The Great Pretender

by Mistress Tressa

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© Copyright 2013 - Mistress Tressa - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; F/m; D/s; capture; bond; cuffs; gag; strip; bdsm; strapon; hum; force; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Jim lived for two reasons, the first being his lucrative insurance business, and secondly for his trophy wife, Donna. The couple resided in the fashionable suburb of Madison, New Jersey, within the NYC Metro Region. Jim was thirty four years old, two years older than his wife. They had twin daughters, both of whom were attending college out of state.

There had been a time when the marriage was in jeopardy. Five years ago Donna caught Jim having an extramarital affair, and threatened to divorce him. He could not bear the thought of losing the 5’8”, one hundred twenty pound, blue eyed blond, with a curvaceous figure.

Jim begged for forgiveness. As his wife was a physical fitness addict, Jim lost thirty pounds to please her, along with an unsightly paunch, and quit drinking. Donna accepted his impassioned entreaty and they were able to reconcile. Things had been fine until recently.

For reasons he could not determine, Donna’s sexual ardor with Jim was diminishing. Some nights she would simply refuse his advances and not discuss the reason. During the same period Jim noticed Donna spending more time on AOL.

It was also noted that much of the time appeared to involve instant messaging, something that Donna had not often engaged in previously. Further investigation was a necessity for Jim, as he was aware of the numerous AOL chat rooms, many of which appealed to prurient interests.

Jim and Donna had separate computers, passwords were strictly guarded to prevent one from spying on the other. However Jim was able to ascertain that Donna had a secondary screen name and was curious as to why. When he checked the profile it was blank, in contrast to her primary screen name profile, which was essentially an open book on her life.

While working at the office Jim decided to enter the secondary screen name on his buddy list. He only had to wait about twenty minutes before it came on line. Checking to see what chat room she was in, Jim was astounded to find the chat room entitled “Domme ISO f/sub”. Donna a dominatrix? Jim thought it impossible, a borderline submissive perhaps, but not a domme.

Early in their marriage, Donna had resisted mild bondage advances by Jim. Their current sexual habits were largely conventional, with Donna shunning anal sex, and being lukewarm to oral.

Jim’s next step was to arrange for an online sting. He created a fictitious screen name and BDSM related profile for a 25 year old “Jill”, from nearby West Orange. Within two minutes of Jill entering the chat room, the Instant Message screen on Jim’s computer flashed “Hi” from Donna, who referred to herself as “Mistress D”.

In the ensuing IM chat Jim learned that Donna was portraying herself as an experienced dominatrix, seeking sessions for somewhere other than at Donna’s home. Her husband was aware of her activities, but did not permit them at home because of the children. Surprisingly Donna had kind words to say about Jim, but lamented his lack of sexual desire. Donna was eager to meet “Jill” and suggested she call her.

Holding off the phone request for a day, Jim turned to Bernadette, his 30 year secretary, for assistance. Bernadette had been boned by every single male, and most of the married ones as well, employed at the business. She was not likely to betray any confidences.

Jim explained the situation and asked Bernadette to call and pose as "Jill", and arrange a meet. To assure that the meet would be at his house, Jim would announce that he would be out of town on business that week. In the meantime he would arrange for a real dominatrix to show Donna the error of her ways.

Bernadette gleefully assumed the role and a tentative meet was scheduled for the next Tuesday at 10:00AM, at the mansion in Madison. Fortunately Donna did not recognize Bernadette’s voice. For her efforts, she was rewarded with five additional days of paid vacation.

The next step was procuring a real dominatrix, and for that Jim turned to a friend, Russell Schenck, who was employed in the bail bond business, but was known to have contacts with sexual service providers. Russ readily suggested Rachel Whiplash, who worked for him occasionally as a bounty hunter. She also ran a dominatrix business on the side.

Jim met Rachel for the first time at her fashionable West Orange apartment, and was quickly intimidated by her. The thirty year old, 5’10 brunette had the body of a weight lifter. She suggested that to get better acquainted, a demonstration in her basement dungeon was in order.

Rachel did not take well to Jim’s polite declination of the offer. To his surprise and chagrin, she forcibly cuffed his wrists behind him, using steel cuffs, despite his resistance. “I’ve got a good mind to put a cock cage on you for a week, who would do something like you want to your wife” she hissed, with her sincerity quite convincing.

Then abruptly she changed course. “I’m just letting you know not to fuck with me, for three thousand dollars I’ll do the gig for you” was her next statement. Jim readily agreed and the handcuffs were taken off, but not before she had taunted him once more by stroking his most erect quite cock through his pants.

The Amazon like Rachel had become somewhat of a legend in the bounty hunting world, something Jim had no way of knowing. For example one time she entered a red neck bar and some inebriated male customer grabbed her, in an attempt to force her to dance. Rachel nearly knocked him to the floor with a back handed slap.

Another niche occupied by Rachel in the dominatrix business, was the disciplining of errant prostitutes. If a pimp had a prostitute who had engaged in misconduct, or was not performing satisfactorily, the prospect of an overnight stay with her was often enough to cause the errant hooker to change her ways.

Rachel was notorious for the sadistic punishments she inflicted in such cases. The mere mention of a visit to her often produced the desired effects. Hookers were known to quit and leave the area, after such a visit, as well.

Her next move was to use a pair of steel handcuffs to cuff him to the bar rail, before pulling down both his jeans and underpants. “Just like I though a shrivel dick” she roared. The crowd remained transfixed as Rachel left a five dollar tip for the bartender, then took a handcuff key and tossed it across the room, at which point she promptly departed, never to return.

Rachel specialized in the arrest and transportation of female bail jumpers. She had no difficulty transporting prisoners by herself, in a specially equipped van, and was known to take sexual liberties with some of them.

Arrangements were made so that Rachel would arrive at 10:00AM at Donna’s house, and once inside the surprise would be sprung. Donna would be tightly restrained, and Rachel would “interrogate” her for about twenty minutes. Jim would then be notified by cell and arrive, at which time Rachel would impose her style of discipline.

Jim was concerned that Rachel might seriously hurt Donna, something he did not desire. Rachel, in not so polite terms, told Jim that his wishes would be heeded, but not to question her judgment. She reminded him that the three thousand dollar fee was payable in advance.

Bernadette had made “Jill” out to be a blond, but Rachel would merely wear a wig. No pictures of the two had been exchanged and by the time Donna recognized the voice difference, it would be too late.

Jim would loiter kinetically in his vehicle, within the immediate area, until receiving the cell from Rachel and then immediately proceed home, to observe and participate in the discipline of his duplicitous wife. Rachel had not been overly specific about the format for the encounter, and Jim still harbored some misgivings, but wasn’t about to turn back at this point.

Rachel wore a black leather overcoat, covering a white bikini and a black mini skirt, for the encounter. Precisely at 10:00AM she pulled her Infiniti into the driveway and knocked on the front door of Donna’s house. Within seconds the door opened and Donna beckoned her inside.

Donna hardly looked like a dominatrix, being casually attired in jeans and a blue sweat shirt. This would infuriate Rachel, who felt that even dominatrix wannabes such as Donna, should at least dress the role. Before Donna could issue any orders, Rachel had her arm pinned behind her back, and easily overcome her resistance before applying her steel handcuffs once again.

Under the circumstances Donna become quite vocal, only to be pushed to the couch, where a pre knotted nylon was forcibly wedged into her mouth, effectively silencing her. “This isn’t a robbery bitch, Jim will be here in a few minutes, it wasn’t Jill you talked to in the chat room, it was Jim” snarled Rachel.

The steel cuffs were only temporary and Donna was forcibly moved to the basement, where her elbows were tied with a leather strap, then tethered to a ceiling pipe using another strap. Leather wrists cuffs were then put on her and the steel ones removed. This left Donna bent upwards at a most uncomfortable forty five degree angle.

Scissors were then used to shred every bit of clothing worn by Donna, with Rachel declaring they were unbecoming a dominatrix. The next stop was to obtain the password to Donna’s computer, which necessitated briefly removing the gag. When Donna balked, Rachel held a pair of pliers to her right nipple, causing her to relent and reveal the password.

Rachel replaced the gag and left the dominatrix wannabe unattended, giving her an opportunity to access her computer. This took less than five minutes, and as nothing particularly incriminating was found, Rachel returned to the basement.

Donna was in a state of high anxiety, a prisoner in her own basement. It was now time for the interrogation to commence, and before her gag was removed she was warned to speak only in response to the questions asked. To demonstrate the consequences of disobeying, Rachel used her fingers to twist Donna’s right nipple, causing a suppressed shriek of pain.

The interrogation was brief and not overly productive. Donna insisted that she loved her husband, and that “Jill” was the only female she intended to dominate, after which she planned to solicit no more clients.

Rachel could inflict mental anguish, as well as physical torture. In no uncertain terms she informed Donna that she was a spoiled and uppity submissive bitch, who was incapable of being taken seriously as a dominatrix. This assessment was indeed painful for Donna to accept and she began sobbing, eliciting derisive laughter from Rachel.

Rachel wasn’t convinced Donna was being completely truthful, and felt a mix of pity and contempt towards her. “Time for hubby” chuckled Rachel as she dialed the cell. Donna, knowing better than to speak, begged with her eyes, but Rachel ignored her.

 “She’s ready” was the extent of the cell call. Sensing that Jim would enjoy seeing his wife gagged, as well as restrained, Rachel replaced the gag. This elicited a venomous look from Donna, and a chuckle from Rachel.

Within five minutes Jim could be heard entering the house and descending the basement stairs. Donna once again cast a venomous look at Rachel, which this time she did not ignore. “Don’t like at me like that bitch if you know what’s good for you” she snapped.

Jim seemed amused at the sight of his bound and gagged wife. He found the gag, a balled up nylon placed inside another nylon and cleaved, to be less than sexy. He preferred a ball gag but wasn’t about to express his opinion.

“She’s been a good little girl but I think she needs to learn just a little more respect for a professional dominatrix” Rachel opined.

“Indeed go to it” replied Jim.

It had been agreed at the earlier meeting, that Donna would be strapon fucked in the presence of her husband, which seemed only fitting as she had intended to do just that to Rachel. “First she needs to feel the whip” decreed Rachel, who using a cat of nine style flogger, delivered about thirty lashes to Donna’s boobs and buttocks. They were of low intensity, but sufficient to cause mild pain, and red marks for a few days.

With the flogging complete, Rachel put the strapon belt upon her waist, and used a quantity of mineral oil to lubricate the anal track. “She doesn’t deserve to be cunt fucked” decreed Rachel, as she took up position to Donna’s rear.

The five minute anal invasion was clearly painful for Donna, and provided much gratification for Jim, who sat in a chair to the front of his wife. Donna had always rejected Jim’s requests for anal play in the past, so it was only fitting she be forcibly subjected to it now.

With the anal invasion complete, the events took an unexpected turn. Rachel sat next to Jim on the couch, in full view of the still restrained Donna, pulled down his pants and began massaging Jim’s fully erect cock by hand.

There had been no agreement to engage in this type of activity, but Jim felt it prudent not to resist. It was clearly an attempt to humiliate him in front of his wife. “Why don’t we leave this bitch here and go upstairs and make love” suggested Rachel.

“I really do love my wife I just think she needs to be taught a lesson” replied Jim, who realized he could not afford to be humiliated by being forced by a dominatrix. To his relief Rachel accepted his explanation, at least for the moment. Jim was unable to resist climaxing and a stream of ejaculate was splattered about the basement floor.

At this point Rachel turned to Donna and in no uncertain terms, ordered her to apologize to Jim for her actions, adding that if she were not impressed by the sincerity, Donna could expect further torture. She then removed the gag.

Donna broke down into tears and appealed for Jim’s forgiveness, promising to refrain from any future bondage activity and to satisfy any sexual requests Jim might have. He accepted her apology, expecting that Rachel would remove her restraints and leave immediately.

Jim was bolted by a command from Rachel, “I changed my mind, you and I are going to have sex right here in front of the bitch, I’m not asking this time, I’m telling you”. The last thing he wanted was a physical battle with a sadistic dominatrix, and he felt that he had no choice but to obey.

“Please don’t do this” begged Donna.

“Shut the fuck up bitch or the gag goes back in your mouth” replied Rachel. Jim was already undressing and knew his wife would assume that the sex was prearranged, even though it wasn’t.

Jim had never performed sex with another female in the presence of Donna, and despite the sex appeal of the Amazon bounty hunter, was clearly not enthusiastic about the current encounter. He had no doubt that Rachel would subject Donna to further torture if he resisted, and might just overpower him as well.

As Jim finished undressing Rachel again changed her wishes. “You’re going to eat my snatch until I cum many times” she gloated. Shedding her mini skirt, she sat comfortably on the couch, with legs spread wide.

Jim was ordered to kneel on a floor cushion and he commenced the repugnant task of performing cunnilingus on a female. Some men might be turned on by it, but Jim had always shunned it in the course of his numerous sexual encounters, although he demanded his partners perform oral sex upon him.

“Please stop” pleaded Donna, whose request was simply ignored. Rachel made Jim perform at a vigorous pace, clearly relishing Jim’s displeasure of the task. She began making erotic sounds on a par with the best of pornographic films. This continued for nearly ten minutes, during which she experienced multiple climaxes.

Rachel then dressed and prepared to leave, but not before threating to inflict more punishment upon Donna. “I hope she has learned her lesson” said Rachel, accompanied by a not so discrete smile directed at Jim.

The smile only reinforced Donna’s suspicion that the two previously had some type of sexual affair going on. Jim reasoned that Donna would have strong feelings of animosity towards him, but was determined to save the marriage.

Rachel generously left her leather handcuffs behind and Jim decided Donna would remain bound for the time being. With Rachel safely departed, Donna demanded to be released, and was quite emphatic in doing so. Jim was in no hurry and replaced the gag she had been wearing. He wanted no interruptions as he delivered his monolog.

Jim offered no apology for what he had done, and assured Donna he was willing to reconcile their relationship. He was especially emphatic in denying that he had any sexual relationship with Rachel, and that using him for sex was truly against his will.

After a few minutes Donna’s gag was removed. She was sobbing, but had difficulty accepting Jim’s claim about the lack of a relationship with Rachel. Once again Jim was on the defensive, proclaiming his love for Donna, and abhorrence of Rachel.

Jim’s attitude then abruptly changed. If Donna didn’t accept his olive branch she could seek a divorce. While not confessing to any of his extra marital relationships, Jim assured Donna that her own infidelity, as shown by her dominatrix scheme, was something she would not want publicized. He reminded her of the effect it would have on their twin daughters.

Donna was thoroughly traumatized by this point, but accepted the fact that failure to reconcile with Jim was a no win situation. Thankfully Jim wasn’t demanding an apology, as she could not bring herself to do that.

“Let’s see if we can work this out, we both have committed transgressions but I don’t want a divorce and I’m willing to give you another chance” Donna stated earnestly.

Jim was tempted to demand an unconditional surrender from Donna, after all it was her hare brained dominatrix scheme that precipitated this crisis. He backed off from the idea and assured Donna that things could be worked out.

Donna was released from her restraints and the process of healing began.



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