Hard Lessons in Nevis

by Deepsky

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© Copyright 2011 - Deepsky - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; hotel; armbinder; toetie; gag; straps; insert; toys; tease; denial; reluct; X

Part 1: Forcibly Facetimed

Jim followed me into the room and the door thudded behind us. I dropped my suitcase in the middle of the floor and allowed my weight to slowly tip forward until I landed face-down on the soft mattress. I loved the feeling of collapsing into bed. I could hear Jim walking around raving about the room and the view, but my mind was on more important things. Sleep. I was exhausted. Men could sleep anywhere. I think Jim slept all 16 hours of the flight here while I managed maybe 1. So, not only was I tired, but I was very, very cranky. Which was made clear during the drive from the airport as we argued 12 rounds about everything between my insane mother in-law to how Jim must have been aiming for every single pot hole in the road. Hey, I said I was cranky. Jim could be a pill too though. I laid face down with my hands at my side, lifelessly. I hated the thought of even having to stand back up to get under the sheets. I cherished several minutes of rest as I inhaled the fresh scent of detergent from the bedspread.

Jim walked by and I felt his hand stroke my calf. “C’mon hun. Put on something comfortable and let’s get to sleep.” I replied with a grunt. A couple moments later, I mustered up the strength to stand. Too lazy to go rooting through my suitcase for pajamas, I just stripped down to my bare skin, dropping my clothes and underwear on the floor. Jim had already pulled back the sheets and covers, so I simply collapsed back into the same spot. Okay, I was being a bit dramatic, but oh well. “g’night,” I mumbled, barely audibly. Mere seconds later, I was dozing off. That is until I felt Jim lay something on my back. Then he gently lifted my wrists one at a time behind my back. Half asleep, and too out of it to care, I let my arms go where Jim wanted them to go. Then I heard the sound of a zipper and felt my arms being pressed together behind my back by a constricting fabric sleeve . Still too confused to react in a timely fashion, I simply opened my eyes and turned my head. “What are you doing?”

The sleeve continued to constrict until my elbows were touching each other. Then I felt a click. My brain now understood. “NO! Jim, take it off! I’m serious. Take off the armbinder. Jim, I’m too tired. We can do this tomorrow. I mean it. Take it off.”

He didn’t answer me but instead straddled my waist and proceeded to weave the straps under my armpits. “Jim, I mean it! We’re not doing this tonight! I promise we’ll do this tomorrow.” Jim rolled me onto my side and started to cross the straps over my chest, just above my breasts. He knew I preferred the straps to just loop my shoulders. “No, not in front of me- Damn-it Jim!! Are you listening to me?!” What had gotten into him?! He then rolled me back face down and tightened the straps uncomfortably over my shoulders and buckled them into the top of the armbinder, making me growl in pain. The reason I hated the straps to cross my chest was because it meant zero chance of escape. When they just looped over my shoulders, I could almost always eventually squirm loose. Over-the shoulders and chest, not a chance.

“Shit, Jim, if you don’t let me out of this right now, I swear, I’ll scream. I swear. Jim!” Just then, the ball-gag swooped down in front of my face. I put up a fight, but it was eventually forced into my mouth and lodged behind my front teeth. –Owwggmmm Naaahmmmppph! MMMMMMMM!!!! The strap was tightened behind my head and then a wide leather flap was pulled over my lips and cheeks, locking the ball inside. As the flap was buckled tight, the sound of my protests dropped considerably.

“Ah, that’s much better,” Jim whispered to himself. I hollered pointlessly back at him.

I was familiar enough with the BDSM lifestyle to recognize this point as ‘game over’ for the victim. Whatever hope I had of avoiding capture vanished alongside the removal of my speaking privileges. A woman’s only weapon in situations like this is her ability to negotiate. The man will always be stronger and faster. But women like me know how to talk. Which is to say, I know how to manipulate a man to get what I want. Unfortunately, this particular talent is rendered worthless by a stupid rubber ball and leather strap. God, I hated that rubber ball.

Though loathing the reality of my defeat, I had no interest in making things easy for Jim. So I continued to thrash and toss and mmph the high-heavens. My efforts ended up buying me an extra minute or so before I was completely helpless. Leather straps secured my bare ankles, calves, thighs, and torso. A snug leather collar also encircled my neck. Oh wait, I wasn’t completely hopeless. I almost forgot. My armbinder was not the typical leather armbinder. It didn’t enclosed my hands inside the sleeve like most. Instead, my hands were able to poke out the end. Jim had let me pick this one so that I wouldn’t be breaking any nails. But Jim had to go one step further and buy the option for the additional thumb straps. This was basically a short leather-bound steel dowel which extended past the bottom of the sleeve. At the edge of the dowel protruded a small leather loop. Jim forced my thumbs through the loop and then pulled a leather strap at the top of the armbinder. The loop was tightened, securing both thumbs together while depriving them of their ‘opposability’. This, in turned, destroyed any chance of me using my fingers to undo anything. I groaned and rolled my eyes, knowing what was next.

Of all the restraints, there is none more pointless and unnecessary (and frankly, humiliating) than the toe-tie. Or in my case, the toe zip-tie. There is simply NO POINT for it. That is, other than just to piss me off. I mean, does it really give a guy that much more pleasure knowing that he has taken away a woman’s ability to flex her feet, one foot at a time? God forbid! To be honest, I’m not sure why it bothers me so much. But it really does! Of all the restraints and straps covering my body, the one that really made my blood boil is that damn toe-tie! Men could be ridiculous! Jim reached down into the bag and pulled out the tiny cable-tie. The contraption was black plastic and basically operated like a cow hitch. It was essentially a 5” strap with a narrow bracket at the very center. Both ends of the strap looped straight through the bracket in the middle, creating two small circles. The ends of the straps stuck out the other side of the bracket but were kept from sliding back in by a steel ring that ran through a hole at both tips. Basically, it looked like a steel ring attached to a rounded “B-shaped” cable-tie.

Hopping onto the bed, facing my feet, he straddled my thighs and easily subdued my kicks with his strong arms. Within seconds, I felt the two plastic loops slide over my big toes. Then, Jim pulled the steel ring attached to the tips of the strap. The straps zipped through the bracket, causing the loops to constrict tightly around the narrowest part of each toe, pulling them together until they touched. A last tug, managed to get the loops a few clicks tighter. And that’s the story of how my big toes lost their freedom. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter how petite my toes were. With the straps so tightly strangling the middle of my toes, there was zero chance of sliding those loops past the wider part. Nope, the damned toe-tie was there to stay until Jim decides to use his little key to relieve the bracket’s tension.

I continued mmphing as Jim rolled me to the middle of the bed and spun me around so that my head was at the foot of the bed. I looked up at him with a mixture of bitterness and exhaustion and horniness. He gave me a small smile and stroked the hair out of my eyes. I answered him with a long sleepy blink. He then lowered himself to eye-level with me. “So Jules, here’s the thing. I’m not tired at all. I slept the entire flight. You could have too, had you not decided to watch movies the entire time.” I objected with a series shouted protests. I only watched movies because I couldn’t sleep!!! “And now, here we are, on our ridiculously expensive vacation to the romantic island of Nevis, and you’ve got yourself a little attitude problem. Well, I’m not gonna let it stop me from enjoying my vacation. And, like it or not, that starts right now. It might feel like bedtime to you, but it’s actually 7:00 in the morning here. I had a day planned out for us, but frankly, I don’t feel like arguing about pot-holes anymore today. So, til this evening, I’m vacationing solo. And so are you.”

“To make sure you don’t get your nights and days all mixed up, I can’t risk you falling asleep while I’m gone. Though, if you can manage to squeeze in some power naps, then go for it. But It won’t be easy because…” He turned and reached toward his suitcase. “-I’m gonna set you up with some amusements.”

He placed some lubricant, 2 massagers, several dildos, a butt plug, and a g-strap on the bed, a few inches from my face. The white plastic and rubber massagers looked harmless enough, but I was very familiar with the chaos they were capable of causing. Especially when teamed up with the dildo, butt plug, and g-strap. See, all of these came as a package. The back ends of each rubber insert (dildos and plug) fan out to form a small lopsided bowl. Once the inserts are pressed in as deep as possible, the base of the bowl rests snugly against the skin. The bowl serves as a “seat” for the bulbs of each massager. And the g-strap ensures that plenty of tension is applied by pulling the massagers tightly into the bowl. This essentially pushes the insert even further inside its host.

“I know, your favorite. And these’ll be plugged it into the wall socket timer from the dining room.” I screamed into my gag, tossing my head furiously. “C’mon, you should have realized I hadn’t actually intended on using it at the cabin this weekend. There’s no electricity. “ I screamed and looked away pouting. “–Which I told you when I booked the tickets. I figured you weren’t listening.” He chuckled quietly.

I thrashed about and kicked my tethered feet back and forth. That’d show him. Ugh, the small window of which I was now capable of showing my disapproval was downright pathetic. He blinked unimpressed and then lifted the timer so I could see. “The massagers will vibrate for 1 minute every 3. On the medium setting.” At this, I lost it. I writhed and screamed and twisted with all my might. He KNEW that 1 minute on medium wouldn’t be enough to let me to climax! He also KNEW that 2 minutes would never give me enough time to sleep or even recover!! And lastly, and most importantly, he KNEW how much I hated denial!!! The first time he did it to me, I let him know that our bondage days were over if he ever did it again. He KNEW denial was off-limits!! I simply Cannot handle it!!! And he KNEW it!!!! SHIT!!!!

As I continued writhing like an insane person, Jim fed the wire and neck of the first massager through a ring in the leather g-strap until the bulbed tip was all that protruded from the top. He then laid out the g-strap in the shape of a “T” beside me. Despite my reluctance, he lifted me up and laid me on top of it. With the vertical strap and massager under my sex, he strapped the horizontal belt of the g-strap around my waist and buckled it tight. Next, was the dildo. There were three in front of me, but I knew which one he would choose. I threw a hissy fit as I watched him pick up the largest one, roughly 2½” wide. He usually only chooses the large one when we role-play angry kidnapping and rape scenarios. And it’s usually for only a half-hour or so. Being impaled by this monster for an entire day would be discomfort like I had never imagined.

After he coated the dildo with lubricant, he rolled me on my side and shoved it mercilessly into my pussy. I pushed and fought against it, but it was no use. The shaft managed to squeeze its way through the narrow walls until the base of the bowl rested against my labia. I felt like I was going to burst! It was Humongous!! I grunted as he rolled me back onto my stomach. Next, the butt plug had been lubricated and was being fed into my anus. I hated this feeling more than anything! I howled in pain as the cone slowly submerged. Finally, the widest part of the cone past my sphincter muscles and the pain stopped. An additional little push drove the plug all the way in, allowing the bowl rest snugly inside my crack.

Next, I could feel Jim jamming his fingers between my legs and groping for the vertical strap of the g-strap. A few seconds later, the strap was pulled between my legs and the bulb of the front massager found its seat at the entrance of my vagina. I felt Jim feed the wire and neck of the second massager through the second rind in the strap. As the end of the strap was pulled toward my waist, the second bulb found its seat at the entrance of my anus. A final yank on the strap jammed the massagers snugly into their seats, which in turn, drove the inserts deeper inside my orifices. I groaned loudly in discomfort. Jim ignored me as he buckled the vertical strap to the horizontal strap around my waist. Then, he was finished.

Jim stood to his feet and took a moment to admire his work. He cocked his head, as in deep in thought and continued to stare in silence. He didn’t seem to take any notice of the spectacle I was continuing to make as I screamed and tossed around in my bonds. He then walked away. I heard the closet door slide open and the sound of clothes hangers being removed. A couple seconds later, Jim was walking back to me, holding a giant extendable metal bar, presumably the clothing rack from the closet. Jim raised the bar above me and extended it by several feet. He then set it straight down in line with my body. It came to rest perfectly on top of the headboard behind me and the chest of drawers directly in front of me. As angry as I was about everything, I couldn’t help being mildly impressed by how clever of a man I had for a husband.

Wasting no time, he reached once more into his suitcase and removed some leather strings of various size. He knelt over me and tied end of a leather string to the ring at the end to my armbinder, just outside of the reach of my fingers. Without warning, he pulled the string upward, lifting my arms into an uncomfortable strappado. I think most would have considered it painful, but my flexibility was my friend when it came to being tied up. Though I have an extremely low pain tolerance, the strain from bondage on my joints and muscles never seems to have much physical affect on me. What can I say, I’m just a lucky, lucky girl. Gag.

When my arms could ascend no further, I felt Jim loop the string over the pole and tie the other end back to the ring on my armbinder. I pulled pointlessly with my arms, lifting my torso slightly off the bed. He then pulled out another thin leather string and looped one end through the steel ring of my toe-tie. When both ends of the string were yanked upward, I felt yet another click as the toe-tie was cinched tighter yet around my toes and my feet were pulled into the air. And once again, I felt the string being secured around the pole. This immobilized my feet into a proper pointed posture. Jim picked up his suitcase and tossed it on top of chest of drawers. I pulled down with my arms and feet to find very little give. And with the one end of the bar weighed down by Jim’s suitcase, and the other end nestled into a center crevice of the headboard, I realized that the big metal bar was there to stay. Lovely. His last addition came as he picked up a final string of leather and looped it through the ring in my collar. He then tied the other end to the footboard of the bed. Yeah. Wouldn’t want me deciding to leave my spot on the bed! Almost as unnecessary as the toe-tie.

Jim then started to change his clothes. My time to change his mind was swiftly dwindling. The way Jim gets dressed and ready, he’d be walking out of the room in mere minutes. I let out a big sigh, in an attempt to channel my inner peace. Eager to try anything that could help me avoid what I was about to face, I started to mmph softly and sweetly to Jim. Both as a plea, but also an apology. I was always good at faking sincerity. But now, I needed the performance of my life! Quite frankly, I was prepared to do Anything that might keep me from hours of denial. And I really do mean ANYTHING. But as I squeaked and moaned my quiet innocent pleas, Jim took no notice. The longer he ignored me, the more I wanted to scream the high heavens, but I maintained my composure.

Jim came out of the bathroom with a fresh suit of casual clothes on and his hair parted to the side. Damn-it he’d better not be thinking of picking up any skanks today while I was being kept prisoner in here. He started adjusting the thermostat on the wall and I heard the fans turn off. Next, he pulled my humidifier out of my bag and busied himself setting it up on the floor beside me. Then he slid one of the nightstands to sit right in front of me at the foot of the bed. Sitting next to me, he pulled out his laptop and began tapping furiously at the keys. I continued feeding him my sweet fake mmphs. A few moments later, he placed the computer on the night stand facing me. I stared at the screen struggling not to let my anger get the better of me as I looked at myself bound and gagged on the screen. The bastard was using his ichat camera to let me watch myself at my very lowest. If degradation was his goal, he had certainly succeeded.

“So, what’d’ya say Jules? You excited to start your vacation? Ha. I almost added, ‘-with a bang’ to the end of the question. But that wouldn’t really be truthful would it?”

Still composing myself from unleashing psycho Julie, I continued the submissive pleading approach. He stroked my face with the back of his hand. “Sorry hun, there won’t be any Bangs or Booms or eruptions of any sexual nature until I say so. And just as a heads-up, that won’t be happening any time soon. Most likely, not until it’s become the single greatest and most helplessly intense craving you’ve ever experienced. Seriously, like, Guinness World Record’s wildest craving.”

I was like a record on loop shaking my head in tempo as I continually mmphed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” My emotions were peaked and I felt like I was starting to have an out of body experience. I regretted ever telling Jim of how much I hated denial. Otherwise, I could have just as easily been punished by him putting me in a cum-coma for the day. At least then, I might have been able to pass out and get my much needed sleep. Although, maybe this was actually his plan. To just psych me out? Could this all be some sort of act? No, Jim had always been a good liar, but right now, I believed every word he was saying. I couldn’t change his mind about any of this if my life depended on it. He was far too stubborn. Like me. It was time for me to return my natural born state. Ferociously defiant.

“So, gentleman, start your lady’s engines.” I convulsed and screamed and bucked like a crazy person as Jim crouched over to the wall socket. “Three, Two, One, GO!”

At once, the massagers jumped to life, vibrating against the phalluses in my anus and clit. This caused the entire rubber insert to vibrate and jiggle inside of me. Trying to ignore them, I continued to writhe and thrash about, but almost immediately, my breathing became heavier. Here we go. Shit, I hated this already!!! I let out the longest and most anguished scream I’ve ever screamed and let my head drop to the bed as I began panting. Again, he stooped down in front of me, eye-level. “Oh don’t be such a drama queen. You’re on vacation! Relax. Breathe. Have some fun!” I glared at him with the most volatile glare I could muster and shouted “FUUUCK YOOOOU!!!!”

He tilted his head and smiled, ”Oh, you’re most welcome sweetheart. Believe it or not, that may have just bought you some points.” I mmphed back at him, “I SAID FUUUUUCK YOU!!!”

“Yeah, I heard you. But on second thought, nah, forget the points, I’ll just let you ‘thank me’ later.” He leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. I tried to head-butt him, however, it almost seemed like I was leaning into his kiss- like I somehow appreciated it. Damn!

“Aw, I knew you’d come around.”


“Now before I leave, let me explain this set up. This video will be streaming live to my phone all day. So I’ll be able to check up on you at all times. To make sure you’re happy, safe, secure, the whole schpiele. And if you run into any breathing trouble or anything, simultaneously curl your toes and scrunch your nose for the camera.” I started doing just that along with shouting muffled lies about not being able to breath properly. “God, that’s adorable when you do that by the way. Though, that will only result in me remotely turning on the humidifier with my phone. Pretty cool huh?”

I screamed at him, but the vibrating massagers were starting to work their magic so it sounded more like a moan. Jim smiled knowingly. I quickly closed my eyes so he couldn’t see them to get a read on me. I had always hated how he was able to practically read my mind by looking into my eyes. Damn lawyer tricks! Suddenly, the massagers turned off. Frustrated as hell, I let out a long growl and buried my face into the covers.

“Okay, babe. I’m out of here.” I heard him stand and walk toward the door. “I won’t see you till tonight. Well, I take that back. I’ll be seein’ a lot of you today. You just won’t be seeing me. But don’t let that stop you from having some fun. Okay, I love you.” And with that I heard the door open and shut. A beep told me it had electronically locked. That was it. Jim was gone and I was alone. For God only knew how long.

I pulled pointlessly at my bonds searching for a weak spot. A minute later, I found none. I tried to relax as I stared at myself on the computer screen in front of me. I could just imagine Jim’s smug smile every time he looked down at his phone. Bastard! Nevertheless, I really was a sight to see. The computer was about a foot higher than my eye-line which allowed the camera to capture something of an aerial shot of me. Although most of my lower body was covered by my strappado’d arminder, the camera was situated at such an angle that made my breasts seem bigger than they actually were. Since my weight pressed them into the mattress of the bed, they appeared to bulge around the sides of my petite torso. Above the armbinder, my toes were all that was visible of my feet. I rolled my eyes and tried to pull my feet downward in order to hide the ridiculous and embarrassing toe-tie. No luck.

Ugh! My anger only became worse to notice that my face had started to blush as a result. The Goddamn toe-tie really was downright humiliating!! Seconds later, my thoughts were interrupted as the massagers lurched back on. Again, I shoved my face into the covers and screamed. It was safe to assume that this was going to be the longest day of my life…