A Dave Annis Night

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2017 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+; FM+/f; party; games; naked; bond; rope; frogtie; blindfold; crotchrope; oral; cum; swallow; cons; X

Attendance at the Bondage Club was usually down in mid-winter as people preferred to stay in the warmth of their homes rather than braving the cold, wet and windy winter weather. But this year it was different and just about everybody turned up for Marissa’s ‘Dave Annis Night.’ She had promised that girls were going to be tied up just as they were in Dave Annis’s drawings

All the girls were given a number as they arrived. I got #13 – Mandi said that it was a lucky number, but I wasn’t too sure. Once the night got under way Marissa drew a number out of a hat. Number 7” she announced. “Come up here Number 7.” A pert brunette went up on the stage. Marissa had printed out a selection of Dave Annis’s bondage drawings and had numbered each one. Number 7 was a drawing of a girl tied to a chair wearing nothing other than a large ball gag and head harness. There was no shortage of volunteers to strip #7. Soon they had her tightly bound and gagged just like the girl in the drawing. She was to remain tied up for the rest of the night.

Next it was #17s turn, then #4 followed by several other lucky victims. It was getting late and still #13 had not been called out. Perhaps #13 was a lucky number after all. Then Marissa said, “Folks, we’ve got time for one more.” She plunged her hand into the hat. “Number 13. Come up here Number 13.” My luck had run out. Then to my horror I saw drawing #13. “Oh no!” I gasped. It was of a frog-tied girl giving a well-endowed man a blow job. Knowing Dave Annis’s style she would have ended up with cum all over her face. “Can I choose who I give the blow job to?” I asked. “No.” was the reply I got, “And as you will be blindfolded like the girl in the drawing, you may never find out who the lucky fella was.”

Soon many turns of rope encircled my wrists and my arms above and below my elbows. Then more rope was wound round my body above and below my boobs. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dave Annis drawing without a crotch rope. But I wonder if the crotch rope on the girl in the drawing had a fat knot in the critical position that was on the one that cut deep into the soft folds between my thighs. Then I was made to kneel while both legs were frog tied. Finally a blindfold covered my eyes. Whoever tied it off behind my head made sure that there was no way that it was going the slip off.

I waited but no male member was pressed against my lips. Perhaps they had decided to skip that part. I waited some more. Then I felt a man’s hands gently pushing my head forward until my lips were pressed hard against the head of his cock. “Open up girlie.” I resisted at first but then I parted my lips and a thick hard cock slid into my mouth. I tried to think who in the Club had a cock this thick. There were two or three likely candidates. My head was being rocked back and forth. A man’s voice told me to keep sucking. Then with one last thrust and with the head of his cock hard against the back of my mouth he shot his load. I couldn’t help swallowing most of it but my mouth still seemed to be full of his cum after his wet cock no longer filled my mouth. As I spat it out I felt cum dribble down my chin and splash on my boobs – just like it was in Dave Annis’s drawing.

The blindfold was removed. I looked round. The six other victims were still tied up. Marissa took mic. “Who do you think was tied up most like the girl in Dave Annis’s drawing?” The almost unanimous opinion was that it was me. Well. I suppose that was some consolation! But then perhaps I got all that applause as I was the only one who had performed a blow job on the stage.

As we were leaving and heading for home Mandi turned to me and said, “I think that we could use some of Dave Annis’s drawings for ideas when we play bondage games at home.” A great idea, but I think we’ll skip the ones that include a blow job!

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