Holiday Cheer

by Grendel

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© Copyright 2011 - Grendel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; majick; bond; ribbon; wrap; cocoon; toys; insert; nipple; package; tease; torment; sex; anal; climax; reluct; X

Kate could only blame one person for being alone on Christmas: herself. Sure, she’d been planning on dumping Luis all along, but not until after the holidays! She hated being alone and they had planned on spending Christmas Eve at a party together before opening presents at midnight. Then he had to go and pull that stupid stunt in front of all her co-workers. And that was the end of Kate and Luis.

Which is why she was curled up on the couch alone, watching Sex and the City episodes on DVD with a bowl of rocky road ice cream on Christmas Eve. Outside her apartment window a gentle dusting of snow was drifting from a cloudy sky, enveloping the vastness of the city in a soft embrace of holiday white. Earlier she’d heard her neighbors departing, and, save for the lanky agoraphobe in 8C down the hall, Kate assumed she was the only one left on the floor.

Halfway through the third episode on the DVD, she was interrupted by a loud banging, followed by a series of heavy thumps in the kitchen. What the hell? thought Kate, hitting pause and throwing off the blanket to go investigate. She made it only four steps, though, before an audible curse from the kitchen froze her in place. Fear gripped her and she glanced back to where her iPhone lay on the couch.

“Don’t even think about it,” advised a dry voice from behind her. Kate spun to face the intruder. He was tall and thin, taller than her by a full foot. He was wearing some kind of camouflage uniform with the type of black vest full of pouches that the SWAT cops wore. His arms were crossed over his chest, but he was smirking at her, one corner of his mouth pulled up in an almost sneer. Something about him, though, didn’t seem right and it took a moment for Kate to realize what it was: his ears were pointed. Not in a subtle way, either, they swept back and up from his head for a good two or three inches, coming to a defined point. He looked….

“That’s right,” he nodded in response to her unspoken question. “They’re real. And they’re elfin.”

“You’re an elf?!” blurted Kate in surprise and disbelief. The elf nodded again, rolling his eyes. He consulted a piece of paper that was tucked into a clear plastic sleeve on his forearm.

“And you’re Kate Ellsworth, captain of the obvious.”

“Hey!” She didn’t need to stand her and be insulted by an intruder in her own home!

Kate spun and reached for her phone. The elf was fast, though, his hand snaking out and grabbing a fistful of hair. She screeched in pain as he yanked her backwards, slamming her down into one of her hard back kitchen chairs. Her butt hit with bruising force, and she cried out, half in anger, half in pain. The elf dipped his hand into one of the many pockets on his vest, coming up with something that looked like a frosted red globe ornament that he pitched at her sidearm. Kate got her hands up to block the projectile, but instead of the glass shards she expected, the orb exploded into a starburst of red ribbon.

This was no ordinary ribbon, though! The ends quickly wrapped themselves around Kate, pinning her arms across her chest and binding her to the chair!

“Hey!” she cried out in surprise, suddenly finding herself in a very vulnerable position. The ribbons wound themselves down across her stomach and over her legs, left bare from the thigh down by the nightshirt she wore. In just seconds she was virtually mummified in red ribbon, bound tightly to the chair.

“What the fuck is this?” Kate pulled desperately at the ribbon, but it didn’t budge at all!

“Ribbon bomb. Right out of the elf restraint workshop, model 103. Much better than the model 102. That one had a tendency to bounce off the target and explode a couple seconds later, grabbing anyone who was nearby. Very messy. Anyway, I take it that you are Kate?” The elf glanced around the empty living room before letting his gaze return to the woman struggling in the chair in front of him.

“Why are you doing this?” Kate’s mind raced. If she could keep him talking long enough maybe she could find a way out of this… insanity.

In response, the elf pointed to the nametag velcroed to the front of his vest that read ‘COLE’.

Kate raised an eyebrow and shook her head. “I don’t understand?”

Cole sighed, throwing up his hands in disgust. “Youngsters these days, no appreciation for the classics.”

He pointed to the Christmas tree sparkling in the corner of her apartment. “It’s Christmas eve, and you’ve been naughty this year. And what do naughty girls get in their stockings?”

Kate stared at him. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Cole shook his head, leering at her. “No, sweetheart, I don’t kid about my job. And I certainly would not lie about the biggest perk of it, which is punishing naughty girls like you.”

“But, doesn’t Santa Claus put the coal in my stocking?”

Cole laughed. “That might have worked a century ago, but now there’s just too damn many of you. The big man can’t be spared for just any little misbehaving tramp. No, his visits are reserved for the really wicked ones. The rest of us in the Elf Corps are responsible for the others.”

“Wait, you said punishing.” Kate pulled futility at her bonds, trying to convince herself that all she had to do was wake up from this nightmare and the world would revert to its familiar state. But her struggles were futile, as were her frantic attempts to mentally banish the figure that strolled through her front room unimpeded.

“Of course. You didn’t think that your actions wouldn’t have consequences, now did you? You broke that poor man’s heart, and all he wanted was to love you.” Cole glanced at the empty coffee table in the center of the room and tsked. “Not even any milk or cookies. You should be glad that the big man isn’t here. He’d give you ten extra strokes with the cane just for that.”

“But I didn’t know that you were coming!” protested Kate. Cole raised an eyebrow at her.

“Really? Really. It’s Christmas Eve. There’s a reason why milk and cookies are a tradition. Anyway, enough chit chat, time to get this show started.”

The elf moved to stand behind the chair she was tied to, once more winding his fingers into her hair and pulling her head back.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. If you cooperate and take your punishment like a big girl, then I’ll leave you with a little Christmas cheer. If you make it difficult for me, well, let’s just say that it’ll be a long night for you.”

“Fuck you,” hissed Kate. Cole grinned.

“Oh, we’ll get to that, don’t worry.” With that he did something which released the ribbon from around her. Kate lurched forward, almost falling out of the chair. Her movement provided just the opening for Cole, and she felt something cold and metallic kiss the back of her neck for an instant before a ripping sound reached her ears. To her horror, the back of her nightshirt gaped open, and she frantically clutched at it, trying to cover herself.

Cole proved stronger, though, snaking his arm through hers and pulling them back behind her. Kate attempted to wiggle free, but found herself pinned without any leverage. Her nightshirt slipped down off her shoulders, and pooled around her ankles, leaving her in just a pair of boy shorts.

Something sticky wrapped itself around her wrists, and she cried out as she struggled, her fear multiplying quickly as she found herself once more helpless. Cole chuckled.

“You’re only going to hurt yourself, this is genuine Wrapping Tape from Elf Labs. It would hold a semi truck in place.”

The tight wrapping wound up over her forearms, pulling her arms together painfully. She was forced to arch her shoulders back to try and relieve some of the pressure, uncomfortably aware of how it made her tits stick out, making her C-cups look larger than they were. She squawked in pain as Cole wrestled her over to the kitchen table, mashing her tits down beneath the weight of her body. She felt more tape going over her and she realized he was anchoring her to the table. Her ankles were next, taped to the table legs, leaving her helpless and bent over, the smooth, rounded globes of her ass framed perfectly by the tight boy shorts.

Kate stared back over her shoulder fearfully as Cole ran his hands over her pale, warm skin, a hungry grin spreading across his lips. “Man, do I love my job.”

The cold kiss of steel touched her left, then right hip, and Kate let out a low moan of despair as the last of clothing was stripped away, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.

“You ready, sweetness?” asked Cole, somewhat rhetorically.

“Please…please don’t do this,” pleaded Kate, her arms twisting back and forth inside their binding, her hands fluttering uselessly. Cole responded by spanking her left then her right ass cheek. Kate squealed in surprise and pain, her eyes open wide. She hadn’t been spanked in years! Certainly none of her previous boyfriends were brazen enough to try it given her temper, either.

“I have to do this, Kate,” replied Cole, continuing to deliver a steady rain of blows. “For a bad girl like you, pain is the most effective method of correction.”

The palms of his hands hit with wooden force, lifting Kate up onto her toes with each strike. She twisted and writhed trying to escape, the table jerking across the floor in response to her desperate movements. It was all for naught, though, the tape binding her defeated every attempt and nothing she did seemed to prevent Cole from continuing to administer the bruising punishment.

The pain soon overwhelmed her, drawing hot tears of frustration and humiliation from her eyes. In between the cries and curses that spilled from her mouth there started to leak words of pleading for mercy. Although her entreaties fell on deaf ears, Cole noted her change in tone.

Finally, when both cheeks of her ass were an angry red color, the elf stopped. He ran his long fingers over the raw skin of her ass, feeling the heat coming off it. Kate lay motionless on the table save for the rise and fall of her chest as she wept softly.

“You have a great ass, Kate,” complimented the elf, “I may have to fuck it.”

The suggestion reenergized Kate, galvanizing her into action once more. “Fuck you!” she snarled, twisting her head around to glare at the elf. The smug look on his face pissed her off, and she started to struggle against the tape again.

“Language, language, little lady,” chided Cole, once more reaching into his vest pockets. This time he pulled out a small red sphere that looked like a foam ornament. Without preamble, he grabbed a fistful of Kate’s hair and yanked her head back. When she opened her mouth he shoved the foam ball inside.

“Aaarrgghhh—urk! Ooommph!” Kate screeched in pain before almost gagging due to the size of the ball. She tried to push it out with her tongue, only to discover that it had somehow adhered itself to her teeth! Angrily she shook her head, muffled noises spilling from behind the gag. Cole laughed.

“The automatic adhesive ballgag, another Elf Labs exclusive. This one was inspired by all those stupid Rudolph costumes you humans seem so fascinated with. I enjoy it, though, especially when dealing with vocal little sluts like you.”

Kate shook her head, desperately trying to open her mouth or somehow dislodge the ball. Cole grabbed a hold of her hair again.

“Careful or you’re going to hurt yourself, there. You can’t get it out. It’s self-adhering to dental enamel. It’s going to keep that noisy trap of yours nice and quiet until I finish my job. And, afterwards, if you’ve been a good girl, I might take it out before I leave.”

Kate let fly with another angry tirade, uncaring that her words were squashed into unintelligible mumbles by the ball gagging her. She glared daggers at the smug elf as she felt him reach between her legs. Her eyes sprang open in surprise and her cheeks flushed a dark red when she realized that he was sliding his fingers through the own slick of her arousal! Cole’s sardonic laugh followed her attempt to hide her face from him.

“Yeah, bitch and moan, bitch and moan, but when it comes down to it, you’re just a bitch in heat.”

He leaned forward, grabbing a handful of her hair and twisting her face around towards him.

“Guess what? I’ve got just the bone for you, little bitch.”

Kate shook her head in desperation, throwing herself against the tape that kept her pinned helpless to the table. All to no avail, though. She felt the elf’s hands on her hips just a second before he rammed his cock balls deep into her pussy. Kate shrieked in surprise, her hands clenching into fists at the sudden intrusion. He was long, and thick, stretching her to the point of pain. She grunted into the gag as he withdrew, then pounded into her again.

“Size and staying power are part of the job requirements, girl, so don’t worry about it. You and I are going to have a great time!” Cole laughed as he nailed Kate to the table again. Her moans were becoming rhythmic in nature, driven by the relentless fucking.

Kate screwed her eyes shut and panted into the gag, desperately trying to control herself. Luis had been a great lover, very attentive and gentle, always ensuring that she had an orgasm first before seeing to his own pleasure. She couldn’t fault that about him. But she couldn’t help that craving that took over every so often, that need to be held down and fucked, rough and raw, to be taken as if she were powerless to resist. The elf, damn him, had awakened this dormant need, fueling it with his coarse, derisive tone. And was in the process of feeding it with his hard, painful rhythm.

Kate fought against herself, fought against the rising tide of pleasure within, fought to ignore how her pussy clamped down on the hard length of the elf’s cock, how it was scratching an itch she had ignored for too long. But it was a losing battle. In the end, her cries of anger became long moans of pleasure, and instead of seeking to twist away, her hips rose to meet Cole’s, the sound of their flesh grinding together filling her kitchenette. When her orgasm came, it was a breath-stealing event, crashing over her with relentless energy. The fact that she couldn’t move and couldn’t cry out only seemed to magnify the sensations careening through her body. It left her limp and winded in its wake, and it was only with difficulty that she realized Cole hadn’t cum yet. And that he was rubbing the head of his cock on her asshole.

“OOOOOOOO!” she cried frantically, shaking her head in protest. He was too big! He was going to split her in half! The elf ignored her pleading, dropping another gob of spit onto her sphincter and smearing it around with the head of his cock. Again, all of Kate’s frantic struggles accomplished was exhausting her, and she squeezed her eyes closed as she felt him press the head of his cock into her ass.

The pain rolled over her, wringing a gasp from her mouth, and she shuddered. At least the elf was patient, slowly pushing more and more of his cock into her ass, allowing her to try and relax. What had stretched her pussy out, though, felt like it was tearing her ass apart! Somehow, though, the pain seemed to latch on to the fading embers of her orgasm, lighting the flames anew. Anal always made her feel so whorish and used, and she flushed to think of what the elf was doing to her now.

For his part, the elf seemed oblivious to anything but the deep fucking he was giving her ass. Having buried his cock to the hilt, he was slowly withdrawing it until just the head rested inside, before pushing it back into her again. As she grew accustomed to him, he slowly increased the speed, relishing how her hot ass gripped his cock, and how she moaned and shuddered every time he was fully inside her.

Kate couldn’t stop herself from moving, her eyes closed as she felt him bury his cock deep inside her again. The angle was just enough so that she could feel him pushing against her g-spot on the way in, a tingle of pleasure magnified by the pain. She could feel the fires building inside of her, somewhere deeper than before. The rhythm of his strokes was like the bellows of a forge, fanning the coals to a white hot fury. Once more she found her body responding of its own accord, her hips tilting up to ease his penetration, her ass gripping painfully on his hard cock. Dimly she was aware of Cole’s grunts of pleasure, but her mind was focused solely on the edge of her oncoming orgasm.

She could feel it gathering speed now, the muscles of her stomach tightening, her pussy tingling in memory of its own brutal rape just minutes earlier. Cole buried his cock to the hilt in her ass in one brutal shove, and Kate screamed out as she felt his hot cum splash inside her, her orgasm crashing over her like an avalanche. Kate felt the elf leaning over her on the table, resting on his outstretched arms. His warm breath washed over her naked back as he exhaled, momentarily winded from his exertions.

“Wow. I must say, Kate, you are a luscious fuck. This is the best Christmas Eve I’ve had in a long time.”

Kate simply moaned in reply, her head resting on the table, eyes closed. She couldn’t believe that she’d responded to his vicious rape with an orgasm. Twice! Her cheeks burned in humiliation. She felt the elf disentangle himself, stepping back to button up his pants.

“I’d love to stay and sample your charms again, sweet Kate, but you’re not the only girl on my list and I have only a few more hours left to work with. Before I go, though, there’s the slight matter of your punishment to take care of.”

Just as Kate registered the meaning of Cole’s words, she felt something cold pressing against the hot flesh of her ass, pushing inside her and arousing new echoes of pain from her recently abused flesh. Angrily she shouted into the gag, once again throwing herself against the tape binding which held her prisoner. Punishment?! You mean the rape wasn’t punishing enough?!

Cole ignored her, seating the massive plug deep in her ass. Kate moaned in relief as her tortured sphincter closed around the narrow base, feeling every inch of its smooth surface as it filled her.

“There, wouldn’t want you leaking all over the carpet. That’s the Elf Labs iPlug series 3 filling your ass up right now. High chrome stainless steel with a central rubber coated polymer core. That core serves to maximize the conductive surface area and provides a better all around experience. Plus it has a wireless remote. Here, let me demonstrate.”

Kate had no idea what Cole was talking about until he dialed the current of the plug up. She shouted in surprise as the muscles of her ass contracted rhythmically, seeming to draw the plug deeper inside her and giving the same sensation as if she were being slowly fucked in the ass. Mercifully, it cut off after only a few seconds. Unfortunately she heard Cole digging through another one of the many pockets on his tactical vest, and she groaned, shaking her head.

“Oh stop, you know you’ve got one more hole that needs to be filled. And lucky for you Elf Labs came out with their upgraded version 4.2 of the ever popular VPaCS. That’s Vaginal Plug and Clit Stimulator.”

Cole held up a dildo colored in festive red and white candy cane striping. Kate’s eyes went wide, and once again she shook her head desperately. The monster had to be at least ten inches long and a good two inches around! She could never take that! Cole was ignoring her pleadings, though, proceeding to extol the virtues of the sex toy as if he were a door to door salesman trying to sell her a vacuum cleaner.

“See, the version three series was pneumatic, which is reliable and cheap, but ultimately suffers from a drop off in power and efficiency over the long term. So they went hydraulic with the version four.”

The elf clicked a few buttons on the bottom of the dildo, and was rewarded with a deep bass throbbing from the dildo. As Kate watched, a raised ring glided up the shaft beneath the silicon sheathing, disappearing when it reached the tip only to reappear at the base of the synthetic cock. Cole leaned in, turning the flanged base towards her so she could get a view of the inside of the clit stimulator. The plastic was formed in a mask of labia to allow it to fit snugly over her mons. In the narrow valley leading up towards her clit, she saw a row of tiny tongues lapping upwards, each disappearing when it reached the peak only to reappear at the base, ready to traverse the sensitive terrain of her flesh again. Oh my God, thought Kate, that thing is going to drive me insane!

Once more her pleadings fell on deaf ears as Cole knelt behind her and slowly worked the dildo into her sopping pussy. Kate’s moans climbed higher and higher as her tender flesh stretched around the unforgiving plastic, until at last it was fully seated inside her, its wide plastic base pressed firmly against her clit and labia. Kate panted, afraid to breathe too deeply, her body stretched and filled painfully.

“All right, let’s get you wrapped up now.”

Cole’s cheerful, businesslike manner did nothing for Kate, and she prayed that he had no more nasty plans for her. Unfortunately, such was not the case. To her surprise, though, she felt the tape around her ankles being cut, dissolving away like sugar candy. Cole brought her legs together, eliciting another groan as both plugs pushed deeper inside of her. Then he was wrapping something around them both, pinning them tightly together.

“Genuine Elf Labs Wrapping Paper,” he explained in response to her muffled query, “accept no substitute. Cuts easily, conforms to any and all shapes of presents, tensile strength like Kevlar, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Plus, this year’s stock is made from forty percent recycled paper!”

The paper wound up her legs, compressing them together within its colorful snowflake patterned grip. Cole did something to the tape binding her to the table, and it, too, dissolved into dust. Before she could stop him, though, he’d wound the paper around her midsection, trapping her arms at her sides. Desperately she tried to twist away from him but it was no use. In moments he’d completely mummified her, save for a thin swath around her eyes. Hefting her over his shoulders, the tall elf carried her into the living room and laid her on the floor next to the tree. He tore off a small section of wrapping paper, using it to cover her feet, before he pulled a pair of red ribbon bows from another one of the pockets on his vest of torture.

Let me guess, genuine Elf Labs Ribbon Bows, perfect for accenting the helplessly bound damsel beneath the Christmas tree, thought Kate, glaring at the elf.

“Only half right,” smiled Cole as if he were reading her thoughts, “they’re Elf Labs Nipple Bows version six special. I picked them out just for you, but instead of telling you, I’ll let you find out what’s special about them.”

Plucking the wrapping paper away from her breasts, Cole deftly snipped a circle over each nipple before peeling back the protective covers on each bow and placing it on Kate’s nipples. For a moment nothing seemed to happen, then Kate squealed in surprise. The bows were gently sucking on her nipples! Vainly she twisted back and forth, trying to dislodge them. Cole chuckled, turning towards her Christmas tree and doing something with the strand of lights plugged into the wall. Suddenly she felt the plug in her ass spring to life, once more giving her the feeling of being slowly, deeply fucked. Then the plug in her pussy started, the ring climbing inside of her wrung a startled gasp from her
gagged lips, her back arching in response to the multitude of tiny tongues lapping at her clit.

Kate moaned, writhing helplessly within her prison as the devices inserted and attached to her body drove her relentlessly towards orgasm. Only dimly was she aware of Cole kneeling next to her, and of the merry twinkling of the strands of LED lights on her Christmas tree. As abruptly as it started, everything stopped, leaving her gasping as the echoes of pleasure died away. She glanced up at Cole who grinned down at her, holding one final length of wrapping paper.

“Here’s where I say good night, sweet Kate. I’ve plugged your remote into the Christmas tree lights, so they’ll sparkle every time you’re turned on. The system is set to give you an orgasm once an hour, and the rest of the time it will vary between just enough to let you know its there and almost enough to get you off. Merry Christmas!”

And with that, the elf smoothed the last bit of wrapping paper over Kate’s unbelieving eyes, smothering the look of desperate helplessness that blossomed there as she understood just what kind of torture she was in for the rest of the night. Or however long it took someone to find her!

Desperately she squirmed around, trying in vain to loosen or escape her bindings. The paper, if it even was paper, held her in an inescapable cocoon. She could barely even bend her waist against its constriction! Piteously, she moaned, twisting her head around, trying to plead with Cole for some kind of mercy. Unknown to Kate, though, Cole was already gone, disappearing with the same suddenness as he’d arrived. The only evidence left behind of his visit was the helplessly bound and sexually tortured woman writhing beneath the festive lights of the holiday tree.

Kate wept in frustration, certain she was going mad. True to the elf’s word, the diabolical devices he left behind were doing their best to torture her. She didn’t know how many hours it had been, only that she’d been driven to the peak of howling passion, pushed beyond reason by relentless stimulation and her inescapable bondage. And in between those mind-numbing peaks was a haze of unmerciful sexual teasing, an maliciously playful assault on her sensitized body which left her begging wordlessly, hot tears of frustration tracking down her cheeks to dry salty and unheeded on her skin. Even now she could feel them ramping up: the tiny tongues becoming more insistent against her clit, the dildo pulsing inside her with its devilish ring stroking the tender flesh of her pussy. And the massive plug in her ass, mercifully quiet for long stretches of time, came to life with throbbing insistence. Even exhausted as she was, she could feel her
body respond, the relentless attention of the machines fanning the embers of her arousal into white heat.

“OOOOOOOOO,” Kate moaned, arching her back, feeling for the thousandth time the crushing grip of the bonds drawn tight around her that seemed to magnify the energies that ran rampant through her body. Desperately she tried to control herself, air whistling through her nose as she inhaled deeply. What brief respite she may have bought herself was lost as the diabolical devices ticked over to their next higher setting, once more driving her unstoppably closer to an orgasm which promised to be more powerful than all that came before. The bows on her nipples alternated between powerful sucking and painful nibbles, the sensation rippling down her torso, amplifying what was happening to
her clit and her pussy. It was too much for her to stop, her willpower sapped from hours spent fighting against the relentless machines. The wave of her orgasm swelled around her, fueled and amplified by the sensory loss imposed by her bondage. Higher and higher it crested, carrying her with it until she thought she might go mad from the anticipation.

Without warning, the dildos in her ass and pussy kicked up to the next higher setting, while simultaneously the two bows on her nipples executed their ‘special’ program. Clamping down tightly, they expertly pierced her nipples with a horizontal gold bar. The sharp pain in conjunction with the extra stimulation brought Kate’s orgasm crashing down on her with the unstoppable force of an avalanche. Her entire body arched in tension, shaking with the tremendous release. Distantly she heard herself screaming in mindless pleasure, a sound that only ceased when the welcome darkness of unconsciousness claimed her.

Outside the window, the Christmas eve snow continued to drift down silently on the city, the lights of the tree inside twinkling softly in the darkness. Kate awoke with a start, her hands clutching at the blanket covering her. Frantically she glanced around. She was lying on the couch beneath her favorite fuzzy blanket, the TV displaying the endless menu loop of her Sex and the City DVD. Putting a hand to her forehead she let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. Whew! What a nightmare!

Rubbing the hand across her face, she shook her head at her crazy subconscious. That she’d conjure up an elf named Cole to punish her was laughable, although where all the bondage stuff came from she had no idea. Something was subtly wrong, though, and it was gradually making itself known to Kate. Instead of wearing her favorite pajamas like she’d been, she was naked as the day she was born. And her nipples were sore. A cold dread coiled itself around her, and slowly she let the blanket drop away from her breasts, revealing the source of the soreness.

“Oh. My. God.”

Kate stared in amazed horror at the symmetrical piercings through her nipples, the delicate gold rods capped by red and green beads to complete the festive holiday color scheme. She could not dismiss the night as a dream now! Slowly, hesitantly, she lifted her fingers, brushing them across the tender piercings. Immediately, tiny shocks of pleasure radiated through her, and she shivered. Slowly, her lips curled into a smile. Throwing off her blanket, she headed towards the bedroom. Naughty girl, eh, Cole? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet.