Holiday Convention

by SG

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So Cathy and I had just finished checking into our room. Actually I had just finished checking into my room and now I was sneaking Cathy in. I think it is such a rip that a hotel can charge for how many people will be staying in a room instead of just the room. So instead of paying for a room plus another person, I was just checking in for a single room with one person staying. I know, I’m an evil person for ripping off the hotel industry.

Once I had gotten my room key I plopped my rather heavy bag onto a baggage cart and wheeled it over to the side entrance to let Cathy into the building. As stupid as it is, just sneaking her into a building got me all nervous. I’m not the type of girl who breaks a lot of rules. My level of nervousness went up a notch just thinking about the contents of her bag. There is no way I could have played things cool carrying that bag into a hotel lobby. After I had gotten her in she added her bag to the cart and we headed for the elevator and up to our, I mean, my room. Before I had even thought about calling first dibs on the shower Cathy had jumped in. It had been a long drive for both of us, the drive wasn’t so much long as it was the fact we were both excited and nervous to be here.

While Cathy took the first shower I order us some room service. I decided to splurge a little and order a little alcohol with the food. It was only noon but we were her to have fun. This entire weekend was supposed to be our time to have a great time. So I figured running up the bill was ok since it was a one time thing.

To give you a little back ground, Cathy and I are both twenty six. We have been best friends ever since we were room mates back in college. Actually, we have been best friends since the day I borrowed a pair of her pants. They were supper tight black leather pants that she always looked good in. What really made the pants great was when I put them on and found something in the pockets poking my side. When I managed to pull the object out of the pocket I found that they were a pair of handcuffs. The key was in the pocket as well. No big surprise that I wanted to try the handcuffs out. Up until that point I had only ever heard of bondage and had never come close to trying it out. To make a story sort Cathy came in to find me with a bright red face and my hands cuffed behind my back to the bed post. Ever since then we have been thick as thieves.

We had graduated from college a few years back and found jobs in the same city. Both of us have boyfriends but neither of them knows our dark secret. They’re great guys but they just lack that spark in bed. As a result the two of us still set up play times together when we can both find some private time together. Seeing as we were in the weeks leading to Christmas it made for the perfect opportunity for a girl’s only weekend. We told our boyfriends we wanted to spend time together and get our holiday shopping wrapped up. The mall wasn’t far from the hotel room. The boys knew we were close friends and wanted to spend time together so they let us go without question.

In all truth we were up her to spend time together and get some shopping done. All though the presents we were planning on buying the boys would never see. There was a convention in town for the adult industries. Conveniently located, the convention center was adjoined to the hotel we were staying at. At the convention there were going to be hundreds of vendors and stations all selling different products. Since all the venues were advertising special discounts to try and bring people in, it made for the perfect opportunity for Cathy and I to expand upon our meager toy collection.

Of course we planned to do more than just buy new gear. That is the reason Cathy got stuck taking the second bag. The bag I carried into the hotel was filled with our cloths. I thought that there was a chance the hotel might offer a bellboy to carry luggage instead of just baggage carts. If there was a bellboy I just knew as soon as he picked up my bag a seam on the bag would come undone and spill a vibrator out into the lobby. That is why all our toys and gear were separated out into the second bag.

While I waited for Cathy to finish with her shower I opened up the second bag. I wanted to reread our Dear Santa lists. We both knew exactly what we wanted to buy but just for fun we wrote it all down as Dear Santa lists. We even wrote them out in crayon for the full effect. Some times its just fun to be childish. The lists included the simple to the absurd items. Absurd items being things like a Sybian, it wasn’t that we wouldn’t both love to have one to play with but they were just well beyond our price range. Mostly we were looking for things like lubes, cuffs and simple outfits. It was Christmas though and it was fun to have the fantasy items on the list. I also couldn’t help but get excited knowing I was planning on pulling out my list in the convention center and checking off any item I bought. That was how I was going to add a little extra thrill to my shopping experience.

I fantasized about what people would think if I bought something semi-simple like a vibrator and checked it off my list but as I did so they look over my shoulder and find out there is also a deluxe locking chastity belt on my list. Or buy something innocent like sexy underwear and have a person read that I also have bondage furniture on my list. That was what made it exciting having the fantasy items on the shopping list. But that reminds me, now I can check my first thing off my list, “A hotel room for a couple nights of insanely wild, kinky and perverse sex”. Cathy had helped me come up with that one and just reading the words made me horny. I guess I’m really just an amateur if writing out a sex list and going to buy a couple sex toys can make me feel like such a wild girl.

I was so caught up in what I was thinking about I hadn’t even noticed Cathy had finished with her shower. It wasn’t until she reached around and started to play with my breast that I realized she was behind me. She started to kiss the side of my neck as her hands reached my waist and she pulled off my shirt. We both knew it was time to break in this room with a little impromptu bondage session. I knew Cathy had something in mind so I didn’t object when I realized I would be the one getting bound first.

Once Cathy had stripped me naked she reached into our already open bondage bag and began pulling out what she wanted to use. The first thing was a wide bondage belt, it was a five inch strap that went around the waist and had several strong D rings attached to it. She buckled that tight around my waist then attached leather cuffs to my ankles and wrists. I realized she was planning to suspend me when she wrapped a smaller belt around my upper chest above my breasts.

Cathy had me stand in front of the baggage cart once she had pulled out the rope from the bag. The baggage cart had two main bars that very thick running up both sides of the cart. The bars went straight up then curled over the top of the cart and back down the other side. At the top of the cart were several cross bars for hanging things on. There was also a third bar between the two main bars that came up to about waist height and was connected to a cross bar that ran between the three bars. She had me sit on the cross bar that was at waist height so that if I leaned back I would fall into the cart. In the end she did have me lean back. She used the rope to secure the waist belt and the chest belt to the top bars of the cart. I was left suspended with my butt resting on the mid height bar and my upper body completely horizontal to the ground. The wide waist belt and small belt around my upper chest supported my upper body. To keep my head off the mid height bar on the other side of the cart, Cathy used our harness gag to give support to my head.

The harness gag had straps that ran under my chin, around the sides of my face and across my nose over the top of my head. This was our most expensive purchase to date to give you an idea of how meager our toy supply really was. The harness kept a ball gag deeply held in place and could even be locked on.

We have used this gag before to play hide and go seek. One of us would lock the gag on the other then hide the keys. If you had the gag on you couldn’t take it off until you found the keys. I nearly killed Cathy after we played that game at my house once. She locked it on me in the morning, hid the keys, and left me there at the house alone. I spend all day searching my house for the keys and only managed to find them thirty minutes before my boyfriend came home. Aside from the fact I was gagged I had no idea how to explain what I was doing to him.

Although Cathy didn’t use the locks on the harness she did make use of the D ring at the top of the harness. She tied a rope from the D ring to the top of the baggage cart so that my head was pulled just slightly forward up and away from the bar beneath my head.

After Cathy had secured my torso in a suspended state from the baggage cart she went about securing my limbs. She lifted my legs up and used the rope and cuffs to secure my ankles to the very top of the cart. With my head tilted up I was able to look across my chest and watch as Cathy secured both my ankles to opposite sides of the cart. My legs were split and tied straight up in the air. Next she secured my hands in the same manner. If you try to picture someone bent over, standing on all fours with straight legs and arms, that is pretty much what I looked like. Except in this case my arms and legs were tied straight up in the air and my body was suspended in the air at waist height.

Cathy took this time as a perfect photo opportunity. I was a little peeved when she placed a sticker across my mouth and the gag in my mouth. I was upset because the sticker was my idea to use on her. It was a tacky Christmas To, From sticker. It was the kind that parents use when their kids are little that says, TO: blank space, DO NOT OPEN UNTIL X’MAS, FROM: blank space. I thought it was the perfect thing to add when I had her gagged but instead she was using it on me. Oh well, I guess I can’t really be mad.

Since we had planned on wrapping up the toys we bought and opening them on our own special Christmas day there was plenty of wrapping materials in our luggage. To my look she added some cheap pre-bought big bows. She placed a green bow on each of my nipples. She pressed down good and hard to make sure the adhesive got a good grip and the bow wouldn’t fall off. I figured those were going to hurt a little to pull off since the bottoms of the bows had a big sticky side for adhering to the glossy wrapping paper on presents. Adhered to skin, I don’t think those bows would ever fall off on their own. She also used some three inch wide red ribbon to help decorate me. She made one wrap around my waist and one that went front to back through my crotch.

I could feel the cold ribbon as it slid across my bare sex. The ribbon wasn’t tight so it tickled the lips of my crotch with its soft caress as Cathy fussed with it. She tried her best to make a bow at my crotch with the ends but it did turn out too well. Her last touch was to tape the Dear Santa list to the bar that my butt was resting on. I waited to see what would come next while she snapped some pictures of me. I don’t think these would be the ones used in the Christmas letters to friends and family.

“Sara, you just look so cute all wrapped up like that,” Cathy said as she stood over me. “But you know what; I think I’m going to wait just a little while before I unwrap you. I’m going to head cross the street and grab us some food. When I come back I will untie you, we’ll eat, and then we can go check out the convention center. Until then, just enjoy yourself how you are and think about all the fun toys were going to go get,” she said as she headed out the door.

I watched her leave then closed my eyes to think about all the great toys that were on our list to buy. Not three minutes later I heard a knock on the door. Cathy must have forgotten something. When I heard a second knock on the door I got a little unsure of what was going on. I had seen Cathy pick up the room key and walk out with it, plus she knew I wouldn’t be coming to the door anytime soon. I thought she was just trying to scare me.

I was really scared when I heard a stranger’s voice say, “Room service”. I froze. I didn’t want to make the slightest noise to let them know I was here. I hoped that if I didn’t answer the door they would take to food away and try later of just leave it at the door. To my horror I heard the door unlock as the person used their master key to deliver the food to my room. The cart was positioned so that I was looking straight between my spit legs at the door. I can only imagine the look of horror on my face must have matched the look of complete shock I saw on the face of the man who had just walked into my room and found me.

At first he guy didn’t know what to do. I could tell from the look on his face he couldn’t tell if he should come to my rescue or close the door and walk away. I was praying he would walk away and leave me to my embarrassment. If some stranger knew I was a pervert, I could live with that. What he did do was call down to the front desk. My heart about jumped out of my chest at the realization he might be calling up other people to help and see me. I had read stories of people getting caught in self bondage and having their finder call for the police and paramedics then having to explain everything.

What he did do was call down to the front desk to confirm what room he was supposed to deliver the food to. He double checked the room number and found that he was in fact standing in the right room. Then he had them confirm who had placed the order. He must have thought some one had tied me up and left me for him to free; one of those love them and leave them guys. A look of confusion then understanding crossed his face when the front desk told him that I was the person who had made the order and I was the only person staying in this room.

A wave of humiliation rushed over me knowing that the only thing he could possibly think was that I had tied myself up like this for him to find. With the porn convention going on in this hotel he had probably seen other horny people do similar things. A little panic set in as he walked in and closed the door behind him. He set the tray of food down on the table then walked directly up to me. He looked me over taking in the full view then began reading my Dear Santa note.

“I like your outfit. It’s very festive,” the room service boy said he admired my ribbons and bows. “That’s not exactly your typical holiday wear. I think if you had worn that through the front door I probably would have noticed.” Then his face got all serious as he said, “They don’t like it down at the front desk when people keep the carts in their rooms. You do know we expect you to return those carts back to the front desk once you’ve finished bring up your bags.”

He just chuckled as my eyes popped out of my head. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend the shear humiliation involved in getting wheeled down to the front desk like this. This guy just had the mischievous look to him, where you could tell he would think it was fun to wheel me down there and leave me to my humiliation. As he looked through the contents of the bags next to the cart, he just ignored me while I shook my head no and desperately tried to get intelligible words of explanation around the gag in my mouth. He briefly went through the bag of cloths but looked more thoroughly through the bag containing the naughty toys. He picked that bag up and walk back in front of me, right between my raised split legs.

The guy bent down about as close as he could to my crotch reading the Dear Santa note. He squinted his eyes like he was having a hard time making out the words written in crayon. His face was so close I could feel his warm breath on my exposed thighs. He would read the note then look in the bag, then read the note again and look back in the bag trying to match the toys on the list to the ones in the bag. The more he read the note the further down the list he got and the more I knew he was reading the items like bondage benches, fucking machines and all sorts of other bizarre toys.

“It doesn’t seem like you’ve managed to get any of your toys you wanted,” he finally said after what seemed like an eternity of silence. The eternity didn’t seem so bad considering how he broke the silence. He made a show of looking around the room then said, “Oh wait, I was wrong. You did get your ‘hotel room for a couple nights of insanely wild, kinky and perverse sex.’ You got the room but it doesn’t look like you’ve actually gotten any sex just yet.”

My heart couldn’t beat any faster. I could barely hear his voice over the sound of my pounding heart. I couldn’t be more exposed or more available. His face was still down near the note and my crotch so I got an immediate reaction when I wiggled my hips. I couldn’t help my feelings as I hung here restrained and exposed while a complete stranger read my wish list of sex toys. I was horny and couldn’t help but think about this guy having his way with my body. I wanted him to untie my ribbon and enjoy an early Christmas present. What better present could a girl give to a guy she doesn’t know than her own wrapped pussy.

He stood up straight and leaned into me pressing his crotch against my exposed sex. I wiggled my hips against his crotch to get him as hot as I was feeling. He pulled back and bent down to reach into the toy bag. I moaned with excitement as I waited to see what toy he pulled out to use on me. I was going to have to wait because instead of pulling a toy out he had picked the bag up and was caring it over to the bed. My excitement peaked as he dumped all the bags contents out onto the bed. I moaned again and bounce my hips letting him know I was fully horny and raring to go.

Instead of grabbing one of the toys off the bed he instead kept the bag and carried it back over to me. He tossed the bag onto the cart underneath of me then returned to between my legs. He had also grabbed a crayon from our wrapping supplies and added something to the note. Once he was done adding something to my Dear Santa list he walked around to my head. I wanted his cock in my pussy right now but if he wanted a blow job first I was more than willing to oblige. Instead of taking my harness gag off he began to push the cart and myself. I thought maybe he wanted to get away from the window but he pushed me all the way over to the door.

I was again trying to mumble through the gag to try and talk to him as I found myself even more exposed. He had gone ahead of me to open the door exposing me split legged, crotch first to the hallway. A sudden thrill rushed through me as I was suddenly thinking he might actually leave me here as the door stop. The hotel was completely booked with porn fanatic attending the convention and at the top of my Dear Santa list was a hotel room for wild, kinky and perverse sex. If he left me here holding open the door the way I was then it was a sure thing that this room would be used for all those things if not more. My mind raced as I tried to guess what he had added to the list. It could be anything from asking for a kinky friend to a pimp or a cock. He could have added anything that might give a passerby the wrong impression.

I feel a little embarrassed to admit I was still hornier and excited than anything else as my imagination ran wild. He smiled at me as he recognized the rise in my excitement level as I was suddenly fully exposed. But he didn’t leave me there as a door stop. Instead he pulled me along, right out into the hallway. I had gone from having my kinky side completely concealed to having it presented to the world. Here I was, suspended in a baggage cart, being wheeled through a hallway in a hotel and I was getting more excited by the second. God only knows who was going to walk into the hallway and find me yet my mind just raced with sexual fantasies. No one had actually seen me yet which I think is what was saving me from feeling utter humiliation. The second someone actually found me I know I was going to be filled with embarrassment.

I was assuming he planned to take me to another room where he knew someone else of my interests was staying. I wasn’t too surprised when he took me to the elevator. The fact he pushed the button for the second floor wasn’t all that alarming until I realize that the elevator might stop at any intermediate floor. Oh man, that would be even worse than having someone find me in the hallway. At least in the hallway we could keep going and leave the person behind. If someone were to get on the elevator with us then I would be stuck like this with them crammed in here next to me. The horror of a new idea flashed through my mind. I could just picture someone getting on the elevator with us who has a little kid. The embarrassment of being exposed like that would be bad enough but the thought of the kid pushing ever single button on the elevator was what really made my stomach turn. Having the doors open on every floor with my crotch facing the open door. People who were waiting for the elevator to go up would be flashed by me as we went down. To my relief we made it to our floor without incident.

I’m not sure how to describe the emotions I experienced next. It was such a strong mix of fear, excitement, hesitation, eroticism and embarrassment. The guy had wheeled me past all the room and out into the sky bridge. The sky bridge’s walls were all glass and looked out onto the street below. The sky bridge connected the hotel to the adjoining convention center. I was now being wheeled through a glass structure that exposed me to the passing cars below. Ordinary people walking down the street could look up and see me being wheeled through the hallway.

“It’s a dang good thing you ‘re dressed up and not naked like most people like to be in bondage. If you were naked then you could have never gone into public. You may be mostly naked now but you’re no less covered up then if you were wearing a bikini. I’m not much into fashion but yours I love.” He told me as he continued to wheel me through the sky bridge.

He took me from the safety of my hotel room and wheeled me directly onto the convention center floor. There were people all over. I was amazed at how free and exotic some people were with their outfits. People were walking with out a care in the world wearing outfits I could never wear. Even with as free spirited as some people were with their attire not a one of them could come close to topping me. My mystery bell boy wheeled me up to a stand with a huge display. He wheeled me directly up to the women manning the table and talked to her. From the conversation I over heard the woman was looking for people who were willing to help demonstrate items for her. Since for hygiene reasons they couldn’t reuse any items used in a demonstration, they were giving away any items used to whom ever the toy was used on. In other words, I was just volunteered to help out and any toy used on me I would get to keep. My bell boy pulled off my Dear Santa list and handed it to the girl who was going to be handling the demonstrations so that she would know exactly what I wanted. From what I could see from my limited view, this stand had a lot of the toys on my list.

The bell boy, who’s name I still didn’t know, bent down to my ear and said, “I think you should be able to fill most of your wish list here. Erica is a nice girl and will take good care of you. I’ll be back when I can to drop off a room key so that she can return you to your room and save you the embarrassment of going to the front desk to get a key. I know some girls do live promiscuous lives and do enjoy sex. I even know girls who love the sweat taste of a guy as he blows a load of cum in their mouth. But unless you want to die early of some kind of infection you have to use protection when you have sex with random people. I took the liberty of adding a couple big packs of condoms to your list which I think is necessary for any girl who wants to spend a weekend having “wild, kinky and perverse sex.”

With those parting words he left me. In no time at all he was out of sight and lost to me. Erica was busy reading through my Dear Santa wish list and a crowd of people was already forming. They seemed to already know a demonstration was about to get underway. These people were going to be in for a good show considering some of the things I put down on my list. I think I really might die if some of the toys on my list get used on me in full view of all these strangers.

I realized that since my restraints were only tied in place, if I really tried I could probably untie all my restraints. If I did get free what would I do after that. Minus a few well place decorations I was completely naked. Where was I going to go once I freed myself? I didn’t have a room key and there is no way I could go to the front desk and get a second one. As strange as it sounded, my best choice was going to be to ride this adventure out. As scared and embarrassed as I was, I was still undeniably horny.

Erica walked over to me, placed a hand on my leg and said, “You know, I’m really amazed you are brave enough to create such an elaborate endeavored just to get a few free sex toys. Well, I can help you fill a lot of your list but I definitely can’t help you with these more exotic items. Although most of what we have here are pretty tame compared to what you were looking for, even this stuff should put on one hell of a show when it is used on someone who is in front of a crowd.”

She walked over to one of her displays and started grabbing locks and short chains. She came back and started replacing the ropes holding my leather cuffs in place with the chains and pad locks. Any chances I once had for freedoms quickly vanished. She also gave a testing tug on one of the bows decorating my nipples. Her little tug confirmed her suspicion that the ribbons wouldn’t be coming off by accident.

“I’m kind of like you. I enjoy putting myself into precarious situations where I know I’ll face some kind of embarrassment. One major difference between you and me is I never follow through with any of it. I start to do something but my common sense always kicks in and unless there is no escape, I always chicken out. I just thought I would help you a little with your conviction. If it gets to be too much for you to handle I can always unlock you. All you have to do is give me the word and you’re free,” she said as she gave me one of the most mischievous looks I’ve ever received. The best I was going to be doing is mumbling around my gag.

"There are some things that aren’t on your list that we are looking to demonstrate today. But those as well as everything else will be yours to keep once the demonstration is done. Of course there are no promises that if the demonstration is good that the toy won’t be reused in a second or third or who knows how many encore demonstrations the crowd might want to see. Tell you what, as soon as I get done with all the demonstrations I want to do I’ll see what I can do about getting the rest of your list checked off. There are a couple friends of mine working other booths who I owe favors to and I know they are looking for models and volunteers for their demonstrations. Once I’m done with you I’ll wheel you over to their booths. I’m not sure that any one of them can fill out the rest of the list wish list of yours. But seeing as it’s pretty early in the afternoon and the floor stays open till nearly midnight, I’m sure you can hit up more than enough other vendors to fill out the rest of your list by the end of today. There is always tomorrow and the next day if there are any remaining items.”