by Scarecrow

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© Copyright 2007 - Scarecrow - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cons; X


"Hi Cindy, its Julie…"

"Yes, I’m fine thanks. Well actually, can I ask you a favour?..."

"Yes. Well I’m in New York…"

"I know. The weather is foul. That’s what I’m phoning you about…"

"Look Cindy…"

"Yes, that’s the problem. The flight I was booked on was cancelled due to a “Mechanical” and before I could get on another flight this storm came in and now the airport is closed and I’m going to have to stay the night…"

"Yes, I know that wouldn’t normally be a problem. Tom can usually take care of himself if I’m away overnight but…"

"No…well you see I can’t let him know… um… well… um… because…"

"Well that’s why I phoned you. Um… you know I gave you a house key a few months ago…"

"Yes Dear. That one. Well I want you to use it please…"

"Well yes I am a bit worried about Tom…"

"No, he didn’t phone me. Well he can’t can he because he… um… well he…

"Oh yes, he was fine when I left him, but I think that by now…"

"Because he’s tied up and he can’t move. That’s why…"

"How do I know? Well because I tied him up of course…"

"Cindy? Cindy are you laughing at me? Oh Cindy how could you?..."

"Well, yes I suppose so. When you look at it like that, but its not really so…"

"No well it wasn’t supposed to be for so long. Look, in some ways its your fault…"

"Yes. Remember when you spoke about “Doing a bit of bondage” with Fred last Summer? …"

"Yes, I know Fred turned out to be a jerk. You’re much better off without him..."

"But, anyway. We decided that if you could try it we would too…"

"Oh, both ways. Sometimes I tie Tom up and sometimes he ties me up and…"

"Hey, look I’m not going into ALL the details of our sex life just now. The thing is that Tom had the day off and, sometimes he likes to be tied up for quite a long time…"

"Yes, I know. Men are strange…"

"Well anyway. The idea was that I would leave him for the day and then make passionate love with him when I got home from work…"

"What? Oh yes! It’s great! The poor man is so frustrated by that time that…"

"No, sometimes I untie him first but lately…"

"Yes, well anyway. Look stop laughing, will you…"

"Thank you. As I was saying. As soon as I got to the office I was told I had to come to this urgent meeting in New York…"

"Yes, I know. The idiots arranged it and forgot to let me know, and now I’m stuck here and Tom is…"

"Cindy? Cindy, please stop laughing. Please, I worried about the man. I should have been home by now. I’ve never left him this long before so can you go over and make sure that he is Okay. But Cindy, Cindy! I dead serious about this! Cindy, He mustn’t know its you…"

"No, silly. He’s blindfolded of course. Well, a bit more than that…"

"Oh well, Alright I’ll tell you. He is spreadeagled on the bed…"

"Yes. Locking leather wrist and ankle cuffs…"

"No, I know. They are quite comfortable for a long session…"

"What? Of course I’ve tried them but…"

"Look, you wanted to know what to expect so I’m trying to tell you…"

"Yes, yes Okay. Anyway, he’s spreadeagled on the bed and he’s got a diaper on in case…"

"Cindy! Stop laughing so much…"

"Well then he’s gagged and blindfolded…"

"Yes, the locking ones. The keys are on the shelf next to the T.V.  He’s also got ear-plugs so he can’t hear anything either. And then over those he’s got a hood that is also locked on…"

"Mmh. Yes. Complete sensory deprivation…"

"Yes… Its quite fun…"

"Yes, the padlocks all have the same key so there shouldn’t be any trouble there. It’s just that the poor man will be worried and uncomfortable and hungry and thirsty by now…"

"Yes, yes, and frustrated and horny as all hell…"

"So what I want you to do is to go over there, let yourself in. Get the keys and unlock one hand and give him the keys. Then leave! He’ll be able to manage the rest himself. But Cindy, he mustn’t know who let him out…"

"No! The poor man will die of shame as it is but it’ll be much better if he doesn’t know who released him. He’ll never be able to face you again if he knows it was you…"

"Please, Cindy will you do this for me…"

"Cindy. I want you to promise…"

"Yes. Thank you. I knew I could count on you…"

"Oh, yes. Tomorrow’s Saturday so I’m going to write up the notes from the meeting tonight and then catch the 8-o-clock flight tomorrow, so I should be home by about 10…"

"Well the weather said the storm won’t last long and I’ve got a confirmed booking for that flight…"

"Yes, I’m feeling much better now. So I’ll have a snack and then write up the notes and go to bed…"

"Thanks Cindy, I knew I could count on you…"

"Yes I’ll give you a call in the morning and let you know how everything is with Tom…"

"Okay. Thanks Cindy. Thanks. Bye."


"Hello, this is Julie…"

"Oh. Hi Cindy. Is everything alright with Tom? Is he Okay? What’s happ…"

"Okay, okay. It just that when you phoned I thought…"

"Alright, tell me…"

"You did what? You, you? Oh Cindy. I thought I could trust…"

"Alright, alright. I’ll listen, I’ll listen, but it had better be goo…"

"You didn’t just release him and go? But Cindy! You promised…"

"Alright, alright, I’ll listen…"

"Well at least he’s had something to eat and drink and been able to relieve himself…"

"Well, yes the weather isn’t nice and I can understand that you felt you needed a little reward for helping me, well Tom, out. But…"

"Are you sure he doesn’t know…"

"What? You mean he’ll think it was me…"

"You minx! You little minx! I know you haven’t had any since Fred pulled out in the Fall, but still…"

"So let me get this straight. You freed his hands and cuffed them behind his back. Then you released his legs. Then you took him to the bathroom, threw away the diaper and cleaned him up…"

"Yes, I know. If he fell over he’d pole vault through the door…"

"So, anyway! You then led him to the kitchen, took off his gag and fed him. I bet he was full of questions…"

"So what did you give him?..."

"Chicken soup? But he hates chicken soup!..."

"I hope you didn’t say anything!..."

"So you are sure he didn’t know…"

"And then?..."

"Oh, you minx! You little minx!..."

"So now he’s back tied to the bed. Satisfied! You are at home. More than satisfied! And I’m stuck here in New York with this damned report, horny as all hell, and when I get home…"

"Yes, well he is a quick recover…"

"So probably by 10-o-clock…"

"What? If you think he’ll ever let me tie him…"

"What? Yes, well when you put it like that…"

"I suppose so but Cindy…"

"If you think I’ll ever tell you when I’m going to out of town again you’ve got another think…"

"Well, I suppose so. And you did go out in the rain. You are sure Tom is okay…"

"No thank you. I’ll be home tomorrow. You don’t need to go around again tonight…"

"Yes well, it is always safer to have a backup and if it hadn’t been for this damned meeting and the storm and…"

"But Cindy! Chicken soup? Chicken soup! Tom’s going to kill me for that. I’m going to get you back for that, my girl. I’m going to get you back…"

"Yes. Thanks for telling me how it all went…"

"Yes you too. Sleep well you little minx. Goodnight. Bye."