Everything I Could Ever Want

by Subwolf

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© Copyright 2010 - Subwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chast; caught; F/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; cbt; electro; cons; XXX

Before I began my story, I would like to explain my situation. My wife and I both lead busy lives, and when one of us gets time off, the other is usually working. And if both of us have time off, our son is usually home. Needless to say, our sexual life is drastically affected.

My wife is absolutely gorgeous (I lucked out big time). And on top of that, she is very understanding about my desire for BDSM. I love being tied up and dominated, and my wife will often use me for her personal servitude. But because of our busy schedules, I often partake in self bondage.

Which now brings me to my story … a day that I will never forget.

It was 8:00 in the morning and my son was getting ready for school. My wife usually drops my son off at school, on her way to work. Seeing as how I had the day off, I knew today would be a great day for self bondage. I watched out the window as my wife and son drove off. I immediately went to the bathroom, took a quick bath and shaved my pubic region. I then went into my bedroom and put on my CB3000. I wanted my cock caged up, to prevent me from ejaculating all over the bed. I then laced up my leather hood and tightened a ball gag in my mouth. Next, I put on my bondage belt which had a pair of shackles attached to the back. These shackles would be locked with padlocks, and the only way I would be able to escape is to grab the keys and fumble around with the lock until I could turn the key (which is extremely difficult and sometimes very time consuming and frustrating). I strapped on my blindfold, threw my keys on the floor, and proceeded to lock up the shackles (which is also challenging). After fidgeting around for a few minutes, I finally heard the click of the lock. I normally would like to wear nipple clamps, but sometimes this bondage can be very challenging and time consuming to get out of. Needless to say, I did not want to wear nipple clamps for hours. (If I couldn’t get out, my wife would be home for lunch and hopefully she would save me (but up until this point, I have never needed her to rescue me)).

I started to roll around on the bed in my bondage, rubbing my locked cock on the mattress. If it wasn’t for the CB3000, I would easily be able to relieve myself this way. As I was rolling around I was thinking about being held captive by women who used me for their pleasure. Suddenly a hand grabbed me from behind and then an arm wrapped around my neck and squeezed. Next thing I felt was fingers grabbing my testicles and squishing them. Combined with the strong choke and the hard squeezing of my testicles I could not move a muscle (I was frozen like a board). Next I heard in a strict voice…”You are going to get it” (it was my wife, but she didn’t seem happy).

Instantly a belt was wrapped around my neck and a rope was used to attach it to the bed post. Next, another rope was cinched around my testicles and pulled towards the opposite bed post. I was laying on the bed in a diagonal position, my feet were unbound, but in this bondage, they could not do anything to improve my situation. Suddenly, I felt a pair of tight nipples clamps being administered. I was definitely stuck in a position where my breathing was hindered, my nipples ached and my balls were being stretched. My wife then left the room, made a phone call (work?), and then went to the bathroom. When I heard the shower turn on, I knew I would be stuck like this for some time.

During the next hour, I could hear my wife moving around the house, she came into the bedroom a few times but did not pay me any attention. I enjoy being tied up, but the fact that I knew my wife was home was making me crazy. The anticipation of her touch was almost intolerable.

Finally she came into the room and took off my blindfold. When my eyes refocused I saw my wife looking as sexy as ever. She was wearing a tight white blouse (her large C cup breasts look like they were about to pop the buttons), a black leather skirt and black nylons. She was also wearing black leather opera gloves and a leather corset. The sight of her, sent pain into my caged up cock (at this point I wanted to have sex … badly). After a brief stare, she said “You will obey me at all times, refer to me as Mistress, and make sure you perform well … or else!”

“And one more thing, don’t speak to me or scream out … I will NOT tolerate it!” My Mistress reapplied the blindfold and I was once again in darkness.

My Mistress proceeded to untie my balls. The pulling on my balls was finally released and pain shot through me when the noose was opened up. Even though the blood circulating through my balls was painful, I dared not make a peep. Next, my legs were cuffed and attached to the same bed post that my balls were previously stretched to. I felt my Mistress grab my caged cock and pull upwards on it, then I felt something hard grabbing at my balls. Suddenly, something grabbed a testicle and squeezed it. Then it was released, and the other ball got the same treatment. It only took a few seconds to realize that my mistress was punishing my balls with a pair of salad tongs. She must have attacked each testicle ten times. Some squeezes were longer and harder than others, but they all hurt … a lot.

Finally the attack subsided. My Mistress then removed my CB3000. My excitement of having a free penis did not last long because seconds later I felt leather straps snapped onto my unit. She was attaching a tens unit to my penis and balls. I was in for a session of genital shocks. With this type of control over me, my Mistress decided to untie my legs and unfasten my neck. I knew (from previous sessions) that if I acted out, I would be shocked … severely. Next my blindfold and gag were removed. My mistress stood over top of me (on the bed) and pulled down her skirt, exposing her newly shaven pussy. The sight of her beautiful lips hanging there, gave me an instant erection.

My mistress grabbed my head and shoved it in her crotch. “Now make me cum … lick it up … and then make me cum again … continue until I tell you to stop!”

I love eating my Mistress’s pussy, and she knows it, that is why she electrocutes me during the process. I just started sucking on her clit, when I felt the first shock shoot through my genitals. The shocks were painful but tolerable, and they were delivered at different intervals. The more my genitals got shocked the faster I licked and harder I sucked. My Mistress came numerous times (I think it is a huge turn on for her to see me squirm in pain). After licking out her juices, (once again) she pulled my head up and reapplied the gag and blindfold. I was waiting for the shocks to stop, but they didn’t. Instead I heard the noise of a vibrator. I started to roll around on the bed because the continual shocks were starting to become a little much. My Mistress instantly forced me still and sat on my helpless body as she masturbated. All I could do was listen to the sounds of the vibrator and my Mistress’s moans of pleasure, and endure the relentless shocks to my genitals.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the shocks stopped and my Mistress got off of me. She removed my gag and once again steered my head into her crotch. Without being told I instantly cleaned up her pussy. After several minutes I was pushed away and my gag was reinserted. I then felt the TENS unit and the straps removed from my genitals. It was painful, but it was also extremely soothing to know that my genitals would be safe from future shocks. Next I felt my Mistress grab my nipple clamps. As the jaws open up a sharp pain shot through my body. It took everything I had to remain silent. It was no different with the next clamp. Just as the pain started to subside, I felt my Mistress grab each nipple and squeeze.

I couldn’t help it, I screamed into my gag, which must have really upset my Mistress. “What did I say about that?” she demanded, “I’ll teach you to obey me!”

My Mistress tied a noose around my balls and pulled them behind me and tied them to the middle of the rear of my bondage belt. My balls were pulled extremely tight and I knew they were exposed behind my legs. I heard my Mistress grab something and just as I was about to guess what it was, I felt a hard swat on my balls from a paddle. Just as I felt like I was going to puke, two more hard wallops landed on my balls. I felt paralysed from the three hard swats. My Mistress let me lay there while the pain started to subside. I believe at this point she began to masturbate because I could hear her moan. I could not hear any vibrator so I assumed she was using a dildo. Every now and then I felt my nipples pulled and pinched. My nipples are a very sexual turn on for me. When my Mistress plays with them, my cock gets hard quickly. For the next fifteen minutes my Mistress would take turns playing with my nipple and masturbating with a dildo.

Finally my Mistress stated to me “I am going to let you fuck me now, it better be good and I better feel your cock bring me to orgasm.”

My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t wait to please my Mistress with this request. She removed my blindfold and proceeded to lie on her back. She was still wearing her blouse with her breasts ready to pop out, except now her skirt was removed and I had a perfect view of her beautiful pussy. My hands were sore and still shackled behind my back. This would make sex difficult for me in this position, but I was determined to make it work.

My Mistress guided my cock into her and I began to pump. Instantly I knew something was wrong. My Mistress was well lubed and I could not feel her. Suddenly she yelled at me “Slave I don’t feel anything, this is pathetic.” I began to pump harder, but realized something was definitely wrong. I look at the end of the bed and suddenly everything began to make sense. A huge black dildo was lying at the end of the bed. My Mistress was masturbating with this giant while I was laying there having my nipples played with. There was no way she was going to feel me after that monster was in her for fifteen minutes. I began to pump harder in a futile attempt to please my Mistress.

“Get that puny little thing out of me, right now!” “What a pathetic excuse for a man!” “You are going to suffer for this. I am going to hurt you … bad!”

For the first time, I was scared. She set me up perfectly for this. She got up and positioned her pussy right over my face. I could now see the large gaping hole.

“Do you think that little thing can please me? What a joke!”

She grabbed my cock and started to laugh. My Mistress then decided to remove her blouse. Instantly her big breasts popped out and she threw her blouse to the floor.

I knew that I was in big trouble. My Mistress loves to keep her private parts covered up to drive me crazy. She exposes them for me to see during extreme beatings because she wants me to know that a beautiful woman is punishing me against my will. I will be bound and gagged with no blindfold, and I will be relentlessly tortured as I watched my Mistress’s magnificent breast bounce and pussy lips flap. I must admit, as painfully as the attack will be, I love the beauty of the assault.

My Mistress grabbed a whip in one hand and a paddle in the other. The beating is very dynamic, I am able to roll around and my legs are free, but I am no match for the onslaught about to begin. The whip begins to fly, striking mainly my ass. I buck and move trying to evade the lashes but it is no use. My Mistress then grabs me by the cock, squeezes, bends me over, and then slams the paddle into my testicles. I instantly drop and the lashes of the whip follow.

The next ten minutes is extremely long. I am constantly whipped in the ass, paddled in the testicles, punched in the cock, nipples twisted, and choked. My Mistress enjoys laying me on my back. She then spreads her pussy wide open and places in over my nose and mouth. She sits with all her weight while she tortures my genitals. I can do very little to protect myself. I just watch my beautiful Mistress punish me for not having an enormous cock. During the assault, the visions of her breasts bouncing and exposed pussy will live in my head forever. Finally the beating is over. My genitals are aching, my ass is on fire, and it feels like my nipples are raw.

My Mistress lets me recuperate for a few minutes. She then makes me stand up at the side of the bed while she sits on the edge. “Now, if you are good I will let you cum” She grabs my cock and begins to massage it in her hand. She then lightly massages my nipples with her other hand. Instantly my cock springs to attention (doesn’t it remember the beating it just got?). My mistress begins to jerk my cock. I stare at her beauty while she pumps away at my cock. I begin to rock a little because I feel an orgasm building. My Mistresses realizes this and begins to stroke faster. Just as I am about to cum, she lets go of my cock, grabs the paddle on the bed, and drives it hard into my testicles (still tied behind my back). I crumple forward, but my Mistress is able to catch me by my cock. “Let’s try that again” she replies.

She repeated the same pattern before, gently massaging my cock and nipples until I was rock hard. My Mistress then began to stroke my cock once again. She unbuckled my ball gag while stroking my cock and said to me “You are going to eat this pathetic cum, do you understand?” My only word thus far was “Yes”. I did not want to eat it (and even if I did, the minute I came, I would change my mind), but saying no to my Mistress would not be in my best interests. I do not think that I could take any more punishment at this point. It did not take me long to reach orgasm. My Mistress caught it all in her hand, being extra careful to milk all she could out of my cock. She then shoved it in my mouth making sure, that none was left on her hand. My Mistress then inserted my ball gag and fastened in tightly.

The cum in my mouth was just starting to repulse me, when all of a sudden my Mistress slammed the paddle into my balls again. I crumpled onto the bed and screamed into my cum covered gag. I had no choice but to lie there, and eat cum while the pain in my testicles subsided. After about five minutes, my Mistress untied my balls. We laid in the sixty nine position, for another five minutes. It was relaxing to stare at her pussy. Finally my Mistress untied me and we spooned each other for a half hour. My body was sore (especially my arms) but just laying there with my beautiful wife made it all worth while.

We both took a shower and decided to enjoy the rest of our day together. We would have to pick up our son after school, and then life would continue as usual. In a busy scheduled life, it is extremely special for these moments to take place. I believe that I am the luckiest man in the world.