by CJ

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© Copyright 2002 - CJ - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; reluct; X

by CJ
Last summer I went for a hike with my girlfriend that I will never forget.  The day started off quite normal.  Jean wore shorts, a T-shirt and good walking shoes for the hike.  As was normal for our day hikes I carried a small back pack with lunch and other essentials, but today I had a few other things that Jean was not aware of.  Jean has never liked wearing a pack if she could avoid it and this day she could.

We arrived at the head of the trail at about 9:00 and quickly got on our way.  About an hour into our hike Jean remarked about how empty the trail was that day.  It was mid week so we were not expecting a lot of people, but I admit it was unusually quiet.  Since it was so quiet around us, I challenged her to make the hike more interesting by taking off her shirt.  At first she thought I was joking but I kept on prodding saying she was still covered with her bra and if she didn’t make a fuss others would probably be too shy to comment.  After more badgering and daring her she finally in a quick impulsive move pulled off her T-shirt.  She continued hiking carrying it but I said there was no risk if she carried her shirt since she could quickly through it back on.  She turned around and threw her shirt at me, saying almost whimsically “Do you want my shorts too?”

I said “Sure!” and then she realized what she had said.  She tried to object but I argued that the same could be said about her panties as I had said about her bra.  She gave a big shy and pulled off her shorts and threw them at me too.  I shoved both into the pack.

 I don’t know if you want to call in lucky or unlucky, but about 15 minutes later two young men passed us in the other direction.  We came upon them so quickly that Jean had no time to react.  She whipped around and called to me but realized there was no time to get her clothes back, so she took a deep breath and tried to walk by them as if everything was normal.  The two fellow hikers stared a little at her, but couldn’t bring themselves to say anything but “Hello”.

After they were long out of sight Jean said that even though she was the one who was nearly naked, she felt that she was the one in control.  They didn’t know what to say or how to react or anything.  I said “Try taking off your bra and see what happens next time.”  She was really uncomfortable with the idea but after more prodding and another dare she relented and took off her bra.  I had to remind her to pass it to me and I stuffed it in the pack too.

We hiked like that until lunch and didn’t meet anyone but as we sat on a rock eating lunch a group of three hikers headed up the trail toward us.  This time Jean had a few extra seconds than our last encounter and quickly pleaded for at least her shirt, but I wouldn’t give it to her.  At the last second she darted around and hid behind the rock that we were sitting on for lunch.  The three hikers just waved at me politely and headed on their way not even knowing that I had a partner with me.
 As the small party headed around the bend I said to Jean “That move is going to cost you.”
 “Cost me what?” she asked as she crept out from behind the rock.
 “For chickening out with those nice people I want your panties now.”

She felt bad about being the chicken but she didn’t want to go naked.  I continued to insist saying if she accepts a dare she’s got to go through with it or else there is a consequence.  I realize I was treating her a bit like a kid, but she had no good response for me so I guess she felt she had to.  She looked around one more time to make sure nobody was near and took off her panties.  I held my hand out and she reluctantly gave them to me.

I packed up the leftovers to our lunch and we headed on our way but now Jean was much quieter as if she was listening for approaching people.  Perhaps half an hour later Jean jumped almost hysterical saying “quick, there are people coming!  Give me my clothes!!”

I calmly declined saying they were under our lunch stuff in the pack and I wouldn’t be able to get them out in time anyway.  She nervously searched around the path for a place to hide and dashed into the woods.  I continued walking and politely greeted the small group as they passed me.  I stopped further up in a small clearing and waited for Jean to catch up.  She came up the path slowly with her head down apologizing but that she couldn’t bring herself to walk past a group of strangers naked like she was.  While trying to look disappointed with her I quietly said, “Give me your socks and shoes.”
 She stared at me with wide eyes and said, “Why?”

I said that without her shoes she would not be able to run off into the woods like she had done and that I really wanted her to be bold and show off her body to others.  After all, it was a beautiful body and she should be proud of it. I don’t know if she really wanted to expose herself to others or just wanted to please me, but she quite quickly gave up her socks and shoes and I pushed them into the bag too.

It seemed like the afternoon was more popular for hikers because less than 15 minutes later we spotted another couple heading our way far off in the distance.  Again Jean got nervous and asked for some clothes I ignored her and continued walking toward the couple who was walking toward us.  I figured she would have to follow me, but she found another rock to hide behind and hid there.  As the couple passed me they asked me where my partner was, since you should never be hiking this far alone.  I said that she was just back a little ways and that they should meet her along the trail.

I came up to a fork in the trail and waited for Jean.  As she came up to me, I looked very disappointed.  She was very apologetic but said that she just couldn’t expose herself like this and pleaded for something to wear.  I told her to sit down on the rock, relax and I would find her something in the bag to help her.  I’m sure she expected her shirt back, but instead I pulled out a set of cuffs with a 12-inch chain between them.  She innocently asked what they were for and as I locked the cuffs around her ankles I answered that they were to prevent her from heading off the path again.

Well she was not happy with my solution at all and insisted that I remove them at once.  I just got up and started walking saying the chain was long enough for her to take small steps but she won’t be scooting into the woods again.  She screamed out for me to wait for her and she got up and started to walk.  The chain allowed her only to take small steps and she stumbled several times over the next 100 yards of the trail.  She quickly learned that to keep up with my pace she had to jog taking small steps.  This caused her tits to bounce all over the place. 

After another 15 minutes we met up with another pair of hikers, two men maybe in their late 20’s.  This was the moment of truth.  What would Jean do?  She could not run into the woods and I made sure that I was always about 10 paces in front so that she couldn’t reach her clothes in the pack.  She would have to show off!  But as the pair approached she covered herself as best she could with her own hands.  The guys asked her why she was hiking in the nude and she said shyly that it had to do with a dare.  They commented that if you are going to walk naked you are expected to show off, so trying to cover up really defeats the purpose.  I made my way back to the threesome and lamented that all day she was finding ways to not show off to anyone.  I gave a quick summary of how she had slowly lost all her clothes and finally got the ankle cuffs to keep her on the trail.  One of the hikers said that I had to do something with her hands now and in response I pulled out set of handcuffs.

Jean pleaded with me not to use them, but I firmly said that she had to.  I put one cuff around her wrist that concealed her tits and pulled it behind her back.  She refused to give me the other hand so the hiker who spoke up before helped by swinging it around her back and I locked the cuff on.  His partner pulled out a 6-foot length of cotton rope and suggested I tie it around her elbows to “help her chest stand out better.”  I made a loop in the rope and wrapped it around her arms just below her elbows.  I pulled it tight and brought her elbows crushing together behind her.  She cried out complaining that it was way too tight for her to manage, but I just continued to wrap the rope around her arms until there was just enough left to tie it off and tied a simple reef knot to secure it.

Wow, did her tits ever stand out now and I congratulated the fellow on his brilliant idea and asked him if he had any other suggestions.  Jean screamed out no before he had a chance to say a word, but then he suggested tying her knees together too and produced another piece of rope.  I gratefully accepted it and began tying her legs just above the knees.  I cinched the rope tight between her legs and then took two steps back to have a look.  Realizing that the ankle cuffs were no longer needed I took them off and put them back in my pack.  I thanked the guys for their help and asked them about keeping the ropes.  They told me I could keep the ropes for which I again thanked them.  They left but not without first taking a couple of pictures of my bound and naked Jean.

Jean struggled to walk taking very short steps.  We only had perhaps a mile and a half to go to complete the circuit back to our car, but even that short distance would take several hours at Jean’s pace the way she was hobbled.  After about a half an hour, during which we didn’t meet anybody, Jean pleaded with me to untie her legs.  “Just my legs!” she said.  Realizing that it would probably be dark before we got back at her current pace I agreed to untie her legs.  She was very pleased to get this little bit of freedom that she picked up the pace considerably. 

Not five minutes later we met up with our last group of hikers, three fellows heading into the woods for a three-day camp.  They were stunned to see Jean with her hands tied tight behind her back, but Jean said it was all part of a dare that she was proud to say she was winning.  I smiled and said that we were all winners in our own way.  When we finally reached the parking lot Jean calmly asked about getting released.  I said I’d untie her at the car that was parked about 50 feet into a very open area covered with large gravel stones.  The stones were cruel on Jean’s bare feet and she walked very carefully across the stones, but I wanted the show to last as long as possible.  Nobody came into the parking lot while she made her way to the car and I guess I had to untie her when she finally made it there.  First I unlocked the cuffs and took my time tucking them away and then pretended to struggle with the knot on her elbow rope, but through it all she was very patient, quite willing to play the game to the end.

She got dressed, climbed into the car, and we drove off.  Driving home Jean said she had a great time that day, except perhaps for the gravel at the end and wondered how we could make our next hike even more exciting.  Any suggestions?