Erotic Shower

by Hotscribe

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© Copyright 2007 - Hotscribe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cons; X

You greet me at the bathroom door. You're dressed in a short tank top that just barely covers your full breasts, and a pair of panties. You already look ravishing. Wordlessly, you step back and wait until I remove my clothes, then, as per our previous arrangement (you are not allowed to say anything)--you hold out your hands to me, wrist against wrist.  I reach into a bag I've brought with me and remove a small length of soft cord.  I wrap it around your wrists.

You gaze at me, looking helpless, yet you trust me implicitly. I lead you to the shower and you follow obediently. I start the shower, adjust the water to a bearably hot temperature and motion for you to climb in.  I follow.  I grasp and raise your tied hands and slip them over the showerhead so that you seem to be dangling.  The water cascads over you--your hair becomes dark and stringy, your nipples stick out from behind the soaked tank top and the lips of your pussy are outlined against the soaked fabric of your panties.

I kiss you tenderly, and you return the kiss with ardor.  I thrust my hand down your panties, cup your crotch and feel the wetness running through my fingers. I poke a finger through the folds of flesh and find your clitoris. I rub it until you begin to twist and turn, wanting to be free from the bonds that hold you to the showerhead, yet unable to do so.

I kneel before you, grasp your panties and rip them from your hips. I toss them to the floor.

I bury my face in the wetness of your cunt, pushing through your labia with my tongue. You lift your foot to the sidebar of the shower stall, desiring more tonguing, but instead, I grab the sweet-scented soap and begin to lather your cunt and your bum, running my soapy hand back and forth from front to rear.  You squirm, begin to moan for me to let you go, but I tell you to be quiet, giving your ass a strong but playful slap.

You stare at me wide-eyed, but say nothing.

Now I begin to spread the lather up your stomach, up beneath your tank top and spread the slippery soap over and around your full breasts, encircling your nipples again and again. Once more you beg me to release you, but I do not. Instead, I slap your ass again, grab your shirt and pull you to me, crushing my lips against yours, my tongue thrusting into your mouth and finding your own tongue. Now I grab your shirt with two hands, tear it apart so that it hangs down on either side of your breasts. I watch as the rushing water rinses the soap from your body and trickles down your legs.

You gaze at me as I reach up to remove your hands from the showerhead.

You think I'm finally going to release you. But I do not.

I turn you around, bend you over and tie your wrists to your ankles. I kneel behind you, gaze at the water as it streams in rivulets through the clean gash of your cunt.  Holding the flesh of your buttocks apart, I lean forward, flick my tongue around your labia, slide up and run it around your anus, twirling and stabbing at the tiny, puckered hole.   I thrust my tongue back down through your vaginal lips until I reach your clitoris. I lick it, suck it, nibble it.

I reach over and turn off the water. 

You wait expectantly, thinking I will release you finally. But I do not.

Instead, you feel a cool liquid being spread around your anus and your cunt.  Then, after a moments pause, you feel a stiff shaft of some sort begin to enter your cunt.  At the same time, a smaller, rougher probe eases itself slowly into your bumhole.

You moan as I begin to pump the double-headed dildo back and forth as the two rods slide effortlessly in and out of both entrances. I continue thrusting and pulling, slowly at first, then moving a little faster. Suddenly, I pull both shafts out. You give a little cry of regret, but I slap your ass and tell you to be quiet, for then I ram my hard cock into your cunt and shove it back and forth; a moment later, I thrust my finger into your asshole.

Now I begin to thrust each in and out. I feel my hard cock rubbing against my finger through the wall of your cunt and ass.
Each sliding in and out in perfect rhythm until finally you start to cum, and this time I allow you to cry out your ecstasy.

I feel my own orgasm building and as you finish yours, I pull my cock from your cunt and drive it into your ass, feeling the hole contract over the head of my cock.  I bang against you, feeling your asshole widen as my shaft thrusts into you.  Then, I , too, cum quickly, spitting my hot juices deep into your netherhole, and I leave my cock there until it shrivels and slithers out. Then, I loosen your hands and ankles, turn you around and take you in my arms, holding you close, lavishing your face with kisses.

After the Shower

We step from the shower stall and begin to dry each other off.  Suddenly I feel your fingers caress my balls. I grab your wrist.

"Sorry," I say with a smile, "but I'm not finished with you yet."

A puzzled look crosses your face as I proceed to tie a cord around each of your wrists. Then I lead you naked into the bedroom.

"Lie down," I say, "on your stomach."

You prostrate yourself on the bed and I tie one hand to one corner of the bed, the other hand to the other corner so that you lie Y-shaped on the covers. I climb on the bed, straddle you so that I sit on your buttocks. I begin to massage your shoulders, then moving down, your spine to your waist, the small of your back, then I get off and massage your buttocks, feeling the firmness of your naked flesh, the sensuous roundness. I bend down and kiss your neck, run my tongue up and down your spine, then continue down across your bum. I bite your buttocks, nipping them tenderly, then kiss them, running my tongue down the crack of your bum.

You raise your hips, spread your legs for me to go further, but I push them back down.

"Not yet," I whisper.

I massage and nibble and kiss my way down one leg slowly, then up the other. As I reach your inner thighs, I part your legs, lick my way to your cunt, flick lightly across it with my tongue.  Now I sit between your legs, lift them up and put your thighs on my shoulders. Your cunt is close to my face and wide open to my gaze.  I plunge in with my mouth, munching on your vulva, sucking and licking and nipping your clit, thrusting my tongue deep into the hot wetness of your cunt. You wriggle and squirm, trying to free yourself from the cords,  but you cannot.

I continue to massage your clit with my tongue, run it firmly back and forth. I run a finger around your anus, poke it in, then pull it out. More plunging into you with my tongue, more prodding with my finger into your bum. On I continue, thrusting with my tongue and wriggling with my finger until finally you shudder and quake with your blissful orgasm....

As I release you from your bonds, you turn and fall onto my member, devouring its wholeness. Hungrily you suck its length, running your tongue around the purple head, up and down the growing shaft, then you bury your face in my hair as you kiss and suck and lick at my balls.

"Get on your knees," you whisper hoarsely, your voice thick with desire.

I do so and you wiggle your way up between my legs. My cock dangles before your face and you grab it with your hand, begin to pump it firmly back and forth, alternating with gobbling sucks from your mouth as you lavish it with eager attention. A finger of your other hand finds itsway to my anus and prods the hole as I did you as you continue pumping on my cock.

Thrusting, wriggling, pumping...then I feel the tremours rumbling through mybody.

"I'm cumming!" I gasp.

You continue to pump with your hand and stab with your finger until I cry out in ecstasy. You open your mouth and I watch through half-closed eyes as my hot seed spurts out, shoots wildly into your mouth, on your cheeks and chin and nose, and then you take me quickly into your mouth to suck the last of the warm white cum from my cock.

I moan my delight and collapse beside you....