Insatiable Eve

by Eddie

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© Copyright 2002 - Eddie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; slave; cons; XX

Insatiable  Eve
by Eddie

Eve returned from the grocery store with the bread and milk she had been sent in to buy. She covered her left nipple with the grocery sack. She wasn’t necessarily ashamed of the safety pin that had been unceremoniously rammed through her erect nipple, through Tee shirt and all, by her Master Foss. But, the way people stared at her was sometimes unnerving. ‘So I’m a punker!’ She would think to herself, in introspective reexamination of her appearance each time she would catch someone giving her that look. She liked the way her shaggy hair was died green and especially the way she had given it that special look by dying the ragged fringe blood red. Or perhaps it was the eye makeup that would get them? She thought her emerald green eyes looked “Right!”, immersed in the hastily applied sea of black, charcoal eye smudge. 

The sure getter would always be the safety pinned control chain Master Foss had installed in her face. He had required her to hold her mouth open wide while he forced the dull point of the huge safety pin through her cheek, about a half inch back from the juncture of her upper and lower lips, on the left side of her mouth. He had then slipped on the ring at the end of her control chain before snapping it closed in her open mouth. She had tasted blood for only the briefest time following that mutilating procedure. It had been a challenge to her masochistic nature, receiving that cheek pin. She was given courage, though, knowing that her Master, Foss, would do no less to himself. Often, when he wanted his masterful cock sucked incessantly, he would impale her open throat on his cock and then pin the other end of her control chain to his stomach with insufficient slack for her to back away enough to disgorge even half of his throbbing seven inches. When the chain was not in some use its normal parking stand was her left nipple. He didn’t bother trying to find an old hole through her nipple, he would merely pinch her nipple fiercely, pull it out a few inches and ram that blunt point through the base of her nipple creating a new hole. The old ones would heal shortly and the pain he imposed upon her was of no concern to her Master. Unreasonably, that’s the way she wanted it. She loved the feeling of being used and abused, she even provoked things to be done to her at times.

Eve knew better than to merely return to Foss’s pickup truck and jump in. He would never stand for such a bold move as that from her. Instead, she handed him the sack and stood at his driver’s side window awaiting further instructions.

“Un-pin your nipple.” Foss demanded of her. She did it.
“Off with the Tee Shirt.” She wasn’t so quick with her compliance to this command, but she knew she must do it. After a fast scan of the full parking lot to see who might be watching, she lifted her Tee Shirt up and completely off, then handed it to her Master. Her magnificent twin globes were appointed with her best attributes, her huge, erect nipples spiking out from large, puffy areolas.

Foss handed her her slave collar and bade her put it on herself while standing half nude in the busy parking lot.

“Now give me your jeans.”  Knowing that she wore nothing under her jeans she really didn’t want to take them off in public, but what is a slave girl to do when given a direct order but comply? She whisked them off as quickly as she could, revealing a clean-shaven, sexually ready cunt topping well formed, athletic legs. Foss reached out, took her jeans, and snapped on the six foot leash to her slave collar. He dropped the truck into gear and moved out slowly. Eve was obliged to follow at a jog. Her tits bounced provocatively and her cheek to nipple chain clinked atop her breast. Foss ran her circuitously through the parking lot up and down a few lanes between parked cars as people ogled in astonishment at such a sight. They reached the parking lot exit finally and Foss stopped. He released Eve’s leash and ordered her into the truck. She ran to the other side and got in. Foss drove onto the street and away. 

Completely naked Eve smiled at her Master, nipples taut and chest heaving from the workout. Foss grabbed her by her green tresses and forced her down into the floor board and her face into his crotch. His only command, as he continued driving was, “Suck, bitch!” Eve opened his pants, took out her Master’s cock and slid her accustomed lips, mouth and throat over the throbbing appendage she worshiped so.

“Give yourself orgasms. You are always so much better at this when you masturbate. DO IT!” Eve spread her thighs as best she could in the confinement of her kneeling position in the passenger floorboard. She abandoned her Master’s cock with one nervous hand and slid it to between her legs. With her right hand she continued to milk the seven inches into her hungry mouth. With her left hand she fingered among the hot, dripping petals of her own womanhood. She massaged the hard knot of throbbing flesh that was her clitoris. She could always give herself thrill after thrill this way. She pulled viciously at the engorged outer lips of her cunt. She rummaged among the more delicate inner petals and finally drove maddening fingers inside herself to probe her “G” spot. Her experienced fingers knew exactly where to find it, and the kind of probing that it liked best. 

Eve’s Master’s hand came to her cheek chain and gave it a tug that she recognized as his signal to deep throat his masterful cock. Seven full inches with the broad girth of two is a lot for a girl to swallow but Eve could force herself to do it as often as required. As she opened her throat and forced herself down to flatten her nose into her Master’s pubic hair the first violent tremor hit her. She pressed harder and faster, massaging her grateful “G” spot, driving her own lust beyond containment. She twisted and bucked on her own fingers and tried engulfing more of her Master, hoping for that familiar surge of cum down her throat. She felt his hand broaden over the back of her green head and force her onto himself as he thrust his pelvis up to meet her. She was rewarded with what she had been working for. The hot surge of pulsing liquid shot into her esophagus and on down into her stomach. He filled her hungry innards making her feel like the slut-slave she envisioned herself to be. She came hard again as she savored her Master’s cum. 

By a fistful of green hair her Master pulled her off his cock and pushed her to the floorboard, to sprawl there as best she could and wait. She had been used and tossed aside, a feeling she adored.  Foss demanded she expose her best parts to his view. She knew that meant her breasts and her sopping cunt. She squirmed around within the confined space available until she was on her back. She arched her pelvis high. Her head pressed hard against the side of the truck where the firewall of the engine joined the side connected to the passenger’s door. She pulled her doubled under ankles and calves as far as she could force them up along her sides. She thrust up her stomach and spread her knees, opening her cunt to her Master. Foss poked the forefinger of his right hand into her easily accessible ass hole. He thrust  his thumb into her vagina and pinched the flesh between those fingers. He began jacking his fingers hard in and out, but never relaxing the pressure of his grip. He had done this to Eve before producing ever escalating painful pleasure, feeding on her extreme masochism.

Eve could feel the difference in the texture of the road being traveled as Foss turned off the highway. The new road got rougher and rougher as did the fingers plying her cunt and ass hole. A few turns later the truck came to an abrupt stop and the engine was turned off. Eve continued to lay in her strained position in the floorboard as Foss got out and slammed his door closed. In moments he jerked open the passenger door. He reached in and grabbed a fistful of Eve’s hair and drug her out of the truck and on to the ground outside. She tried getting up but was still on her back being dragged by her hair to the tailgate of the truck. Foss picked her up bodily and threw her into the open truck bed. Foss had talked of wanting to take her into the woods for an outdoor bondage session. ‘This must be it.’, thought Eve. She looked up at the pipe rack above her that Foss had just recently installed. It was a simple box frame of one inch square tubing rising from the sides of the rear with a top cross member of the same material. There was a similar tubing frame just behind the cab, side to side. The two frames were joined at the top, front to back, by horizontal members of the same material. 

Showing up from the cab with an armful of rope, Foss roughly twisted Eve around until her head extended over the end of the opened tailgate, with her splayed legs into the truck bed. Wrapping a rope around her slender neck Foss secured her to the back bumper. He next secured first one wrist, then her other to her ankles, which he doubled back to lie at her sides, with her knees spread wide. Foss removed his pants and out popped his enraged cock, as though it had not been relieved in months. He slapped the full length of it back and forth across Eve’s helpless face. She knew instinctively what he wanted so she opened her mouth waiting to be fed. Foss teased her with his dripping cock, telling her to beg for it. Begging to suck his cock was not beneath her dignity. Eve whined her lusty, most submissive utterings, hoping they would be good enough to win her this prize. As she was about to embark on a different string of begging words she was suddenly silenced with the full length of his cock rammed home to the hilt into her open mouth and throat. Foss began throat fucking her in earnest. He took both of her engorged nipples between unrelenting fingers and tore at them unmercifully, using them as leverage for plummeting into her repeatedly. It took longer this time but her Master was multi-orgasmic when thusly aroused. He shot off down her throat again, this time gripping fist’s full of tit flesh in both hands. 

When it was over Eve was let up and repositioned, standing with her legs and arms spread to the sides of the rear box frame. With wrists and ankles tied tightly to the frame’s sides at the rear of the bed of the truck, Foss next stood behind her and did some fancy rope work to tie her head to the metal member connecting the two sides. Passing the rope across her open mouth, still dripping his cum, he tied her to the metal cross member. He next secured her neck also to the same member. He then wrapped the rope around and around her eyes, blindfolding her. He tied it to the same cross member. He tied ropes through her crotch and back up to the cross member her head was tied to. He took special care to position the ropes so they held her vaginal lips wide open. Her swollen innards protruded lewdly, her erect clit stood out most prominently, begging for attention. 

Master Foss took a short but wicked whip and began at the insides of her spread thighs. Eve screamed past the single strand of rope crossing tightly through her forced open mouth. Her cum laden saliva began to drool down the front of her body, uncontrollably. The silky flesh of her tits prickled with desire exposing her extreme state of arousal. The whip found her calves, her knees, her thighs – higher and higher until it flicked the insides of her spread labia. More and louder screaming ensued! To her relief the whip’s attention was moved on up her body to her hips, sides of her rib cage, and stomach. When it found the tender under sides of her exposed breasts her screaming took on the tone of shear terror! While the force with which the whip was being applied dropped a notch, the lashing her tits received crept upward until her areolas, then her nipples themselves became the target! Each stroke left a quickly rising reddening welt.

Thankfully the wicked whip moved to behind her. Stinging welts were delivered to the backs of her calves, thighs, buttocks, small of her back, then on up her back to her shoulders. For a while the whip played across her ass then her back, alternately, making her dance wildly in her inescapable bonds. This part of her savage whipping subscribed to her masochism causing her juices to flow profusely. With her womanly flower in its fullest bloom and her pistil-clit aching for attention the last stroke of that maddening whip came up between her legs and stole its way inside her open cunt, its tip tearing at her wanton clit! This thrill pushed her over the top. She bucked and whined for more but unreasonably there was no more, only her peaked desire and her sensitive body tingling all over with the memory of the whip. She bit down on her wonderful rope as surge after surge of orgasmic tidal waves shook her soul to the very core. 

Her Master, sensing her extreme need, jumped off the truck onto the ground. Suddenly his tongue was at her womanhood to drive her even more crazy. Fingers went inside her finding her “G” spot. Other fingers drove up into her ass hole, working in coordinated effort with the ones inside her cunt. Her orgasmic condition escalated higher and higher until her mind was so taken with her sexuality that nothing else mattered anymore. She thrust her hips wildly onto the assault of fingers and tongue and screamed a primitive scream that might have been dredged up out of long forgotten memories of when her gender of the species were used by men as mere objects for their undeniable lust.

After a time Eve hung motionless in her ropes. Spent in every way a human being can spend themselves. A feeling of tranquility filled her. She wanted this feeling to never end. She wanted to hang here forever to be whipped and ravaged until the end of time. Then, the clicking of the digital camera dragged her mind to a new focus. Later on she would again be the star of a slideshow to be watched by her Master at his computer as she nursed his cock, kneeling between his legs. This image of herself wrenched one final weak orgasm from her, unattended. 

She heard the truck’s door slam shut and the engine roar to life. But her sweat-drenched body was still tied, spread-eagled at the rear of the open truck bed. Surely her Master wouldn’t drive her home this way, would he? The truck began to move. It bounced its way back to the road. A cloud of dust was thrown up as Foss recklessly fish-tailed onto the pavement. Eve was horrified that she would be put on display this way. Only a few cars were passed before Foss pulled into an abandoned filling station where he brought the truck to a halt. He came to the rear and quickly cut Eve’s rope bindings. He told her to lie down in the truck bed. He closed the tailgate, got back into the cab and drove the twenty miles to home. Eve knew that passing drivers, and especially drivers and passengers of other trucks, could see Foss’s naked cargo. She tried to not look back at those who stared at her. After a few cars went by with naturally interested occupants, Eve’s lust for this new game overwhelmed her. She spread her legs and put her wrists together under the small of her back, pretending they were tied there. She traveled that way for a ways, naked and frontally open, on display to the world. The farther they traveled the more Eve hoped that her Master would let her suck his cock and make her masturbate when he got her home. She practiced, silently, how she would beg for it once they got there. Her lusty urge became too much for her so she closed her mind to the passing cars and began masturbating. Her mind went to the vision she must be to passing motorists; a beautiful, well endowed punker girl, naked and whip marked, masturbating her lust away in the back of a pickup truck. She gave herself fierce orgasms, one following another, all the way home.