Final Mistake

by Aaron Roberts

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© Copyright 2003 - Aaron Roberts - Used by permission

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Well I have to start out by telling you that I don’t have much time to tell my story before she gets home.

It all started when I was 17. I was a young guy with a nice truck and girls always wanted me to take them for a ride so they could get off on the pounding subs I had behind the seat. This one girl I picked up one day was just a little different than the rest of the girls I hung around with so I decided to take it a little further with her. We started dating and this and that, and next thing you know I’m finding myself tied to the bed and she’s riding me like there’s no tomorrow. I was not the most experienced guy on the planet and I was sure I didn’t want to let this little philly get away from me.

We moved in with each other when we went to college, and now that we were alone she and I could experiment further now that we had some privacy. We played with tape and shrink wrap and various other items and took turns putting each other in different bondage situations. Then one day I was watching TV on a day off and saw a fashion show that was going on in the same city we moved to. It was Northbound Leather who was hosting the show about some of their leather goods and lingerie and some bondage items. The thing that caught my eye most was the Straitjacket. I could imagine how out of control you would feel if you were in one but how free you could move around to try and get away.

Being as I was in college I could not afford such a thing, so I kind of forgot about it until I was forced to take a course which taught you basic things people should be able to do around the house. One of them was sewing. After taking the course I realized what a good seamstress I was and decided to borrow my moms sewing machine and make my girl the same kind of jacket that I saw on the show. Instead of buckles and leather straps I used nylon web strapping and quick release adjustable buckles. When she came home one night I put her in the jacket and she loved it. We had sex all night and when we were done we were so tired that I forgot to let her out of it and fell asleep. She fell asleep too and when I woke up she wasn’t very happy as she was all cramped up from the jacket being done up so tight. I let her go and she said that she would get me back for doing that to her.

I said, "Sure what ever as if you didn’t like it". She grinned from ear to ear, but still vowed to get me back.

A few years had passed, and our tastes had advanced slightly. I was working in a shop where I had endless amounts of tools at my disposal. So a while ago I had made my girl a locking chastity device and had denied her sex every now and then. If she really wanted out all she had to do was cut it and it would come off, as it was only made with some leather and more nylon webbing. She seemed to find the chastity belt erotic and liked being put in it, and her home made straitjacket for hours at a time. One night we were at a party and we were a little drunk and horny, so when we got home she wanted to be put in her chastity belt and restrained in her straitjacket and teased for a while.

She also like being locked in her collar and attached to the bed so she could not follow me if I left the room. So I did her all up and gave her a little teasing and then told her I was going out to watch a little TV, and if she wanted sex she was to try and get away and come out to the living room. I knew she could get out of her home made straitjacket by now, she was getting good at getting out of it, a real little escape artist, as long as I didn’t do it up too tight. The collar was on a clasp and hooked to a ring mounted at the head of the bed, the only thing she could not get out of was the collar with the chain attached to it and her locked chastity belt.

I could hear her struggling as she always did, it turned her on even more, so I waited on the couch for her to come to me and beg to be let out of her chastity belt and given sweet release. Some times she had a hard time getting out of the jacket and it took longer when it was done up tight, but she said it seemed more rewarding when it took a while to get out of it. A little time had passed and I kind of dozed off waiting for her to get free, I guess my judgment was a little off and had put the jacket on her a little too tight, and she could not get out of it. 

I woke the next morning and was startled to find myself on the couch and not in my own bed. Then it all started to come back to me! I ran into the bedroom and there was my girl laying on the bed still in her jacket and the chastity belt and chained to the bed by her collar. I immediately let her go and she was not happy. After she went to the washroom she started into me. Calling me every name in the book and this and that and she said she would not do that again until I made myself a chastity device out of metal that could not be taken off without the key, so I could feel what it was like to be kept in it all night long. Then she went back to bed to get some sleep.

I had a shower and decided while I was naked to take some measurements of myself and design a chastity device for myself like she said. After all the measurements were made I drew out a plan and decided to go into the shop and build it. It took most of the day and that evening, but I got it done. I took it home and gave it to my girl to look at to see if there is anything that needed to be improved on. It was made out of 1/8" stainless steel and had 3 locks in total on it. One lock at the back is what held it all on so I could not get it off. One at the front which locked my manhood in a stainless tube so I could not get at it or get erect. The third lock was at the bottom which was there to hold a butt plug in place if she so chose. I figured the third lock would show her just how sorry I really was. I didn’t like the idea of the plug much but I figured if I ever wanted to have sex again I better do something extra special.

She was still in a crabby mood so I let her be for a while. I gave her all the keys for my chastity belt and left the room. That night when she came to bed she gave me a kiss and kind of smirked and said she was now ready to get me back big time, but it would have to wait until morning as she was still tired. I didn’t sleep much that night thinking about what she had planned but figured I better let her do what ever she wanted when she wanted without complaining, especially if I ever wanted to get laid again. 

The next morning as I was getting ready for work, she came into the bathroom while I was just toweling off and handed me the chastity belt. She told me to put it on, so I did. She then turned me around like she was going to lock the back up, but to my surprise she stuffed the lubed plug into my ass and jammed the lock home, then she locked the back up, locked up the penis sleeve and said to have a nice day at work. She was already out the door and in her car before I could even complain. I looked around for the keys but figured she had them with her, I tried to pick the locks, but to no avail. I was stuck in it for the day like it or not. Before I ended up late for work I put my clothes on and figured it was only one day what would it hurt anyway. 

That day was the longest day ever, but it soon came to an end. I got home to find my girl sitting on the couch with a grin the size of the Cheshire cat. She asked how my day was. I could only tell her that it was long and I had sure learned my lesson. She kind of smiled at me and then said that this was just the beginning. She pulled a package out from under the couch and gave it to me. Now I was getting a little worried. When I got it open, there, in the box, was a straitjacket. Heavy canvass, with an over abundance of leather straps all over the place. 

I looked at it for a bit and she said she had been saving up since the first little mistake so she could get even with me. Then, she told me if I wanted to be let out of the chastity belt, which I did, I would have to let her put the jacket on first. I obliged, and she started to put me in the jacket. It was a rear entry jacket that had six straps with roller buckles up the back. Then she told me to give myself a big hug and she pulled the arm straps behind me and intertwined them in the back straps for added security. Then she came around front and did up the three straps that held my arms from sliding up and down, and undid my pants. She unlocked the belt and took it off.

She asked if I had to go to the washroom, of course I did, so she took me by one of my crossed and bound arms and led the way. She put the seat down for me, pulled my pants down, then she grabbed my locking collar from the counter, I didn’t see it when I came in, and locked it on with a length of chain. Then she locked it to a new steel ring that had been put on the wall between the shower and the toilet. She said to call me when I was done my business and that it would be useless to try and get away.

I did my thing and called her. She came back right away, stood me up and cleaned me off. She works with people with disabilities and has to look after adults who haven’t got the ability to go to the washroom on their own anyway, so she was used to doing this sort of thing. I on the other hand was humiliated that this was happening. She then pulled up my boxers and pants and then did up the two crotch straps. She unlocked the chain from the wall and left. I was left standing there fully dressed, totally humiliated, in a straitjacket. I tried to wiggle some to see if I could in fact get free, but the straitjacket was so well made, that escaping was not going to happen any time soon. So I decided to make my way to the bedroom and just wait. I lay on the bed and fell asleep until I heard her call to tell me that supper was ready.

I managed to get up and walk out to the dining room, dragging the chain from my collar, and there was a plate already sitting on the table for me. Instead of sitting across from me, she had set a place out for her next to mine. I asked her what was going on and she said that I would not be able to feed myself, so she would just have to do it for me. I relented, being as I didn’t want her to get any more mad at me. She fed me dinner and she cleaned up the table and put the dishes away. She then took me to the couch and turned the TV on for me. She then took the collar and chain off of me and headed for the bedroom. I decided I better follow her. She took my collar and chain and attached it to the head of the bed and just left it there. She asked what I was doing and told me I might just as well go and watch TV. So I did as I was told and watched whatever was on.

At about 10:30 she came into the living room and told me it was time for bed. So I got up and she came over and turned the TV off and led me to the bedroom. The first thing she did was put the collar back on me, then she undid the crotch straps and took my pants off. I figured I might be getting some lovin finally, but she grabbed my pajama bottoms and put them on me. Then she asked if I could go into the bathroom and she came in and brushed my teeth for me. She then pulled down my pj’s and said to call after I had gone to the washroom. I did as I was told and she pulled my pj’s back up and did the crotch straps back up. Then she started to loosen all the straps one at a time, until I felt a little more comfortable, and then took me to the bed and tucked me in for the night. I figured I deserved a night in the straitjacket after what I had done to her in the past. Tomorrow she would let me go and we would probably make mad passionate love after work. Or at least that's what I thought.

I woke up feeling a little sore, but other than that, I slept like a baby. She woke up with me and asked me how I slept. I told her it was a little different, but I slept OK. She then stood me up and undid the crotch straps and took my pj’s off. Then she did something totally unexpected. She grabbed my chastity belt and started to put it on again. I struggled with the jacket and tried to run away, but when I got to the door the chain tightened up and I fell backwards. She just snickered at me and told me that I wasn’t getting away that easily. She stood me back up and proceeded to put the chastity belt back on me, including the plug, and lock it all up. Then she took me out of my collar and took me out of the jacket at last. I stretched and flexed all my muscles and then asked her what she was doing. She just told me to have a nice day at work and started to get dressed for work herself. 

I had a shower, found it was hard to get clean around the chastity belt, but I did the best I could. I could take a piss while in the belt, but I had to squat, but there was still no chance of taking a crap though. I dried myself off and went to look for the keys again. Fat chance she had them and had left already. Again I went to work in the chastity belt.

The day was long again but it really wasn’t as bad as the first day. I avoided coffee, and eating things that would make me have to go #2, and didn’t feel as bad as I had the day before. At the end of the day I was looking forward to making love to my girl, being as I have been denied for two days and didn’t get any the night before that. When I got home she wasn’t there yet so I looked around for the keys again, but no luck. So I just sat and watched TV until she came home. After about a half an hour she came home, I gave her a big hug and a kiss, did a little groping, and got her off, expecting that she would let me out of the belt. 

She then made her way to the bedroom and started to undress me. Then she grabbed my straitjacket and handed it to me, as horny as I was, I started to put it on. She came around the back and did up all the straps again, the arms, the front arm binders, and then started to take the chastity belt off. Once it was off she grabbed my collar, locked it on with the chain again, and led me to the bathroom and told me to relieve myself again. I did as I was told, and she came back and cleaned me up. Still I found it weird, but if this is what she wanted then that's what I wanted for her.

She unlocked the chain from the wall and led me back to the bedroom she left me naked and did up the double crotch strap. She then locked the chain to the wall again and laid me on the bed. I was hard as a rock so she mounted me and just went nuts. She got off about three times and then slowed down and started to whisper to me as she has done many times before. She told me that this was the way it was going to be from now on. I would be the one in the straitjacket getting fucked. I immediately dumped my load and started to quiver. She had made me so horny.

I fell a sleep again and when I woke I found that I was still in my straitjacket, but the collar was not on any more, and my pants were on and the crotch straps were done back up. I went out to the kitchen where she was making dinner and asked why I was still in the jacket. Her reply was that she told me this is the way its going to be from now on. When I was at home the straitjacket would be on, and when I was out somewhere the chastity belt would be on. I was mortified. I asked her for how long this would go on and she let out a chuckle. "Forever" is what she said. 

I just stood there looking at her for a bit when she casually asked me what I wanted with my pork chops, rice or potatoes. I answered rice and started to walk to the TV when she said "See I told you I would get you back some day!"

I just sat there on the couch until supper was served. Just trying to imagine what I had let her do to me. At the table the settings were as they were the night before, her beside me to feed me, and that's when it kind of sunk in. This was going to be the rest of my life! 

I just ate kind of quietly while she talked to me as if nothing in our life had changed. Later I was allowed to watch TV, with the only difference being she had the remote. I now watched what ever she wanted to watch, not what ever I wanted to watch. The good thing is, is that she has very similar tastes as me, and doesn’t like those cheesy sit coms and stuff. 

When it was time for bed the routine was the same, just as if we had been doing this for a hundred years. She would brush my teeth for me and let me go to the washroom and then lock the collar and chain on, put me in my pj’s, and go to bed. In the morning she put me in the chastity belt before letting me out of the jacket and unlocking the collar. Then I would go and have my shower and go to work. When I got home, I tried to protest about the jacket, and she just said fine then, stay in the chastity belt. Because I had to go to the washroom I had to be let out. But before I was let out I was put back in the straitjacket. I wasn’t able to do anything on my own.

When I was done in the washroom I was taken to the bedroom and she grabbed a nice pair of kakis and put them on me and did the crotch straps back up. I asked her what they were for, and before I got all of the question out she said that we were having company for dinner and I better be on my best behavior. I was shocked and started to protest, but I stopped right away when she grabbed the collar and the lock and threatened to lock me up so I could not go any where. That was a little piece of control I wasn’t ready to give up yet.

When company arrived, they looked at me kind of strange, sitting there in my straitjacket, but after my girl told them that I was now her slave, they just seemed to accept it. Dinner was weird, and after dinner drinks were even more weird, but I made it through the night OK. When it was time for bed she took my pants off and did the crotch straps back up and rode me like a wild bronco. I loved it! She then got out my pj’s, did the whole before bed routine and we went to sleep.

It’s been eight years of this now and have grown quite comfortable with it, but I do have plans to get away. I found where she hides the keys, but it is in a titanium combination locked container. I know they are there, but I cannot get them out. Only she knows the code. I figure, on Wednesdays she gets home a little later than I do, and I am free to do as I please until she lets me out of the chastity belt. I figure if someone out there had a set of cutters strong enough, I could cut the chastity belt off without hurting myself too bad. Flame or torches are out of the question and the belt fits really really snug, so a pair of cutters big enough to get through the belt are useless. The only option is a pair of small powerful cutters, and me willing to get hurt pretty bad. So if you know somebody with, or have such a tool of your own, she works late Wednesday nights and my address is 1475....

Oh shit she’s home!
Aaron Roberts