Erma's Summer

by Cuffmaster

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© Copyright 2011 - Cuffmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; capture; bond; rope; tease; fondle; outdoors; mast; climax; true; cons; X

Where do I start????

Over 50 years ago is as good a place as any.....

My Mother had an older Sister and she had among other things two daughters that like their mom were very quick developers. At 18, almost 19 the one known as Erma had breasts larger and the most perfect shape than any other woman no matter the age I knew. Swaying hips and a smile that would kill you.

By the way, red flowing hair and those of you who know me from other writings know I am totally in love with red headed women.

One day Erma and I were in a field not to far from the house, she and her sister and mom were staying for the summer. She kept trying to hit me with long stems of wheat and other grasses.

I warned her to stop it or I would tie her up. This seemed to be a go signal for her and she really got at it. We went back toward the barn and I spotted a hunk of rope. I tied her hands behind her and she was panting from this.

I got them tied and she took off like a deer running in the fields.

I got another piece of rope and put in my pocket and chased after her. When I caught up with her I tackled her and tied her feet and put her in a loose hog tie.

Her red hair a flying and I just watched as she did all but turn inside out testing her bonds.

She finally realized she was she was stuck and in all the pushing and shoving her summer top had come off her breasts and of course as was the style of the time, no bra.

I started to pull her top back up and she smiled and asked for me stop and not cover them but to kiss her breasts.

Who was I to resist.

We did this for what seemed hours, but I am sure it was only a 30 or so minutes. She rolled over and put her tied hands on me and started to rub me. In a few minutes I had to take down my jeans and shorts or explain why I was totally sticky and soaked when we got home.

After we laid and and simply held each other, my hand on one of her breasts and one hand between her pretty legs.

When it was time to go, I let her out of the hog tie and undid her legs. I started to untie her hands and she got a cute look and ask, could she be this way until we got back.

This was the first of almost daily tie up games we played and each time she would get me off and it seemed she became addicted to the bondage totally.

When we would take the horses out to the hills nearby, she would actually asked to be tied up, while riding and I enjoyed doing this for her. I would tie her hands in back and then I would put her on the horse and maybe for the next 6 hours she was happy as a sleeping kitten.

She seemed she could never get enough and needed more and more complex positions.

Her offering her breasts to me was natural and I got her off countless times by hand as she did me. This was a first cousin and I never considered going further, but frankly the desire was there.

As things turned out, her Mom and mine agreed she should stay with us for the next year, as her father was getting too much of an interest in her to be healthy.

When they came to us and asked what we thought of this, her staying it was like manna from heaven.

Living on a ranch we had no problem in finding places to play and be totally private.

My step dad or what ever he was had bought a section of land in a nice valley with hills on one side and a river on the other. He had leased out the land in ¼ sections or 160 acres per unit. The roads consisted of a large land mover cutting a path down each side of the 160 acre parcels. To be be practical, he had power sent to the dead center of the land. A communal well was dug and a sewage septic system put in for the idea that 4 houses could be sharing by cost of service of these things.

We lived on one of the sections and far away from the crossing line, and he had built houses on two other of the sections, but closer to the crossing line. On the one remaining section he built a barn, good and sound and two stories high. Later because of the problems with mud and snow he built a barn closer to the house and this left the original one vacant. Some how, I talked him into letting me have it and move out of the house. Fine with my Mom and he was very happy. I could not at my age (21 required in that state) take title to anything, but had a banker that worked as a trustee and from my trust left by my Father and he bought the 160 acres and the barn and improvements which is to this day in trust is still in my name.

I got hold of a tractor and set up a farm of strawberries on about 5 acres and other garden items on a large portion of the land. The city people came by the carload to pick fresh berries, cukes and tomatoes, corn and all the fresh things I could plant. Most were self attending and I just counted the money.

Erma helped me with much of this and it was funny watching her with a hobble on or hands tied about a foot apart in front working with the crops. She got paid well in the desires she had satisfied and the ability to do anything and ask for anything done to her, as we were now living in the barn, which we had fixed into a very nice multiple bedroom apartment.

When college started we lived so far out that we had gotten permission to ride horses to school, as they had a barn and all stalls and such as many kids rode it, and upper class project of a local high school a few years before was to build this for the school. She each day that we rode to school, well most of the way with her hands tied, sometimes in front and usually in back. As she got more and more addicted we started adding a crotch rope under her skirt on the days she went to school with a dress.

Erma had to return to her Mom in the middle of the of her first year of college, and it was like losing a toy.

It seems her Mom had been dating a guy, while married and her husband had committed suicide as it was ruled. 6 bullets the back of the head. Hum mm.... By the way the guy she was dating was the local sheriff. With the threat of rape and abuse now gone, Erma had to return to her home and leave me wanting more.

This saga continues in the next part, When her sister Norma Jean comes to live with us.