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How To Capture And Tame A Forest Wood Nymph
by OkmrocksU
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Storycodes: M/f; wood-nymphs; guide; trap; net; capture; bond; rope; cocoon; gag; force; crotchrope; bfold; convertion; sex; vag; climax; cons; X
How To Capture And Tame A Forest Wood Nymph OkmrocksU M/f; wood-nymphs; guide; trap; net; capture; bond; rope; cocoon; gag; force; crotchrope; bfold; convertion; sex; vag; climax; cons; X

Disclaimer 1; Gentlemen, I hate to have to say this, but don’t go out into the woods to do this for real. This story is only fiction and from my own fantasies. If you do venture into the woods to do this, all you will have accomplished is time wasted and will come home with a case of either frost bite, or infested with tics and chiggers, depending on which time of year you go out there.

Disclamer 2; I claim no authorship to the first section under Mythology. This material was copied from a couple of internet sources and edited to fit my story.

If you can be one of the very few lucky men to capture a Wood Nymph, you will have the best, most loyal and loving companion for the rest of your life. She will turn you on with her feminine wilds and give you lifelong pleasure, both sexually and personally. Though the title of this narrative mentions to ‘tame’ a Wood Nymph, what this really means is to convert them from magical Nymph form, to full human form.


According to various sources, a Nymph in Greek mythology is a minor female nature deity, typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from other goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing. Their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters of the Greek polis or populace. They are beloved by many and dwell in mountainous regions and forests by lakes and streams. Although they would never die of old age or illness, and could give birth to fully immortal children if mated to a god, they themselves were not necessarily immortal, and could be beholden to death in various forms.

There were two major classifications of Wood Nymphs, the Dryads and the Hamadryades or Hadryades. The Dryads spirits were related or connected to the trees in general and the Hamadryades are born bonded to a specific tree. Some believe that Hamadryads are the actual tree, while normal Dryads are simply the entities, or spirits, of the trees. If the tree died, the hamadryad associated with it died as well. For that reason, dryads and the gods punished any mortals who harmed trees.

Nymphs tended to frequent areas distant from humans but could be encountered by lone travelers outside the village, where their music might be heard, and the traveler could spy on their dancing or bathing in a stream or pool, either during the noon heat or in the middle of the night. They might appear in a whirlwind. Such encounters could be dangerous, bringing dumbness, besotted infatuation, madness or stroke to the unfortunate human.

Real life;

Contrary to glamorous mythology and based mostly on speculation and reports from those who have encountered and/or tamed a wood nymph, and with the exception of their Wood Nymph magical abilities, they are human in every other respect. Their skin is always pale white until after conversion to full human and they could have any hair color, which is determined by whom their fathers were, along with the genetics of their mother. In the forest they are always nude and their bodies are completely natural, including all the body hair that normally grows on a woman. There are no facts or reports to support this, but it is believed that they grow excess hair or fur on their bodies in the winter time to keep warm, which might lend some truth to the Bigfoot sightings.

They are always slender and nimble and when they move thru the forest it almost appears like they are floating of flying. Their faces are almost angelic, with fine features and large round eyes and they somewhat resemble hentai anime, although real in appearance and not cartoon like.

They roam the forest at night and sleep during the day, which is why you will never see one in the daytime. If you are at all lucky to spot one at night, you will think it was a ghost, because of a florescent glow they give off in the dark that is augmented by the moon light. They have some sort of ability to shape shift themselves into the side of a tree trunk and like a chameleon, their skin will turn the shade of the tree bark just by touching the tree and they will disappear into the tree. You could be standing right next to one and not even know she was there.

They reproduce the natural way by having sex or raping men in the forest at night. Have you ever been out camping or hunting and had a wet or sex dream during the night? If so, you may have been raped by a Wood Nymph and if the dream included several girls, a Wood Nymph may have been teaching her younger sisters how to ‘milk’ a man. Since they can move silently, they won’t wake you up and it is believed that they have some magical herb or powder that they sprinkle on your nose and you breathe it in, keeping you asleep while they do their bidding. It is also believed that the powder gives you a hard erection, which they enjoy while you sleep and they may use the powder to keep any other members of your party asleep while they milk you. There have been a couple of reports over the years of one of the camping parties members momentarily waking up to see a Wood Nymph holding her hand out palm up and blowing some sort of powder in a man’s face, then turning on the waking person and blowing on them the same way and they immediately pass back out.

When they reproduce, they only give birth to girls and no boys. The exact biology of what happens is not certain, but it is believed that they either have an enzyme in their reproductive tract the kills the male sperm, or their eggs simply reject the male sperm. They have the same nine month gestation period as humans and their offspring will be born with the Nymphs magical abilities. They keep their children well protected and are practically never seen by humans. After a conversion though, they will have children of both sexes as any other normal female.

They do live only in forested areas and will never venture into populated areas, although, bold Nymphs have been known to enter remote cabins and farm houses, if the doors and/or windows are not shut. They can be in any country that has a forest, but shy away from the colder northern or most southern regions. They also do not like the tropics, because they cannot traverse the dense forests and of course you won’t find them in desert regions either.

Although as Nymphs, they only speak in whispers and they speak the native language of the country they live in, or the area they are in if the country is multi-lingual. They have learned this over centuries from being around and listening to humans who are camping and telling stories or those just living in the wild as the early settlers did in the past. After conversion, they will speak with the same accent as the locals do, although the language will be broken some since they never went to school to learn how it is spoken properly. So instead of saying, “I like the taste of this food.” They may just say, “I like, I like.”

How long a Wood Nymph in Nymph form lives is a matter of conjecture only. They stop physically aging at around 16 to 20 years and they could be two or three hundred years old when they are converted, but still look like they are 20. After conversion they will age naturally and their life force will be connected to the man who tamed them. When that man gets old and dies, or is killed in an accident at a younger age, they will soon die also. Have you ever heard stories of the wife dying within hours or a day or so after the husband, especially with old couples? She probably started out life as a Wood Nymph. Younger and healthier Nymphs may live a few weeks or a month or more after her husband’s death, but they will quickly deteriorate and pass on soon after.

Wood Nymphs are also highly sexual and enjoy sex without any modesty or lack control in this area. The term Nympho or Nymphomaniac comes from the amorous sexcapades of Nymphs. Just ask any man who has converted a Wood Nymph and he will tell you just how sexual his mate really is.

Totally conjecture, but it is believed that Wood Nymphs want to get caught and converted. This is from a few reports stating that it looked like a Nymph may have purposefully tripped the trap laid for her by a man. It is also believed that the elders of their tribe have the first choice of tempting any man who wants to try to capture and tame one. If that elder does not find the man worthy for some reason, then the opportunity is passed down to the next youngest in line and so on and so forth. They don’t care what a man looks like, but seem to be attracted to his physical strength and character. This may explain why some men who have set traps have never caught one. These same men are usually arrogant, lazy, obnoxious, and mean spirited and may reek of either cigarette smoke or alcohol or both. Somehow, Nymphs have some way to sense if a man is this way.

If you are a smoker or heavy drinker, don’t even bother with trying to capture a Nymph. Being part of nature, a Nymph only consumes natural things and foods, so cigarettes and alcohol are great taboo’s to them. They will smell you coming from a mile away and never come near you. They will not even breed with you or rape you when you sleep, as they will consider you unclean.

Warning, abusive men, don’t you bother either, as Nymphs can somehow smell it on you too. You must give off some certain vibe or sent that they can sense and they will not even come near you. Converted nymphs have even dragged their own man across the street when out walking with them, so they wouldn’t encounter an abusive man on a sidewalk, even for passing by. The only way a converted Wood Nymph would ever be with an abusive man is if they became abusive sometime after he converted her. This scenario will not end well, especially for the man. Because of her life force connection to him, he will feel all of the hurt she experiences. If he doesn’t get professional help immediately and continues his abuse of her, it will chip away at their life force connection and slowly drive him mad. When that connection is finally broken, he will be completely deranged and will either be locked up in an institution or commit suicide. Fortunately for her, because of the connection being broken by his abuse, she will walk away without dying in the process. Then life will dictate how she lives out the rest of her years and hopefully she will find another love.

If you decide that you want a nymph for your mate, just remember it is a lifelong commitment. Pushing away or divorcing a Nymph will probably not end well for you either. The bright side of this is that they are so perfect for you, that you will never want to separate from them or divorce them. There have been few if any records of separation ever happening.

How to capture;

The first thing is to select a very bright moonlit night when the moon is almost full to full. The moon light accentuates the illumination of a Wood Nymph making them easier to spot and watch when they fall prey to your trap. You may want to consider the best time of year to do this also. Late spring and early fall, when the day and nighttime temperatures are pleasant, are the best times. This way, you will not have to be worried about the icicles hanging off your testicles in the winter, or be drenched with sweat in the heat of summer. Nymphs are also more active these times of year and are especially festive in the spring with the forest coming to life.

Select a location where you can crouch down, hide and still be in view of your trap, or use a hunting blind or deer stand and remain very still when you hear the sound of rustling leaves, twigs breaking and when you spot their illuminescent glow. Saying this is almost a joke, because they actually know you are there. They are just testing your resolve. And they can actually move quietly, but they purposefully make some noise to get your attention. This is a fun game to them!

Capturing a Wood Nymph can be a somewhat difficult task. They are very flexible and tend to be escape artists. For trapping and holding, you must use natural fiber rope like hemp or cotton with very little or no man-made fibers, although cotton rope with the nylon reinforcing center is okay because the nylon doesn’t touch her skin. These are the only things that you can use to capture and bind them with. Nothing else will hold them, not even handcuffs and chains. They have some sort of magic ability to shape shift or contort themselves and slip right out of them. One fella reported that he captured one, tightened the handcuffs tightly on her wrists, turned away for a moment and when he looked back, she was gone and the locked cuffs were lying there on the ground. But, for some reason, natural plant fibers will bind them and hold them and their magic will not work on them. Still, you have to keep a close watch on her, as she may soon wiggle and struggle out of the binds if you don’t monitor her and keep the ropes and knots tight.

The best and easiest way to capture one is to use a net trap. Weave a net out of hemp rope as it will blend in well with the ground and keep the holes in the mesh under four inches in diameter. This will make it much more difficult for her to wiggle a larger hole big enough for her to slip thru and escape. Now, set the trap and wait. Woods Nymphs are curious and will try to set off the trap without getting caught in it. But if you make a large net, camouflage it with leaves and forest debris and set the trigger in the middle of the net, you have a great possibility of capturing one. You might even bait the trigger with something glittery, like a piece of costume jewelry that will reflect the moonlight and give off multi-colored reflections, to capture her attention and curiosity.

Though she will struggle and fight to get free, she may really want to get caught. As mentioned earlier, they have been observed sneaking up on the trap and intentionally triggering it with one foot. Once caught in the net, she will frantically try to escape it, so you must grab and tie her quickly. You better have boned up on your bondage skills and tie her good and tight. I would recommend that you tie her while she is still in the net and double secure the net itself, especially if you are going to transport her to another location for taming and conversion. Also be warned, if she ever escapes your bondage and gets away, you will never see her again or be able to capture another Nymph in that area, as you will be deemed unworthy by the whole local tribe.

It is also recommended that you tame or convert her on the spot and bring a blanket or ground cover to take her on. You can keep her in the net and either reposition it, or cut it for sexual access. Don’t leave her alone for any time at all, even bound in the net. It has been reported that other Woods Nymphs may help her to escape, especially if you are the least bit inattentive with her. If the forest is quiet enough you may hear what is described as whispers on the wind, which are other nymphs watching the process, so they are ready to intervene if they think you are being neglective of her. They may also be just celebrating the process as they’re watching their sister being transformed into a new life.

When capturing and taming a Wood Nymph, you must ‘NOT’ enlist the help of anyone else. To her, this is a sacred encounter that must be properly performed only by the one who captured her. For her to accept and respect you, she must be well bound by you and tamed by you alone. If anyone else is in the picture, you will not be able to convert and tame her. You will simply have raped her and when she is free, she will escape, never to be seen by you again. The other Nymphs in that particular area will not come close to you or your traps either, ever! This also goes for the other men who have helped you.

If you choose to transport her to another location to convert her, you must keep a close eye on her and bound inescapably tight. I would highly recommend that you convert her while still in the forest, either where you captured her, or at a camp that you have set up nearby, but make sure there are no others at the camp. Removing her from the forest to convert her will be extremely hard and stressful for her and may end up preventing conversion completely. If you carry her bound body to camp, just make sure that she is bound tight. If you lead her back to camp, I would suggest that you tightly bind her upper torso with her arms tight bound behind her and to her body. Use a hobble rope so she is forced to take shorter steps, so if she breaks away you can easily catch her. To provide her with sexual stimulation as you travel, use a crotch rope with a long end for a leash to pull her back to your camp. If you have already converted her, you can use this same bondage to bring her back to the camp without using the hobble. She will actually-thoroughly enjoy the trip back to your camp.

How to convert or tame;

Converting a Wood Nymph is simple, hold her very tight so she can’t escape and force her to have a massive deep vaginal orgasm. That should do the trick! As I said, simple, but not necessarily easy.

Now, when I say hold her very tight, I do mean tie her up and not just physically hold on to her. I don’t care how strong you are, or say you are, you will not be able to physically hold one of these flexible little weasels and penetrate her. As you try to hold on to her, she can contort her body in ways you wouldn’t think possible and you may accidentally get racked in the nuts during the process and then ‘Poof’ she’s gone and you’ve lost. This is the part where I am laughing at the momentary look of surprise on your face and then the wincing look of pain. Joking aside, you do need her tied well, so your hands are free to firmly grasp her hips for control and a good hard penetration.

Now, assuming you have completed the previous step and successfully captured and bound a Wood Nymph, you must be up to the task of having long hard sex with her. Now is the time you should be taking Viagra or the sort, if you need it. Depending on the circumstances, you may have to have sex with her numerous times in order to achieve the end result, so you must be able to keep up, or keep it up so to speak.

First let’s talk about the bondage and how it affects her. As I stated previously, she needs to be bound very tightly. Of course you do not want her to escape, but the bondage also helps her to achieve that orgasm that will convert her. The tighter and more restrictive she’s tied, the quicker she will convert. The ropes act as a sort of cocoon to her, so the more rope applied and I mean applied tightly, the more sexually aroused she becomes. She needs to be able to struggle with all her might and not get free to feel conquered and deem you worthy. Once she has that feeling along with the sexual stimulation of intercourse, she will convert and become yours. Her body may still be tied, but her spirit comes out of the cocoon and converts and then the bondage becomes just plain fun for her.

As I mentioned earlier, boning up on your bondage skills is a must. I suggest you read up on tying knots and especially watch bondage videos of the bondage being applied to models, especially tight, restrictive, unescapable bondage. Learn from the experts and copy what they do. You need this Nymph well tied and using tried and true methods will achieve the results you desire. If you are not into this sort of thing, you must still become skilled at doing it and then after conversion, you need not ever do it again. She won’t really mind either way, because she will be devoted to you and how you want to do things, including sex.

The most effective method for binding her is with her extremities together and against her body. In a sense, you want to simulate a cocoon when you tie her as if she was wrapped in a sack and tied up inside it. Repeating part of the method I mentioned earlier for leading back to camp, the following would be the best for converting her either at camp, or on the spot. I would suggest that you tie her wrists tightly behind her just above the wrist joint away from the hands. Then tie her elbows together (she is flexible enough) and then using a rope chest harness, bind her upper arms and elbows against her back and also bind her wrists against her back with a rope around her waist. Since she is very flexible, she will need her wrists centered and tied to her back to achieve a better feeling of helplessness and being conquered. Now would be a good time to tie a crotch rope to her wrist bondage, so she can stimulate herself while struggling as you tie up the rest of her. No need to remove this rope when you penetrate her, as you can just move it to the side. She will also like the extra feeling and extra stimulation of it between her legs.

As far as her legs go, I would suggest that you tie them together with rope around the ankles, above and below the knees and around the thighs. Penetrating her with her legs together gives her some extra stimulation as you are also sliding your cock against her inner thighs and you can take her either from the front or from behind, although it is easier from behind. You could also tie her legs apart to something, but you will have to work much harder at getting her off sexually and converting her. For some reason this sort of breaks apart some of the cocoon effect, but she will eventually succumb to it and convert. Gags and blindfolds can also be effective and I suggest you use them if you like, especially a gag. The gag does not have to be effective as Nymphs at this stage only speak in whispers, but the restrictive feeling it gives her is what does the trick.

The sexual part of conversion is again simple, you must force her to have a deep vaginal orgasm and that can only be achieved by sexual intercourse (no toys), or to be quite frank, fucking the hell out of her. Now is ‘not’ the time to prove how much of a good lover you are by doing all the foreplay, touchy, feely, kissy, ‘uh-hum, licky’ things you would do to make love to a woman. You can and should do these things after she converts, but not now. Now she needs to feel conquered and be taken with hard animalistic sex, which is the only thing she needs to convert. She wants your hardness rammed into her as deep as you can, for which I would suggest slowly burying yourself into her and then as she struggles, increase your speed till you are ramming hard and deep into her. Keep this up long enough and she is yours.

If you get off before she does, that’s okay as long as you keep her totally bound and helpless and when you recover, go at her again. Keep it up and don’t set her free from the bondage until she converts. And if you get off before her again, continue with the same treatment over and over. If the position that you have her tied in is hampering your ability to have sex with her, be careful when you adjust the bondage, because this is a point when she will really try to escape. I would suggest a tether around her neck or ankle, or even both for extra control in case she starts slipping out of your hands. This way you have a better chance of regaining control if needed. Caution, be careful using a neck tether and tie it in a way that the knot will not slip up and choke her, as this will prevent her conversion, or even cause something worse.

You will definitely notice the change when she converts. While she struggles and as you ram into her, you will only hear whispered mmphs or grunts, assuming you gagged her as I suggested. When the conversion takes place, she will find her voice and those whispered noises will be replaced with loud mmhps and whaling groans of orgasm. Her skin will lose the florescent glow and turn to a normal but pale tone. Once she comes down from the orgasm, she will probably start giggling and act playful, wiggling her ass at you and trying to get you to take her again. From this point on, do with her what you want, because she is yours!

One final important thing, she will not get pregnant during the conversion process and for a few months after. As her body goes through the changes of conversion and as she is learning this new life, her body will reject pregnancy until she is both physically and emotionally settled. This may only take a couple of months but could last up to a year if her new life is somewhat stressful, like trying to assimilate to living in a large city. Your kindness and patience will be a big help to her.

Also, when transporting her home, I would suggest that you keep her bound or retie her for the trip. She will want to be all over you, trying to kiss you, touch you and grab your crotch. Even though you might enjoy this, you run a high risk of having an accident by her blocking your vision or distracting you from the road. Just tie her up some and strap her in the seat. You will probably get turned on by her wiggling and struggling in the seat and may have to stop somewhere a bit secluded and take her again. With her batting her big eyes, giving you a coy look and trying to sweet talk you into taking her, how could you resist? I couldn’t! It will however help calm her on the trip if you to continually touch her or caress her leg or something, as you drive home.

Living with a converted Wood Nymph with advice and warnings;

So now you have won the heart and soul of a Wood Nymph and have brought her home. The first thing you need to realize is that she will be like a 2 to 3 year old exploring this new world. I would suggest that if you have any fragile valuables, collectables or antiques, that you temporarily remove them from your home or lock them away. Once she has learned what fragile really is, then you can reintroduce these items back into the home and show her that they can be damaged if she handles them the wrong way.

She will need to be taught everything human and fortunately, she is very eager to learn. Simple things like personal hygiene and how to use the toilet, to cooking and taking care of the home will all need to be learned. She will need some schooling on the proper use of the language and will not know or understand quite a few words, but will learn quickly. Anything the kids learned in school she will have to be taught, so enrolling her into GED classes will help you and her to communicate. However I would wait for a year or two for her to fully assimilate into this new world before enrolling her in classes. You will have to play this by ear to determine when it will be the right time.

Since she is yours, you can mold her into anything you want. If you only want a home wife she can be that. If you want her to work outside the home, she will do that after proper schooling. She will also be a great mother to your children if you desire them.

You must understand that when teaching her anything, she will take things very literally. She also does not yet understand the dynamics around everything you teach her and you may find that she understands something differently that you would. For example, if you take an old dinner plate and drop it on the floor to show her that it can be broken and damaged beyond repair, she may take that as that is what you are supposed to do with plates and start pulling good plates out of the cabinet and dropping them also. If however she does understand that dropping plates is wrong and then later, she accidentally drops and breaks one, she can be emotionally devastated for displeasing you. So you have to teach her much more than just the act itself, for her to understand this world.

Nymphs have to be taught modesty and to be clothed around other people and that it is ‘not okay’ to run around nude in front of them, although many men might disagree with this statement. Since she has lived her life naked in the woods, she had no quam about running around the house, inside or out in the nude. She could normally walk proudly down the street naked, without a second thought. She will however easily take to wearing clothes, especially if you take her shopping and pick out the clothes for her. Your attention given to her on this matter is what makes the difference, as she won’t have much of a desire to go out shopping for herself.

Are You Really Into Bondage;

As I mentioned earlier, if you are not into the bondage scene, it is perfectly fine with your nymph. She is always in tune with your pleasure, however you want it. Buuuuuttt……If you are into bondage, then a Wood Nymph will make the perfect partner, for that sort of play. They love bondage and being tied up, because this is where your love story began. So being tied up takes them back to conversion and they sort of get to relive the magical moment. Also, they were not brought up on TV and never seen the negative aspect of being tied up, like the poor damsels in distress who are terrorized, tortured, raped or murdered.

Bondage is a pleasure game to them and it allows them to have more intense orgasms. Tying them up good and tight, binds their sexual energy and focuses it inward, instead of having that energy exhausted out into the atmosphere when the make love the normal way. It also relieves them of all the responsibility of the sex act and they can sit back and enjoy themselves without having to worry about doing something to please you in the process. After all, they are all tied up and can’t physically respond to you, except to struggle and have an orgasm…. or more.

Bondage is a fun game with them and they are ready and willing to play however you want. They will easily follow your directions on how you want them to act and struggle. They love doing roleplay fantasies and after they get the hang of it playing the way you like them to, they will just about act out roles perfectly without further coaching. This works out well because telling them how you want them to act every time can sometimes take the edge off of the game, so when they automatically play the way you like, the edge is there for more pleasurable orgasms, for her and especially for yourself.

A few words of caution; they always think in the submissive role, but if you are a switch and want her to tie you up also, you might want to think twice before doing this. Once they have tied you down, they seem to turn animalistic and will milk you for all it’s worth and then some. Though this might sound fun at first, believe me it will seem like torture in the end. They will not let you loose and they will ride you and suck you off, over and over and over again, till they are exhausted. Exhausted may mean several hours for them and one report a man made, said he was tied up for over seven hours before she tired out and finally untied him. They also have some magical ability to give you that ‘Viagra four hour erection’ and extend it beyond that, so don’t think you will just go flaccid after a few rounds of sex and she will set you free. Unless your relationship is new and they haven’t learned much yet, they will tie you just as well as you have tied them. They watch and learn rope tying technics that you have applied to them and you will not be able escape their ties either. So, if you do decide to let her tie you, you may only perform or do this once.

If you are into the S/M (Sadomasochism) scene, then I would suggest that you either abandon that sort of play, or simply refrain from capturing and taming a Wood Nymph. They are creatures of peace, love and harmony and your administration of pain to her, will have the same effect as abuse and will start chipping away at the life force connection. This of course will not end well for you!

Warning; if you do tie her up, be sure that you finish her off. If she may be bothering you somehow and you tie her up to keep her out of your hair for a little bit, don’t untie her later without getting her off sexually. If you don’t finish the job so to speak and untie her, she will turn totally animalistic on you, until you sexually satisfy her good. She will literally crawl all over you, pawing at you and trying to rip your clothes off and grab at your crotch. Though this may sound like fun, you may only allow it to happen once after experiencing it. You will find that it’s much better to take her while she is tied and easier on you in the long run.

Though her desire for bondage is a good thing for you, there can be a problem if a real burglar should break into your home and tie her up and rape her. She has no real concept of rape, as she was brought up to believe that sex is just for pleasure and procreation. Remember that Nymphs raped men in their sleep to procreate and for fun. So, as long as he doesn’t physically abuse her, she may actually enjoy it and have no problem with it. This can create feelings of jealously in you, but you have to remember she is really a victim here and her enjoyment is only a part of her nature. It is not a negative reflection on you as her man or lover and her life force is still connected to yours. It is just that she will not be dramatically traumatized by the ordeal, like many other women would be in the same situation. This can also be a positive thing too, as you won’t have to deal with any emotional trauma from her either.

Saving a Wood Nymph from her death fate;

One final note, based only on one report, it might be possible to save a converted Wood Nymph from her death bond after her chosen dies. This will not be possible for an older convert, because they usually die within a few hours or days after their chosen passes. But with a young and strong one, who can live for several weeks and maybe even a month or two, you might save her from her fate.

This report came from a man we will call John. We’ll call his friend Greg and Greg’s wife Lisa. Greg once told him that Lisa was a captured and tamed Wood Nymph. Greg had regaled John with the story of how he captured Lisa, bound, tamed and converted her and how she loves being tied up for sexual pleasure.

Unknown to Greg, John was a big bondage aficionado and upon hearing the story about Lisa, John started fantasizing about Lisa and about how Greg tied her and how he wanted to tie her. He fantasized about her getting off sexually in bondage and what he wanted to do to her, but kept those secret desires to himself. He was pretty much in the closet about his bondage desires and for only a few ladies fortunate or unfortunate enough to cross his path (depending on how you look at it) found out about his kink.

Well, one sad day, Greg was involved in a tragic auto accident and he was killed instantly. Lisa immediately started to deteriorate into her grief, along with her life force. A week after the funeral, Lisa called John over to give him something he and Greg shared when they were kids growing up together. Greg had told her that if anything ever happened to him, she was to give this item to John. When John arrived, Lisa took him back to the bedroom and pointed to a bottom drawer of a dresser and said it was in there. John opened the drawer and found the item, but his attention was captured by all the other items in the drawer.

This was where Greg kept all of his and Lisa’s bondage gear, the ropes, gags and other stuff. John immediately got excited and even knowing that his thoughts were wrong in the wake of Greg’s passing, he still could hardly contain himself. He inappropriately joked to her by saying, “I guess you will have to come to me to get tied up now.” He was practically bowled over when she stepped up beside him, turned her back toward him and crossed her wrists behind her back, offering herself up to him.

Dumbstruck for a couple of seconds, he quickly shook it off and grabbed some rope out of the drawer and proceeded to tie her. As he tied her, he kept thinking this was wrong and that he was disrespecting Greg’s memory, but his fantasies and desires for Lisa overwhelmed his common sense and he proceeded to bind her up good and tight. Her sad demeanor seemed to change and she started pleasurably moaning and wiggling a little in the bondage.

He finished the bondage off with a gag and blindfold and then pushed her down on the bed. After pulling down her pants and panties, he entered her and slow fucked her for a while. The more excited she got, the more she would struggle and this made him more active till they both exploded with their passion. After releasing her from the ties, she hugged him tightly, held on to him for dear life and cried. When he left, he told her if she needed anything, to let him know immediately. The next evening, she showed up on his doorstep with a bag full of rope.

John would tie and take her almost every day for several weeks and after her grief dissipated, she all the sudden started to devote herself to him. Instead of dying, she got better and her devotion to John seemed to replace the loss of Greg.

It is uncertain what happened to save Lisa from her fate and what or when things changed is unclear. Was it the immediate intervention by a close friend? Did it have to do with the bondage? Did the bondage act as a cocoon to protect her from the intense grief that would have done her in? Was it the sex in the bondage? Did the sex in bondage cause an emotional reconversion like it converted her the first time? Did she reconvert to make John her new chosen? Is her life force now connected to John? Did Greg purposely put the item to give to John in the bondage drawer, to entice him to possibly save Lisa from her fate if anything ever happened to Greg? Was she really a converted Wood Nymph in the first place and did Greg make up the story just to impress John?

The answers to these questions may take several more decades of research to learn the facts. This couple is still alive, so it is unknown if there is a life force and death connection between them established. No other similar reports have ever been filed, so this case may be unique. But still, if you find yourself in the same situation as John, you might just have the opportunity to save a converted Wood Nymph’s life and make her your own. Certainly beats freezing your ass off in the woods!

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