by Scarecrow

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; bfold; tease; strip; torment; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Part One

Chapter 1

“Hi Sally, what can I do for you?” I answered my phone as I walked towards my car.

“John, will you do something for me? A favour?” There was a slight, and unusual, hesitancy in her voice.

“Of course. Anything.” I replied firmly.

“Anything? Do you really mean that?” she asked.

I hesitated a moment. “Anything legal, but yes, I really mean that.”

“Good. Please drive down to parking area in the gardens and I’ll meet you there. Then I want you to do two things for me. No argument, no questions. Okay?” Her voice had its usual, decisive edge.

“Okaaay.” I said slowly.

“Right, I’ll see you in about ten minutes. And remember, no arguments and no questions!” She closed the call.

To say that I was intrigued would be a serious understatement. Sally Michelson was a vivacious blonde, mid-thirties, good figure, very hard worker and seriously bright. She and I had spent the last six months working on a system upgrade project for a major corporation. She had headed up the technical side whilst I led the functional group and we had forged a good working relationship. Nothing personal, but you get to know someone pretty well when you are working through a recalcitrant problem at two-o-clock in the morning.

It had been a tough project, with really tight dead-lines (aren’t they all?) but we had brought it through on time and on budget. It had been a good piece of work and everyone involved was very proud. We had just finished the wrap-up party and, as recognition of the effort, everyone on the project had the next two weeks off.

While one of the corporate big-shots had been carrying on with his self-congratulatory speech, Sally sidled up to me “So, what are your plans for the next two weeks?” she whispered.

“Nothing, nix, nada. No plans. I’m just going to decompress.” I whispered back. “And you? Plans?”

“Oh yes!” Her eyes twinkled. “I’m going to decompress and I’ve got plans for it.”

“Someone’s going to get lucky.” I thought to myself.  While there had never been anything between us, I was often aware of the possibility. There was that hint of ‘chemistry’ but I had never pursued it. Apart from anything else, we had both been far too busy.

As soon as it was decently possible, Sally had said her good-byes and left. I finished my drink and followed shortly afterwards.

Then, as I got into the parking garage, my phone rang.

So, now I was driving down to the gardens in the corporate office park. It was a place we had used several times to get out of the over-heated atmosphere of the project office, to be able to thrash out issues. I arrived in the parking area and looked around. Sally was sitting on a bench about 50 metres away; there was no sign of her car. As I walked over she stood up with her hands clasped behind her back.

“Okay Sally, what’s up?”

She turned her back to me and I saw that a thin rope circled her wrists, holding them together.

“My hands are in the loops of a handcuff knot” she said. “I want you to pull the ends to tighten the loops and then clinch them with an over-hand knot. Once you’ve done that, take the ends around my waist and tie them off at the front.” She turned her head to look me straight in the eye. “No arguments and no questions. Remember?”

I was stunned. And I felt a strong pulse as my dick started to harden.

“If that’s what you want…”

She pushed her hands back towards me. Slowly, I took the rope – soft cotton rope – and pulled the loops tight.

“Tight enough?”

“Tighter, I mustn’t be able to wriggle out.”

“Okay.” I pulled harder until she grunted. Then I did an over-hand knot that locked the handcuff loops. By now, my erection was straining against my trousers. The rope ends were long enough to pass around to the front where I did a reef knot that pinned Sally’s hands in the small of her back.

“Very good.” Sally gave me a grin and then glanced at my crotch. Her smile widened. “Next, check in the right-hand pocket of my coat” she nodded towards the coat over the back of the bench where she had been sitting. “You’ll find a scarf in there. Use it to blindfold me and…”

“Let me guess.” I interrupted “It must be tight enough so you can’t shift it and you can’t see a thing.”

Sally nodded without saying anything. For the first time there was a slight hint of uncertainty in her eyes. I picked up the coat and lifted out the scarf. Hermes. Silk. A large black square with an equestrian design. I folded it into a band about 5 centimetres wide and brought it up to her face. Quickly, I tied the blindfold, pulling it tight against her eyes.

I put Sally’s coat over her shoulders to hide her bound hands and then lifted the hood over her head, partially masking her blindfolded face. Holding Sally’s shoulders I guided her back to the bench and sat her down. She let out a gentle sigh.

“Okay. I’ve done what you wanted. Two things, no argument and no questions. Now what? Are you meeting some-one here? Do I get back in my car and drive away?”

Sally licked here lips. “That’s entirely up to you. No, I’m not meeting anyone else. I’m entirely in your hands, you can do anything you want and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I sat silently for a few moments. “This is your decompression plan? You want me to kidnap you? That’s very trusting.”

Sally’s lips quirked into a smile but she remained silent.

I was very conscious of my erection as I considered the situation. Sally knew that I didn't have any plans for the next two weeks so she must have been fairly confident that placing herself under my control wouldn’t disrupt anything. I reached over and gently pulled her towards me. As I kissed her lips, her mouth opened to me and our tongues danced. She turned her body and leant into me.

Eventually we parted, breathless. I knew the potential spark I had sensed as we worked together had now ignited a blow-torch. “Right let's do this thing. I doubt that you have any idea what you're letting yourself in for but, if this is what you want… I’ll walk you to my car and take you to my lair.”

“Yes, John” was all she said.

I grasped her elbow and guided her to the car, opened the door and helped her into the passenger seat. Once she was in, I reached across and fastened the seat belt.

The drive to my house took about thirty minutes through light traffic. Neither of us said anything but I kept glancing across at the bound and blindfolded woman sitting next to me. A thousand thoughts coursed through my mind, what boundaries did she have? Did she have any prior bondage experience? Was this turning her on? The faint smell of her arousal answered that question.

I parked the car in the garage and walked Sally into my home. “Maybe it’s just as well you can’t see the mess I left this morning.” I chuckled as we walked in, my hand guiding her on her elbow. “You just sit here whilst I clean up.”

“You don’t have to do that for me.” Sally said. “I know how much pressure you’ve been under.” They were the first words she had spoken since we got in the car.

“No, you sit there. You don’t have any choice in the matter.” I said firmly. Sally nodded and sat quietly whilst I packed the breakfast things in the dishwasher and tidied up.

Once finished, I poured two glasses of red wine. Placing them on the coffee table I kissed her again.

“Wine” I lifted a glass to her lips and tilted it to give her a sip. “Before we go any further we need to establish the ground rules. Firstly, what’s your safe-word?”

“I don’t…” She started to say.

“Maybe you don’t” I interrupted “but I need you to have a safe-word. I don’t know your limits and I can’t go on if I’m uncertain. Either I set the rules or I’ll untie you now and drive you home.”

“Yellow for wait and red for stop” she said quietly. “And, if I’m gagged, I’ll hum ‘Twinkle twinkle little star.’”

That answered that question. Sally knew at least something about bondage. After what had happened earlier I wasn’t too surprised.

“Okay. Diseases? Contraception? Do I need to wear a condom? I can promise you now that I am clean.”

”Thank you. No.” Sally replied firmly. “I’m clean and I’m on contraception so you won’t need a condom.”

Any new relationship is always a bit of a risk but I had spent the last six months working with Sally and I was pretty certain I could trust her. She obviously thought she could trust me!

"Right woman, now I'm going to fuck your brains out." A shiver ran through Sally's body as I spoke. "Stand up."

She stood obediently as I approached. I removed the coat I had used earlier to hide her bound hands and blindfolded eyes. Next I unzipped her skirt, pulled it free from the rope round her waist and let it fall to the floor. I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it down her arms until it pooled at her wrists. The black bra had a front fastening which I released and pushed back. Her nipples were hard with arousal.

Up to now I had been careful not to touch her skin. I flicked a fingertip across one nipple and then the other one, she was now panting. Slowly I traced the outline of one aureole and then, through the valley of her cleavage to the other one. Just the lightest of touches, but the effect was obvious. Sally's lips were parted as she sucked air into her lungs, her shoulders moved as she tugged at the loops trapping her wrists.

Slowly back to the center-line of her cleavage my finger moved and then, equally slowly, began moving down.

"Please..." she breathed.

"You said I am in control and I can do anything I want. This is just what I want to do." I said quietly. "Is it, perhaps, a case of 'Be careful what you ask for'?" My finger continued to move down to her navel. I pulled the waist rope and let it snap back against her stomach, causing her to jump slightly.

"Hmm, I wonder if I should fix you with a crotch rope?" I mused. "No, not now, maybe later." My finger continued down to the band of her black satin panties. I could see that the front was damp with her juices and there was a heady aroma from them.

Now another finger joined the first and they moved outwards, tracing the panty-line until they reached her hips.

"Are you ready for this?" I asked

"Yes! Oh God, yes!"

I pulled her panties down slowly, oh so slowly, letting the tension continue to mount. A sheen of sweat glistened over her body. Whoever said 'Women glow' was dead right. Sally glowed.

Eventually the panties were down below her pussy and I dropped them to her feet. The smell of her arousal intensified.

"Lift your feet." I instructed and then helped her step out of her clothes.

"Right, stand still." I moved back to a couch and quickly shed my own clothes. My erection, so long confined, sprang out proudly. I sat down and looked at Sally. She was magnificent. Blonde hair pulled up into a pony-tail; pert, nice-sized breasts standing firmly and capped by hard nipples; slim waist and flat stomach; neatly trimmed pubic hair, naturally blonde; good legs - very good legs - set off by stockings and heels. And topping it all, bringing everything into sharp focus, the black band that covered her face from brow to nose trapping her in darkness.

"How on earth did she keep in such good shape with the killer schedule we've been working?" I wondered to myself.

Seemingly reading my mind Sally said "I get up at four thirty every morning to work out in my home gym. You like?"

I deepened my voice "Come to me, baby."

She shivered again and then took a step forward.

"Half left and then three more steps."

As she reached me I grasped her hips and eased her forward on either side of my legs. Then I pushed gently down until the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips; she sat down hard, straight down me. She was so wet that I slid easily all the way in.

Sally threw her head back, "Oh, yes. That feels good!"

"Now you can work for it, young lady." I growled as I transferred my hands to her tits and started to massage them. Sally straightened her legs to lift herself up my shaft and then plunged down again, gripping me hard with her vaginal muscles. As soon as she had a good rhythm going I leant forward to suck a nipple and moved a hand down to rub her swollen clit; the other hand continued to work on her breast.

Very soon she started to gasp and shudder. "Oh yes, yes. Yes! Ai-ee" Sally climaxed noisily and slumped against me.

"Come on girl, that's only half the job." I whispered in her ear. She moved her head, searching for my mouth and kissed me long and hard. As we kissed, she started to move again, her muscles pulsing on my shaft. My hands started to work on Sally's tits and clit as our tongues entwined. I used all my control to hold off whilst continuing to stimulate her.

Very soon "Nggg!" she reared back and clamped down hard as I drove her to another orgasm. "Oh god, Johnny, what are you doing to me?" she moaned as she came down to earth again. "Right." She set herself again "Your turn now."

"Oh, I don't know. I think there's another one in there for you" I boasted.

Sally was nothing if not competitive. "I bet I can get you to cum before me."

"And what's the stake?"

"You cum first and I get to tie you up and have my wicked way with you ." She purred.

"And if I win?"

"Why then I remain at your mercy, kind sir." I could almost see her batting her eyes behind the scarf. "Will you untie my hands? Make it a more even contest."

"Nope." was my response. "Mind you, I'm almost tempted to let you win. It might be quite fun. But I don't think so; I enjoy having you at my mercy."

"Okay then." With a look of determination on her face, Sally set to work on me again.

She didn't have a chance. By now I had discovered the most sensitive areas of her clit and breasts and she soon started to lose her rhythm as she built up towards the next climax.

As Sally writhed, shuddered and screamed into her third orgasm it was too much for my self control and I came gloriously deep inside her.

"I win, sweetheart." I whispered. "You're all mine for the next two weeks."

"Oh god, Johnny. Thank you, thank you. What am I going to do with you?" Sally leant her cheek against my chest.

"Oh no, Sally. The question is what am I going to do with you." There was a very satisfied grin on my face as I contemplated the next two weeks. Decompression was going to be a lot of fun this time around.


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