by Darkshadow

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© Copyright 2007 - Darkshadow - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; cons; X

"Master, please use me for your pleasure, I beg of you. Ravish me, master", I plead pouting my lips, knowing that you cannot resist.

"Very good, Erica," you murmur, stroking my hair again.  "You are learning to obey."

"Thank you, Master," I whisper, grateful. The experience feels so different from the rest of my world where I am always in control. It is hard to imagine that only two hours ago, I was leaving the office perfectly dressed and taking a taxi to this tryst with my lover. One moment, Erica, executive officer, aloof and reserved, with people hardly daring to approach me. Now I kneel naked and chained at my lovers feet knowing I have no choice but to obey his commands. Seeking once again the ultimate release from myself at his firm hands.

The image of the leather collar closing around my throat reminds me of my submission. I can only wait patiently flexing my chained wrists. I can hardly bear the tension, still feeling the hardness and warmth of your cock inside my sex, still shaking in my need to climax. Knowing that you can do anything you want with me. Just the thought sends another wave flooding through me.

"We have not finished, Erica," you warn. "Are you now ready to obey my original command?" 

You pull the leash tighter and guide my mouth to your cock, waiting for my glossed lips to part. 

My eyes still feel lost in the darkness of your blindfold. The gold chain around my waist only emphasises my nakedness. My sex aches with need, parted by the two gold chains that run down over my mons and up between the cheeks of my bottom. They leave me constantly throbbing with desire, so wanton I cannot understand it. I wish my lover would slide something inside me to release my climax. I can hardly bear to wait, but I know you will punish me if I come before you give permission. I toy with the thought knowing the thongs of your whip will excite me again.

"Yes, Master. Take me", I murmur flicking my flowing hair back behind my collar. I know you can see my excitement in my erect nipples and my trembling hips. 

You smile as you consider the boundless opportunities offered by your naked and chained lover, Erica. Where should one take her? 

"Master, please use me for your pleasure, I beg of you. Ravish me, master", you plead.

I ignore your wanton charms, toying with the thoughts on how to ravish you for the remainder of the afternoon. 

"Very good, Erica," I reply,  "You are learning to obey." I muse on the thought of our first session together and your offer of submission to my desires.

"Thank you, Master," you whisper, quivering with desire. 

"We have not finished, Erica," I continue firmly toying with the soft leather tip of the crop in my hands. 

"Are you now ready to obey my original command?", I demand, pulling the leash tighter and guide your mouth to my hard cock, waiting for your glossed lips to part to satiate my desire. 

"Yes, Master. Take me", you whisper, as I slide between your perfectly rounded lips.

I smile as I see your excitement in your erect nipples. I can feel you trembling with passion and need for release. I reach down and squeeze your right nipple, gagging your moan as I thrust inside your lips. Your tongue teases the head of my cock, licking its whole length. You revel in the familiar taste of your lover and your own love juices. Your lips wrap around me as I thrust my hard cock inside. Your head moves back and forth pleasuring me with your oral offering. "How much do you like to suck my cock, Erica? "

"I adore it", you reply just touching the tip between thrusts, before taking me deep inside you again. My cock fills your mouth as you realise the incompleteness of your reply.

"Erica, you know that your disobedience is punishable, I shall be less forgiving this time."

"P-p-please," you beg bowing your head submissively, "Master. I am yours to use as you so desire."

"Slave, I didn"t tell you to stop sucking me. You will have to learn to be more obedient, Erica". 

You quiver at the thought of being punished and wonder if I will satiate the obvious desire in my throbbing cock.

"How should I punish you for such insolent behaviour, Erica?" 

"Anyway you wish, Master. I am your slave. My body is yours to chose its pleasure or its suffering." You respond wondering what will happen next. Your pussy is totally wet at the thought. You long to touch yourself.

"Well, Erica, your master has decided.", I reply. " I should come over your pouting lips and flickering tongue but I shall restrain myself until you beg for me to come inside you."

"Please, Master, come inside me, take me anywhere you wish", you plead. 

"You will beg better in a moment, my dearest slave girl."

I step back and readjust the black silk blindfold covering your eyes. I take your wrists and chain them together again behind your back, this time linking them to the two chains running down between the rounded cheeks of your ass. You immediately pull your wrists back to pull the chains tighter into your pussy , one running each side of  your clitoris. You gasp in wanton pleasure at the feeling, tugging gently and wiggling your bottom.

You know how close I am behind you. You can almost feel my voice. "Erica, if you come without your master"s permission you will suffer".

Your hands remain still, as your sex shakes in expectation of climaxing. You feel my hands brush your pubes as I attach something to the two chains at the front, just where they meet the chain around your waist. You gasp as cold chain touches your stomach and reaches up between your breasts. You are silent as I thread the chain through a chrome loop on your collar. You almost come as I tug gently, making your pussy surge with desires, the chains wet with your juices again.

You moan helplessly as I lead you from the room, your bare feet noticing the change from marble to stone. The chain feels so taught between your legs, pulling your chained wrists tightly against your ass.

"Master, your slave offers herself for chastisement or fucking. Please, please take me. Use me. I cannot bear the suspense". 

"Erica, I will decide what will happen with you. You can tell me, as I punish you, everything you desire me to do with you. First you must wait."

You feel the chain tighten as it is hooked to the wall, another orgasm seems close. Your erect nipples tense at the touch of the stone wall. Your bare thighs rest firmly against the wall. You are unable to turn in any direction. You wait. Your hear me step away and a door open to one side. You suddenly feel alone. Is this your punishment you wonder? 

Time seems to stop as you move your wrists making the chains seesaw in your open pussy. You push your sex brazenly against the wall the cold soft stone embracing your hot clitoris. You gasp as it quells your desire, stopping another wave of orgasmic sensation in your sex. You repeat the process over and over, moaning as the intense feeling grows inside you and gasping for breath as you control yourself. You feel beads of sweat on your body as it shakes with uncontrollable desire. It seems to last for ever.

"I do hope you haven"t come, Erica. You know that I can tell", I say as my return interrupts your thoughts. My finger reaches between your legs and pushes just inside your pussy.

You moan pleadingly, "Please, master. Feel how hot I am for you, master".

I reach up and let you suck your juices from my finger admiring your perfect red lips. I release the blindfold, letting your long black hair fall onto your shoulders, and turn your lips to face me. 

"I have chosen what you should wear for this evening. Come with me". 

Your eyes blink in the candlelight as you realise I have changed into evening dress. Just the thought of being naked and bound before your formally dressed lover makes you shudder. I lead you through the large oak door and we stop before a table covered in white silk with various objects laid out in front of you.

"Erica, do submit yourself to your punishment for your disobedience", I enquire lifting your chin to me and looking straight into your green eyes.

"Absolutely, master. Use me as you wish. Anything you command is my desire", you reply as I unfasten the chains from your collar and waist. The two wet chains slide reluctantly from between your legs. I lift them to your lips and you lustfully lick your juices from them. I release your wrists leaving you naked apart from the collar around your neck, symbolising your submission.

"Erica, I command you to perfume yourself and adjust your makeup. Then attire yourself  with everything on the table."

Your scent can hardly mask your arousal. You paint your lips deep red imagining them still wrapped around my hard cock. You slide the sheer black hold up stockings up your legs, the lace tops just reaching the tops of your thighs. The shoes are a perfect fit, black soft leather Edwardian boots with high heels. I admire your gaping pussy as you bend to lace the boots tightly around each ankle. You notice that there are two straps that wrap around each ankle and fasten them tightly on the outside. Their purpose becomes clear when you see the chrome rings on each strap inside your ankles. The black silk panties are an unexpected item. You pull them up against your open sex and immediately know how wet they are. They have ribbons at each side. You cannot imagine wearing them for very long. You gasp in desire at the gloves, sensuous black suede with laces that rise past the elbows. You tingle with desire as you slide each one on. You offer me each wrist in turn so that I can pull the lacing tight. You flex your fingers to indulge in the sensation. The gloves also have a wrist strap which I fasten tightly and another at the top above the elbows. 

You wonder how far forward your breasts would thrust if I joined both of your elbows. The black leather bustier seems to be almost a four inch belt. I reach under your tingling breasts as I lace it tightly behind you. You look down, your breasts are bare but lifted forwards. Your nipples show your intense arousal. I reach up and unfasten your collar, only to replace it with another, wider and softer. So wide it almost lifts your chin. You shudder as I fasten the three straps under your dark hair. The collar is joined to the belt by a leather strap, completing the harness.

"Touch yourself with your leather covered fingers, Erica", I order.

You immediately thrust a finger into your sex making you moan, the other hand opens your pussy and circles your clitoris. You cry out in pleasure.

"Stop. Slaves only pleasure themselves for their masters", I order. Your  face grimaces. "Touch your bottom with your fingers", I continue, "Imagine it is my hard cock there". You hesitate slightly. I reach out and squeeze your left nipple, harder and harder, watching your finger slide between the cheeks of your bottom. I admire your wanton moans as your leather covering fingers toys with your ass.

" You look wonderful. Completely ready for your submission. I think I will not blindfold you until later, slave."

"Fasten this chain to the ring just below your breasts and offer it to me", I command. You sigh in your submission as you hand me the chain to lead you into the main room. I lead you to chain which hangs from the ceiling in front of a huge mirror. You admire how desirable you look. You shiver as you see a small table nearby holding two thonged whips, a crop, and two black leather phalluses. You cross your wrists waiting for them to be joined. You gasp as I take you right wrist and pull it up towards you left elbow fastening it tightly to the strap above the elbow. You offer your left wrist to be bound to the other elbow. "Good, you are beginning to obey, Erica". 

Your breasts thrust out in front of you wantonly, stretched by the tightness in your elbows. I wrap another wide strap around your already bound forearms, tightening the straps to ensure your arms are tight.  I fasten a chain the strap to a ring at the back of your collar, pulling tightly to raise your chain and pull your head back slightly. You experiment with raising your tightly bound arms rather than leaning your head back. You elect to keep your head , apart from glancing in the mirror to admire your taught bound body.

You feel confused as I fasten the chain loosely to a ring in the middle of your back  wondering its purpose.

"Open your legs, Erica", I order. "Wider, Erica".

I kneel and attach a chrome bar between your ankles, to each of those rings on the straps of your boots. Your sex feels wide apart. I admire your arousal as I fasten the centre of the bar to a ring in the floor. "You are so helpless, Erica, I could take you anywhere".

"Please, master, anything", you plead. I adjust the chain in the middle of your back.

"Erica, your punishment is about to begin".

You look glazed in erotic anticipation, "I am totally yours, master".

"Bend forward, Erica". You lean forward as I pull the chain from between your breasts. You fall forward, only to feel the chain fastened to your back tighten and keep your bottom raised in the air. I pull down further until you are at right angles, tensioned between two chains. Your legs feel so wide apart. You know the thin silk offers little protection from a hard cock or the thongs of the whips. You struggle with the tension in your arms and find yourself lifting your head to look straightforward and thrusting your breasts wantonly forward. You shudder as I play with your sensitive breasts, "Maybe, a small clip would help you remember your obedience, you wanton slave". You part your lips pleadingly struggling to adapt to the tension of your bondage, your back arched painfully.

I run my fingers over your turned on flesh making you tremble. I decide to do it differently , an improvement in Erica's plight. I take a small harness that wraps over both shoulders and fastens in the middle of the back. You gasp as it tightens and I fasten another chain from the ceiling to it. It pulls your head and shoulders up, arching your back perfectly. I stand in front of you. Your taught body offered your mouth to my cock. My fingers run over your lips.

"Well, Erica, such a haughty bitch before you discovered your desires. Now desperate to suck my cock and pleasure her true master".

You part your lips expectantly. "Fuck my lips, master". 

Your eyes are glued to mirror as walk behind you and touch you inside the silk panties.

"Such a wet and wanton slut. Yet, you haven"t learnt to obey instantly. How you will plead if chose to ravish you here with soft leather thongs."

" I will obey, master. Anything you desire." You almost come at the thought, only the tension of your bonds restricting you.

"First, I shall leave you to contemplate your obedience properly. I shall return soon to finish your punishment".