by KrulStas

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Storycodes: MF; handyman; install; basement; discovery; dungeon; M/f; pillory; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; bdsm; spank; play; tease; toys; insert; oral; climax; cons; X

He stepped into his office and put some tools down. It was a long afternoon. But a productive one. Encouraging in that his modest business was giving him a livelihood, his bills were being paid and a little left over for saving. The answering machine light was blinking, always a good sign for his business of general handyman and ceiling fan installer. here in “Post wall” Warsaw, the economy was beginning to boom. But, yet home air-conditioning was just a dream for most. His master stroke idea was to import and install ceiling fans for apartment and home owners and business was brisk.

Three messages. Two from the business district, funnily enough from Cellphone vendors. Cellphones were a recent and popular addition to the Polish economy and sometimes he wished he had pockets deep enough to get into that business. The third one from a lady who was requesting his services for a ceiling fan installation. After returning the two service requests for new fan installs for the phone businesses and arranging appointment dates for the following Monday for both he settled down and changed his demeanor to call the lady back. Miss Marissa on the other end seemed nice but a little unsure about the style of fan she might want. It was late afternoon but she was willing to see him later after 6 to see his catalog of offerings. Enough time for a quick shower and then to load his little Fiat up with catalogs and some samples.

he drove to her home, fortunately not too far from his workshop and again fortunately on the eastern side of the river as was his workshop’s location, he drove past the Old stately residences some Prewar. and arrived finally at a two-story mansion with a walled garden and open gate, parking his car in the courtyard. The grounds were well kept, and quaint. The huge wooden doors opened and Miss Marissa stood there welcoming him into her home.

She appeared possibly about 47. Certainly not any older than 55, but it was hard to tell, the spring in her step and the fact she was a very toned figure, masked her age well. Blond and petit with a wonderful figure and well-tanned. It dawned on him that he should not judge being in his middle fifty’s himself. The room for the fan was the great dining room. Pleasant but dark always seeming cool even in the August heat of summer. “Miss Marissa?” he questioned.

“Yes” She replied.” I have been married. A couple of times in fact. But I prefer to be alone.”.

He measured the ceiling height check for available electrical power. All possible, and finally the samples and catalog were offered for her choosing. Miss Marissa settled upon a French style fan, which did match the décor perfectly. There were some things he needed to explain about the installation, he could for instance just go with a chaining kit, where a cord, suspended by a chain, was fastened to ceiling and wall to provide power to the fan. he could use an external pipe (conduit) to run the wires thrue attached to the walls and ceiling, Or he could spend the time in cutting threw the plaster walls and hiding the wiring inside it.

She asked if it were possible to paint the conduit, where the switches would be for the fan and if he could take the extra time to put an antique gold finish on the piping if she desired, and of course cost, he watched her eyes, and sat fascinated by her movements as the interview went on. After her selection, she wondered if he could work over the weekend to install the fan. She was so pleasant to be around, and truthfully being a loner himself with nothing else to do, he agreed to meet her Tomorrow, Saturday to start the installation.

Saturday 9 a.m arrived and he found himself, measuring and drilling her dining room ceiling for the fan mount, then measuring, cutting and bending the conduit around the ceiling to wall corner. And down to the available outlet. She would come in from time to time to watch and talk, not necessarily about what he was doing. Then he removed the piping from the wall brackets, the wall brackets themselves and it all went to the garden where he had set-up saw horses and a ground tarp to paint the antique gold finish she had requested. he had broken with his usual routine of checking for the fuse box, because he knew the paint would need time to dry. Miss Marissa, following him so far liked all the work he had done. Finally, he asked her where the fuse box was guessing the basement. She, showed him the cellar door and said she would join him in a moment. He went down the stairs, electric torch in hand to find the fuse box. What he saw along the way surprised him.

Firstly, It was actually pleasant in the basement. No dampness, No dirt. He spotted the electrical box at the far end of a wide corridor and made his way toward it, but as he passed one open door to a room he stopped dead in his tracks, he understood now why Miss Marissa preferred to be alone.

It was a modest dungeon. A Triangle cross in the corner, a Pillory in another, A chest of drawers at one spot, and various chains collars and cuffs arranged on a stand. Very well lit. Very quiet with no external noise filtering thru. In the light of the overhead bulb he saw a picture, in an ample frame, on the chest of drawers. Black and white and pretty old, a man standing over a females ass, she was apparently trapped in a Pillory and bent over, he had a paddle in one hand, the other hand parting her ass cheeks. As he was taking all this in he became aware of miss Marissa’s light footsteps immediately behind him, he wondered why he had not heard her walking down the stairs. “Oh dear”. She said, ”I knew I should have been down here before your visit. Whatever must you think of me!“

He straightened up. Making the least fuss over the moment, saying,” No different, then when I first met you, you are a very nice person. And this makes no difference at all “.

There was a little busy work to be done, knocking off the surprisingly modern circuit breakers in the electrical box, and checking to see the wall outlet was dead to connect the dining room fan to it. No real time to ponder what he had just seen, and through the busy work of his job, the events in the basement seemed just a minor foot note. It was when he was on the ladder and in the middle of putting the fan on its ceiling mount that Marissa again brought the Dungeon room into the discussion.

She had a Life! Two husbands that were also “into” the Dominant lifestyle and she was the perfect submissive until they both lost interest and found younger subs. Then a series of affairs to continue her unusual cravings, but now a long dry spell with nothing but hope. Along with The Freedom of 1989, there then became a steady influx of young women from more eastern regions of Europe that could cater to the needs of the men she would have catered to before. Of course, age was a big factor. If she was inclined to become a Dominant she would have no end of young men to occupy her time. But as it was, there seemed nothing but hope. She sighed at the end of her recital.

Afterwards, when he came down off the ladder and turned the switch, the fan buzzing to life he gave her a smile and a little hug. There was a double meaning to both gestures, but it took a while for her to understand. “Is there anything else you might need?” he asked another double entendre.

She smiled putting the meaning together. “Well if you could wait a while there is something I need terribly.“ She replied.

He smiled back, “Of course, you will be feeling younger and as pretty as in that picture soon”.

“Then just give me a few minutes to prepare. I will meet you down there” She said on her way to the upstairs. She turned back for a second saying, “the top drawer of the dresser down stairs has my favorites”. She went upstairs, he down stairs to sort thru her toys.

He sorted thru the toys. Flails, a ball gag, A vibrator and plugs for her other end. It seemed he was going to have an interesting night and although he really had not done this sort of thing before, he felt “up” for the challenge. This time he heard her footsteps padding down the stairs and hall. She appeared. The vision took his breath away and he felt something below his waist stir at the sight of her. Naked, freshly from a shower, ample breasts, a well shaven Quim. A collar and cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She was a perfect dream.

“I have a safe word “” Fuck””. She said. “If You get too rough or the pain is too much I will whisper it “.

“Ok then, can we begin?” he asked.

The leash attached to her collar, he forced her to march a high step in a circle around him, as he played a horse crop on her back side and the back of her legs, careful to place the marks where they would not be seen in modest clothing. “Your Name is “Oh” for this evening”. He remembered the only erotic novel he had read about such a fantasy. “Do you understand? “.

“Yes, Master“, She replied struggling to keep from yelping as the crop bit the skin of her ass and legs.

A few more turns around the room and her breath became ragged from the pain and the high step but her brown eyes had a serene look. It seemed she was enjoying her treatment. She was glistening in sweat as he led her to the pillory, forced her over and locked her in place, head and wrists, trapped as the bar came down, her back sloped downwards from her hips and her head now lower than her navel, set in that perfect wooden frame. The chest of drawers was behind her and out of sight. She waited.

He made her wait a good long time until she started to shift her weight from one leg to another. The ball gag swam into her vision, he Forced her jaw open and Plopped it into her mouth buckling the strap, just tightly enough to raise the skin of her cheeks around the straps. “Say it once “OH” he commanded. “the safe word “UCK” she declared loudly.

”OH” You are in for a rough night” he said.” You have been a very naughty girl and you need a lesson in manners.” he said as he moved out of her vision and behind her. The view was fantastic her fresh ass now glistening in sweat, and he could see between her legs that she was already getting quite wet from excitement.

He closed in on her, his jeans now rubbing at her backside and his hands at her tits. At once roughly handling those orbs and then gently but firmly squeezing them, pinching her nipples, he could see her drooling now through the gag and her eyes showed that she was in a place she had wanted to be for a long while. He backed away and remained out of her sight, then he grabbed the paddle, and cracked at her ass and thighs, she winced and whimpered, jumping from one foot to the other but so far no safe word was said. After a few good swats at her butt he left her alone to wonder “what next”.

Then he began to play his hands on her ass, deep into her crack and running his fingers down to where the wetness began, intrusive, insistent fingers working her over, spreading her. He enjoyed the view, her Rose bud, and the creases of her pussy. Then slowly he stopped. All the while she cooed with an urgency almost begging for a release she desperately needed. He played his Finger into her ass and she jumped reflexively.

”OH’ You know there is worse to come” he said and an instant later the butt plug was at her gate, lubed and insistent, it was fully seated and the ring at its end, twitched as she worked her ass to become used to the sensation of being filled to bursting. Again, he stood back and waited, then again, the flail, mildly insistent and stinging was applied. Just a few strokes. She yelped and cooed through the gag again a small puddle of drool forming on the floor below her stuffed lips.

“Now what if I told you I enjoy seeing you like this? Your breasts and ass displayed so nicely. It is after all only Saturday afternoon and I am not going anywhere until Monday morning.” He saw her eyes go wide at the thought. “So, Miss “OH” for display purposes only another part of your costume needs to be applied.“

Now the vibrator was pulled out and set between her legs. he worked it up and down her cunt, sometimes at the spot between her ass and pussy, but he most often let it linger at a spot just above her hole, listening to her grunts and moans as they became more and more insistent building ultimately to a full voiced and long scream. She sagged against her bindings and a ragged wheezing of her breath through her nose told him she had gone over the edge for the first time in a long time. He unstrapped her gag and pulled it from her mouth. Half-jokingly saying, “now stay right there”.

He padded upstairs for some water in a glass, and a straw. Then returned to her and offered her a sip. She drank her fill as her breath returned to normal.

“You know I really mean it, I am quite taken by the way you look in that Pillory. I would love to wake up tomorrow and come down here to see you still displayed in it.”

“No, I can’t last that long”, she said.

“Well If you want to straighten up for a bit. I guess if you do one more little thing for me I can get you out of there.” She tried to look up at him. he could see she was not sure this was still a game.

“What” She asked cautiously.

”Your choice, I could fuck you in that pillory, my choice of holes, or you could use your lips to gain your freedom”.

He could see her considering the options, but he could also see her shifting from foot to foot and so could almost predict … that he would get a great blow job.

Afterwards, sitting upstairs, enjoying a bottle of wine together in the cool breeze of a ceiling fan, she said, “You know, about two years ago, I had a toy delivered its still sitting in the box in the garage never put together. I really don’t know how to be that Mechanical I think that a person as Handy as you could do that for me. Aren’t you at least a bit interested?”

He could only smile and looked forward to more house calls.


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