Decompression Part 6

by Scarecrow

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; rope; bfold; scarves; bond; cuffs; collar; tease; slave; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Six

Chapter 9

So I have a good cry. It's something guys just don't get, how a good cry can release all the tensions, kind of like a system reset, and he just holds me and lets me get it all out of my system and when I'm done he stands up and puts me in the chair and goes off to make supper. He's different; like I said. So while he's busy we have our first real conversation and this guy has a proper mind. I know he's got a good brain or he wouldn't be in his job, but he's got a mind and he uses it. He thinks and he has opinions and he can back them up with proper arguments. And he's read lots of different stuff but his favourite is SF and we go from topic to topic and it's the best real chat I've had with anyone in years.

Neither of us is trying to outdo the other and nor are either of us trying to push a special idea. And in the middle of all this we eat and I realise that he can do lots of things not including cook. Food is fuel, typical guy thing; I'm going to have to take over in the kitchen so he'll get two out of three 'cause I'm not interested in carrying a baby. But I don't say anything 'cause I don't want to spoil the flow. We're both enjoying it too much. But the sexual tension that was never there before is here now. Big time! It's like he woke up; he was sleeping before but he's awake now and he makes me aware that he's aware that I'm a woman and it's so nice!

And then he says 'Bed' and I tell him I want him inside me and he gets all mulish 'cause he's afraid that I'll be too sore from the clamps but even though I am feeling a bit sore and bruised that's not going to stop me. I want him to fuck me and I'm not taking 'No' for an answer and eventually he sees reason and agrees and I'm doubly happy 'cause I'm going to get fucked and it's the first time I've won. A girl has to assert herself sometimes even if she is in her kidnapper's lair. And then he gets back at me and I mean literally 'cause he insists on doing it doggie style, which is quite sweet 'cause he doesn't want to put any pressure on my bruised bits.

And it's nice and gentle and we both cum and I cum twice which makes him pleased and then we fall asleep in each other’s arms and I can't believe how good and safe I'm feeling.

So I wake up in Johnny's bed for the second time and this time I know exactly where I am and I'm feeling so safe and comfortable and good. But, back of mind, black little voice saying it won't work. Crash and burn. Happened too often. Jinx. And I fight it off but now wide awake. It's early. Used to early, normally get up four-thirty to work out; never did need much sleep. And I look at Johnny and feel all gooey seeing him sleeping so soundly. Doesn't stir as I slide out of bed to go to the loo. Still snoring when I get back. Wicked thought. Evil. So tempting. Never get a better chance, got to go for it!

I grab some gear from the toy box, cuffs, blindfold, gag, rope. First off, roll him on his back; biggest risk but if he wakes I can talk my way out of it. Okay, no sign of waking. Cuffs on wrists and ankles. Rope from wrists to bed-posts, loosely. Still sleeping deeply. Blindfold slides on gently. Getting risky again! Buckle and lock it quickly, now pull arms out and tie off out of reach; he's showing signs of waking but I've got him now. Legs, one done, other just as he starts to move, but he can't. Gotcha! Spread-eagle. See his hands go out, feel ropes, legs tense, pull, no slack. Asks if this the thanks he gets for letting me sleep untied and I answer 'No, this is what you get.' and I push the ball gag in and buckle and lock it too.

And now I can play and I'm loving the sense of power I have with this gorgeous hunk tied up and tied down and I remember that last night he tickled me under the arm which collapsed 'cause I'm so ticklish and I wonder how my Johnny will react to tickle torture. But before that I must give his cock some attention. Sticking straight up like a flag pole. So I lick all the way up and suck the top and then say we'll get back to that and he groans. And I decide to start at the bottom, bottom of his feet, and I run a finger-nail the length of his foot. He convulses! My Johnny is very ticklish. So I try with the other foot. Same result! Conclusive proof. So now I really attack and I find each and every ticklish spot on his bod. And he's got lots! And he's dragging air through his nostrils 'cause he can't breathe through his mouth and he's screaming and gurgling in his gag and I'm loving it.

And through all this his cock is standing there saying 'What about me?' So I give it some attention and then I use it to scratch my own itch 'cause I'm enjoying riding him and I control the pace to make sure he doesn't cum 'cause I've got plans for him for later and then I cum and it's nice but somehow it's not nearly as exciting as when John is running the show. Oh don't get me wrong, any orgasm is a good orgasm but this was, maybe, normal like what I'd get from any of the guys I fuck and now I've been spoiled 'cause what Johnny's been giving me is way beyond normal.

But I can't stop now. Got my man right where I want him. Time to concentrate on his beautiful cock so I clean it and I lick and suck it and I play with his balls and, now I have free reign with my hands, I show him what he was missing yesterday 'cause I tickle that little space between his balls and his arse and he goes wild. So I slide a finger in and find the prostrate. And I got a tip for the gals, if you really want to get your guy going, the prostrate is the way to go. You think it's yucky to go in there? You can always wash your hand. And if you really can't push all the way in, just tapping on the ring is nearly as good. Good way to warm up too. Anyway, my Johnny heaves and writhes and I'm still working on his cock with my mouth and tongue and I can feel that he's ready to blow so I reach up and tickle his armpit and he jerks up and arches his back as he explodes and I can hardly keep up with him as he spurts in my mouth but I take it all

And finally he collapses and is finished. So now it's time to let him loose but that scares me 'cause I don't know how he'll react to what I did to him so I free his legs and take the gag out and first thing he does is thank me for a wonderful orgasm so maybe it's not going to be too bad but I'm still scared so I put mitts on his hands and clip them behind his back. He wants the blindfold off but I say no 'cause I want control for as long as possible so he says he wants to wee and I say fine and I take him to the bathroom and hold his cock and shake it off and he's not embarrassed or anything.

And now I'm hungry, been working hard and a girl's got to keep her strength up. So I tell him I'll take over the cooking, which is fine by him. And I sit him down and put together a proper breakfast with fried eggs and bacon and sausage and tomato and then I feed him. And I'm having such fun caring for my man and he seems to be enjoying it too.

And we've been chatting while I cooked and he asks about other relationships and I don't see the trap and before I know it I'm opening up and telling him how guys always run when they see I'm not just an air-head blonde fuck toy. And maybe it's 'cause he's tied up and can't see me that it makes it easier for me but now I'm telling him how much he's got to me and how different he is and how lonely I am and I'm sitting on his lap and crying on his chest and the bastard safe-words on me!

And now I know I've fucked up big time 'cause I know he's going to kick me out 'cause that's what guys always do and he says ‘No, he just wants to hold me and kiss away my tears’ and he says he won't break my heart and I want to believe him but I don't know if I can. And he just sits there and doesn't say a word, and I want to run and run and run and maybe get my car and drive off a cliff and just end the misery.

Ha! Fooled myself didn't I? Wanted to storm the tower didn’t I? Break through the barriers and have a bit of fun, and instead my Johnny broke through my barriers, all my carefully constructed walls to protect myself and he's laid me bare - 'Puns at a time like this, you're crazy girl' I think - and I don't know how to deal with it. But I can't run, I can't leave him tied up like this. So I free his hands and sit on his lap and he does hold me and kiss me and slowly, oh so slowly, I start to feel that maybe, just maybe I can trust this guy.

And then his cock starts to harden and I sit on it and he holds me inside and out and it feels so good! But I don't want to let him see me 'cause I know I'm an absolute mess but I have to and I take off his blindfold and he tells me that I am beautiful.

And I believe him!

And now we have a real, heart-to-heart talk and he tells me how he fucked up with Marcie and I tell him how I've fucked up some of my relationships and we don't hold anything back. Total honesty stuff that most lovers never get to and then he asks about my kidnap fantasy. And I tell him how it started with my Maths teacher and how I love to be blindfolded and how silk across my face is such a turn on and how I still blindfold myself with a silk scarf and then give myself an orgasm. And in the meantime his cock has gotten soft and is just sitting quietly between my lips but when I talk about playing with myself while wearing a blindfold it gets all excited again and pushes into me. And I think 'You never know what is going to get a guy going do you?' So we make love. Not fucking. Not using each other. Real deep sharing and it's so warm and beautiful and I want it to last forever. But it doesn't and that's okay 'cause there's a connection between us that I've never known before. Probably the first time I've ever really made love and I just know it was special for Johnny too.

And I'm still sitting on his lap and we've still got our arms round each other and he tells me he's still going to tie me up and fuck my brains out and I like that idea and I also like the idea of him being in charge even though I would have been horrified to even think that before. But, I tell him I'm still sometimes going to tie him up and work my magic on him and so he changes the subject and I think 'Ah ha! Got you there Johnny-Boy!' And he tells me to go and get dressed so we can get some groceries if I'm going to cook and there's something he wants to buy me, but he won't tell me what it is.

So I put on an apple green summer frock, to match my eyes, with a flared skirt that'll show off my legs and is just tight enough in the bodice that my nips show. Wash my face, don't do make-up, brush my hair and pull into a pony, sandals and I'm good-to-go. Fifteen minutes, tops.

Johnny knows nothing about shopping - guy thing - but he humours me as I select the food and tries to get involved, so I ask what he likes and he can't really tell me. So I turn it around and what doesn't he like and that's not much better except he knows he doesn't like offal and he doesn't like slithery puddings - boarding school - and we agree that, with those limits I'll cook what I want and he can tell me if he likes it or not. And he compliments me on my breakfast and I say that a proper breakfast is quite hard 'cause you have to get the timing right on everything and he says 'Yes, everything is about timing. Timing and angles!' and we both shriek with laughter which upsets a woman whose been trying to listen to our conversation. Which makes us laugh even more!

 And when we're done we have lunch at a little restaurant and we can't stop touching each other and smiling at each other and, I guess, we just act like any couple in love.

And then John takes me to a part of the city I've never been, little bit run down, little bit seedy but full of young people and we park the car, Landy takes up a lot of space, and walk down to a little jewelry shop. Place specialises in the kinky trade and my eyes go wide as I take in what's on show, and I see a set of silver clamps like he used on me so now I know where he got 'em. And Johnny greets the jeweler and tells him he wants a collar for me and as I turn to look at him the jeweler is so rude to me. I'm about to blast him when Johnny tells me to ignore that. Guy is gay. Doesn't like women. And I take another look and then I recognise him from varsity when I did my Masters. And he recognised me, why he was so obnoxious and I remember he always was a difficult bugger.

Guy's called Georgie, but I remember him as George, and he's talking to Johnny as if I'm not there and then he goes off and comes back with a stunning steel collar and he puts it on my neck and I look at it in a mirror and I go all gooey and there's a diamond shaped pendant on the collar, silver with an 'S' traced out in diamond chips and I say 'S for Sally?' and Johnny says 'Sally. Slut. Slave.' and that word goes through me like a knife. Slave. Collared Slave. Like in the Gor books. And I want to know why not a 'K' for Kajira, word for collared slave in the books.

And Johnny says 'cause I can safe-word out any time and so I safe-word and his jaw hangs open and then I say I want to renegotiate and his jaw closes with a click and I tell him I want a 'K' 'cause I want to be his collared slave. So we dicker a bit and George tries to interrupt and we both together tell him to shut up and then we both laugh and Johnny agrees. But I say I want to pay for the Kajira pendant 'cause it'll be mine to wear when I want to. See? I'm and independent woman making her own decision to wear the badge of a sex slave!

So Johnny pays for my collar and I discuss the design I want for my pendant with George and when we walk out I'm feeling so proud to be wearing my man's collar and it just makes me feel so special 'cause it's the only piece of jewelry I wear. I don't do jewelry, no rings, bangles, necklaces, earrings, nothing. No piercings or tattoos either. Just me with no adornments. But now I'm wearing Johnny's collar and it feels so good!

Then Johnny says I reminded him of a deficiency in his toy box and he takes me into a scarf shop and I squeal 'Silk, silk scarves.' And I'm so excited that I kiss him right there in the door-way and then Jo-Anne, who runs the shop, asks if she can help and I plunge right in and I'm in heaven, Silk heaven. And Jo-Anne knows her scarves and she knows what kinky people get up to with them and we talk fabrics and weaves and colours and patterns and shapes. What holds a knot best and what makes the best blindfold or gag and what feels best against the skin and what looks best where on the body and I'm having such fun.

Johnny is so good; he just parks off in a chair and smiles and smiles. He makes it very clear I can take as long as I want and eventually I've made my selections and he just pays for everything. And it's a lot 'cause I've bought six long narrow scarves, pure silk, with bold diagonal patterns in blue and red and green that will make fabulous ties for arms or legs and I've got six big squares; three pure silk and three poly-cotton. The one silk square is a lovely cream with a paisley design in gold which will make a lovely headscarf for my car and the other two silks are plain solid black. Blindfolds! The three poly-cottons are for gags or what-ever, they are mainly pale lime green with blue and yellow.

And then Johnny gets involved. Tells Jo-Anne I like to be kidnapped and she checks with me and I say yes and she takes us into the back and Johnny uses my new scarves to tie me up. And he does a proper job. Starts with a poly-cotton square that he packs in my mouth as a gag and then a long one round my head twice and knotted at the back to hold it. Takes a black square and folds it into a band and then I can't see 'cause it covers my eyes and ears and then he folds another square in half diagonally and ties it over my face down from the hair-line and I can feel it's silk and I figure out it must be the other black so my face is an anonymous black blank. And then he takes the last silk square - must be the cream - and covers my head just like I do when I drive.

Now he takes the other long silks and he ties my hands behind my back and my legs together, three times, ankles, below and above knees. And I'm feeling so hot! And he sits me down and then goes into this thing with Jo-Anne like I am on Gor and a slave going for sale and she plays along and I'm just lost in the fantasy and I'm sitting on a wet patch in my frock. So Johnny goes off to fetch the Landy and when he gets back he just throws me over his shoulder so my head's hanging down his back and he drops me on the seat, lies me down and fastens seat-belt straps to hold me, throws something over to cover me. So I lie there lost in my fantasy that I'm a slave off to the pens to be sold and I can still feel the collar round my neck and I'm loving it.

We get home - hope it's home 'cause can't see - and my master carries me inside and dumps me on a bed and I think it's it John's bed but I can't smell it 'cause of the silk mask. And he strips my dress and sandals off and leaves me bound, gagged, blindfolded on the bed. Takes the last two poly squares to tie my elbows together and then uses the last long to hog-tie me. So now I've got all twelve of my new scarves wrapped round my body and I'm totally and completely helpless as I lie on the bed. He leaves me to stew and I revel in my helplessness. I'm really enjoying this.

Then the slave master comes back and says he wants to test out the merchandise before it goes on sale and he unties my legs and pushes me on my back and Bang! His cock slams into me and I'm so aroused that it just slides right in. And he's pumping hard and fast and I cum just as hard but he doesn't give me any time to recover. He just keeps pounding away until I cum again And again. And now I'm running out of breath 'cause I can only pull air through my nose and the silk mask interferes and I can feel it pulling tight on my face as I drag air in and I'm getting light-headed from oxygen starvation and that only drives me higher and now I can feel him getting ready to shoot his load deep into my cunt and as he does I cum so hard that I pass out.

* * *

Chapter 10

I wake up slowly and my whole body's still thrumming like a guitar string and, except for my collar, everything else is gone and Johnny has his arms round me and 'Oh, Wow' is all I can say and Johnny is looking very pleased with himself. So we take a shower and I remember that I'm a collared slave and there's a certain behaviour expected of me so I wash my Master lovingly and then submit to him washing me. And when he speaks I have only one answer 'Yes Master.' And Johnny can see I'm so enjoying the game that he lets me carry on. And I feel just so special!

So then I prepare supper for my Master and I have to stop myself singing I'm so happy, but I can't stop dancing, dancing is okay for a slave. And then I set the table for my Master and I serve his meal and I kneel by his chair until he tells me to eat, clean up and join him in the office with my blindfold and cuffs. And when the kitchen is tidied up, much cleaner than mine ever was 'cause I know what my Master's standards are, I go to the toy box and I select the blindfold and the cuffs and I also get out a ball gag and I connect the cuffs together with a lock 'cause I want to be tightly bound when I sleep with my Master to show him I am his to do with what-ever he wants.

Then I go to the office, which is a converted bedroom but it's the other end of the house from the other bedrooms, and I kneel by my Master's chair and I put my bonds on the floor at my knees. And I hold the position that my Master likes with my back straight and my legs apart and my hands behind my back like they were tied and my eyes closed. And when he's ready, my Master tells me to fetch my laptop, connect to his Wi-Fi and check my mail and anything else important.

I work quickly through everything, deciding what he would consider important and what would just be a frivolous waste of time, and when I'm done I go back and wait by his chair. And then he tells me to go and prepare myself for bed and when I get back he craps all over me for bringing the gag and for locking the cuffs together. And I realise my mistake; I have put my own wishes before what my Master told me to do. I am not a good slave, I have used initiative and he's going to send me away and I burst into tears.

And Johnny grabs me and he puts me in his lap and he tells me to stop with the Gorean slave game and he says 'I love you.' And he's never said that to me before and I know he really means it and my heart jumps and I can hardly breathe and I ask if that means he won't send me away and he says he wants me to move in. And he says he would move me in right now except we'd wake the neighbours. So I ask him if he's still going to tie me up and blindfold me when we go to bed 'cause I want to sleep dreaming about my kidnapper and he says yes if I want and he sends me off to fetch a chain for the wrist-cuffs and a hobble with a short chain for my ankles.

And when I get back he takes my collar off and when I argue he tells me that I could hurt myself on the pendant, or damage it, 'cause I won't have the use of my hands, and I understand. Like I said, he thinks things through, and then he cuffs my hands and feet and he locks the blindfold on and then he says he's off to bed and I can join him or sleep here. And then he says 'Let’s make it more interesting.' and he spins me around a few times and holds me until I've got my balance and then he's gone and I hear the click as he turns the light off. So first I've got to find out where I am and it doesn't help that I'm reacting how I always do when I'm bound and blindfolded. Yes, that's right, I'm so horny I can't think straight, but I have to 'cause I want to sleep with my man!

So I slowly work my way backwards until I bump into a desk and then I move along it until I get to a wall, so now I think I know where I am and I have to bring up my mental map of the house and work out what's the best way to get to our bedroom, which wouldn't be difficult if I wasn't distracted by being so aroused and if I didn't have the hobble on! I've always had a very good memory so knowing where I have to go is no problem, it's knowing where I am that's the challenge 'cause, with my restricted steps, everything seems so much bigger than I remember it. But I'm not a quitter, 'cept with arsehole men, and I work my way slowly through the house to the bedroom and I'm sitting on the bed when my Johnny comes in and says 'Hello beautiful' which reminds me of the first time he told me I'm beautiful. And I feel a warm wave of love overwhelming me and I say 'I want you inside me.'

So we make love, which is quite interesting seeing, or not in my case, as my ankles are hobbled. And John says the keys are all on his desk in the office and he's not going to fetch them.

First we try with him on his back and me astride but I really struggle to get over him and, when I do, my ankle chain is over his legs and, although his cock is deep in my cunt, the way my knees are means I can't raise myself, so that doesn't work. And eventually we end up with me on my back and my knees pulled up and spread wide and my Johnny deep inside me and this way he can do most of the work 'cause I'm a bound and blindfolded fuck-toy. And I like being my man's fuck-toy. And we're making love, both giving and sharing and loving and he has his hands on my nipples and his tongue down my throat and I cum and he holds off until I cum again and he's still holding off. And then I feel his cock start to pulse and I clamp down hard on him with my cunt and as he spurts into me I cum again and 'cause each orgasm has pushed me higher, this time I scream and I bite his shoulder but, he tells me, I don't draw blood.

And now we're ready to sleep.

I'm beginning to get used to sleeping restrained and, though I do wake up a few times, I quickly go back to sleep and then I wake and I can hear birds chirping and traffic noises so I reckon the world is waking up. So I find my Johnny's face and I kiss him and wake him up and I want him to put my collar on but he says 'No, not until the cuffs and blindfold are off.' and I remember that he said the keys are in the office and he's not going to fetch them. So I slide out of bed and I head off to get the keys. Getting there is quite easy ‘cause I can remember from last night but then can’t find the keys anywhere. Feel round with my hands, but only limited movement. Lie down on the desk and feel with my bod to search a wider area and I find a desk tidy at the back and I bet the bastard has put the keys in there but I can’t find them with my tongue so I get up on the desk and, as I do, my feet slip and I kick the chair over. It goes crash and I know Johnny will come running ‘cause he’s so anal about safety so I shout out that it’s fine, I just kicked the chair over and I can’t see any damage but I’ll check later. And then I laugh. Of course I can’t see any damage. Can’t see anything!

So I scoot backwards on the desk, feeling everything with my fingers. ‘At least he didn’t put the mitts on me; then I’d really be stuck.’ I think. And then I find the desk tidy and I feel in all the compartments and finally, finally, I find a set of keys. But I keep checking ‘cause, with this guy’s sense of humour, he could have more than one set here and I don’t want to take the wrong ones. But there aren’t any other keys and, when I’m sure, I slide off the desk and I check where the chair is ‘cause I don’t want to trip over it, and then I work my way back to the bed-room.

And I find that my Johnny’s gone back to sleep! So I wake him up and he frees me and puts on my collar and now I’m really happy and I want to show him how happy I am but he says ‘No we’ve got a busy day sorting out your move.’ That is enough, just, to persuade me not to push it; the thought that big John Adams wants me, little Sally Michelson, to move in with him does funny things in my tummy. Excitement and apprehension war with each other. Since I left my parent's home to go to varsity I have never lived with anyone else. But, like so much with my Johnny, I don't really have a choice 'cause he's decided that the way to deal with my relationship insecurities is to prove he's not going to let me go.

And I know, from what he's shown me, that my insecurities have been a big part of the way my relationships have broken down in the past. But now I'm wearing his collar and that, somehow, makes all the difference and I feel so proud to be wearing it. So I leave the organisation of the move to my Johnny, I can do it myself but he's just as competent as me so why not? I've learned it's nice to let him drive and he's found a crowd who'll do the whole job, packing and unpacking, for a good price so we won't have to do it all, which I was dreading. And then he tells me to get dressed 'cause I'm still naked and we go down to meet the guy from the movers, whose eyes pop when he sees my collar. Poor guy is so embarrassed trying to hide his hard-on so I move just so, so my nips press against my shirt, and he gets even more distracted and loses his place and Johnny gives me a look that says 'Behave' so I say 'Yes, Master' and we both crack up laughing and the mover just stands there and doesn't know what to do.

So Johnny says he must apologise for his slave's behaviour which confuses the poor guy even more and I can see him deciding 'What-ever' and after that he's very careful not to look at me. And when he's finished and leaves Johnny and I fall into each other's arms and laugh and laugh and I haven't had so much fun since I was a kid. And then my Johnny tells me to get my car keys and we'll fetch my car from the basement parking. And when we get there I hold them up and ask him if he can trust me with them and he says 'Yup' and then he says 'And while you're about it put these on your bunch.' And he tosses me a set of his house keys and that finally just puts everything into place for me. The casual way he tossed the keys said 'You're an adult and I expect you to behave like one.' And I know I am and the feeling of liberation is almost overwhelming so I tell him how I'm feeling and I tell him how much I love him and then I tell him to follow me back to our house where I am going to tie him up and fuck his brains out!



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