Husband's Therapy

by Diana

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© Copyright 2017 - Diana - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; chast; tube; cage; denial; cd; fem; maid; stockings; mask; party; F+/m; discovery; tease; hum; bell; leash; cons; X

My husbands penis just quit working.

Yes, he could still pee but an erection was just not happening.

It was, of course, frustrating to me after five years of good sex, but since he continued oral, I did orgasm.

Was he fooling around or masturbating, and thus using up his erections elsewhere? He said no.

Finally, I told him that the only solution was for me to take charge of his penis. He agreed.

I bought two types of chastity devices; the first one I locked on him was a Houdini, a short curved tube which prevented any erections. His small penis was completely covered by the steel; you would not know that he even had anything beneath it.

He wore it 24/7 except for when we cleaned him once a week, and then I didn't have to restrain his hands because he agreed to my putting it on him.

I managed to get some Viagra and put it in his food, without telling him. I wondered what his penis would do if it tried to grow and was halted by the steel.

No reaction.

Now it was time to try humiliation, which the Houdini did not provide. The other was a steel cage, which used the same ring behind his balls. This did not hide his puny penis but was good at showing just how small it was. I stood him before a full-length mirror to show him; he said he was ashamed and wished he could do something about it.

Then I read an article on-line where a woman loaned her husband out as a maid for female parties or just house-cleaning. Why not get a title money while continuing - - no, increasing - - the humiliation?

I placed an ad in the shady part of the internet and got a response within a few days - - she wanted a male server for an all-girl party. We set up the place and time, and the die was cast.

Humiliation has limits and I knew he would not agree if his face was to be seen so I shopped for a full-headmask which zipped down the back and secured with a locked collar. Eyes, nose, and mouth were open and the rest was closed. I also bought him a maid's outfit, with skirt that came down halfway to the knees. And fishnet stockings. But no underwear; the chastity cage could be seen if he leaned over too far.

I drove him to the house and in he went, a bit hesitant at first. But he soon got into the swing of what was expected, and the guests enjoyed his service.

And loved it when someone spotted the cage under his skirt!

They teased him about his tiny penis and one even tried to touch it thru the cage, but it refused to grow.

From this, we started quite a business of monthly parties. I added one little thing to his outfit, a ring attached to the end of the cage with a jingle bell on it.

Talk about popular - - the women loved to tap on the bell and make it jingle. More humiliation, but not more penis.

The final party was the best. The hostess also wanted a naked female to help service, since this was a mixed party. (All the others had been female only.) So I bought myself a mask.

We arrived at the back of the house, and shed our clothes in the car. This time, I brought along a short leash and clipped it onto the ring on the cage, and led him into the house.

The reaction was amazing - - the men loved it and the women were mostly aghast. But not so much that some of them wanted to lead him around by the leash.

At that point, I noticed that his penis was growing a bit inside the cage. Not to erection size but enough to almost fill the cage.

At that point, I decided that we should stop this "therapy" and try something different.


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