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The Bondage Club
by Restricted
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The Bondage Club by Restricted M/f; F/m; bond; latex; leather; fem; cons/reluct; X

Sophie, Claire and Julie were the best of friends. They had known each other for some time. They had cried when one cried and cheered each other up. Eventually they formed “The Bondage Club”. The rules of this club were very simple. Each week for one night, one of the girls in turn would have to be tied up. The other two were to tie them up in a different position than the last time. They would video the sessions so that if at any time the method of tying was the same as previously experienced, then whoever did the tying, had to be tied up and left for a whole weekend. This meant that there would be 2 helpless captives struggling to get free.  This also occurred if the victim managed to struggle free of her ropes.

Sophie loved her close fitting latex cat suit. This was her favourite item of clothing. She often wore it to the local fetish club. She also had a schoolgirl outfit. She loved being the naughty schoolgirl in plaits who was caned over her navy blue knickers in front of class.

Claire was into leather. She had bought a bespoke leather cat suit. Her favourite outfit though was the tight fitting leather dress that could be locked on so she could not remove it. It was fitted with straps so the legs could be strapped down as well.

Julie on the other hand loved rubber. She had all sorts of rubber wear from French maid’s outfits down to a tight fitting hobble skirt and very tight blouse. She found out that she could not wear any underwear under this as the line would give the game away. Her favourite thing was the rubber straight jacket she had bought. She had spent many hours strapped in that. In fact she used to call one of the girls to strap her in at night, gag her and leave her until she released her the next morning. It did have its problems though. She asked Claire to lock her into the jacket, gag her and tie her feet. Claire received a phone call one morning and had to rush out for work. Julie had to have the day off from work that day!

The girls all said that they had met someone and they would each get to meet each other. A night out for all six of them would be a great way of getting to meet the others boyfriends.

Sophie told the others she was going away for 2 weeks to Scotland with her boyfriend. “He likes bondage, so I am taking my outfits. Perhaps when he has me all tied up at his mercy, he will ravage me!” she winked at the other 2.

Claire and Julie were also off for those 2 weeks and were disappointed that the time was not going to be used tying each other up. Still, they had to have their separate lives.

“My boyfriend Peter is into uniforms. He wants me to wear a nurse’s uniform. I am going to buy one of those sexy ones from the internet!” Claire said.

“That is strange!” said Julie, “my boyfriend is called Peter as well!”

“Very peculiar as I too am engaged or practically engaged to a Peter as well. He just doesn’t now it yet!”  Sophie said. “Perhaps these 2 weeks will convince him to propose!”

“We can all wear rubber dresses for the wedding then?” Julie asked.

“What a marvellous idea. We will tell everyone they must wear leather or rubber!” Sophie replied. The problem being that there was no photographs of their boyfriends yet!

Sophie packed her bags and left on the Friday evening. Julie and Claire spoke about it and decided to pay a surprise visit to Sophie and Peter. “You three could strip me and put my French maids outfit on and I would have to be the maid who welcomes you all!” Julie purred.

The two girls packed their bags with their outfits and all the ropes, chains, handcuffs and gags they had drove off into the night in Claire’s estate car. “Will those two have a shock when they see us?”

The next day found Julie and Claire booking into a small hotel. It seemed cosy enough. They found the wardrobes were made of solid oak and had strong locks. “We could lock each other in the wardrobes for the night!” they agreed. But they had to sign in the register book.

When they went back to their rooms the landlady said “They seem a nice couple of girls. I bet they are quiet!” All the customers agreed, “We will have to make them feel welcome!”

Claire said the car was playing up so she would take the car in for servicing at the local garage the next morning. Julie could take a look around and find the lodge that Sophie and Peter had rented.

In the lodge, Peter was just finishing tying Sophie up. She was wearing her schoolgirls outfit and he had her hands behind her back and her feet were tied together. He had gagged her. Now he put her over his knee and lifted the short pleated skirt up, lifted her hands and gave Sophie a sound spanking on her knickered bottom. “You are a very naughty girl Miss Smith!” he said.

“Oww, It ‘urt!” Sophie cried through the gag. Peter immediately started to rub her pert bottom, soothing it for her. Sophie was purring with contentment now. But Peter was not finished. He picked her up and sat her on his knees. Now he started making circular movements with his finger over her knickers where her sex was getting damp with excitement. She had never experienced being played with while in bondage before. She loved it.  But just as she was ready to climax, Peter stopped what he was doing and stood her in the corner facing the wall.  

“Oh, ease inish it, ease!” Sophie cried against the gag. Peter laughed. “You will wait until I think you deserve it. For that, you stay like that for the night!” He picked up some more rope and tied it around Sophie’s hands once more. He carried her to the door and threw the rope over it. Fortunately the door did not fit the frame properly. Here was a gap at the top. This allowed the rope to go over the door and Peter pulled the rope so Sophie’s arms were lifted and she had to bend forward.  He tied the other end of the rope to the door handle and picked Sophie up while he closed the door.

Sophie watched in her stooped position while Peter got undressed for bed. Now he had an idea. He got some more rope, duct tape, a pair of handcuffs and a gag. He put the gag in his mouth and strapped it up tight. He walked over to Sophie and put the keys to the handcuffs in her breast pocket. Now he went back to the bed.

Tying the rope tightly around his ankles would stop him walking.  He wound duct tape around the rope so the knot was sealed in. Now he slipped into bed and pulled the duvet up. The handcuffs were locked on his hands behind his back. He was snug and secure as well now.  “ood ite!” he called out. Sophie in her awkward position answered “’ood ite!” back. She could see he was not going to give her relief from being highly aroused. This left her very frustrated indeed.

The next morning, Peter woke up and for a moment could not figure out why he could not move, until he realised what he had done. He swung himself out of bed and hopped over to Sophie who had not slept a wink all night. He turned round and shuffled backwards until he reached Sophie. He was feeling for the breast pocket and the handcuff keys. He had to hurry as he wanted to go to the toilet.

His hands wandered all over the schoolgirl’s shirt Sophie was wearing, paying special attention to her nipples. He could feel them hardening. He was enjoying this. So was Sophie, but her back was aching. And she wanted to use the toilet as well! Peter found the keys and released the handcuffs.

He bent down and removed the duct tape and untied the rope. After picking Sophie up he opened the door and went to the toilet leaving poor Sophie standing there waiting for him to return. When he did, he released Sophie and she rushed into the toilet. When she came back she let fly into Peter calling him all the names she could think of!

Peter had no option, out came the rope again and tied her hands behind her back, the gag was stuck back into her mouth and he tied her feet once more.

While all this was going on, Julie went on a walkabout looking for the lodge. She had found it. She had caused a stir with the other guests by going to breakfast in her very tight hobble skirt and tight rubber blouse. Claire was wearing her leather cat suit!

All the rest of the bondage gear was still in the car. Claire had gone to the garage. It had taken Julie ages to find the lodge. She hadn’t given it a thought that she could not move her legs much in that skirt. She was used to wearing it. Her nipples were getting stiff from the rubbing up and down from the rubber blouse while she walked.  But at last she found the lodge and phoned Claire.

Peter was satisfied Sophie could not move and as he thought about what to do with her, there was a knock at the door. Peter hurriedly got dressed and picked Sophie up. He whispered she had to be quiet as they did not know who was at the door. He found the broom cupboard with the heavy oak door and put her inside. Then he shut the door and locked it.  Sophie slid down the wall and sat their. The stone floor was cold on her bottom. Peter answered the door. It was Julie! “Julie, what are you doing here?”

“More precisely Peter, what are you doing here?  This is Sophie and her boyfriends lodge. Where are they anyway?”

Peter grabbed her and spun her round. Now she had to take what he was going to do to her. He handcuffed her hands behind her back and gagged her. Quickly tying her feet together, he had another hostage!

But then another knock on the door! He picked Julie up and took her into the bedroom. He put her on the bed and locked the door behind him. He went to the door. “Claire!”

“Peter, what the hell is going on?”  She went inside the lodge and Peter turned on her and quickly hogtied her rather severely. He found a tea towel, wrapped it round, shoved it in her mouth and tied it tightly behind her head.

To his chagrin, there was another knock on the door. “This is getting ridiculous! It is like Piccadilly Circus here!” he thought. He took Claire and put her in the lounge. This person could only be a caller and would not want to come in. He answered the door. “Jan!” he said and stood there with his mouth open.

She was ready for him. “I knew you were up to something, so I followed you. I lost you at Kingussie, but saw that car that is parked outside and followed that. I had seen it around our way!”

“How did you know I was up to something?”

“How long have we been married?” She pulled out an electric stun gun and gave Peter a small jolt.

Peter cried out in agony. “Strip!”


“I said strip!” Peter stripped naked. Jan took out some rope and tied his hands behind his back. Now his feet were tied tightly.

“Can we talk about this?”

“Shut up. I have given you the chance to make it up before. I have had enough! Into the lounge!”  Peter had to hop. When they entered the lounge Jan saw Claire lying there all trussed up in her leather cat suit. “I can see why he chose you. I would not wear such disgusting things!”

Peter was told to lie on the floor. Jan helped him down. She rolled him on his stomach and went to the car outside. She found all the bondage equipment the girls had taken with them. She got the lot out and took it back into the lounge. “Disgusting things!” she screamed at Peter. “Well you like bondage, so you and this little slut can be tied up together!” Claire did not like being called a slut and started to wriggle, trying to loosen the ropes around her feet. She was going to head butt Jan if she could reach her.

Jan put a gag in Peter’s mouth and strapped it up tightly. She took some rope and tied it to the ropes around his ankles. Peter felt his legs being lifted.. She lifted his legs as high as she could and tied the rope to the “D” ring at the back of the gag. Peter’s head was being pulled backwards.

A long length of rope was wound around his legs forcing his shins towards the back of his thighs. When she was satisfied the rope was tight enough, she tied it off. The handcuffs were released and Peter felt her wrapping rope around one wrist. He tried to lash out with his other hand, but received a shock from the stun gun. Jan carried on working. His hands were tied together and the extra rope was joined to the rope around his legs. “I am thoughtful. I realise if you do manage to roll on your back, handcuffs would bite into your back!”

But in reality she had other plans for the handcuffs. Still she went on working with the rope. By pushing her hands under his chest she could thread a rope around him. She did this 3 times, pulling tight each time before she tied it together! 

She picked up the handcuffs and pushed Peter on his side. With a glint in her eyes, she snapped one of the cuffs around the base of his balls. She threaded the cuff through his legs and tied it to his hands. “Pull too tight and you would become a nice little girl like this slut here! Perhaps she will let you wear her cat suit!” She pushed him back onto his chest again.

Claire struggled and tried to reach the handcuff keys that Jan had left on the floor. Jan saw what she was up to and picked them up. Claire was pulled over unceremoniously towards Peter, “If you want him, you can have him!” She tied Claire’s feet to the ropes around Pete’s legs.  

Jan left the two there and went looking around the lodge. She went into the bedroom and found Julie. She helped her to stand up and gave her a jolt with the stun gun. She had to hop into the lounge. Jan pushed her to the floor and tied her feet to Pete’s legs as well. Now she carried on the search.

She soon found Sophie locked in the broom cupboard. She was made to hop into the lounge. Jan had an evil thought. All these girls were going to be wriggling trying to escape. She would make sure that Pete knew they were trying to escape and it was going to hurt him.

She pushed Sophie to the ground and untied the two girls’ feet from Pete’s legs. With a big grin on her face, she took some rope and threaded it through the middle link of the handcuffs. Another piece of rope joined it. One end of one piece of rope was tied to Sophie’s legs. The other end went to Claire’s legs. The second piece of rope, one end went to Pete’s hands, the other end to Julie's legs. If anyone moved, Pete was going to know all about it.

“Well girls, I give him to you. Make it nice and painful for him! Oh and I am taking all your clothes and giving them to a charity shop. I hope you like naturism, because you have a long walk with no clothes on. I hope it gets really cold!” She put the keys to the handcuffs on the window ledge and left the lodge. She drove off home leaving all 4 of them stranded there.

As each girl struggled to escape, Pete felt the tug on his balls. He screamed in agony. They were going to rupture him at least.  Each of the girls was struggling trying to be the first to escape, so she could be the first to have a go at punching her boyfriend.

But it was Sophie who after 6 hours of struggling was the first to escape. She released Julie and Claire. “What shall we do with him?” 

Claire had the idea first. Her and Julie went and checked out of the hotel and called in at a timber yard. They made a strong wooden tea chest up for them.  They put it in the back of Claire’s estate car, and drove back to the lodge. They agreed what to do. Between them they picked up Pete with a struggle and put him in the box. Julie made lots of air holes in the lid with a drill she had found in the tool shed. They packed out the box with newspapers, put the lid on the box and nailed it down.

A “This way up!” sign was written on the box on all sides in large letters. An address label was written out and addressed to Pete’s wife. They nailed the lid down and phoned for the parcel delivery people to come and pick up their parcel. 

The delivery people heaved the box into the back of the van and drove off. Sophie, Julie and Claire had the rest of the 2 weeks to have a very nice time tying each other up! It became the best holiday they had ever had! 

The next day, Jan was busy cutting up all Peters clothes. There was no way would he get away with what he had been up to. She had been suffering in silence for years, and now it has snapped. There was ring and the doorbell. Jan had just cut up the last of Peters clothes. As far as she was aware, he was in the lodge with the girls trying to escape from the bondage. She had his clothes with her and she gloated as she snipped though them.

Jan answered the door. It was a delivery van. “Parcel for you. Please sign here!” Jan looked at the box and wondered what on earth it could be. She signed for the box and tipped the men. They took it indoors for her.

Leaving Jan, one of the men asked if she had a body in the box. Jan laughed as she had no idea what she was going to find. She got a claw hammer and opened the box up. Removing the packaging she found Peter still tightly hogtied as she left him.  The box was pushed over and wiggled out from under Peter.  He was left lying on his side looking up at her.

“You look pathetic!”  Jan untied him and he asked for his clothes. Jan left the room and came back with a bundle of tattered rags. 

Peter had removed the gag. “But I don’t have anything to wear now!” 

“That is your problem, hang on, I will get you something!” She left and returned with an old swimming costume. “Put that on.”

Peter stepped into it and pulled the straps up over his shoulders. “Ouch. It is too small, I will rupture myself!”

“Well you had better be careful then. I don’t like the look of that bulge at the front; I will get you something to cover it up!”  Jan returned with an elasticated waist pleated skirt and told him to slip that on.  

Jan watch in amusement as all that week Peter was doing his best to win her over. He did all the housework, and sent her out to a beauty parlour. Not that he could go himself in his rig out! She was starting to enjoy watching the skirt flare out as he turned in hurry. Peter was doing all the cooking and Jan noticed his attitude had changed for the better. He was becoming more subservient as each day passed. He was still moaning about the tightness of the swimming costume though!

What Peter did not know that was while she was out shopping she had bought him some slacks and a shirt. But she had left this with a neighbour who she trusted. She had told her that they were in a sale and she had bought them for Peter for his birthday. But Peter was not going to get them yet.  Oh no. Jan was enjoying this treatment too much to let it go!  Her neighbour, Sarah asked how Peter was as she had not seen him for weeks.

“Oh he is fine. He is doing the housework at the moment!”

“Decorating again?”

“No, he is just doing the housework!”

“How did you get him to do that? I wish I could get my lazy slob of a husband to do it for me!”

<“I will let you into my secret one day!”

A week went by and Jan said she thought Peter should curtsey when she speaks to him. “I am not doing that!”

“Oh well, I suppose you will have to get used to going to work in my old swimming costume and that skirt! I think the girls will think you look very fetching! Perhaps you should transfer to the typing pool!” Peter knew he was stuck, but he kept on working on her, hoping she would relent!

But Jan would not relent. She had gone out and bought him a couple of stiff corselets, tights and some panties with little flower designs on them. She sewed up the crotch opening so Peter would have to remove his shirt to go to the toilet. Peter protested, but Jan said nothing. Instead she looked at him and went to Sarah’s house. She asked for his short and slacks and told her to follow her.

Sarah walked into Jan’s house to find Peter looking at the knickers and corselets. She was shocked to see him in the swimming costume and the skirt. “That is how I made him do the housework. Petticoat discipline! I found a site on the net and although this was done accidentally as I had cut all his clothes up, I realised the changes in him and looked at the site. Many women have done it and they all say the men are more attentive! Now Peter, you have no pants, just these panties and corselets. Perhaps you will not be too quick to get your kit off for some floozy or another!” Sarah was nearly in tears with laughter at Peter’s distress.

Sarah said she could make him some skirts and blouses if Jan wanted. Jan agreed and Sarah left for home. “I must try this on hubby! It looks good! I find Peter sexy in a skirt. I hope my old man looks as nice in one! There are no flies to spoil the line!”

A few days later, the phone rang. Peter answered it and told Jan it was for her. Jan took the phone and listened. All peter heard was “Okay, next Saturday will be lovely. I look forward to meeting you!”

“Who was that?”

“Nothing to do with you, well it has, but I am not going to tell you!”

The Saturday came. The one before Peter was due back to work for the little time he spent there. His long suffering secretary spent all the time doing his work while he got the praise from the shareholders! Jan was fully aware of this. She had told him time and time again to do something about it, but all she got was “Well I employ her, don’t I?”

Peter was still flouncing about in his swimsuit and skirt. He had moaned at Jan to get him some clothes to wear. The doorbell rang and Jan told Peter to answer the door. “I can’t go like this!”

“Oh well, you won’t be getting your clothes then will you!”

Peter went to the door and opened it standing behind it trying to hide what he was wearing. It was Sophie, Claire and Julie. Peter was struck dumb but Jan crept up behind him and shoved him into full view of the girls. They laughed at him. Peter cringed.

The girls entered Jan’s house and Peter made the coffee. The girls told Jan they never knew Peter was married. They didn’t even know that he was dating the other 2.  Jan listened and accepted their story. Then she got onto the bondage scene. “Why do you do such things?”

“Well, it is a bit of daydreaming that we have been captured by some evil baron and the Prince on his white horse is coming to rescue us!”

“I can understand that I suppose, but what kicks do you get out of tying someone up?”

“All I can explain is that when I tie one of these two up is that I get a thrill from the power of having my freedom while they have surrendered their freedom to me! When they tie me up, I find I am freer to express myself as I cannot refuse and there is nothing to stop whoever ties me up from having their way with me!” Sophie told her.

Jane asked about their bondage gear. “It is in the boot!” Jan asked them to get the stuff out and she would look at it. She was amazed at the amount of stuff they had managed to get into the estate car.

The 3 girls explained the difference between leather, latex and rubber. “I always thought latex was rubber!”

“Sort of, but they, well you can see for yourself!” Julie brought out the straight jacket.

“What is this for?”

“Try it on!”

“No thanks, it looks horrible!”

“Not horrible, but it is quite comforting really!”

“Hang on, I have an idea. Pete get in here!” Peter came in from the kitchen! “Take that skirt off!”


“How many times do I have to tell you? Take that skirt off. Are you simple or something?” Peter stepped out of the skirt, folded it up and put it over the back of a chair.

Julie had opened the jacket up for Jan to see. Jan took it from her and held it up for Peter to step into.  He put his arms into the sleeves and Julie went behind him to pull the jacket back over his shoulders. Jan took over. She quickly fastened the straps behind his back. His arms were pulled tight around him and the straps tightened. Jan loved the next bit. She pulled the strap that went under his crotch and joined it to the buckle at the back. “Comfortable?” “Yes dear!” Jan pulled it tighter! “Ow! That is too tight!” “Good! I do not want to see you enjoying yourself!”

Claire gave her a gag and she fastened it into his mouth.  Julie got the hobble skirt and this was put on Peter. It was way too small, but had a little stretch in it. But it held him fast so he could hardly walk. “I can see what you mean about tying someone up! I love this. I am beginning to get excited!”

Jan told the others that as it looked as though Peter was going nowhere, the 4 girls should go for lunch in the local pub! They laid Peter on the floor and blindfolded him. The girls were ready for the meal. Jan called for Sarah and took her along as well!  They explained to Sarah what was going on. Sarah could not wait to see Peter!

Meal finished, they went back to Jan’s house. Jan was persuaded to try the latex cat suit on. Sarah put on the leather one of Claire’s. Now they convinced the Jan and Sarah to pay Peter a visit.

Jan and Sarah took out a couple of paddles from the bag and gave Peter a good slapping on the rear. “Ow!” He was sweating profusely in the rubber wear and the swimsuit.  But Claire said it was time that Sarah and Jan got tied up. The two went and removed the cat suits and put their own clothes back on.

Both wore track suits for comfort.  This was handy as it made them easier to tie up. Sophie and Claire worked on Jan while Julie tied Sarah up tight. Soon they were rolling around on the floor. Jan started to “mmmppphhh” 

Julie went and got Ted, Sarah’s husband. As he entered the house, Sophie and Claire jumped him. They handcuffed his hands behind his back and tied his feet together. Now all four were the prisoners of Claire, Julie and Sophie. The girls had to admire their work. With each one gagged, there was not a lot of sensible conversation from the four. They were busy wriggling around the floor trying to escape.

Sophie said he had one last thing to do. She threaded a rope between Jan’s legs. Julie could see what she was up to and did the same to Sarah. The rope was tied to Jan’s hands and pulled up tight between her legs, pushing the track suit bottoms into her now moist pussy. Sophie tied the rope up tight around her waist and Julie copied her on Sarah.  Peter still had the blindfold on and could not see anything, but he did hear Jan and Sarah scream out as they had an orgasm and screamed into their gags. He could hear the two of them breathing heavily as they lay there nearby! What he did not know who the other person was nearby!

But after an hour all four were released. “That was wonderful! Now I can see the beauty of bondage! I never realised you could feel so alive and free while being tied up!”

“Your imagination is allowed to run riot!”

Jan, Sarah and Ted were now fans of bondage and the girls told them of the web site they could buy all their stuff they would need in future from.  Sophie, Claire and Julie said their goodbyes and left.

Jan turned to Peter and told him. “You will be wearing those panties and corselet in future. I will let your Secretary know, so you will not be able to nip out and by some clothes!”

Peter went to work on the Monday. He was conscious of the corselet and thought everyone could see it through his shirt.  But Jan had got a new jacket for him and this covered the straps up. But Peter was more worried about the lace bra part of the corselet showing. He kept his jacket on all day. Even though it was hot and everyone kept telling him to take it off!

Later that day, Jan phoned the Secretary and asked if she noticed anything odd about Peter. She said everyone was wondering why he would not take his coat off!” Jan told her the reason. “That explains why he was so long in the toilet each time he went!”

Peter had found it a nuisance that he had to strip everything off to go to the toilet, and then put it back on again afterwards.

“Can we have some fun with Peter?” the Secretary asked Jan.

“Do what you like with him, let me know what you are going to do so I can come and photograph him!” It was arranged for the next day. All the typing pool girls were told to bring some old clothes they did not want with them. Between them they would be bound to have something that would fit Peter!

Jan was phoned and told of the plan. She watched as Peter left for work! He did not know what was going to happen to him.  He arrived at work and went into his office. The Secretary brought his coffee in. “What colour are they today?”


“Your panties! Are they nice and frilly? I bet they have little pink flowers on them and a little pink bow at the front!” How did she know?

The secretary called all the girls in. They seized peter and stripped him down to the corselet and tights. They quickly had him in a dress and high heeled shoes. They were crippling his feet.

Jan arrived to take the photographs. Peter was made to work all day in the typing pool with the girls all making fun at him.  Jan told him he had to give the girls a raise. Peter refused. “Oh well, I hope you love going home in that dress!” She picked up his clothes and started to walk out. Peter caved in and gave the girls the raise they deserved.

But Peter never realised that Jan had spoken to his Secretary and between them they had formed another branch of the bondage club. The Secretary said she had seen pictures of people being mummified alive. “Oh we can try that on Peter another day! I am sure he would love to be an ornament around here for a day or two! I don’t know though. Would it make any difference? He is an ornament already!” The Secretary laughed and said she thought the girls in the typing pool would love to have him all firmly wrapped up.

But instead of only going to his office one day a month now, he has to report for duty every day, and let one of the typing pool girls have the day off from work. He argued against it but the Secretary said she would let the business run down. She was the brains behind Peter.  He did not want to do it, but all the typing pool girls had a collection and bought him a new dress. One that fitted. It was made of rubber and had a back zip that locked up. Peter often wore that for work. Jan told the Secretary it might be a good idea if his own clothes went missing one day. “That is for the future and the bondage club!”


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