Evenings at the Gym

by SG

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© Copyright 2008 - SG - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; bond; drug; hypnosis; gym; toys; cons; X

Friday night, the best night of the week. Five days and four nights of doing nothing but mindless papers and midterms came to an end as the weekend began. Dusk had long since past and the deep bass of distance stereos signaled the awakening of the town. Bathrooms across the city were filled with girls dolling themselves up for a night on the town while the kitchens were occupied by the boys taking their first sips of liquor as they prepared themselves to go out.

As this college metropolis came alive with students preparing for another weekend of binge drinking and random hook ups I sat alone in my living room. While they prepared to go out I settled onto my couch to enjoy the movie I had rented. It wasn’t by choice that I sat home alone. If it was up to me I would still be dating Brandon and right now it would be the two of us getting ready to go out to the clubs. But he was gone from my life now and I’m not sure there is anything I can do to bring him back.

Brandon and I had been sweethearts since high school. We started dating back when we were juniors in high school and had been going strong together for four years now. We had talked about marriage but agreed we would wait till after we graduated from college before tying the knot. We were completely happy together right up until three weeks ago. It started out as a Friday night at the bar like any other Friday night. We drank, we danced, we had a good time. I was out on the dance floor by myself dancing to the music. Brandon had gone back to the bar to get us another drink leaving me alone in the crowd. I didn’t kiss any of the guys there; I didn’t even dance with them. In Brandon’s eyes I did something even worse.

I was dancing, enjoying the music when another girl caught my eye. Don’t get me wrong, this girl was hot but it wasn’t her looks that got my attention. With grace and self confidence I watched her step onto the dance floor, tap a girl on the shoulder, whisper something in her ear then proceeded to kiss her. She did this again and again till finally she got to me. That confidence she started out with had begun to fade. I couldn’t help but notice that the first girls she approached were not exactly A list for looks. Approaching me, an expression of sheepishness began to mask her once confident face. Having seen her kiss all other girls on the dance floor it was plain as day why she was coming over to me. I couldn’t help but wonder if in some way my looks didn’t intimidate her. Standing just over five and a half feet with breasts that filled a C cup and a body that saw the gym most days of the week my looks have always gotten me a fair amount of attention.

She told me what she told every other girl. This was a dare, she had to get a kiss from every girl on the floor. I now noticed the posse` of people who had been watching her this whole time. All the kisses had been quick pecks on the lips and I saw no reason not to help her out. Our lips met but the quick peck lingered. Lips moved but not way from one another. Her lips caressed mine and mine to hers. A tongue slid across my upper lip and mine soon teased her lower lip. Meeting in the middle our tongues touched. There was a brief pause of hesitation before I felt her take my tongue into her mouth. She gentle sucked on it drawing more of it into her.

When our lips parted the floor was dead. All eyes were on us. For the first time I felt a wave of self-consciousness. The music was blaring but nobody was moving. Mile wide grins were on every guys face and even most of the girls. The one face that showed absolute shock was Brandon’s.
I still can’t believe how badly he flipped out. Brandon’s family was extremely conservative and religious. The fact we had sex before marriage was considered massively breaking the rules. But we were young and horny and thankfully I was able to use my big boobs and rock hard abs to steal him away from celibacy back when we were in high school. I have always enjoyed sex and there is no way our relationship would have lasted more than a few months if he wasn’t willing to at least have sex.

Getting him to have sex back when we were in high school was hard enough. He was a good Christian boy from a family with very strong moral values. Seeing me kiss another girl was just too much for him. His whole family was vehemently against homosexuality of any kind. Hitler was less of a sinner in their eyes then gays. Hitler only killed people, he didn’t go and desecrate god by having sex with other men. I have spent the last three weeks trying to reconcile with Brandon but he just won’t have it. He seems to think I’ve defiled god as well as cheated on him. Tonight like the last twenty-one nights I sit here in front of my TV stewing in my misery.

As if it wasn’t hard enough dealing with having no one to be with I found myself dealing with a new problem I hadn’t faced before as a young adult. For the last four years straight Brandon and I have had a very active sex life. And by active I am entirely referring to frequency. By any measure of any standard, comparing our sex life to any story posted on this site the only word that remotely describes what we did is vanilla. But who can really complain about vanilla when you get it every day or sometimes more. Suddenly I found myself on a dry spell with no real release. I tried to focus on the movie but my choice in tittles was poor. This modern day comedy seemed to have more sexual innuendos then punch lines. It was like a porno but with no sex. And no, the drinking to numb my feelings didn’t work. Beer only seemed to ad fuel to a growing fire. By the time the movie was over I had a bigger craving for sex then before I started.

Thin walls did little to hide the crowd of voices in the neighboring apartment. I considered knocking next door and crashing the party but I just wasn’t in the mood to make small talk and get plastered drunk with a group of strangers. Looking at the mini platoon of empty beer bottles lined up on the coffee table before me I took a second to clear my head. My head wouldn’t clear, I was already on my way to being drunk. I cursed myself for sitting here drinking when I was all alone. I didn’t feel any better for drinking. All I had done is consumed a six pack of bottled calories. Pulling up my pink cotton shirt I gave my exposed belly a pat and watched as it jiggled. I shook my head side to side. I got a little depressed and I let my body go. Thinking about the last three weeks I realized I hadn’t been to the gym more then twice in this whole time. It was getting late but the bulge in my belly told me I needed to work out.

Flipping off the TV I headed to my bedroom to grab a change of clothes. Feeling a little nostalgic I picked out an outfit I liked and that drove Brandon wild. The top I grabbed was a black spandex sports bra with ‘naughty’ printed across the front. The bottoms were black spandex shorts with ‘bad ass’ printed creatively on the back. In all reality there was just barely enough material for pant legs to even classify these bottoms as shorts. They were better described as bikini bottoms then shorts. Brandon bought me this outfit for Valentines Day last year when he started to go to the gym with me. This was the closest to kinky that we ever got.

I picked up my sweats but paused. Normally I would always wear sweats to walk to the gym. I knew it was cold outside but courtesy of the beer I was already feeling warm. Grabbing my keys and Ipod left my room and headed for the kitchen. I opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water but instead ended up with a bottle of beer. Shut up, give a girl a break. I’m depressed.

I threw on a pair of shoes and headed out the door. The air was cold and my skin immediately broke out in goose bumps. I made no haste walking to the main office of the apartment complex. My freshman year I met one of my closest friends. She took a job here that year to pay for school which came in very handy when I came to find an apartment. This was the nicest set of apartments on campus that only the rich kids could afford. Because of my friend I was able to get an apartment for less than half the normal rent. It was still expensive for me but well worth the extra money.

The chilly night air made for a quick walk to the office. Adjoined to the office was the tenet’s building. Outside the building was a swimming pool, hot tub and barbeque area. Inside the building was a game room with a TV and pool table, tanning bed, massage bed, and full gym. The gym was completely stocked. Everything you could want was there. My hands were already numb by the time I made it to the door to the building. It took me a couple tries with the keys before I was able to undo the lock and reach the warmth inside. Out of habit I locked the door behind me. As I walked through the building towards the gym I was surprised to find that the door to the tanning bed was closed. The blue glow seeping beneath the door confirmed that someone was using the bed. It seemed really strange that someone else was here on a Friday night but more so it was disappointing. Having just walked through the cold it would have been nice to spend some time laying on the warm bed.

Entering the gym I immediately headed for one of the treadmills. I dropped my keys on the shelf then opened my beer. Only after taking a long swig of the frosty cold brew did I set it in the ‘mill’s cup holder. I started at a slow walk then quickly worked the pace up to an aggressive jog. My fingers kept moving to the I-pod strapped to my arm to crank up the volume. In no time at all I fell into my normal masochistic routine. Feeling like I was on my last legs I would push myself to run till I completed the next full minute, then it would be till the next fifty calories, then it would be to the next quarter mile and then back to a full minute. Quickly my two hundred calorie goal became three, then five and in no time it was an even thousand. One mile turned into ten and ten minutes turned into thirty. One notch higher on speed would get me to the next mile in less time and burn more calories per minute.

Normally I’m not this overzealous with my workouts but I just couldn’t stop thinking about sex. Mostly I was thinking about how much I missed the sex Brandon and I had but thoughts of the woman at the bar kept sneaking into my mind. I kept pushing my body harder and harder trying to block out my sexual desires but I just couldn’t keep my mind focus. I began to notice the tightness of my clothes and the way they moved across my skin and how horny it was making me. I kept reaching for my bra to try to re-adjust it and keep it from rubbing on my sensitive parts. Every time I couldn’t help but notice how hard my nipples were. It wasn’t long before I started to notice a smell coming from my body that wasn’t sweat related. Reaching down I found that the front of my shorts were now damp. Kicking the treadmill up another notch I tried to refocus my mind and stop thinking about my growing lust.

At one hour the treadmill automatically stopped and reset everything. At first I was pissed that I had lost all my stats but slowly the numbness in my legs began to register in my brain. Taking the shutdown of the machine as a sign I decided to move onto the other equipment in the gym and give the treadmill a rest. I wasn’t quite done yet but I figured I’d give my legs a rest for the night. It wasn’t till I took that first step off the treadmill that I realized just how tired my legs were. I about dropped my beer with that first step. My legs all but collapsed under me. It took all my focus and effort to make it over to the nearest bench press. Setting my beer down in a manor that was just sort of a complete drop I was thankful that the floor was covered in rubber. If not for the rubber padding my bottle would surely be in a thousand pieces. I splayed myself out on the machine. Exhaustion had consumed my body. Sweat beads covered every inch of skin. With legs quivering, my eyes rolled back and my mind drifted into oblivion guided by the sounds pulsing through my ear phones.

Oblivion was broken by the cold circle that surrounded my navel. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the light of the room and focused on the bottle being held on my belly. A hand ran through my hair as the fog of my mind cleared. Standing over me was one of the most stunning girls I’ve ever seen. Green eyes were staring at me as a hand continued to caress my head. I couldn’t help but notice her full D cup boobs that strained against a revealing pink bra. Judging by her bronzed skin this had to be the occupant of the tanning bed from when I first came in.

The hand on my head moved down my neck to trace circles across the front of my bra, from one nipple to the other. Delicate fingers caressed my boobs with the softest of touches. I breathed deeply as her touch sent shivers through my body. By exhaustion and arousal my body was completely paralyzed. I made no moved to stop the woman that was now groping my breast. My thoughts drifted back to the night at the bar and the girl I had kissed. With considerable effort I focused my mind on the here and the now, focused on the hand teasing my nipples that were only barely hidden by the thin spandex. She held the end of the bottle up to my lips. Opening my mouth I swallowed the beer she poured in.

“My, aren’t you just a bad little girl,” she said as she held up and stared at the bottle. “There is a sign right there that says this isn’t allowed.” She pointed at the sign that listed the many rules of the gym. All I could do was shrug my shoulders. Beer and glass bottles were prohibited but who cares as long as you don’t spill or break the bottle. At the moment I couldn’t care less about rules of the gym. All I could think about was the sensation in my nipples. Gentle fingers squeezed my nipple. “I guess this means you’re going to have to be punished.”

My answer was a smile that stretched from one ear to the next.

Fingers slid across my skin as my bra was pulled up. Soft fingers on my sides made me arch my back. A hand pulled the bra up and over my head. I laid there on the bench nude from the waist up as she played with my exposed breasts. Fingernails delicately scratched my boobs sending shivers through my body. Music pounded in my ears and my eyes rolled back. A warm mouth gently wrapped around one of my nipples. Softly sucking, she pulled my nipple into her mouth then pulled on it with her lips. An electric shock went straight to my pussy accompanied by a soft moan from my lips.
Fingernails ran across my stomach. My abs quivered from the attention. Each quiver sent shockwaves through my wet sex. Fingers found their way to the waist line of my shorts and traced their way from my navel to my sides.

As I lifted my hips up off the bench one hand made its way around my hips to the crevasse of my back. It dug under the elastic material and pulled it down. Her fingers ran through the crack of my ass as she slowly stripped away my shorts. Her free hand wrapped around my legs and lifted them into the air as she drew the shorts down my legs and past my toes. Soon I found myself being assaulted by her fingertips. One hand had made lazy figure eights around my breasts while the other slid between my vaginal lips. It had been a long time since my sex had seen anywhere near this kind of attention and I could feel my juices running between my legs and soaking the bench I was splayed upon.

Warm lips touched my lips. The taste of strawberries filled my mouth as her lips caressed mine. I opened my mouth and greedily accepted her tongue. Warmth spread through my body as our lips danced. Delicate fingertips held my clit and slowly rolled it around. Our lips parted as her hand left my delicate flesh. With eyes still closed I let the moment linger. A slight sense of disappointment struck me listening to her foot steps move away. Cracking an eye open I saw her picking up several jump ropes from the equipment rack. She returned to me with the handful of ropes. Kneeling down beside me she took my nearest wrist and began to wrap it with rope. From under the bench she reached over and grabbed my other wrist. Soon both my wrists were encircled by the soft cotton rope. With my head turned to the side I watched her work. It was as though I was in a dream. By legs felt like Jell-O, my body buzzed with a warm glow, my pussy was tingling and there was still the faint taste of strawberries on my lips.

My hands were tied under the bench behind my back. Both my wrists were pulled on as she tied the ends of the rope to the frame of the bench. The last knot sealed my fate. The knots were placed out of the reach of my finger tips for good measure. I had given this stranger full control of me. I had no choice but to let her have her way with me which was something I found myself eagerly awaiting. Fingernails ran down the insides of my legs. One foot was lifted up as she stripped away my shoe and sock. My second foot was soon nude as well. Feeling the cold rubber floor of the gym on my bare feet sent a small chill through my body. The shoes really didn’t count for much in the way of clothing but somehow losing them made me feel even more vulnerable. I was now completely naked from head to toe. Not a stitch of clothing covered my skin.

Her attention turned back to one of the unused jump ropes. I watched as she tied both of my ankles to the bottom frame of the bench. As she finished with my ankles she wandered over to the rack of dumb bells. I watched as she stacked several of the heaver dumbbells on either side of me. Once she was satisfied with the stacks of weights she took a jump rope to each leg. Rope was tied around each of my knees before they were pulled over to the nearest stack of weights and tied off. My knees were pulled to each side splaying my legs out exposing my bare crotch. Finger nails ran down the sides of my pussy. With an extremely delicate touch, one finger came back straight up the middle. My sex quivered when she touched my clit. Her head dipped low and I could feel her cool breath across my sweaty skin. I let out a giant gasp of air as her lips met my pussy. My hips bucked as her tongue dipped inside me driving her nose into my pelvis.

“Oh my, somebody seems to be a little excited. I suppose we’re just going to have to restrain you a little better to keep you from hurting yourself,” She said with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

She wandered back over to the equipment rack and grabbed more jump ropes. One rope she wrapped around my waist and under the bench. She made several wraps before tying the two ends of the rope together under the bench. There would be no more bucking for me. My hips were now firmly fixed to the bench. With a new rope she began to do the same thing only this time around my chest. With one rope she made four complete wraps around my chest and under the bench. Two went above my boobs and two below. Grabbing the last rope she started by sliding it under the rope loops wrapped around my chest and between my boobs. She pulled the rope through till equal lengths were on the top and bottom then she tied them in a knot. The knot was centered between my tits causing the wraps of rope to be pulled together and squeeze the tops and bottoms of my boobs. She ran the ends of the rope up around my neck then back down to either side of my boobs. Again she pulled the rope under all four wraps of rope before tying off the ends.

The ropes wrapped around my chest had been drawn together both between and on either sides of my boobs. She played with my nipples as I watched my breasts grow. The ropes constricting the bases of my boobs trapped the blood causing them to swell. Now my tits were also stiff and swollen from the extra blood. She straddled my hips facing my head she settled her full weight down onto my pelvis. Each of her hands found a nipple. First she rolled them around. Then she released my nipples to caress my breasts with her finger tips. She made lazy circles around my swollen boobs and gently flicked my nipple. I moaned as her fingers played across my skin like a concert pianist on his instrument. I couldn’t help but let out a yelp as simultaneously both my nipples were pinched.

A finger pressed against my lips. Slowly and with the grace of a cat she laid down across me. Her elbows rested on the bench on either side of my head, her hands held back her hair to keep it from falling in my face.

“Shhhhh,” she paused as our lips met. We kissed. Once again warmth spread through my body. “You think you can keep yourself quiet.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I’ll try.” I answered. She kissed me again. A flood of emotions was tearing through my brain. Emotions I’ve never felt before and that I didn’t understand.

“Hmm, I just don’t think trying is going to cut it,” she said as she began to get up off of me.

The sudden implication that we might have to stop filled me with disappointment. My body was on a high that went beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. I desperately wanted to continue. We couldn’t stop. I was finally getting close to getting the sexual satisfaction I had gone so long without and now she wanted to stop. My pussy was absolutely starving for attention. I was beginning to feel like I would loose my sanity if I didn’t find a way to cum.

“You know, I think I might have a way to help keep you quiet,” she paused as she told me, “but it would be a little kinky.”

Suddenly her confidence seemed to have vanished. She seemed very hesitant all of the sudden, almost too embarrassed to even ask the question. “You want to give it a try.”

She was already off me and starting to back away. I had to bring her back before she had a chance to stop entirely. I didn’t say a word, instead I nodded my head yes, vigorously. Devastation struck me. She just turned and walked away. My pussy was literally oozing my girly honey I was so desperate for attention and yet she was walking away. I was completely unfulfilled and desperate for attention but I had driven her off. It only came as a secondary thought that I was also tied up naked in the gym and that she was now gone, leaving me with no means of freeing myself.

My heart leaped seeing her walk back in but I was a little confused about the gym bag she was carrying. She hadn’t left the building which meant she must have brought it with her when she went into the tanning room. It seemed odd that she would need to take a gym bag full of stuff just to go tanning. What she pulled out though was just plain bizarre. In her hand was a red rubber ball with two straps attached. I have heard of ball gags before but never seen one in person. Her confidence seemed to have returned as she approached me with the gag in hand. I found the ball pressed against my lips and knew what was expected. I opened my mouth but the ball didn’t fit. She let go of the ball that was partially stuffed in my mouth and took a second to just stare at me.

“Oops, I guess this gag is just a little too big,” she paused as she continued to stare at me. “I know I should be nice and grab my smaller ball gag but I just can’t resist seeing your mouth stuffed with that bright red 2” ball. I guess we’ll just have to get that jaw of yours stretched out enough to fit it inside.”

With an open palm she placed her hand on the ball. My eyes grew as she pressed down. My cry was muted by the big ball being forced into my mouth. Further and further my jaw stretched till finally the ball slid behind my teeth. She pulled the straps around my head and buckled them together. I’m not sure there was really a point. Without help I’m not sure I will be getting the ball back out. Despite the pain of my stretched jaw I suddenly found myself even more excited then I was before. It scared me that she had just forced the ball into my mouth but somehow I enjoyed it at the same time. I tried to say something but the ball cut off all words. The fact is at this point I was so horny that as long as her fingers made there way back to my pussy I didn’t care what she did.

Instead of giving my body the attention I so desperately craved she turned back to her bag to fish something else out. Before she had pulled out a ball gag from the bag so why it surprised me to see her pull out a laptop I don’t know. I was ignored while the keyboard received the touch of her fingers that my pussy longed for. With the ball firmly in my mouth there was no way to ask her anything. The best I could muster was a quizzical look.

“Oh quit it, this will only take a second then I’ll be with you. I just need to get this set up first,” she said as she fussed with the computer.

Again, all I could do was look at her funny. Between the way she acted and the gag she kept in her bag it was clear that she came down here for sex and not to work out. I had an idea why she would have a laptop but it didn’t really make much sense. Looking up at me she paused her typing. My confusion was clear.

“Its pretty obvious this isn’t my gym bag,” she said.

I was so happy she was answering the obvious questions. It wasn’t like I hadn’t figured that one out already. It would have been pretty hard to have spent as much time as I do in here without noticing that the girl on the stair climber was wearing a bright red ball gag. Turns out the extreme sarcasm of my internal monologue showed through on my face.

“The thing is, the girl I share an apartment with is about as conservative as Jesus Christ himself,” she began to explain. “She would be absolutely mortified if she ever found out about the things I enjoy doing. That’s why when I get the urge to get a little kinky I have to sneak down here with my gym bag, aka the “bondage bag”. The tanning room is perfect for my needs since no one thinks twice about a girl going in alone and locking the door. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection we have here I don’t have to play alone. I’m free to go online and play with all kinds of other people.”

As she turned the laptop to face me I noticed for the first time that built into the top of the screen was a small webcam. The screen itself showed a live image of me in my full glory. My green eyed mistress set her laptop on the adjacent bench before walking around to my other side taking her bag with her. Fear struck me as I noticed she paused just outside the view of the camera.

Fighting with all my strength I struggled against my bonds and pleaded into the gag. Desperately I wanted release and for once this evening it wasn’t in a sexual way. Having the camera face me made me realize just how vulnerable I had let myself become. I was so desperate to have sex I had willingly let a stranger tie me up in a gym and because of my lust I was going to have to endure an unfathomable embarrassment as potentially the entire globe watched as a stranger did any humiliating act she pleased to me. Absolute dread consumed my body as I realized the webcam recording me could easily be linked to the school’s blog page and my naked spayed body was getting broadcast for the entertainment of the entire student population. I continued to pull against my restraints as the woman knelt down beside me. A small amount of relief came seeing her expose herself to the camera.

“Oh stop it. You can’t tell me it doesn’t excite you at least a little to know strangers are sitting at their computers watching you right now,” she said as fingernails touched the nape of my neck and slowly journeyed between my breasts before lingering around my navel. Goose bumps spread across my skin as her nails traced the V cut of my well toned abs.

“Doesn’t it turn you on being tied up ass naked in a gym while people are watching me do anything I want to your tender body,” She said as her fingers continued to move down my V cut. Then the fingers went further.

“HHHMMMMMMM,” my whole body spasmed as her fingers found my sex. The gag muted my shriek but didn’t silence it completely. Just the very tip of her finger was touching my clit. I tried hard to lift my hips and get my clit closer to her finger but the ropes held me securely. My immense lust returned in a wave and crashed through my body.

“That’s what I thought,” she said victoriously. “Besides, it’s not like you weren’t already on camera.” She motioned over her shoulder with a nod of her head.

Jesus Christ. I completely forgot that the office had security cameras in most of these rooms. It was hard to make out but it was there. Hidden in an upper vent on the wall, shrouded behind the grate was a camera. From that vantage the camera could see most of the room. The parts it couldn’t seen didn’t matter much. The bench and more importantly my bare and restrained body were well within the camera’s view.

“Now what do you say we just forget about all the cameras and the two of us just have a little fun,” She smiled as she put a hand on my cheek. “You didn’t think you were the only one who is going to enjoy this did you?”

From her bag she pulled out a long, pink feather. The touch of her fingers was soft but they were no comparison to the delicate feather. She started at my abs, moving the feather slowly and with meticulous placement. Soon the feather found my inner thighs. The touch was absolutely maddening. It was almost too soft to actually feel yet the effect was overwhelming. Like rocket fuel dumped on a burning candle the emotions building inside me surged in their intensity. She put the feather on edge and slowly drew its tips between my pussy lips. My legs shook uncontrollable and even this enormous gag could not muffle my moans. Its touch was softer than anything I have ever experienced yet had more strength then a massaging shower head turned to full and pressed against my clit. The feather had immense power to add fuel to my desires but provided no avenue to release my passion. I felt like a re-corked champagne bottle that had just been shook up. Internally the pressure grew exponentially but couldn’t be released. My cork was more than ready to blow, all I needed was one finger to delve deep into my sex.

“I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before,” she said with a noticeable trace of excitement. Her deviant smile was only a slight tell to the naughty thoughts swirling through her mind. “I enjoy my time online teasing the boys and girls who watch me sit in front of the webcam as I play with my body. I’ve certainly had fun the few times I’ve had the chance to tease a boy in the same way I am with you but I never realized what I was missing out on. Hands down you’re the most fun to play with. Every small touch nearly sends you over the edge. I know you’re absolutely dying to orgasm right now but I’m just not going to give it to you, not yet anyways. This is too much fun for me to not savor every second of. Seeing as its unlikely anyone else will be coming to workout this evening, I’m thinking we have the whole night to ourselves.”

My eyes grew wide. There was no way I could last that long. This was torture enough spending this brief time in this emotional high. I couldn’t imagine making it an hour like this with out it killing me. On top of that I knew it was a guess that no one else would be coming in here. It would be a roll of the dice to bet that no one else had a midnight urge to exercise or that a person who works nights and was off tonight didn’t come in.
“Sorry beautiful, but you’re going to be my captive till morning. If things go my way you won’t be cumming for an awfully long time. I’m eager to see just how long I can keep your body on edge before you hit a climax,”

Seductively grinning as she spoke I couldn’t help but be drawn in by her words. I wanted to give my full body over to her to play with but I also desperately needed to cum. All she needed to do was promise to make me cum and I would have done anything she asked. My mind was driven by my crotch, my decisions driven by lust. Tied up to the bench by rope and muted by the large rubber ball I had no means to refuse or even resist her threat of leaving me naked and expose in this gym all night long.

Mentally I was of mixed opinions. My brain knew I was in over my head and needed to leave. The likelihood of experiencing complete pubic humiliation from strangers and friends stemming from being caught in this position were too high. With the immense popularity with collage aged kids of online social networks and their astonishing speed all it would take is one photo of me posted on myspace or facebook to have me known campus wide as the bondage freak. The odds of someone walking in and finding me while I am bound naked, completely defenseless with legs spread and the danger of what might happen was too great. I knew I should try everything to leave but the overwhelming craving building within me powered by unfulfilled lust was clouding my better judgment. My mind was in a tug of war with my common sense mixed with fear on one end and my overwhelming craving to fuck on the other.

While my mind was battling emotions and rationality my captor was discarding her feather. From her bag she produced a small red bottle. She hesitated, biting her lower lip as she stared at the bottle. Something about it was making her extremely uneasy which was leaving me with a sick feeling in my stomach. The top of the bottle was still wrapped in plastic. The fact that she was carrying around a small bottle of liquid in her bag of sex toys was curious enough but the fact it was never opened and she was nervous just holding it left me completely uneasy. The expression on her face changed slightly. What ever the dilemma in her head was it looked like one side had one out but not by much. She held up the bottle to where I could read the label. This small bottle of liquid that was being kept in this woman’s bondage bag labeled WILDFIRE CLINICAL STRENGTH. I knew it could only have a devious purpose behind it.

“So I’m really not sure what this is going to do but since you’re tied down this is probably as good a time to give this a test drive as any. One of the guys I play with online sent it to me from Africa but I have never had the guts to try it out,” she paused. “WILDFIRE is basically the clinical version of Spanish Fly only instead of an herbal extract that haphazardly has an arousing effect on the human body this is a hormone enriched, laboratory designed, biochemically engineered formula specifically created to actually do what Spanish Fly is claimed to be capable of. So far this stuff is only allowed in places that have no Food and Drug Agencies. In fact this specific product is banned here but then again so is weed and we all still use that right.”

“A while back when I was playing online one of the guys I was chatting with said he could get a hold of some of this stuff. He said it was just like Spanish Fly. Me being me, I couldn’t resist having him send me a free bottle of a drug that was supposed to make me really sensitive, extremely horny and make sex extraordinary. Of course a drug that is supposed to make a girl super sensitive and make orgasms easier to hit kind of sounds like a piece of fiction. Out of curiosity I snooped around online while I waited to receive my present to see if I could find any real life reviews for this product which I did find. That’s about the time when I lost my nerve.”

“The advertisements raved about how sensitive it could make a girl and how it will make any man seem like a stallion in bed. There were experiences written by guys about how they loved it because once it was applied their girls couldn’t get enough of them. There were a few supposedly real reviews from woman who had tried it. Those stories talked about how the women normally didn’t enjoy sex but once they started using it sex was much more enjoyable.”

“It was only by accident that I found some real life reviews of this stuff when I was checking out a site devoted to forced sex.” She paused embarrassed about what she had just said. Her unconscious glance at her bondage bag and her blushing red face revealed why she was checking out those sites. “We don’t really need to talk about the site I was looking for. The important part was what I found.”

“A link led me to a page with real life accounts from women when they had used this drug. In nearly every account I read, the women who tried this ended up either having sex with any guy they could find or simple ended up masturbating themselves with anything they could find. Now a product that gets you aroused and sensitive I would be all over. Even a drug that could make me super horny I would try. The wild passionate sex you could have absolutely titillates the mind. The only problem is on average most of the women were uncontrollably horny for several hours. There are even several accounts of women going on fucking sprees for over a day because of what this stuff did to them. As soon as I got this in the mail and read the words Clinical Strength I lost all nerve to try it. But since you’re already horny and ready to fuck anything I figure there is no harm trying this out.”
Taking off the cap she placed her finger over the opening before turning the bottle upside down then back right side up. She rubbed her fingers around spreading the liquid between her thumb and index finger.

“Wow, my fingers feel kind of tingly. I read it works on any part of the body but I didn’t think I would feel anything in my fingers. Well, now or never I guess. Let’s see if this gunk actually does what they claim.”

Her fingers approached my face then landed on my lips. She traced circles around the ball gag rubbing her wet finger tips across my lips several times. Going back to the bottle she applied more of the liquid to her fingers before placing them on my nipple. She twirled my left nipple in her fingers ensuring that every last piece of tit was coated in the liquid. More of the substance was put on her fingers before she returned to finish off my other nipple. As my nipples were coated I began to notice a warm tingling sensation in my lips.

Frustration set in when I realized she wasn’t going to touch my pussy. All I needed was one touch and I could hit the climax I desperately wanted. Instead of rubbing the liquid directly on my sex she instead held the bottle over my pussy and poured the liquid out. Fingers on either side of my pussy pushed out, stretching my sex open and exposing my inner parts to the liquid that was running from my clit down between my parted lips. Those fingers quickly moved below my pussy to catch the runoff that was about to be wasted on the bench. My tits were just starting to tingle when I saw an evil smile cross her face.

“I’m curious, you haven’t ever tried anal sex have you?” she asked.

I shook my head no. It wasn’t exactly something I was interested in nor was it something me and Brandon would have every tried together. Her grin broadened dramatically.

“Good, that’s a good start,” she said as she reached into her bag. Her hand came back into sight. In it was a big black butt plug. “Have you ever been wanted to try a little anal play?”

Again I shook my head no. It wasn’t something I’ve ever thought about but looking at the size of the cone shaped toy she had pulled out I definitely wasn’t going to consider it now.

“Awesome, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Now relax and don’t worry, I would never force anyone to try anal sex against their will. But…” she paused.

Her fingers moved from the base of my pussy down and began to force their way between my butt cheeks. I jumped as her fingers found my virgin hole. Her fingers moved back and forth rubbing the liquid across my tightly puckered hole.

She continued her sentence, “if what I’ve read about this stuff is even half true, your going to be craving a giant cock fucking that tight butt of yours. If you’ve really never tried or been interested in anal sex this will be the perfect test. We’ll know pretty definitively if this stuff does what they claim if you start begging me to take your anal virginity tonight. Just in case, I’ll leave this right here,” she said, setting the black butt plug on the bench between my legs.

From the laptop a familiar “You’ve got mail” chimed. Seriously, who uses AOL. I thought they died with the modem. But honestly, who the hell could be so important that she was now ignoring me to check her fucking email. Like a church bell ringing, it dawned on me that my priorities had become completely skewed. Somehow I had become so comfortable being naked and tied up in a freaking gym that I didn’t even care about being found. Instead I was pissed off that I was being ignored.

Despite my best efforts to rationalize the situation I just couldn’t straighten out my brain. I knew I should be scared to death of being exposed like this in public. Knowing that sent a shiver through my body. I knew I should be fighting my bonds rather then aiding this woman to strip away all of my control. I knew I was straight yet I felt a sexual attraction to this woman that far surpassed anything I ever felt with Brandon.

This was beyond a losing battle. Despite my best effort to straighten out my mind there was a force growing that drew my concentration away from rational thought. The heat in my crotch was growing but this was different from before. This wasn’t the super excited state I was in before when she teased my body with the feather. There was an actual warmth that was growing accompanied by a tingling sensation. The slightest draft of air in the room felt on my skin like there was an army of ants on the march and it wasn’t limited to my pussy. My lips, tits and even ass had the same growing sensation just not to the same degree as my twat.

“I’ve got to give you credit. That really is a provocative idea. But that stuff doesn’t really work does it? Besides which I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to say.”

She wasn’t speaking to me. I could only assume her online friends watching via the webcam were sending her messages. Another chime echoed from her machine signaling another email.

“Ooow, I like that. That’s way too extreme. I don’t know about this one,” she said as she turned to look at me. “Ok, with her it’s probably at least worth the try.” Her focus was back on the computer. “I like that one, no, no. That’s just weird, what the hell is wrong with you. Oh, damn, that’s absolutely perverse. Quick, send me any more that you have,” she demanded into the camera.

“Let me just borrow this for a second,” she said plucking my Ipod away. The earphones went dead as the Ipod was unplugged. As she was plugging the Ipod into the laptop the computer chimed several times as emails flooded in. Her fingers pecked away at the keyboard but I couldn’t make out anything on the screen.

Eventually she finished what she was doing and unplugged the Ipod. Bringing it over to me she reinserted the head phone plug into the Ipod and quickly selected the new play list she had created. The music started but it wasn’t really music. There was a fast deep based wobble sound that probably could have come out of any number of techno songs. A higher pitched wobble soon joined in to make a cascading melody. Techno is fine I guess and this wasn’t bad to listen to. It was certainly relaxing to listen to but it just seemed odd that she chose to play techno music. My body felt more and more relaxed as I listened to the music which should be about the last thing she would want to try and make me feel considering she said she planned to keep me on edge for as long as possible.

A soft voice caught my attention. Fear shot through my body. From side to side I turned my head looking for the stranger. I could barely hear her voice. I looked towards the doorway, she wasn’t in the gym but I couldn’t see her outside in the hallway. I heard the voice again but it sounded like it was behind me this time. I focused my mind as best I could to make out her voice over the distracting techno song but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

More and more I focused my mind. I ignored my captor walking around me. I ignored the fact I was tied to the bench. I couldn’t ignore the tingling on my sensitive locations but blocking everything else out I was able to start making out the mysterious woman’s words. It was the words themselves that shocked me. “you’ve never realized it before but that sweat taste of salty cum in your mouth is all you can think about. Your mouth is watering at the thought of sucking on a nice big juicy cock, at taking that long hard dick all the way into you mouth and sucking every drop of cum out of it.”

I was stunned. No one had walked in, this was all part of the song on my Ipod. I couldn’t understand what I was hearing. It took all my focus to make out the words over the wobble of the beat. At first I thought I had just heard the words wrong. The stuff she had spread on my lips was making them tingle in a strange way. At first I thought what I heard had to be some kind of Freudian slip. Listening to the words I continued to hear the same type of dialog. No matter how hard I concentrated on the words all I could come up with were sentences encouraging me to suck dick. For the first time my mind was drawn away from the breeze across my sensitive nipples, away from the itch in my pussy that felt like a parade of ants marching between my lips and away from the disturbing itch I felt on my ass that desperately craved to be scratched. I startled myself hearing my moan echo through the room. In my mind I heard the words ‘unzipping his fly and sucking on his enormous prick’. Not even realizing it I let out a deep moan.

“You certainly seem to be taking to the new play list.”

For the first time in the last few minutes my mind focused on what the woman was doing. Poised over her duffle bag I saw her stuffing my sports bra inside. My shorts were nowhere to be seen. While I was distracted she must have packed them away. While the bra disappeared into the black bag two clothes pins appeared in its place.

“Personally, I don’t buy into the whole hypnosis thing. I just can’t believe that listening to a voice when you’re in a trance can really make you do something you would never normally try. But, seeing as you needed a little cool down time and because Lance feels so strongly about it I figure why not give it a try.”

She approached me with clothespins, their jaws held open. I screamed as loud as I could but the gag silenced me. Open jaws of wooden clothespins hovered over my erect nipples. Twisting and struggling did nothing. My body was tied too tightly to the bench. The numerous wraps of rope around my torso were too tight. The clamps continued to approach my erect nipples and swollen breasts.

“Hold on a sec. This is going to hurt for a minute,” my dark haired captor said as she released her grip on the pins and let their wooden teeth bite onto my nipples.

Ear shattering would have been the volume of my scream had it not been for the gag. With the gag my voice might still have been heard through the walls. My tits throbbed as the clothes pins pinched my nipples to their full strength. As her hands released the clamps the pins stood erect in the air swaying gently back and forth. The gentle movement felt anything but gentle to my overly sensitive nipples. While I learned to cope with the throbbing pain in my nipples she was picking up my Ipod to check the file that was playing.

“Oral whore, that is probably worth listening to. Personally I’m more interested in seeing how you react to the anal cream pie and butt plug curse files. Those two files caught my attention. Lance is the one who sent me the files so I really don’t know what all they entail to be honest with you. I could only tell what a couple of the files were from their title. Most of the files had complete gibberish file names so I’m taking Lance’s word that they would be good to listen to. Considering some of the things he has asked me to do when we were online I can only imagine what all those files are about but don’t worry. Its hypnosis, I for one don’t believe in it but it is a good way to keep your mind on sex. I figure that while our little miracle drug is super stimulating your sensitive areas, these sex files will keep you mind churning over sex. I seriously doubt they will turn you into some mindless sex zombie but who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky”

From her bag she produced a leather blindfold. Lifting my head up, she placed the strap behind my head before pulling the mass of leather over my eyes. Blackness became the world as my sight was cut off. My senses were left only to the limited sounds of the hypno files loaded onto my Ipod, the smell of my own sweat and sex all merged with the burning slash tingling slash icy feeling on my lips, tits, pussy and ass hole.

“You just settle down and listen to your music. I need to leave and do my own little thing. While you’re here stewing I’m going to go have a little online session with Lance and my other friends. I have you to myself all-night long but before I really start playing with you I want to get as many ideas from them as I can.”

Her voice was gone. All I heard was the music and the voice from the song that was entrancing my mind with words of the immense satisfaction from sucking dick. My sensitive parts were now more eager for attention then ever before. My ears strained to make out any noise in the room around me but I could hear nothing. Pain surged through my eyes as the blindfold was pulled back. There she was standing over me. The bag was gone but in one arm was her laptop, in the other was a sign and a dildo.

“As I walked out the idea hit me. Before I leave I wanted to add these two things.”

She held up the sign that normally hung on the office door. Both sides were held up for me to see. The side she ignored showed a clock with movable hands currently set for eight o clock with the words ‘Back at’ in bold print above. On the reverse side was the words ‘Open, come in’. She had taken the sign off the door. She rested the sign on my inner thigh just below my crotch with the ‘Open, come in’ facing towards the door to the gym.
Setting the laptop down she used both hands to grip the dildo. One hand twisted the base of the dildo activating its internal vibrator. Her hands disappeared between my legs and immediately I felt the vibrating phallus press against my pussy. As desperately as I wanted it stuffed inside me she chose to deny me. The vibrating dildo was laid on my crotch so that the very tip of it just barely touched my clit. My body shook from the torture.

Picking up the laptop again she pointed the webcam in my direction giving her online friends a full viewing of my new predicament. A hand reached out and soon I was reblindfolded.