Campus Demonstration

by CJ

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© Copyright 2002 - CJ - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; reluct; X

Campus Demonstration
by CJ

Sue was an activist who always stood for third world rights, fair trade, debt reduction, and the sharing of the world's wealth with the poor people of the third world.  She had participated in all the recent demonstrations around town, but after she was frustrated that most of the demonstrations received little or no coverage from the media.  She felt the third world cause was being ignored and that bothered her.  One day she was discussing this problem with two college buddies, Jim and Bob.  Bob said that a whole new approach was needed to bring attention to the plight of the poor, something that would attract a crowd.  The common demonstration never attracts people; in fact many try to avoid them. 

Jim said "you need something that will draw people in, turn heads, something original, that they have never seen before.  But it has to somehow connect itself to the hopeless financial bondage the first world is imposing on the third world."

Sue said, "Ooo, that term 'bondage' conjures up all kind of images.  Slaves being forced into labor, entrapment in a system that won't let you out."

"It's like somebody tied the hands of the third world and won't even let them try to escape themselves" said Jim.

"That's it!" cried Sue.  "The image of bondage, if we can use the image of being tied up to illustrate the situation of bondage the third world is caught in right now, that would get attention."

Bob, not being very enthusiastic said "So what do we do, handcuff a mannequin on lower campus.  That won't draw attention."

"No" said Sue, "Use a real person and in the middle of campus tie them up in really tight bondage.  I'll bet my GPA that it will draw a crowd in minutes."

"And who are you going to tie up?" asked Bob.

"Don't look at me" said Jim in a flash.

"This is a great idea, what a crowd this will get!" replied Sue.  "I want to be tied up and I want you guys to do it.  What do you say?"

"I've never done this before, let alone in public." said Bob.

"Come on how hard can it be?" asked Sue.  "I just want you to tie me up and the tighter the better, the third world is hurting this image should hurt too.  People should cringe at the thought of what we are doing to the poor of this world.  Oh this will be great!  Are you in with me?"

"OK" said Jim and Bob, "if you're willing to do it, then we'll help.  Should we rehearse this first?"

"Hell no!  Spontaneity will make it more effective.  Even I won't know what to expect.  How about next Wednesday at noon in the middle of campus?"

"Ah, I guess it's OK" said Bob.

"Great!" said Sue.  "I got to get to class now.  Be sure to come with plenty of rope, I want this to be real!  It can't look fake.  Wow this will surely draw attention." And she headed off to class.

"This will be fun to research." Jim said with a grin.  "The internet will surely have some good ideas."  And he headed off to the computer lab.

Next Wednesday the three met up at about 11:45.  You could tell that Sue was really excited about this.  "are you guys ready?" she asked.

Bob started saying "We decided to do something called Japanese bondage." and he began to take a knotted length of rope out of a rather large knapsack.

"spare me any details, I might want to back out.  Is it going to be tight and restrictive?" she asked.

"Sure, but I should explain..."

"Spare me the details, it's better that I don't know.  I'm wearing my string bikini so the maximum skin shows against the ropes."  Sue wasn't your perfect model with a little bulge at the belly, but she had big firm breasts.  The bikini top looked very sexy. 
"Do you think this will attract guys?" Sue said unzipping her sweat top.

"I'm sure it will" said Jim.

"Well, let's get going before I come to my senses" urged Sue.

In the middle of campus there was a large meadow with one lone tree in the middle.  Many students sat under the shade of the tree since it was a warm sunny day.  Sue marched under the tree and immediately whipped off her shoes and sweat suit and began her unprepared speech. 

"Your attention please." When the guys spotted the sexy bikini she had their attention.  "We want to draw your attention to the plight of the third world poor how they are quite literally held in bondage by the developed countries.  We're are going to demonstrate a very graphic image of that bondage.  Before we get started I want everyone to know that this demonstration was my idea and I submit myself to this of my own free will.  OK Bob let's get started."

Bob approached her with a 30-foot length of rope doubled over with 5 knots near the loop at the middle of the rope.  "Pass this behind your top and over your head."

Sue wasn't sure what he meant.  She took the loop, slid it under her bikini, through the deep cleavage between her breasts and looped it over her head.  "Like this?" she asked.

Bob nodded approval and took the two ends and passed them between her legs and passed them through the loop formed at the middle of the rope.  The doubled rope traced a line down the middle of her body with the 5 knots spread out from between her breasts to below her belly button.  Bob and Jim each took an end of the rope around Sue and looped around the rope above the first knot and back around to her back where they tied them together.  They then brought the ropes around her from both directions and looped the middle rope between the first and second know and pulling them both tight behind her.  They continued this binding between each knot down her body.  Each time the rope wrapped around her it was pulled tight into her flesh.  Around her slightly plump belly the ropes sunk in particularly deep.  In the end the ropes formed a diamond pattern down her front.

As Jim and Bob were finishing off Sue began to explain what was going on, ad libbing as she went.  "We are trying to bring attention to the bondage situation we impose on the people of the third world.  First with our rules on the money we loan them we begin to restrict what they can do.  This is already uncomfortable just as the poor of this world are uncomfortable with their debt load."

Next Jim whispered to Sue that the next step would probably hurt.  Sue quickly said  "Just do it."  Jim took a short length of rope, tied it around her right arm, just above her elbow, pulled it behind Sue and proceeded to tie her arms behind her back at the elbows pulling really tight to bring the elbows to touch in the middle of her back.  Sue had taken some gymnastics so she was quite flexible, but this was a strain even for her.

Her explanation continued, "After making it uncomfortable for the poor we then tie their arms with high interest rates making it almost impossible for them to do anything."  While saying this she made feeble attempts to move her hands behind her back.
Bob took over now and tied her wrists together too and then he wrapped a rope tightly around her belly holding her hands snugly in the small of her back.

A real crowd was forming now to see this scantly clothed woman being subjected to very tight bondage.  One guy from the crowd called out "She can still walk."  To that Sue responded "After we make it impossible for the third world countries to help themselves in their own countries, we restrict their movement too.  Tie my legs up now."

Bill started tying a rope around Sue's legs just above her knees.  After he had wrapped the rope around a half dozen times, he passed the cord between her legs and cinched the ropes even tighter between her legs.  "It doesn't have to be that tight." Sue whispered to Bill.

"Nobody is going to say that this is not real" replied Bill.

Another heckler from the crowd said "She can still walk a bit."  And Sue proved that by taking a few short steps. 

Jim moved in to completely immobilize her by tying her ankles together.  As Jim finished the last knot Sue started again, "Today's demonstration was to graphically show all of you the terrible situation we have forced upon the poorest of the third world."

"We've probably shut them up too!" yelled a heckler.

"That's right." said Sue, "we've made it impossible for them to be heard on this side of the world."

"If you want to play the part then we should shut you up too." cried the heckler.  And others joined in chanting "shut her up!"
The three of them were caught up by the crowd who were now controlling them.  Someone tossed a bandana at them and yelled "GAG her!"  If Bill hadn't followed the order, someone else probably would have, so he picked up the bandana and tied it around her head gagging her.  The most she could do now was mumble.  Fear showed in her eyes as she began to realize she had lost control of the crowd and the situation.  With every limb wrapped tightly in rope and now gagged in the middle of a crowd of at least 150, she knew she was at the mercy of the crowd that was quickly going crazy.

Bill tried to move in on Sue to untie her saying "That's the end of today's demonstration" but the crowd had other thoughts.
"Don't African women go around topless?" called out someone from the middle of the crowd.  In a second a half dozen guys were around Sue pulling at her string bikini.  With all the rope used on Sue, hardly any touched her bikini top.  (Remember, the first rope went under her bikini.)  Once the strings across her back and around her neck were untied, the small piece of cloth almost fell off.

In the frenzy Sue lost her balance and fell to the ground.  The crowd cried out "We can't see her.  Hold her up"  A couple of big guys thought the crowd was saying "Hang her up", so they took one of the last pieces of rope, wrapped it around the ankle ropes, tossed the other end over a branch and proceeded to hang her upside down from the tree.  The crowd was screaming!
As she was hoisted up a freshman from the crowd took two alligator clips used in electronics labs and clamped them to her swollen nipples.  No scream was heard because of the gag.

During this time Bob had run off to the campus Security and quickly told them the whole story.  Security arrived in two cars to see Sue swinging upside down being slapped by anyone who was in reach.  By this point she was blindfolded too so she couldn't see anyone who was torturing her.  As she swung around some fellows grabbed at the wires hanging off the alligator clips attached to her nipples.  Though Sue couldn't see she certainly felt her nipples being stretched 4 or 5 inches off her breasts.

With lights flashing and horns blasting Security drove right into the middle of the crowd.  At the sight of the police the crowd dispersed quickly leaving only the police, Bill and Sue swinging upside down from her tether.  As Security tried to untie the rope that was holding her suspended, Bill went to her and removed the blindfold and gag.  The first thing Sue said was "get the clips off".  Bill instinctively grabbed the wires and tried to pull them off, stretching her nipples one last time only this time Sue watched in horror as her breasts stretched out of shape one last time.  Bill let go of the wires and went for the jaws of the clamps instead to release their grip on Sue.  As Bill removed the clamps he stumbled all over his words trying to apologize for what had happened.  Through his babbling Sue smiled and said "What a rush!"  She had actually got an incredible thrill from the whole ordeal.

As Security lowered her to the ground Sue said jokingly "I don't think our message got through very well."

As she lay on the ground still trussed up with all the ropes, a photographer from the student newspaper came running up.  Breathless, he tried to quickly snap some pictures of Sue lying on the ground.  He was swearing at himself for not getting there in time and he began to walk away.  Sue called out "Wait, stop!  The whole campus should see exactly what happened here today.  Hang me up again!"

The guards said "Are you crazy?!"

Sue determinedly said "This must be shown in all its detail and those involved shamed for what they did.  We will never catch them, so let's lay the guilt on instead.  Hang me up, blindfold me, gag me and even put the alligator clips back on.  Everyone must see it all, but put the clips on only at the end please."

So Sue was blindfolded and gagged, hoisted back up upside-down and at the last minute the clips were fastened onto her nipples.  This photographer seemed to take forever getting the right angles, but it was really only a few minutes.  When he was satisfied they lowered her again to the ground.  She was trying to speak through the gag so Bill worked to remove the gag for the second time.  Calmly Sue said, "Bill dear, Try as I may, I can't get used to the alligator clips digging into my boobs, can you remove them please."