Exercise Camp

by Painter

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© Copyright 2007 - Painter - Used by permission

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The campers filed into the medium sized auditorium and sat at the desks. The room was not unlike a large lecture hall. The women were excited about spending the summer at this camp. It was expensive, especially because most of the campers were schoolteachers who had the summer off, but it was well known for its results. Campers always came away slimmer, tanned and in great physical shape.

After the girls were seated they were asked to rollup their sleeves and put there left arms in the blood pressure cuffs attached to the chairs. The girls complied and the blood pressure monitors started inflating with air and collecting the important medical data. At the wrist end of the devices, there was also a simple handcuff that snapped shut on each of the girls left wrist. The blood pressure was really recorded. Regardless of the what the camp really was, the safety of the these girls was very important. One fatality or even a few bad injuries could spell the end of this very profitable business. The stern woman at the lectern introduced herself as the head councilor and explained to the how the camp intake would work.

“I will call off your names one by one. When your name is called, the hand cuff will open. You will walk up the front of the room with your bags. You will quickly remove all of your clothing and place it in one of these plastic bag. You will then place all of you bags on to the conveyer. Once you have finished with your clothes, you will take a ball gag and a pair of handcuffs out of the box. Fasten the gag in your mouth and then handcuff  yourself to the rack underneath the tag with your name on it. “

The rack was a sturdier version of  a moving clothing rack you would see in a dry-cleaning shop. You could not see where it went after it disappeared into a dark tunnel behind the lectern. Most of the girls were furious. They thought it was joke and they did not appreciate the rude treatment after the money they had paid to enroll. They started complaining. Some attempted to get up until they realized they were cuffed to the desks. Now they started panicking.

Not all of the girls were furious. Several of them just started sobbing uncontrollably. These were the girls that had “camped” here before. How could they have forgotten the horrors of this place? The memories came flooding back. One girl peed herself as she whimpered and cried.

The woman at the lectern called for order. As the girls quieted, she called off the first name, “Adrienne Russ.” The girls handcuff unlocked. She made her way to up to the front. Instead of following the instructions she charged at the head councilor in rage. The councilor deftly stepped aside. Two large female councilors stepped out of a door on the stage and grabbed the girl and threw her to the floor. As she tried to get up, the two burly councilors proceed to beat the shit out her. At first they made no attempt to restrain her. This was pure punishment. It was also a humiliating beating. They slapped her and tore at her clothes. While the general audience did not realize it, the two enforcers were clearly pros. This beating was to push and humiliate, not to cause real injury. And, Adrienne had not been picked first by accident. She simply had been seen as the most likely to revolt.

After about 10 minutes of beating, Adrienne’s clothes were in tatters. Her shirt was off and one of her bra cups was torn open. Adrienne surrendered. They councilors quickly removed the rest of her clothes and then cuffed her to the rack although they did not gag her immediately. They needed the other girls to hear her screaming. They adjusted the rack to her height to she was forced to her tip toes.  The head councilor came over with a short whip and began lashing. Adrienne was in so much pain she thought her skin was coming off. But it wasn’t. This was a high tech whip that sent a powerful shock of electricity along with each stroke of the whip allowing the actual whipping to be soft and not cause permanent damage. But again this was not obvious to the audience. It looked as if Adrienne was going to scar up good.

When the head councilor was done, Adrienne had lost her voice from screaming and pleading. Another intake was going perfectly.  One of the large councilors gingerly put a bright red gag in Adrienne’s mouth and buckled it on snugly. The head councilor stepped on a foot pedal under the lectern and the rack advanced forward several feet with Adrienne keeping up on her tip toes. Naked, helpless and humiliated.

The head councilor called the next name, “Tracy Blunt”. She brought her bags to the front, stripped and fastened a gag on to herself. Once naked and gagged she was instructed to adjust the rack to her height so she also would be on her tip toes. As she cuffed herself to the rack, she was ashamed that she had not fought back. Tracy’s intake was more humiliating then Adrienne’s had been. She could not see where the rack would take her and the other girls but she was naked and helpless and didn’t have much choice. After Tracy had cuffed herself to the rack, the head councilor used the foot pedal again to advance the rack another few feet.

Exercise Camp – Part 2 Tan Lines

As the rack advanced like the assembly line in a factory, the first of the shackled girls were pulled along on their tip toes into station one. Station one was a large changing room. The girls suitcases were waiting for them. When the rack brought the first girl of the group, Adrienne, to the center of the room, a councilor unlocked her handcuffs and instructed her to put on one of her bathing suits and then to handcuff herself back to the rack. Adrienne found this odd but was not about to say anything, even if she hadn’t been gagged.

Once Adrienne had put her suit on and recuffed herself to the rack, the councilor unshackled the next girl and gave her the same instructions. It was important not to ever let more than one or two girls free at a time. The staff was much smaller than it should have been for this many campers because more people that knew about the true nature of the camp, the sooner the secret would be out and the sooner the huge profits would end. They had to make sure the girls did not find out how small the staff really was.

The rack kept moving along, about 4 or 5 feet every minute or two. The third station was the chalk room. The girls were not released here, just told to close their eyes from a voice coming from a speaker. When each girl made it to the center of the room, she was hit with a mist of warm, sticky water followed by a puff of blue chalk. A few of the girls who still had some fight left in them foolishly did not close their eyes only to suffer the further indignity of chalk in the eyes.

In station four the girls bathing suits were taken off of the girls, tagged with names and put in laundry bins. The girls, now naked again, looked very odd with the negatives of their bathing suits outlined in blue.

In station five it became obvious what was going on. Each of the girls was expertly coated with heavy skin conditioners containing very high SPF values. This would allow the girls to remain naked through out their stay at the camp, but still have very believable tan lines when they returned home. This would help avoid the suspicions of their friends back home as well as the suspicions of the girls themselves.

The next couple of stations cleaned off the chalk and outfitted the girls with running sandals to get them ready for exercise one.

Exercise one was truly humiliating. As the rack brought the girls outside, they where uncuffed and then reshackled to the exercise equipment. Exercise one consisted of being shackled to long metals poles mounted perpendicular on large farm tractors. Each tractor could accommodate 25 women although there were some large girls in the group who needed some extra room. The staff used to reject applications from large women in the past until they realized the demand for them. Now they let some in but so many as to get a reputation as a fat camp.

When each tractor was fully loaded, it began to roll forward. Slowly at first but then with some spells of brisk walking and even running. The girls would not have held up in the hot sun if it not been for the water bubblers built into the pole at each of the girls “exercise point”. Someone had spent a lot of money setting this up.

About a half hour into the workout, when the girls all had good sweats started, the tractors starting making passes by some bleachers. As the girls saw the bleachers and the luxury hotel behind, it became clear to them what they would be doing this summer. The bleachers were full of men, mostly Asian and Middle Eastern. To them, this first exercise was like the opening day of spring training to die hard baseball fans. Some of them where actually taking notes. Tractor after tractor riding by with naked, helpless women, shimmering with sweat. The majority of the girls were very attractive, exactly the type that was into their looks enough to go to exercise camp.

Exercise Camp – Part 3 Rope Ladders

The promoters of the camp really couldn’t be accused of false advertising. These girls were going to get into shape under the supervision of some really talented physical trainers. And the camp was located on a tropical island with luxury accommodations. It’s just that those accommodations were not for them.

Ironically, about a third of the woman accepted to the camp really did go to the promised luxury camp. But that camp was located on a different island. The decision of which camp a woman was sent to was made randomly by the computer. Although, if during the trip from the airport to the boats, if one of the lucky ladies looked she was going to be a pain in ass, she would be quickly put onto the other boat, never realizing how different her summer was going to be.

The girls would get in shape by doing exercises prescribed by the trainers who took great pride in the finished product. Girls who needed to lose weight had different regiments from girls who needed to build muscle.

One exercise that all of the girls had to perform was the “rope ladders”. This was done in a long, narrow gymnasium with a low ceiling. One gym walls was just a curtain. Behind it were some small bleachers. The curtains were closed right now as to not distract the girls on their first time on the ladders. When this years campers came into the rope ladder gym, they did not immediately understand how it worked. Of course since they were delivered to the gym via the moving “clothes” rack, naked and gagged, they had some other things on their minds.

As the girls were uncuffed, they were each brought over to their own rope ladder and told to remove their sandals and ball gags and drop them into a laundry bin.  Each girl was given a heart monitoring wrist band that would keep track of her progress and make sure she was not in any real danger. The councilors helped each girl up the first few rungs and then went over to a wall panel and flipped a switch. It was explained that the floor around their ladder was electrified and they had better stay up.

As each girl’s ladder started moving they realized that these were not ordinary fixed rope ladders. The top and bottom of each ladder could not be seen as it disappeared into slots in the ceiling and floor. Each rope ladder was set up like a belt on two pulleys. No matter how much the girls climbed, they were never going to run out of ladder.

This exercise was exhausting. All that could be heard was heavy breathing and the occasional scream when someone couldn’t keep up and touched the floor. Normally, this many girls would not be allowed unrestrained at any given time but, the exercise was so tiring that these women would have trouble walking out of the room afterwards. After each girl had done about 20 minutes, her ladder stopped and the current to her section of floor was turned off. Each girl was told to take a new pair of handcuffs and a new ball gag and put them selves back on the rack. They were starting to understand the routine.

Although the girls were too tired to try anything, they did notice the opportunity with so many of them free at once. This was actually part of the camp’s curriculum. In the coming weeks they would be see several opportunities for escape. Unfortunately for the campers, all of these opportunities would be set ups. The staff needed some campers to make examples of. And, each punishment was going to be more spectacular than the last. The bleachers would be full for these events.

Exercise Camp – Part 4   Dinner and a Movie

The camp had started quite by accident by a derelict bus driver named Clyde. He was working for his uncle Paul who ran a real fitness camp in the summer. Paul and his wife Mary had run the camp for over twenty years and had really helped many overweight girls get through the tough years of high school and college. They did a great job working with the girls but they were very disorganized. They never noticed when one of the shuttle busses with 18 girls never showed up at the camp.

Clyde and his buddy Roy had been drinking real hard and decided it would be more fun to bring these girls out to Roy’s farm and have a party. When the girls made it clear to Roy and Clyde that they did not want to party, they ended up spending the summer chained up in Roy’s cellar. Clyde and Roy had a great summer doing all sorts of creepy things to the girls. They made them cat fight for meals, they would see how many girls they could fit into an old well.

At the end of the summer, they cleaned the girls up and drove them back to parking lot where they had picked them up, along with all of the other girls who had really been to the camp. Then Clyde and Roy took off figuring this would be all over the news police would be coming for them. But the story never made the news. And through the grapevine they learned that the cops had not come looking for them. None of the girls had come forward with the story.


Dr. Franks was Clyde’s court appointed physiatrist. Clyde had to see Dr. Franks weekly for a year as part of his probation for unrelated crimes. Dr. Franks had many patients like Clyde, not so bright and very boring. To entertain himself, the doctor would see how many secrets he could pry from these patients. With Clyde, he had struck gold. Dr. Franks understood why these girls had never come forward with the story. It was too traumatic. Especially since these girls did not know each other, they had no support system to help them build up the courage to face what really happened. Instead they all had probably invented summer memories that they could live with. This is when Dr. Franks had the idea for his exercise camp.

Dr. Franks approached Paul and Mary about buying into their camp. He told them he wanted to upgrade it and move it to a property on a Caribbean island that he owned. Paul and Mary agreed and for the next two years, until Paul and Mary retired the camp grew. Once Dr. Franks had established the camps reputation, he started his alternate camp where he could really start to make some money and have a little fun for himself.

Clyde and Roy helped him start the alternate camp but Dr. Franks soon realized they were mean and stupid. He tried to buy them out but they refused to go. They were having too much fun. But with Dr. Frank’s expert knowledge of the mind and all that bondage equipment, it did not take long for him to convince Clyde and Roy to sell out.

The negotiations with Clyde and Roy is story all to itself and they did sell out for very little money. And neither of them can understand to this day why they’re scared of the dark or why they try and shield their balls when they see an electrical outlet and why their asses start to hurt when they hear electric motors.


Back to the present and the first night at camp for the naked girls.

The girls had had a rough day. They were exhausted from all of the devious workouts and their minds were still reeling try to understand how things had gone so wrong for them. The had expected luxury but spent the first day mostly gagged and shackled naked to various exercise equipment. They expected dinner would be disgusting if they got any at all.

They wrong about dinner. The first surprise was that they were allowed to put on clothes to eat. Not clothes they had brought but comfy sweatpants and sweatshirts that the camp provided. As each of the girls came into the dressing room via the rack, they were uncuffed and allowed to put on the sweats and a pair of flip flops. Each girl was then escorted to a seat in the dinning room where one hand was secured to a sturdy frame under the table with a steel manacle. The girls were ordered not to talk but they probably wouldn’t have anyway. They were too exhausted. Dinner was quite good and the portions were tailored to each girls needs.

After they had eaten, each girl was escorted to what looked like a home theater for one. Still in the comfortable sweats the girls were each secured into their private movie seats. When the movies started, the girls were mesmerized. The movie was all about a luxury camp. The sound track was soothing and the only dialog was a voice over describing what YOU did at camp that day. The fun YOU had at the beach, the massage YOU had and the guy YOU met named Brian. The movie was filmed in the first person to mimic how someone would actually see the camp. The seed of what they would remember from this summer had been planted.

After the movie the girls were all ordered to be stripped back down, gag themselves and cuff themselves back on to the rack. This was always humiliating. Each girl, when it was their turn to put themselves back on the rack, had thoughts of escape running through her head. And when they did not rebel and just submitted, they all started feeling that maybe this was somehow their fault.

The girls were all put to bed in small single rooms where they could not talk to each other. As they lay there naked and shackled to the head boards of their beds, they wondered if tomorrow would be as bad as today. (Yes)

Dr. Franks sat in his office reviewing his notes. He would always cherry pick a handful of the most beautiful girls to fulfill his own fantasies.