Gift to a Neighbor

by Ebenezer

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© Copyright 2015 - Ebenezer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; fem; shave; cd; maid; bond; bfold; gag; toys; insert; tricked; cons; X

I wanted to be with Stacey so bad that I would do anything. I was still a virgin in my early twenties and thought that I didn't know how to be with a girl. She was very confident and had been around quite a bit. We spent our spare time at the University together and talked on the phone after classes everyday. Stacey moved near me into an apartment building with five apartments in it. I started to give her rides to school everyday. She was always telling me about the different guys she went out with. They were mostly older and she took advantage of them. She got them to buy her clothes and groceries.

She also told me about her very active sex life. She knew I didn't have much of a date life and my transparent lies about conquests she listened to but I knew she knew they were lies. Stacey began to talk more openly about some of the things she did to get me wound up. She started to tell me about some kinky things one day. She told me she had a guy she liked to tie up. She told me about a maid's outfit she wore for a guy once.

I have always been submissive and dream of being humiliated. I went out and bought a maid's outfit after she told me that story and wore it in my apartment.

When she told me about the guy she liked to tie up I broke down on the phone and told her I wanted to be her slave and wear my maid's outfit and do her dishes and cleaning. I promised her there would be nothing sexual.

She laughed at me and told me she had only been kidding about tieing this guy up and that none of it was true.

I felt so ashamed I begged her not to tell anyone. I told her I was confused.

She just said that maybe she could help me with my confusion.

I thought this meant we might one day have sex. I started to forget about the conversation when a few weeks later she told me to plan to spend the weekend at her place. I dropped by Friday afternoon about three o'clock as she had asked me to.

She said I could be a slave for the weekend if I was willing. I said that I would love it.

She said a slave shouldn't enjoy things too much but to give pleasure to others even if it meant pain and humiliation.

I told her this was exactly what I wanted.

She asked me if I was sure and willing to do absolutely anything no matter what it was.

I agreed quickly.

She told me to go and shower and to shave my chest, underarms, legs, pubic hair and anything else below my neck. Then I was to come to her wearing the maid's outfit that was laid out. I was not to speak again until she gave me permission. I went and did it as quickly as I could. When I returned she sat me down at the mirror and put makeup on me. She showed me a dildo and asked if I had any problem with being fucked in the ass by something like that and I said no. She had an evil grin on her face and giggled.

She teased my short hair a bit and I looked somewhat like a woman. "Now comes the bondage my pet."

She had me stand and put my hands behind my back. She handcuffed me and then put a blindfold on me. She led me to the door and outside. She has a storage room at the bottom of the stairs and there are only two apartments in the stairwell. She led me over to the other apartment. I began to tremble as I realized she was going to show me to someone.

The guy who lived here was in his thirties, an ambulance driver and gay. She had made a point of introducing me at coffee the other day and he had asked me a lot of questions. She told me after that he was gay. He seemed very strong and had asked all the questions. He even told me to get him a cup of coffee which I had.

She knocked on the door and he opened it and said come in. "Not right now," she said. "My ride for the weekend will be here any minute. I'm going away for the weekend. Here is your birthday present as promised. I will be back late Sunday night but I'll pick him up early Monday morning before we have to be at school. Have fun and try not to break him."

He said that was exactly what he planned to do and would see her Monday. The door closed and he pulled me close and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

"By Monday you will only want to be with men. She told me you are confused but a friend of mine is coming over tonight and we will unconfuse you. If you weren't into men before, you soon will be."

TO BE CONTINUED... By Ebenezer


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