Fifty Shades of Gay

by Nemo The Phoenix

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© Copyright 2017 - Nemo The Phoenix - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bar; drunk; car-ride; tricked; corset; cosplay; costumes; game; collar; chain; bond; cuffs; gag; cage; forced; captive; cons/nc; X

Sitting at a bar in Los Vegas, Sarah is sitting down, shooting tequila faster than John Wayne's pistol in an old western. Her soft blonde hair done up in her adorable curls was a hit, although tight tits, and curvy ass, barely constrained by her tight red cocktail dress, and her fairly short height accentuated by her three-inch stiletto heels certainly didn't hurt her chances at going home with someone else tonight. She hadn't even bothered with panties or a bra.

She was already feeling a buzz when a cute, curvy brunette who looked soft and smooth in all the right places, barely contained themselves by her own sexy black number, walked up and sat down next to her. "Barkeep," she said, "next round's on me, and give me a double of what she's having. Name's Tina, by the way."

"Thanks for the drink, Tina. What is it you want from me?"

Tina made a face of surprised shock and indignation, then gave up and gave Sarah a sheepish grin.

"You got me," she said, chuckling slightly. "I'm just a scorching hot girl at a bar pretending to be lesbian to ward off the guys. I noticed that several of the guys were eyeing you, getting ready to make their move, so here I am, attempting to get you before they do. Unfortunately, you seem more than a little... tipsy, so making my own move just wouldn't be proper. The only thing I can do for you in your current state is to save you on a cab fare."

"I'm fine," Sarah protested, although the slurring in her words indicated quite the opposite, a fact that did not go unnoticed by some of the more... nefariously inclined gentlemen in the bar. Their stares intensified, as though willing Tina would simply get out of their way. Sarah was too buzzed to notice, but Tina caught the hostile looks in their eyes.

"Sarah, I insist. Those guys don't exactly plan to be gentle with you, unlike myself."

Sarah, finally starting to notice some of the looks the men were giving her, decided that her decision to dress like she was ready to get some action was probably attracting men who craved the wrong kind of action, decided that Tina was the lesser of two evils, so she gratefully accepted Tina's offer.

"Great" Tina said, grabbing Sarah by the hand and leading her out to her car.

"You have a really nice car," Sarah slurred. Tina generally agreed, taking a moment to run her hand over the candy-apple red hood of her perfect, completely restored Chevy Corvette Stingray, admiring the smooth curves, much like Sarah's perfectly shaped body.

On the drive home, Tina made small talk with Sarah, discovering that she was twenty-three, out of work waitress, with barely thirty dollars in her bank account, that she lived alone with no pets, and no real attachments to anyone or anything in particular-exactly what Tina was looking for. Eventually, she got to her home, a beautiful bungalow out in the desert about an hour's drive away from anyone else. She helped Sarah inside and sat her down on the couch, still buzzing like a bumblebee from all those tequila shots.

Tina was worried about her, and wanted to make sure that, in her drunken stupor, Sarah didn't wander off by herself. In this desert, she might get lost, and it could be weeks before her body was discovered.

"You know, Sarah," Tina warned, "it is pretty dark outside, and I want to make sure that nothing happens to you-if anything did, I would be pretty sad, and it might be weeks before anyone found your body. Now, I need to leave you alone for a little bit so I can change into something a little more appropriate for this; since I want to know that you are safe, I'm just going to make sure that you can't wander off, okay? I'm going to change, and then I'll bring you a spare set of clothes-you look about my size."

Sarah did not see how this could possibly be a problem, so she consented. As it so happened, Tina's way of making sure that Sarah didn't get lost was to put her in a collar and chain that collar to the couch. Tina locked the metal collar shut, trapping Sarah in it until she returned with the key, then affixed the chain with padlocks-one to the collar and one to the couch.

Tina went into her bedroom, trying to decide on what to wear and trying on three different outfits before finally deciding on her tight, shiny black corset, long black latex leggings, and her form-fitted Black Canary cosplay mask, accented by four-inch heels. After a little deliberation, she decided that she would give Sarah a hot, Harley Quinn cosplay corset [with accompanying thigh-high boots].

On her way out the door, she decided to grab a couple more things to complete her outfit-some handcuffs, a tonfa, and a large black ballgag, cleverly disguised as the Canary's sonic device.

When she returned bearing the Harley Quinn outfit, Sarah balked. "That's tighter than what I have on now Do you really sleep in this stuff?"

"Oh yes," Tina replied, "that's how I maintain my tight figure without exercising all the time."

Sarah was not convinced, but thought to herself, "Surely just one night in a corset could not kill me, so whatever, I guess," and reluctantly nodded to Tina that she would be alright with that.

Tina smiled warmly, and unlocked Sarah's chain from the couch, but left the other end still attached to Sarah's collar, still firmly in place around Sarah's thin, delicate looking neck, then turned around and waited patiently until Sarah finally called out to her, "Alright Tina, you say this corset helps you maintain your figure. Would you mind giving me a hand with this? I don't think it will have the right effect, as loose as it is."

Tina smiled mischeviously to herself, then dropped her smirk and turned to look at Sarah, who was holding her hair in a bunch over her left shoulder, with her back to Tina. Tina took a step toward Sarah, putting her within easy reach of all of Sarah's goodies, and began to fasten the corset. She pulled every lace as tight as she possibly could, squeezing Sarah to her absolute physical limit, reassuring her that it had to be this tight or it would not have the desired effect. Sarah, reluctantly, accepted this.

Once her corset had been securely fastened, Tina pulled the loops tight, then pulled down the zipper, covering the laces all the way to the bottom of the corset, where she affixed the zipper with another padlock. After hearing the click of the padlock, Sarah immediately spun around, nearly trapping Tina's finger in the lock and breaking a nail, gasping in surprise.

Tina, smirking, asked Sarah, "What's the problem? I was just trying to help-it'll be uncomfortable at first, and you'll want to take it off, but you can't if you want it to help you shape your body. I was just removing that temptation."

"Oh, okay," Sarah murmured, still unsure of the situation. Tina noticed her discomfort, and offered that they play a game to help relieve some of her anxiety. Sarah anxiously agreed, so Tina suggested they go with a classic-Cops and Robbers.

"Cops and Robbers?" Sarah asked, curious as to why Tina would suggest such a story.

Tina replied, "Yeah, cops and robbers-it's a classic. I can be the police officer, since I am dressed as the Black Canary and have the handcuffs, and you can be the robber, since you're wearing the Harley Quinn outfit. How does that sound?"

Sarah nervously agreed to the game, and so Tina started counting down from fifteen seconds. Sarah ran and hid, hoping that she was doing a good job and trying to hold the chain in her hand so that it would not rattle nearly as much. Tina, finishing her count, called out, "Zero. Alright, ready or not, here I come."

She then proceeded to creep about the house as silently as she could, listening for the soft clink of Sarah's chains. Eventually, after only a minute or two, she heard Sarah, hiding in the closet, quivering slightly with fear. "Aha," Tina proclaimed, "Got you."

Sarah, realizing that she had been caught, turned and offered her wrists, which Tina promptly cuffed. She then marched Sarah back to the living room and re-attached the chain leading to the couch. "After all, I can't have the prisoner that I just captured escaping again, now could I?"

"No, I suppose not," was Harley Quinn's answer.

Tina, realizing that she had forgotten something, then turned back to Sarah. "Alright, lay down on the couch, facedown," Tina commanded, pushing gently but firmly on Sarah's back to enforce the request. Sarah laid down, wondering just how far Tina was willing to take this game. She soon found out, as Tina cuffed her ankles together, pulling the chain around the handcuff chain to completely immobilize her.

Sarah squealed in protest, but Tina, having been prepared for this, quickly removed her sonic device and revealed its true nature to Sarah-by putting it into her mouth and securing the strap behind her head, tightly, with a padlock for additional security. Sarah screamed, or attempted to, through her gag, but there was precious little sound.

"Now, now," Tina admonished, "that is no way to treat the person who saved you from all those awful men at the bar. Besides, you're the robber, and I caught you trying to steal from my own house, and there is no one around-I could drive for an hour without seeing so much as a single outhouse or storage shack, so there is definitely no one to hear you scream."

Sarah's eyes widened and she gasped as she realized her situation. Tina, noticing her reaction, laughed sadistically, and, with a mischevious glint in her eye, unlocked Sarah's chain from the couch, which she realized was actually a leash, seeing how Tina was using it to lead Sarah toward a dog cage. She began to resist, but that only led Tina to drag her, giving her a decent rug burn, and ensuring that she would walk the rest of the way as best she could on her knees.

When she got to the cage, Tina jerked her thumb at the open entryway, saying in her most commanding voice "In."

Sarah, reluctantly, but knowing that she had no other choice, crawled her way into the cage, at which point Tina pulled the leash through the bars at the top, then pulled it down, wrapped it around the bars of the door, and finally padlocked the leash around the bars to the side of the door. She left then, but not before letting Sarah know that she would be back in the morning to continue their encounter, leaving Sarah wide awake and trembling with fear, awaiting the torture that would surely come with the rising sun.

End of Part I.

Our story will continue in Part II, The Island of Lesbos, where we pick up the next morning as Tina begins her torment and Sarah begins her submission.


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