The Helpful Janitor

by Handyman

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© Copyright 2006 - Handyman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rubber; slave; kidnap; nc/reluct; X

The Helpful Janitor by Handyman M/f; bond; bagged; kidnap; nc; X

Sarah was a typical product of high society city breeding, a self obsessed willowy blond (dyed) who measured people not by their deeds or personality but by which label their clothes had stitched into them, by which car they drove or the size of their bank balance. Anyone not having the most expensive clothing, a 500bhp sports car to nip to the shopping mall in or a six figure bank balance was hardly worthy of attention, and as for the ordinary people, well they were not even worthy of the effort required squandering to show contempt. They were just ignored or trampled on if they dared to get in the way.

She had already dealt with one such cretin that day, the aging janitor who tripped near her, how he dare be so clumsy in her presence she just could not fathom; he had even had the audacity to clutch onto her arm to arrest his fall, urgh. Unluckily for Sarah, Kane had liked the feel of what he grabbed, the haughty manners and protests hadn’t fooled him; he knew what she wanted, what she needed and more importantly how to give it to her. He would make sure she found out the error of her ways.

Well such outrageous and selfish behaviour on his part just could not be tolerated and she had dismissed him on the spot, the oaf. Afterwards she had washed her arm several times but was still convinced that she could smell his greasy sweaty workman hands on her arms, her body, her… Ohh. Absentmindedly she stroked her well toned stockinged legs as she imagined his hands touching, groping, raising her left hand Sarah squeezed her breasts together pretending the grubby janitor was pawing at them with his filthy hands.

As she lost herself in her fantasies little did she realise that the janitor was planning his revenge, what she didn’t know is that not only was he extremely fit and healthy, but he was also an accomplished carpenter and he had a very special piece of furniture planned for Sarah. Compact and self contained may begin to describe it, but it was oh so much more. He just had to get her home to his workshop first…

Several weeks later Kane decided to put his wicked plan into action, everything was ready and in place, all Sarah’s movements were known, if nothing else she was predictable, a bad habit unfortunately, for her. Today was a Thursday so Sarah would be working late or more correctly working John from the legal department hard, if work was the right term.

Waiting patiently behind the security van Kane sat, dressed in his oily overalls and heavy boots, slowly he pulled on a pair of soft leather gloves, slipping them on he then smoothed out the wrinkles slowly and methodically. He could now hear the faint click clack of her high heeled shoes echoing down into the garage, “nearly play time,” Kane thought himself as he gently eased himself up and stealthily manoeuvred around the van keeping himself out sight.

Almost exactly on time Sarah came traipsing down the stairs in to the garage, looking more than a bit tired from her hard work upstairs with John. Strutting into the car, her black stockinged legs rustled together as her tight fitting knee high skirt (also black) restricted her stride somewhat, Kane noted that her blouse was undone enough to show off her bra along with its compact and somewhat pert fillers. She had a leather jacket draped over her left arm as she struggled with right to rescue her car keys from the bottom her handbag, “damn,” Sarah thought, “how can such a small bag have so many hiding places.” At last she located them; snatching them out from the depths of the beastly bag she quickly opened her boot and threw her coat in just as…

Kane followed Sarah silently and effortlessly up to the car, so preoccupied was she with the battle for her keys freedom that she did not notice him at all. Up went the boot, in went the jacket, around Sarah’s body went Kane’s muscular left arm pinning her arms to her side. “What the hell, “ Sarah started to scream, struggling vainly as a chemical soaked rag was thrust into her face covering both her nose and mouth, foul fumes invaded her lungs, she started panic, and get excited. Soon her struggles weakened, she could feel her senses dulling as the world began recede in a wall of darkness.

As she passed out Kane lowered her to cold concrete floor and pulled out the large holdall that he had concealed under her car. Opening the bag he searched through his tools, carefully he pulled out an innocent looking gagging device, but he knew it was anything but. With the care of a master craftsman slowly he attached its straps. Gently he pushed her to one side and pushed the small gag past her partially opened lips, cradling her upper body he pulled the straps and tightened them around and over her head. Next out came the pump and the gag soon grew in size, filling her mouth perfectly. The straps were tightened and then tightened again. Subsequently the ear plugs were squeezed into their awaiting receptacles quickly followed by a silk blindfold around her eyes.

Kane now pushed her long legs together and secured them with 10mm rope around the ankles, above and below her knees and to play it safe around the tops of her well toned thighs. Taking a quick look around Kane roughly rolled Sarah onto her stomach, pulling her hands together he efficiently bound her wrists with yet more lovingly prepared rope. Then he pressed her hands together and interlocked her fingers, after that Kane proceeded to wrap them in duct tape, tightly. Finally a piece of rope went around her elbows, cruelly he pulled and tugged until the elbow of each arm touched, thrusting her chest out rather nicely, he noted as the rope was cinched off.

Next Kane put her into a vicious hogtie pulling the ankles up to her wrists after tying them off Kane stepped back to admire his handy work, “um, “ he thought “she makes tidy little package.”

Now for the next stage Kane opened up the voluminous holdall and with heave and no small amount huffing he managed get his new neatly tied toy into the bag, with an excited energy Kane quickly zipped the bag shut and fastened all its straps, after further grunting, yanking and more than a little cursing the bag was in the boot. With a look a grim satisfaction Kane slammed the boot shut with a reassuring thud. Picking up the car keys he opened up the door and slipped in to the driver’s seat, turning the ignition key he noted how the engine purred.

“Soon,” he mused, “little pet would be purring to his tune after some suitable training and discipline.” With that he put the car in to gear and sped off into the night…