Emma's Frogtie Escape

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2014 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; rope; frogtie; crotchrope; gag; escape; toys; mast; climax; true; cons; X

Here is a little something I did a little while back in 2012. I also posted it on my Blog if anyone’s interested in a little more bondage kink.


I had a chesty cough for the last 4 weeks that has only just gone away, and to top it off, it seems ages I have been feeling bloated and depressed as a result of what seems like a never ending period. It's about time, but I guess I am back to my old self a bit now. But that’s enough about the vanilla me. After a quick shower this morning I was sitting on the corner of the bed towel drying my hair while Peter was watching the breakfast news. I had been a bit down last week as a result of what he insensitively calls the "Blob".

Anyway he offered to go and get the weekly shop for me. I almost fell over as he loathes it. He always comes back moaning about how some "bastard was coughing germs over the baked bread at Tesco"; or "Why does every complete Twat go shopping with mates with all their screaming hoards of kids in tow, blocking up the aisles with their trollies, to fucking gas on about some shitty reality show they watched last night".

Very blunt and unforgiving is my Peter!

Thank god he didn't go on again about "all the retired old fogies that were doddering about, why don’t they go midweek instead of getting under my feet!" I have to laugh at this as it’s always some little thing that drives him completely nuts. I love to tell him he will be like that in a few years, which is like a red rag to a bull. Then it takes ages for him to calm down.
Well that’s me digressing again.

Anyway sitting there in my birthday suit, jokingly I said to him "what will I do?" Anything you want was his reply. So I took him at his word and said I wanted him to tie me up and then go off shopping. Now I know he hates this. He is always going off & on about safety. Which he is right about. So I said he could double lock the doors when he goes, and pull out all the plugs etc. He moaned a bit longer about it before finally agreeing.

Out came the nice thick blue rope we bought and cut to size over Xmas, and seconds later my wrists were tied crossed and cinched behind my back. I was literally purring at the thought of the rope hugging my body.

As I was kneeling on the bed Peter said I was to be Frogtied. He knows I hate it as it always hurts if I am kneeling on the floor. Being on the bed, it wasn’t so bad for me so I agreed to this. Then he wrapped my legs in the rope. He started off down by my knee, then he brought the rope up to the top of my thigh, so it looked like I had two columns of rope tying them up. He cinched the top rope tightly, and then tied the other leg in the same way. There is nothing wrong with a nice tidy, good looking symmetrical tie, in my opinion.

He pulled out one last piece of rope, doubled it up and wound it round my waist. He pulled this very tight and then tied a knot that he positioned right over my clit. Then he splayed my pussy lips open and pulled the rope between legs through my ass cheeks up through the back of the waist rope before he pulled it tightly back through the front again.

I grunted loudly as the rope disappeared into my fanny! Then the slack was pulled tight as the rope was fed through the front of the waist rope and he tied it off. I had a crotch rope that went through my fanny and also created finger width mounds of flesh that squished against the middle crotchrope.

He pushed me over onto my back, and I thought the crotch rope was going to split me in half as I struggled to get upright again. He said he was off and to have fun, when I shouted after him "GAG! It's not bondage with out a gag." I cooed.

He protested about not being safe me being alone, but I persisted so he pulled out a big red ballgag.

I hardly ever use this one as I have a little mouth but he shoved it roughly in my mouth and buckled it up tight. He asked me rather gruffly if I was happy now, so I nodded.

The bedroom door was shut and I was left alone on top of the bed trying to get comfortable. The movement I was making was having a subtle, very pleasant impact on the crotch rope and I was becoming turned on. The big gag made me start to drool too, as I was huffing and puffing, fidgeting around the bed.
Testing my bonds I tried to escape. I had noticed that the thicker rope didn't hold its knots very well. A little more fidgeting around and the rope around the top of my thigh had loosened a little. Really tugging my hands around the side of my body I could feel the knot Peter had made. A few minutes of stopping and starting and the knot was undone, and the cinch was no more!

Laying on my back I positioned my other legs foot under the top of the loosened rope and tried to pull it away from my body. The rope gave way little by little and the tops of one thigh were soon loose enough to just push all the rope off my leg with my foot. I turned over onto my stomach to try to get at the other legs cinch. Pulling my ankle tight against my thigh, I could just feel the knot with my fingertips, but a determined effort and much fidgeting (which was driving my pussy crazy with that bloody knot he tied,) I managed to loosen the cinch.

Using my foot in the same way I could kick off the rope and sit up at last. It took another half an hour to get my wrists free. I decided to go stand in front of the bathroom mirror. Side on, I could see the knot and eventually twisted my hand to get at it.

After releasing my tortured fanny from the crotchrope, I lay down on the bed with my silver vibrator and in seconds I was having a marvellous orgasm. Bondage orgasms are the best "pick me up" if you are feeling down.

Emma x

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