Canvas of Stars

by Dominatrix Bella

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© Copyright 2012 - Dominatrix Bella - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; naked; bond; cuffs; chain; susp; bdsm; oral; denial; climax; con; X

“Such a beautiful canvas of stars” She said, her head tilted back as far as it could go in the folding camp chair. He murmured his agreement, looking not at the stars, but at her. He was glad to be here and she was equally glad to have him. The fact was, he was hers. That is what suited them both best. Nights like these are when they really felt alive. A cool drink, a warm, comfortable fire, the music of the night creatures, solitude and each other, it really didn’t get better than this.

It was a warm night, not so warm as to be uncomfortable, but warm enough to languish without any clothing. Good thing, too, since that is how she insisted he be… naked to the night and available to her.  Of course, she was not naked, but instead clothed in a long filmy and loose fitting chemise.  Underneath she was bare… and waiting and her body was hungry for him. Occasionally, when she finished her glass of wine, she would run her toe up along the length of his leg, nudging her toys, careful not to injure but insistent.  This was his cue to get her another glass. He was well trained enough that she only need to perform this erotic gesture, no words were necessary.  As he rose out of the swinging chair, she would pull him over to her. 

“Present, my Pet” she would say, and obediently he would stand, feet apart and hands clasped and resting on the small of his back. After an approving glance from her, he would relax and close his eyes. She would begin to caress him. She loved to touch him, and in fact had a difficult time keeping her hands off him in public. Her hands would start at his waist and run up each side of his chest palms flat and then return down the center with the tips of her fingernails. These touches would start out gently at first and begin to get more insistent. As the intensity grew, she would pause at his nipples and give each a loving tweak or twist…. just enough to elicit the intake of breath that she loved to hear. 

On her way down, she would pause at his waist, and then keep going lower until her nails on one hand grazed his cock and the other hand pulled slightly on his balls. Her breathing would start to deepen and she would moan in the frenzy of her need. She would bend her head to kiss the line where his leg meets his torso and nuzzle his hard dick…teasing..just teasing.  Then just when he thought he would lose his composure, fighting an internal battle… one side insisting on continuing this agonizing but delicious torment, the other wanting to take her, without permission…. she would take him in her mouth.

He would shiver with the pleasure this brought… her soft warm tongue finding all the places he needed explored.  She loved the taste , this he knew, and she reveled in the feel, the texture, finding every nerve ending and leaving nothing untouched. Her mouth stroked him, her lips running up and down his shaft in her rhythm. At first, he would simply enjoy, and then as her insistence grew, he would fight to keep from cumming. She would wait, she always did, until he could not stand it anymore….and he would whisper hoarsely…”please Mistress, please. I cannot hold off anymore”.

Then, she would stop.  Abruptly….maddeningly.  He would walk away on shaky legs to fetch the wine she was drinking. Sometimes he would stroke himself determined to finish what she started, but then either he would remember how good it felt to wait, or she would catch him…the latter resulting in a sound spanking with the paddle, and not an easy one at that. That memory always gave him the reason to stop.

Tonight she had repeated this pattern three times. He was nearly out of his mind with need.  Normally by now, she was tired and wanted to retire for the night, which either meant release for him, or denial and locking to ensure his compliance. Her mood was difficult to ascertain this evening. Finally, after emptying her fourth glass of wine, she called to him huskily.

“Stand in the middle of the pergola, my Pet”. He obliged, although a bit puzzled. “Now present for me, please.” Once again, he obliged. She drew a sturdy stool up to the front of him and stood on it. She smiled down at him, kissing the tip of his nose and laughing at the inquiring look on his face. He didn’t want to ask and she knew the wondering was part of the fun for him. She reached over his head and brought down a thick chain with a leather wrist restraint attached to the end.

“Put your arms over your head” She commanded. He gave her a sly smile… an impish smirk and said “make me!”. In a flash she had enclosed the top of his ball sack between her two front toes and was pulling downward. “Now, my Pet….you realize I have had 4 glasses of wine and I am balancing on one foot with your jewels in the other…do you really wish to defy me right now?”

“No Mistress!” and he obediently raised his arms above his head.

She gave him a smirk and kissed him on the mouth passionately and released his skin trapped between her toes. When he started to lower his arms to put around her neck, she bit his lip. Not hard enough to bleed or even hurt much after the initial shock. His quickness in returning his arms above his head made her giggle while his lip was still imprisoned between her teeth. 

She let go of his lip and kissed him again. Oh how she loved the taste of him. He growled for her, a sound that never failed to send her heart soaring and her nether regions tingling. Smiling she continued her task at hand. She carefully enclosed the soft leather around his wrist, buckling it securely and then reaching into her bra she produced a small silver lock which she fastened onto the buckle with a click. The sound made him smile. She repeated the same operation on his other hand. Each chain stretched to eyebolts screwed in near the top of each side post of the pergola.

Stepping off the stool, she, in turn, took each of the loose ends of the chains and drew each arm tight enough to make him wince just a bit, and threaded each through another eyebolt  in the side posts about halfway down. Once she had his arms pulled to where she wanted them, she clipped a lanyard hook to the chain just below the second eyebolt. This allowed her to pull him tighter, but not allow him more slack.

She kicked the stool away and stood before him on her tiptoes and began to kiss his neck. He smiled and shivered as if tickled. She let her heels drop so she was standing at her regular height. She took her hands, palms flat, and ran them across his chest and then out his arms, mimicking the cross his body made. She caressed his arms as she nuzzled his chest, and finding a nipple, rolled it delightfully between her teeth. She brought her hands in and pinched one nipple while using her mouth on the other. She loved the sounds he made, both enjoyment and pain. Each time he moaned, gasped or sucked in his breath, she felt twinges down below. Such wonderful ways he had of making her need his body.

Finally she began to make her way slowly down his torso. She kissed, nuzzled and licked his skin as if she couldn’t get enough of him, of his taste. She purposefully ignored his groin except to flick her tongue across the head of his cock to taste his pre-cum. Then she made her way down to his ankles. Having satisfied her oral needs for the moment, she stood, looked him straight in the eye and said commandingly “Spread your legs”.

He did so, more from the look in her eyes than the tone of her voice, although that too was insistent. She looked down and shook her head, looked back into his eyes and kicked the inside of his foot to make it go farther out. He would have lost his balance if not for the chains holding him upright, even if they were loose. He immediately moved his other foot out farther before he got another bruise. She turned briefly and gathered another set of restraints designed for his ankles. Bending down, she fastened these on quickly, also locking them.  Then, rather than clip the chains on these, she fastened bars from his ankle to the post. The loose chain ends she gathered in her hands.

“Do you know what these are for, my Pet? With these I can pull your arms very tight or allow you the slack to hold me. I can tease you, please you or give you pain. You cannot get away, you cannot fight, you can only plead.

With this she walked around behind him and lightly swung one of the loose chain ends across his fine ass. She kissed his shoulder and said “Did that hurt my Pet?”

“No Mistress” he said.

Of course she had to do it again…and again watching the pink rise to the surface of his skin. “I will keep this up, my Pet, until you beg me to stop. But keep in mind, once I stop, the next thing I do might not be as pleasant.”

Sweat began to trickle down his face and he suffered two more swings of the chain before calling for mercy. “Stop? You want me to stop? I didn’t hear that plainly enough, say it again!”

“Mistress, please stop, please! I will risk whatever you have planned next”. This brought a smile to her face and she cupped his chin in her hand and kissed him long and hard.

He watched as she placed a soft chair before him, donned a vibrating bullet on her finger and then a black latex glove over that. Her other hand poured generous amounts of lube onto the gloved hand. She clicked the vibrator on and placed her hand on his balls. The instant shock of sensation made his dick throb and strain.

“Well now” she said “it looks like that was a pleasant touch, maybe I can improve on that”

She began to  move her hand in circles around his balls and sliding the vibrator up his perineum, each circle getting closer to his ass. She then simultaneously sucked him into her mouth and plunged her buzzing finger up his ass. He jerked and cried out from the sudden onslaught not entirely sure if it was pleasure or pain that threatened to buckle his knees. She worked her mouth on him relentlessly while working her finger in, out and around and keeping her palm flat on his scrotum. She sucked him in deep again and again and pressed the vibrator against his prostate. Afraid to ask, afraid of the possibility of denial, but equally afraid of the punishment for disobedience, he finally managed to say “Please, Mistress, this feel so wonderful, please may I cum for you”

She hated to take him out of her mouth, but did so long enough to say “Yes my Pet. It will be my pleasure as well.”

With her permission, he was able to relax into the feeling and let himself go. He held off just a few minutes more, not wanting this to end, but was unable to stop himself for long. Chained, as he was, he was unable to stop her from her feeding frenzy and the pleasure turned almost painful as he tried unsuccessfully to pull away from her greedy mouth. Finally, after gasping for mercy once again, she stopped.

She poured herself another glass of wine. Sat on the swinging chair in front of him and calmly said “Please take this time to recover, my Pet, for I have much more in store for you yet this evening.” And she raised her glass to him in a toast with a wink.


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