nick?" she said mischievously as she slid onto the saddle. "You don't really have much choice, do you?"

And then they were off  again, on a ride of frustration for Nick, but apparently one that D enjoyed very much. When she had cum, wildly thrashing around on his swollen cock, it was the turn of the next lady. Nick soon lost track of how many women used him for their pleasure. He just knew that if he wasn't able to cum soon he would explode.

Eventually he heard J say "Alright, big boy. One more, that's me, and then we'll let you have your reward." Nick could only grunt weakly.

When J had finished her ride and finally stopped shuddering against him, Nick felt her rise and then remove the condom. "These have done their job so they can come off." He felt the bands circling his cock removed and then another condom fitted. J once again lowered herself onto him. "Since this is my place I get the last ride." she murmured "and this one's for you." 

Once again the swing began to move. In no time at all the combination of the movement and the earlier frustration drove Nick over the top and he experienced the most shattering orgasm of his life. Dimly, as he came and came he could sense that J was also shuddering her way through another climax but he wasn't really able to take much notice. Finally, he was spent, the movement ceased and he felt J get off and removed the filled condom.

Unable to move Nick sat and waited whilst J bade her friends farewell. In his torpor he found that he was dozing off. "Well, was that fun?" He heard J's voice and grunted an affirmative. "Now just wait there whilst I get you cleaned up." This woman thinks of everything." He thought.

Shortly there-after he was led, still with his hands cuffed behind his back, to the entrance hall. "Now there are some things we need to get straight." J's voice had taken on that school-mistress tone again. "Firstly, I may consider inviting you back but do not try to contact me or find out who I am or any of the other girls. Is that clear?" Nick grunted and nodded, his head still encased in the silken bag. "Secondly, do not talk about what happened here today. As far as anyone else is concerned none of this happened." 

She waited for Nick's nod and grunt of affirmation. "Thirdly, I am going to free your hands. Your clothes are on the table. Get dressed and leave. Leave the hood, blindfold and gag on the table. Don't try to come into the house, the hallway door will be locked." Again the nod and grunt. "Was I right? Did that fulfill your wildest fantasies?" Nick's grunt and nod were much more vigorous. 

"Bye, Nick, maybe I'll see you again... You won't see me of course." He felt his arms being freed and then sensed that he was alone. Some time later, sitting in his car, Nick reviewed the events of the past few hours. "How will I react if I get another invitation?" he wondered. The reaction from his cock gave him the answer to that one.



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