by hotscribe

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© Copyright 2018 - hotscribe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cons; X

It's late at night. As you unlock the door to your apartment, you wish that somehow you'd gotten home earlier but, of course, with all the heavy traffic and the fog---
Well, it feels good to be back anyways. The return trip was long and tiring; it'll be good to have a hot shower, then curl up in the covers of your bed for a long well-needed sleep.
You turn on the lights, close and lock the door.
You take your coat off, hang it up in the closet.
You sniff the air. Strange how an apartment left for a period of time always acquires an odd smell--not always unpleasant, but certainly stale.

You open the window to let in some fresh air. There's a cool breeze blowing and it wafts your face and hair, refreshing you for a moment. You breathe deeply, then turn and enter your bedroom.
The bed looks almost sterile, its sheets and covers tucked in neat and crisp. But by morning they'll probably be once more crumpled, as if you'd wrestled with some unseen opponent in your sleep.
You undo your blouse, take it off and lay it across the foot of the bed.

You slip off your skirt, put it across the blouse. You push down your pantyhose, pull them off, then follow them with your panties. When you straighten, you put your hands behind you to unclip your brassiere. It slips away, and you toss it on the other clothes. You reach up and massage your breasts, glad to be free of the bra.
Suddenly, something flops down from behind you, covers your nose and mouth.
Instinctively you breathe in and you smell chloroform. You feel a strong arm go round your waist, you attempt to kick, but the chemical makes you feel weak and dizzy and---

You don't know what hour of the early morning it is when you open your eyes. You try to move, to talk, but panic surges within you as you realize a gag of some sort has been placed across your mouth, and you are spread-eagled across the bed sideways, you ankles and wrists tied with some sort of cords. You jerk back and forth, but it is of little use--you are fastened quite securely. Wide-eyed, you look quickly around the room until you see, standing in the doorway of the bedroom, a man in his late twenties or early thirties.

His hair is long, but neatly groomed, his eyes shining and mischievous-looking, his face thin, angular, but handsome.
"Hello," he says, his voice heavy and low.
You pleas are muffled by the gag and your eyebrows arch up in the middle in an attempt to ask what's going on.
He walks up to the end of the bed, stands beside you, looks up and down your body.
"I've been admiring you for some time now," he says.
"From across the street. Nice of you to leave the window open, tonight. Loved watching you get undressed. You have a very beautiful body, you know?"
He reaches out and strokes your belly. A slight tremour runs through your flesh. You glare at him, struggle again, but it's futile.
"I won't hurt you---unless you make me. I just want to---enjoy your body for a short while. Will that be all right?"
You scowl at him again, but he seems to be ignoring your expressions.

The man was around the bed, stands behind and above your head which is almost hanging over the side of the bed.
"You know what I'd like to do?" he asks, holding up his cock in his hand, moving the skin back and forth. "I'd really like to slide my cock into your mouth from here...mmm, that would be nice. But, at the moment, you might decide to bite it off." He cracks a smile.
"However, perhaps later--?"
You try to say something, but only muffled noises emerge from the gag.
"If you promise not to scream, I'll remove the gag..."
You nod your head.
He smiles again. "Well...let's just wait a bit shall we?"
He reaches down, takes your nipples between his fingers and thumbs, twirls them firmly, but not painfully, twisting them back and forth until they begin to harden and protrude.

"You have nice breasts," he remarks, cupping them, squeezing them, feeling the firmness of their fullness. He pushes them together, bends down and closes his lips over first one nipple, then the other, rolling his tongue over them, sucking them deep into the warmth of his mouth, rubbing his teeth over the skin for several long moments.
He rises and moves forward. Your head dangles between his legs, his balls brushing over your face. He smells of a light musk.
Then his cock is between your pressed breasts as he pushes them together. He starts to pump himself back and forth. He continues with this for several minutes and you feel his cock hardening and lengthening.

When he stops, he pulls back and waves his cock above you face, letting the slightly wet pre-cummed tip brush against you cheeks and nose. He bends down, licks the juice.
"It's only fair that if I expect you to drink my cum that I should be willing to do it myself, don't you think?"
You don't answer, just stare at him with wide, frightened eyes.
"I want you to want me," he says. You shake your head.
"Maybe not now," he continues. "Perhaps later."
Then he's gone for a moment and you see him reappear on the other side of the bed down by your feet. He kneels down between your parted legs.
"You have a beautiful cunt," he remarks, then you feel his finger running down the outside edges of your labia, then moving between, then sliding back up to your clitoris, there to massage it slowly around and around. In spite of yourself, you mind trying not to think of hat he's doing, you moan quietly, arch your hips a little, almost automatically trying to get a better position for his touch.

Now his finger slips down and enters your vagina. It feels the insides, the ribbed walls, the wetness and the warmth of the hidden cave. A second and third finger join the first, beginning to push in and pull out slowly. Then the man's tongue is there on your clit, licking and sucking it while his fingers continue their prodding. The longer he does it, the more you feel your body responding, even though you wish it wouldn't. And yet, it feels so good, and it's been so long since last your cunt felt a man....
Suddenly, before you can cum, he stops.
You moan.

He rises and lies above you, the head of his cock poking at the entrance to your cunt. It pushes aside your lips, inserts itself only about an inch, then retreats. Again it goes in only slightly, again it is removed. A third time it enters, this time further, and then you feel the length and breadth of him as he plunges himself fully into you.
You groan with the thickness of his cock as it fills your cunt.
Back again, then forward.
Back and forward.
In an out.
Thrusting into your depths, pulling back almost until he is out of you, then pushing back in roughly once more, this time to the very bottom of his shaft till you feel his balls slapping against your ass.

You strain against the cords that hold your arms and legs, you wish you could tear away the gag on your mouth. But you are helpless to do anything.
Once more you near the point of no return; but once more the man stops.
He gets up, bends down. He releases your feet, although the cords still remain around your ankles. He moves to the other side of the bed, releases your hands, even though the cords remain around your wrists.
He pulls you gently from the bed, drags you onto the carpet.
"Get down," he orders.
Already weak, you fall to your knees.

He pushes you forward onto your hands, then he pulls back the cords on your wrists, tying them back against your knees so that your cheek rests against the carpet and your ass is high in the air.
Once again he's behind you, once again you feel the wetness of his tongue sliding over and over your cunt lips and clitoris, his lips and teeth nibbling on them, his tongue thrusting deep into your crevice. Then his tongue slides up and twirls around your anus, probing into it, licking around it, then back down to your clitoris, up again to your ass, then down again.
Then he rises and his cock penetrates you again, this time thrusting long and deep and hard, his wet thighs thumping noisily against your own.
"Omigod!" he cries out, then he groans loudly and rams himself into your and you feel his hot cum gushing into the hollow of your cunt, his stiff cock making slurping and sucking sounds as he continues to pump into you.

Moments later, he slows his plunging motions to a stop, waits for his cock to slither out of your soaking cunt.
Now he rolls you over onto your back, separates your bound legs and arms and buries his face in your mound, his tongue forcefully thrusting its way around your clitoris.
Again and again he licks at you, then shoves four fingers into your cunt, sliding them in and out, lubricating them with your wetness and his cum.
Now he slides his little finger into your ass, the other three into your cunt, begins to pump them all back and forth as his mouth continues working on your clitoris.
The finger in your ass, those in your cunt, and his swiftly lapping tongue on your clitoris---this time he lets you go fully, and your body bucks and wiggles wildly on the carpet as you cum and cum and cum as you've never cum before, myriad waves of ecstasy washing through your body,
your mind soaring through worlds of passion and bliss.

For a short whle, he sits back and watches you breathing heavily on the floor.
Then he moves forward, removes the cords from your wrists and ankles, removes the gag from your mouth.
He hands them to you.
"Take these," he says. "Do whatever you want to me...."