The Coincidence 7: The First Day a Slave

by Chas Dicks-ins

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© Copyright 2016 - Chas Dicks-ins - Used by permission

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Part Seven

Chapter 24: The First Day a Slave

Rebecca decided to use four of her 30 unused vacation days to take the week off and spend it with Tracy as her slave all week long. So, Tracy released Rebecca early so she could go home and pack her few belongings. In truth, Rebecca never really settled into her own apartment. All she owned were her clothes and some linens. Taking what little she had, Rebecca stuffed it all into the trunk of her car, leaving her apartment empty of any of her belongings.

Rebecca called work, and let them know that she would take the week off. Then, she pulled up to Tracy's house Saturday night, eager to start her first week as a slave to her new owner.

At the door, Tracy grabbed Rebecca for a kiss right on the doorstep. Rebecca blushed, embarrassed at being so publicly kissing another woman, but returned the kiss nonetheless. Soon, the two were in the living room, with two full glasses of wine.

Tracy lifted up her glass, and said "A toast! To my beautiful and ravishing slave!"

Rebecca lifted her glass, and replied "To my sexy and wonderful mistress!" They touched their glasses against each other, and took a deep sip of the wine.

Tracy glanced at the clock; 10PM. Tracy sighed, and said "Well, this amazing first day is almost over... What do you want to do about sleeping at night?" Tracy asked, looking at Rebecca.

Rebecca looked down submissively, and said "Well, it's not my place to make that decision... mistress."

Tracy replied "No, no, no. I don't want to do anything you don't want to do! Here, how about we make a deal. Whenever we're in the dungeon or you're tied up, I'm your mistress, and you're my slave. That means no talking except when asked, submitting to me completely, and always obeying me." Rebecca's pussy started to moisten, imagining the things they would do then.

"But," Tracy continued. "Any other time, I'm Tracy, you're Rebecca, and we're just... girlfriends? Or whatever? So you can speak your mind, and not fear punishment of any kind." Rebecca blushed at the term girlfriend, still not entirely comfortable with the idea of having a girlfriend. But, Rebecca smiled, and replied "That sounds great, Tracy."

Tracy smiled back, and kissed Rebecca quickly again. Then, Tracy repeated her question. "What do you want to do about sleeping at night?"

Rebecca thought for a while, and said "Well, I want tied up of course. But I'd rather be with my mistress than alone in the dungeon, so I suppose I could be in a cage in your room, as your pet, or if you would allow... In your bed, with you..." Rebecca's heart fluttered, hoping she could be in bed with Tracy again, close to her mistress.

Tracy replied "I'd love having my slave in bed- that way, she can pleasure me properly tonight!" Tracy winked at Rebecca, and Rebecca warmed up inside, eager to please her owner.

So, in an hour, the two were in bed, ready for the night. Tracy was of course completely naked, but Rebecca was not. Instead, she was wearing her chastity belt and collar (of course), bondage mittens tied together in front of her, and each of her calves were fused to her thighs in a sort of frogtie. Tracy searched around underneath the bed, until she pulled up a long chain that was attached to the floor under the bed. Locking it to Rebecca's collar, Rebecca was finally properly restrained.

Tracy laid back, and said to her slave "Now. Use your mouth, and pleasure your mistress."

Still very unexperienced, Rebecca wasn't sure what to do. So, she did what she knew how to do- she put her mouth on Tracy's, and kissed her.

Tracy laughed internally at her foolish slave, and grabbed her slave's head in her hands. Tracy tenderly moved Rebecca's head so that her mouth was above Tracy's right nipple, and said "There, slave. Pleasure your mistress."

Rebecca understood now what was meant, and nervously put Tracy's nipple in her mouth. Not truly knowing what to do, Rebecca alternated between gently sucking on Tracy's nipple and licking it with her tongue. Tracy reached out and pinched Rebecca's nipple, and said "Slower. I want to fall asleep while you worship my nipple."

Rebecca yelped at the pinch, but it did the job. Rebecca's pussy warmed up from the pain, and eager to please her mistress, Rebecca slowed down, until she was sucking on Tracy's nipple for almost a minute at a time before she went to slowly licking. Tracy quickly fell asleep, but Rebecca was too nervous to stop and possibly disappoint her mistress. So, she continued to suck on Tracy's nipple, eventually dropping to sleep with her owner's nipple still in her mouth.

Chapter 25: Rebecca's Second Day

Rebecca woke up first on Sunday morning, and found Tracy's nipple still in her mouth. Rebecca realized that Tracy never told her to stop licking, so she nervously started sucking again. Rebecca was soon back in the rhythm, and was warming up deep inside in response. Tracy stirred a little, and Rebecca increased her pace, hoping to impress her mistress.

Finally, Tracy opened her eyes, and saw her slave hard at work at her breast. Tracy smiled at her obedient slave, and grabbed Rebecca's head in her hands. Rebecca looked up, surprised, and was even more surprised when Tracy's mouth met hers, and they kissed passionately.

Tracy set about preparing for the day, and soon the lovers were both in the kitchen, eating breakfast. Rebecca was untied and glowing, happier than ever. Tracy had put on a black leather catsuit with a red trim corset, and was wearing 6 inch heels to tower over her slave. After they finished eating, Tracy told Rebecca that she wanted to buy her slave something new to try. Rebecca, eager to try something new and exciting, almost immediately kneeled before Tracy, ready to return to being a slave.

Tracy helped her slave change into almost nothing, wearing her collar and not her chastity belt for once, although she was wearing her 4 inch locking leather boots. Tracy fit an armbinder over Rebecca's arms and strapped leather cuffs around Rebecca's ankles and above and below her knees, leaving them locked on with no attachments between them. Tracy then gagged Rebecca with her favorite penis gag, and clipped a leash to Rebecca's collar. Tracy led Rebecca up out of the dungeon, pulling her slave to the garage.

Rebecca was in heaven- she was being led around on her leash by her owner, completely helpless and exposed with no idea about what was going to happen to her. In the garage, Rebecca's mistress led her over to her van, and opened the trunk doors. Inside was a cage spanning the entire back of the van, inside of which was a mini-dungeon. Tracy unlocked the door of the cage and led Rebecca in.

Inside, Tracy made Rebecca kneel on the floor. Tracy then chained Rebecca to the floor, attaching various chains on the floor of the van to the leather cuffs on Rebecca's legs, until she couldn't move her legs an inch or stand up at all. Tracy then attached her leash to a hook in the wall in front of her. Finally, Tracy clipped another chain to the ring at the end of Rebecca's armbinder, and attached it to a pulley on the roof. Tracy then attached the end of the chain to a winch in the corner, and started turning the winch. Rebecca's arms started rising up behind her, until she was bent forward with her arms pointed almost straight up, and her head leaning forward. Tracy then tightened Rebecca's leash so that she couldn't move her head back, and admired her handiwork. Rebecca was on display, with her virgin ass and pussy open for Tracy to admire.

Rebecca was completely helpless, strappado'd in the back of Tracy's van. Tracy put her mouth right next to Rebecca's ear, and whispered "I've got you helpless in my trunk now- I can drive off with you and take you wherever I want, and no one will ever know. And there's nothing you can do about it." Rebecca closed her eyes, and moaned slightly as she contemplated how absolutely stuck she was, and moaned even more as she felt Tracy fit a discipline hood over Rebecca's head. Rebecca jumped a little in place as Tracy gave her a playful swat on her bare ass, startled from her black subspace, but was soon lost once again in her own world.

Rebecca lost track of time as she was jostled about in the back of Tracy's van as Tracy drove into town. She was lost in her fantasy-reality, where she was finally the captive prisoner of a sexy mistress who owned her body completely. Rebecca moaned and groaned as she struggled in vain, merely proving how little she could do to save herself.

The car stopped for a time, and Rebecca sensed that Tracy had stopped to buy something. But before long, the van was moving again, and Rebecca had no idea where they were going.

The van eventually stopped again, and Tracy opened the trunk, unlocked the cage door, and climbed in to join her slave. Rebecca felt Tracy's footsteps, and started squirming and shaking her ass, horny and ready for her mistress. Tracy set about preparing her slave for the day ahead.

Tracy had stopped at No Escape, the shop from before, first off to buy some supplies for her slave. She had bought two new attachments for Rebecca's favorite chastity belt; slightly larger plugs, the front one 6 inches, the back one 3 inches. In addition, these plugs had a remote controlled vibrator built in, so Tracy could set about tormenting and pleasuring her slave as much as she wanted. Finally, Tracy had bought Rebecca a new gag- since she loved her penis gag so much, Tracy bought a two-way penis gag, which had for Rebecca to suck on a 5-inch penis, and a 7-inch penis sticking out. Tracy had big plans for Rebecca.

Tracy had also bought a set of nipple clamps for Rebecca. She had seen how much Rebecca responded to pain in her nipples, and decided to give her sub a taste of that pain along with the pleasure of the vibrators. Tracy removed the old tiny plugs from the chastity belt, and locked in the new ones. Tracy then fit the two pieces of the belt around Rebecca, locking her in. Rebecca felt the larger plugs fill her up, and moaned in pleasure as her pussy and ass felt more stimulation than they had ever received before. Then, Rebecca yelped as her nipples were pinched by two clamps, and she was ready.

Tracy released the chains attaching Rebecca to the van, and led her out of the van. Rebecca was led back into Tracy's house, and then downstairs into the dungeon. There, she was made once more to kneel, and her armbinder's ring was attached to the floor as well. Her collar was attached to a hook on the ceiling via a chain, and Tracy tightened the chain so Rebecca couldn't move her torso away or try to escape.

Finally, Tracy turned on the vibrators to low. Rebecca felt the vibrators start to rumble, and started moaning out loud in her gag. Rebecca had never used a vibrator before, and the vibrations felt so good inside of her. Rebecca started to rock back and forth, thrusting her crotch forward, trying unsuccessfully to ride the dildo deep inside of her even more. Rebecca was turned on beyond belief by all of the bondage, but the vibrator was driving her wild. Tracy smiled at the vibrators achieving their desired effect on her slave. Tracy tugged on the chain connecting Rebecca's nipple clamps, causing her to shriek in pain and ecstasy. Tracy then walked upstairs, leaving her slave to stew on the lowest setting of the vibrators, knowing she wouldn't achieve an orgasm.

Rebecca's entire body felt amazing; the vibrations were driving her into overdrive, and she was as horny as a bitch in heat. Rebecca was in a rhythm, humping the air as much as she could do with tied up, and sucking at the penis in her mouth. Rebecca was desperate for Tracy to come and take her breasts in her hand, and never wanted the vibrations to stop. Rebecca's cries of pleasure echoed about the dungeon, and Rebecca started sweating despite the cool temperature. Rebecca closed her eyes under the hood and lost herself to the subspace, letting the pleasure from the vibrations wash over her.

Tracy came downstairs half an hour later to hind her slave completely under the spell of the vibrators. Tracy removed the discipline hood, and Rebecca stared up at Tracy, her hair matted down with sweat. Tracy was now naked from the waist down, wearing only a corset on top. Tracy held up the new gag, and said "Here's the deal. You fuck me with this gag, and I'll raise your vibrator's level up by one."

Rebecca's eyes widened, realizing that the vibrator could go to even higher levels, and bring her even more pleasure. Rebecca moaned in her gag and quickly nodded. Tracy removed Rebecca's gag and quickly replaced it with the new gag, fitting the even larger penis gag into Rebecca's ready mouth.

Tracy walked forward so that her crotch was in line with her face, and brought the dildo attached to Rebecca's gag in line with her pussy. Rebecca was now staring straight down the dildo into her mistress's crotch, and was horny and ready to fuck her mistress.

Tracy guided the dildo in, and moaned softly as the tip entered her outer lips. Rebecca understood that Tracy was ready, and moved her head forward slowly, pushing the dildo deep within Tracy's snatch. Tracy groaned, and Rebecca slowly moved backwards. Rebecca, starting slowly, alternated back and forth, bringing nearly the full 7 inches deep into her mistress. Rebecca began to speed up, and looked up at her mistress. Tracy had her eyes closed, and was massaging her breasts, breathing fast.

As Rebecca sped up, Tracy started to thrust back, and put her hand on the back of Rebecca's head to speed her up as she rammed back and forth into Tracy. The penis in Rebecca's mouth started moving back and forth with each thrust, and Rebecca got even hornier as she imagined she was blowing her master. Rebecca closed her eyes and kept going, fucking faster and faster.

Tracy was enjoying the ride, as Rebecca took her closer and closer to the peak. Finally, Tracy could take no more and pushed Rebecca's head all the way in, forcing the entire length of the dildo into herself. Rebecca's nose was forced past Tracy's outer lips, and Rebecca got a deep whiff of Tracy's musky scent, and her crotch responded in turn, somehow even more turned on. Tracy let out a deep moan, and suddenly climaxed, impaled on her slaves dildo.

After Tracy recovered, she bent down and sucked her juices off of the dildo, making a little kissing sound once she had the full length in her mouth and her lips were less than an inch from Rebecca's. Tracy then pushed a button the remote, and sent Rebecca's vibrators up to level 2 of 3. Rebecca groaned, suddenly drawn back into her own world, horny as ever. Tracy walked upstairs and collapsed on the couch, exhausted from her fucking.

Half an hour later, Rebecca was humping the air with abandon, desperate for release. She had never orgasmed, but she knew from watching Tracy that with enough stimulation it was possible, and wanted it desperately. Tracy came downstairs, and walked around Rebecca a few times, admiring her horny and teased slave. "Want more?" Tracy asked. Rebecca nodded her head furiously, making the dildo bob up and down in front of her face. Rebecca mewled a yes into her gag, and Tracy smiled mischievously. "Well, maybe you'll get more. But first, I think you need to calm down."

Tracy turned the vibrator back down to one, and Rebecca nearly howled in frustration as she felt the vibrator slow down. Tracy gave Rebecca's nipple clamps a tug, and left for upstairs once again.

Another half an hour later, Tracy returned, to find her slave frustrated and horny, whining into her gag for release. After having been on level two before, Rebecca was frustrated and even more desperate than ever now that she was only on level 1. "You want another round?" Tracy asked. Rebecca nodded yes, and her gag was quickly removed. Tracy stood in front of her again, and said "Then pleasure your mistress. And do it well."

Too horny to even consider not doing it, Rebecca plunged into Tracy's pussy. Rebecca stuck her face as close as she could, and her nose rubbed Tracy's clitoris as her tongue got to work. Rebecca's tongue furiously moved up and down, left and right, diving as deep as it could. Rebecca wasn't sure how to eat pussy perfectly, but was desperate to please her master and get some release, so she tried as best as she could. However, after a few minutes, Tracy wasn't nearly finished, so she took matters into her own hands. Tracy took Rebecca's head, and forced it deeper, pushing Rebecca's nose against her clitoris. Rebecca moved her face back and forth, left and right, and stimulating her clitoris, and causing Tracy to gasp in pleasure.

Tracy then pushed Rebecca's head in as deep as she could, reaching her peak. Tracy thrust into Rebecca's face as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her, while Rebecca furiously kept up her pace, hoping Tracy would release her soon and let her breath. A few seconds later, Tracy released Rebecca's head and the two fell apart, gasping for air.

Sure, Rebecca hadn't been the best at eating Tracy out, but her willingness more than made up for that. After Tracy recovered, she kissed Rebecca once again, tasting her juices in Rebecca's mouth and on her lips. Rebecca moaned, hoping to finally get release. Tracy stopped kissing Rebecca, and put Rebecca's first penis gag back into her mouth. Tracy then walked back upstairs.

Rebecca whined after Tracy, as her vibrators were still on one. Tracy turned around, and said "I never promised to raise your vibrator's level. Maybe if you keep being a good slave, I will, but that's up to me." Rebecca groaned, denied her release, frustrated to be continually horny and unable to do anything about it.

Tracy went upstairs, and took a shower to clean herself up. Tracy went and prepared some food for the two of them, and went downstairs maybe an hour later with a tray of food in hand. Tracy undid Rebecca's gag, and said "Well? Have you calmed down yet, slave?"

Rebecca's eyes were filled with lust, and she was breathing hard from all the stimulation and denial from the day. But, she was trying to pleasure her mistress and be honest, she said submissively "Not fully, mistress."

Tracy smiled wickedly, and said "Maybe I should turn off your vibrators. I think they're too much for you." Rebecca, bit her lip, clearly wanting to speak out and say what she wanted, but instead kept silent, knowing she shouldn't make demands as a slave.

Tracy saw Rebecca's internal struggle, and was satisfied as her slave finally said "If you wish, mistress." Tracy then turned off the vibrators completely.

Tracy then fed her slave, ending with an Italian sausage. Tracy had Rebecca first show Tracy her blowjob skills on it, and Rebecca gave Tracy quite the show. Once Tracy was satisfied with Rebecca's performance, she took the sausage, slowly stuck it into her own pussy, wet from watching her slave submit to her. Tracy the fed Rebecca the sausage, watching her enjoy the flavor of her owner's juices. Rebecca was frustrated and horny, but she was in love with her mistress, and had never felt better.

The rest of the day, Tracy toyed with her slave, switching her vibrators between 1, 2, and off as she pleased. By the evening, Rebecca was exhausted, and was ready to collapse, tired from being denied an orgasm all day long. Tracy let Rebecca go to the bathroom under supervision to avoid any masturbation, and then prepared Rebecca for bed. Not wanting to risk any chance of Rebecca pleasuring herself without permission, Tracy chained Rebecca completely nude except for her collar in her old cage, spread-eagled on the mattress, with her chastity belt off. Tracy gave Rebecca's nipples a playful squeeze once more, locked the cage, and turned off the light, leaving her slave totally helpless for the night.

Tracy slept well, deeply satisfied from her multiple orgasms throughout the day. Rebecca had sex dreams all night, never being able to shake her horniness. In every dream, Tracy teased Rebecca with pleasure, but always denied her at the edge of orgasm.

Chapter 26: Rebecca's Third Day

In the morning, Tracy woke first, and went downstairs straight away to deal with her slave. Tracy was still asleep in her cage, so she got everything she would need for the next few hours out and ready to use.

Rebecca woke to a blindfold being slipped over her eyes, and then to Tracy's lips meeting hers. Rebecca thrust her pelvis forward and met Tracy's kiss, horny as ever from sex dreams of Tracy all night long. Tracy kept kissing Rebecca, and grabbed hold of her breasts, massaging them and paying special attention to the horny slave's now perk nipples. Rebecca moaned in Tracy's mouth, melting from the sensations running through her horny sex-crazed body. For a few minutes, Tracy continued to kiss and pleasure her slave, until Rebecca was nearly dripping wet, desperate for release.

Tracy then grabbed a pair of nipple clamps, and swiftly attached them to Rebecca's perk nipples. Rebecca yelped, unconsciously shivering in pleasure at the pain. Tracy went back to kissing and massaging, and Rebecca was even hornier than ever and ready for release. Tracy then grabbed Rebecca's last accessory, and shoved a 4-inch anal plug into Rebecca's tight ass, switching the vibrator on to high. Rebecca nearly screamed, bucking in her restraints at the intense stimulation.

Tracy grabbed her slave, shoved her tongue down her slave's mouth, and with her strap-on, rammed into Rebecca's virgin pussy. Rebecca screamed in ecstasy through Tracy's tongue in her throat, and fell quickly into rhythm with her mistress, thrusting back and forth, impaling herself on the full 7 inches of the strap-on.

Unable to resist, within a minute, Rebecca gasped for air, and pleaded "Please mistress, may I cum."

Tracy replied "Not yet," and increased her pace.

Rebecca moaned and groaned, and pleaded again "Please mistress, I so want to cum. Please let me cum."

Tracy waited a few seconds, then said "You may cum."

Rebecca screamed in pleasure, letting wave after wave of her climax take control of herself, thrashing in her chains as she finally came. It was intense, and amazing, and the greatest feeling Rebecca had ever had. Rebecca wanted to be Tracy's slave forever.

The two lovers, slave and mistress, lay next to each other, still panting 15 minutes later. Rebecca was freed of her restraints, but was facing the opposite direction of her mistress, eagerly sucking the strap-on clean of her juices.

Tracy interrupted the sound of Rebecca's sucking with a question: "Rebecca, do you like your job?"

Rebecca looked up, confused. She hated her job- it was the only work she could find, and it had no opportunity for improvement. Rebecca lowered her head in shame, and replied "No. It's awful."

Tracy smiled. "Well I may be able to help you there. You see... I inherited several million dollars from my parents a few years ago when the passed away. I no longer need to work, and I just concern myself with pet projects. But, I do have the room in my budget for an employee... Perhaps a maid, or cook, cleaner, who can answer to my every wish..." Tracy trailed off, winking at Rebecca.

Rebecca's heart fluttered- it was a dream come true. Become Tracy's full-time slave in truth, and spend every day with Tracy? It was a no-brainer. "That would be incredible! Are you sure you could do that?"

Tracy nodded. "It would be easy. You could work for me normal hours, and we could work out a deal with the rest of the time, if you want to be a slave or... girlfriend during the evening and at night. But you could choose what you want to do." Rebecca nodded furiously, agreeing whole-heartedly. Tracy continued "I know you eventually want to find someone... more masculine, with more... well... a penis. And I'm willing to work out a deal with you if you do find someone, as long as he makes you happy, and we don't have to separate."

Rebecca's eyes glazed over, imagining having a man for a master, but she soon left that fantasy. "Sure, a man might be fun to try once." Rebecca said. She licked up the length of Tracy's strap-on, and continued "But you have all the penis I could ever want right here."

Tracy smiled, in love with her sexy redhead slave. Rebecca smiled back, in love with her sexy goddess mistress. Tracy kissed Rebecca once again, and slid Rebecca's penis gag into her mouth. They still had plenty of fun to have, and Rebecca still had lots to learn, but it was going to be a fun ride.


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