Bondage Lesson

by Spandex Ninja

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© Copyright 2017 - Spandex Ninja - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; babysitter; alarm; burglar; F/f; leotard; mask; capture; bond; rope; gag; escape; turnabout; knockout; MF/f; reveal; blackmail; enslave; cons/nc; X

Holly sighed flicking threw all her social media apps. Babysitting wasn’t the most engaging job but it was paying the bills. She should be researching her community college but she just didn’t have the motivation. Her mind was set on the man of the house. She’d been watching the Rosencratz family for a year now and recently the Mr had turn his attentions to her. His relationship with his wife was open… and so he began a more social relationship with Holly. But tonight, he was at a business function but he left her a surprise. Her phone rang. “Hello good sir,” she said coquettishly “I’ve finished the chore list… vacuumed, the laundry, oh and I did finish the waxing on the landing it’s gonna be wet for a little bit so be careful when you come home. You are coming home right?”

“Why yes my little pet. In fact why don’t you open up my surprise.” The nineteen year old opened the box to reveal several coils of rope, a red rubber ball with a strap on it, a few strands of silk, fishnet tights and some oils.

“What is this?” she asked.

“I feel its time I introduced you to bondage. Your education begins tonight Ms. Holly I’ll be home in a few hours. “

They said their goodbyes and hung up. Holly went back to her magazine. She put her barefeet up on the coffee table. She was dressed like most girls her age… an overlarge hoodie, shiny black leggings, flip flops, and her dirty blonde hair tied back. She heard a noise from upstairs. Figured it might be a good time to check on the kids she slips her sandals backs on and gently goes up stairs. The house was of substantial size with 4 floors including the basement where she was sitting. She made her way up to the top floor where the two kids were supposed to be sleeping. She waited to hear any noise but all remained quiet. Satisfied she made her way to the kitchen.

Even though she was 19 she still had developed a taste for wine. Pouring herself a glass of Rose she sipped a few times when the home security system beeped. The teen went to the console that indicated a window was open on the floor she was on. Curious she went to investigate… sure enough a window was simply a jar. Strange… She shut the window and thought for a minute. Instincts getting a hold of her she decided to do a sweep around the floor she was on. No one in the living room, dining room was empty, checking the guest room left no trace. Perhaps its nothing she thought returning to her wine. She then heard a bump downstairs as she was sipping her spirit. Now worried she crept down stairs..

She saw nothing around the den where she was sitting earlier. She moved to the study. She peered into the crack of the door… she could see very little but she could see the Mister’s desk untouched but she could see movement. Figuring one of the kids had snuck out she decided she’d try and scare them. Gently pushing the door open she expected to see one of the little trouble makers but she froze, it wasn’t one of them.

Searching through a book shelf on the far end of the room she saw her. She wasn’t big in fact she might be shorter than Holly. She had long incredibly blonde; almost white hair tied in tight braid running down to the small of her back. She wore a black hat on her head. She was dressed in a black shiny spandex leotard, the ones you’d see gymnasts wear. Her legs wrapped in a pair of black shiny nylons and a pair of what looked like ballet slippers on her feet. Holly had felt some attraction to a few women before, her cheer coach, a team mate, her yoga teacher, and now this intruder. She watched her move from shelf to shelf looking for something. She had a natural grace to her movement her slipper shod feet making no sounds. Holly snapped out of her day dream and realized that this could be someone dangerous. She took a step into the room and the floor creaked. Holly froze but in a flash the burglar was in front of her, spun her around and had her arm wrenched behind her.

“Shhhh. What do we have here? You must be the babysitter” said the burglar with a slight accent. Holly couldn’t place it. The burglar forced Holly down the hall and back into the den. Keeping her arm pinned to her back she forced the sitter onto the couch where she was resting just minutes earlier.

“I don’t want to hurt you… I’am not here for the kids or you I just need something then I’ll be on my way. Ohhhhhh what’s this here?”

Holly froze as a gloved hand was holding up the ball with a strap. “Uh..uh I don’t know” she stammers

“Oh Cheri you don’t have to be ashamed we all are a little kinky no? Well if you don’t know let me show you how it works” with that she forced the ball into Holly’s mouth. “Mffff!” Holly cries trying to fight the intrusion but a snapping sound is heard tightening the ball in her mouth silencing her.

“What other fun toys do you have hmmmm oh rope very good” the burglar says. It almost seemed like she was looking for ingredients to a cake. Holly tried spitting out the ball but it wouldn’t budge. Suddenly both her arms were wrenched to the small of her back. She kicked her legs trying to throw off the thief but she had no leverage being face down on the sofa. With surgeon precision, her hands were bound behind her back. She tried to pull and wiggle out but the ropes held. She was then flipped on her back and now she could see her attacker for the first time.

She wore black lipstick and a black domino mask to conceal her identity. Even though the mask hid her features well, Holly could still see the burglar had bright blue eyes. The black leotard clung her body tight revealing none but showing all. Her legs glinted in the light of the room, their nylon encasement seeming to elevate Holly’s infatuation with her attacker. The burglar plopped down on the couch and took Holly’s feet and put them on her lap. She slipped off her flip flops and gently rubbed her soles. Holly recoiled at first but the thief had a gentle touch. “There so much better when you’re not fighting” she said as she began to bind her ankles together.

“Now that your good and tied here’s what’s going to happen. You’re gonna be a good little girl and stay here. “ Holly kept her feet still feeling the silky nylons of the burglar. The presence and power she exuded was arousing. She should be afraid but part of her enjoyed being at the mercy of this powerful woman.  Holly relaxed her legs feeling the tension and watched the attractive burglar. “I won’t be long… I need to find some information against your boss. Things will get rough for him but you stay here and be quiet and you’ll be ok. I may even play with you a bit more… you still have more rope” she said flashing a wolfish grin. She patted Holly’s legs and got up to finish her job.

Holly watched the woman’s pert rear sway as she left the room. Sitting for a moment she collected herself and tried to escape. She can’t let her get away. If she succeeds that means she’ll harm Mr. Rosencratz. She’d be out of a job. That and she could lose her relationship with him. She rolled onto the floor with a thump. Her feet were secured tightly. She tried to circle her wrist but found the sweatshirt she wore was bunching up with the ropes. Perhaps she could slip her wrists through. Pulling and twisting her wrists she could feel her hand slip! She wriggles and writhes on the floor feeling the ropes pull into her ankles.

After a minute her hand slipped free inside her sweater. Soon she slipped the other wrist and pulled off the hoodie revealing her tight cheer t-shirt.  After stretching her arms and shaking them she fumbled with the ball gag. Finding a simple buckle she unclasped it and unbound her feet. She looked for anything in the den that could be used for a weapon… she grabbed a candle stick and shook her head. “This isn’t cluedo!” she thought. Then she saw her text book she was using earlier in the evening. “Come here physics!” With her textbook at the ready the sitter crept towards the study.

She crept on the balls of her feet towards the study. She glanced in the crack of the door and found no petite pantyhose perpetrator. A tinge of panic hit her… what if she was gone already? She entered and scanned the room she was gone! Remembering the open window earlier she bolted from the study and quickly made her way to the other end of the house. She rounded a corner and went to the stairs to find a shadowy figure making her way down the hall. Clutching her book like some security blanket she crept closer. The thief seemed to be noting some of the artwork on the walls. Holly knew she had maybe just this one shot to knock her out with the book. She raised the book ready to bring it down but the thief had quickly spun around. Holly stopped cold her eyes locked on the clear blue ones behind the mask.

“Well you are a fun one “ she said stepping towards Holly. The step snaps Holly from her trance and she runs back towards the den in the basement. Not sure why but it was a direction to go. She could hear the thief close behind her as they ran through the dark house. Holly bounded down the steps and eased her steps over the wet wax on the landing. As she descended the stairs she heard a thump followed by a swear. She turned to find the burglar on her back moaning in pain… She slipped on the wax!. Ceasing the moment Holly took her book and smashed it on the crown of the mysterious woman’s head. She laid still but still breathing. She was out cold. Hurrying to the den Holly called the Mr.

“Mr. Rosencrantz!!! There’s a burglar here! I knocked her out thoughwhatshoudlIddopoliceorrrss ummm”

“She? The burglar is a woman?”

“Yes she tied me up earlier but I got free”

“Good where is she now”

“The landing she slipped on the wax and I hit her with a book”

“And they say text books are worthless. Alright I’m accessing my security cams”

“Wait you have cameras?”

“Yes… and I know about last Wednesday” Holly blushed as she waited for his next response. “Hmmmm she’s quite the hottie. “

“Should I call the police?”

“No not just yet. Take her to the den, tie her up and gag her. I’ll be home soon to punish her. Feel free to tease her a bit. Put a sense of dread in her so she cooperates”

“Oh ok I’ve never really tied anyone up.”

“I’ll send you instructions be home soon”

Holly drug the unconscious thief to the den and laid her on the couch. She glanced at her phone and saw a detailed description on bondage techniques. Grabbing some rope she rolled the thief on her stomach and ran some rope around her wrists. She bound the knot so that both arms were parallel with one another. Following the Mr.’s instruction she then took a longer rope and looped it around the thief’s upper arms right above the elbows. Cinching it tight she pulled the elbows behind her but not close enough to touch. She then browsed to the next step. Carefully Holly removed the ballet slippers from the burglars feet. Holly took a minute to admire the pedicure she had. A few coils wrapped around the slender ankles of the burglar secured her from running. Patting the thieves nylon feet she grabbed more rope and proceeded to follow the instructions for binding her upper legs together. A few passes of rope between the nylon thighs and a big knot in between them brought her strong toned legs together.

Holly admired her handiwork. She stood over the bound burglar watching her for any movement. Holly couldn’t help but feel a fluttering in her as she gazed upon the gorgeous captive. She ran her hands from the thief’s round ass all the way to her soles. Holly grinned feeling the taught muscles under the silky nylons. The thief was turning her on. A bleep from her phone broke her away. The Mr. was 15 minutes away and the message also said the gag. Remembering the gag the thief forced into her she picked it up and decided to taunt her prey.

“Wake up cutie”

The thief groaned… .and realizing her predicament started to buck and thrash. Seizing the moment Holly forced the ball gag into the mouth of the hapless burglar and buckled it in. Yanking the hat off of the thief Holly sat next to her watching her mfff and writhe trying to escape. Eventually the burglar worked her way upright to face Holly.

“You’re gonna get it once the man of the house gets here. He told me he’s not calling the police. He’s gonna hand out the punishment.” Holly poured on remembering the instruction to tease the burglar. “I’m not sure what he has planned but something tells me he is going to really like your butt” Holly said patting the thief’s rear. “Probably will spank you then when that’s over probably fuck your cute ass” She said tugging on the leotard’s seat. The thief’s blue eyes went wide at that and she thrashed and kicked at Holly. “And guess what else you dumb bitch… it’s all on camera!” said Holly pointing at the security camera in the corner. “When we’re done your sexy ass is going up on all the porn streaming sites hows that sound?” Holly said tickling the burglar’s feet. 

Soon Mr. Rosencrantz entered… ..”So this is our uninvited guest.”

The burglar kept her eyes glued to Rosencrantz; 6 feet tall, stern chin, brown eyes, an athletic frame built from triathlon training. He took her chin in his hand and examined her. “Quite the beauty. She fills out her costume lovely” he said as he cupped a spandex clad breast and squeezed. “Hmmmm I don’t feel a bra under your leotard.“ He cast a wolfish grin. Holly whispered “Slut” in the burglar’s ear. “Quite the problem you have here. Tied up and gagged in the house you were trying to rob. What should I do with you?” He said as he continued to paw her chest. “I should call the police what do you think Holly?”

“Well Mr R I know the law is the law but can you really trust the system these days?”

“I agree and I’m sure you agree as well” he said gazing into the burglar’s blue eyes. The bound beauty nodded in agreement mffing into her ball gag. “I’m going to ungag you now… one scream and the cops will be here understood” he said holding her face in his hands. She seemed to be fixated on his gaze and she meekly nodded.  Rosencratz reached behind and unbuckled the straps securing it in. It came out with a pop along with a string of drool. The thief worked her jaw loose after having it forced open for the better part of a half hour. “Now how should I punish you my dear?” asked Rosencratz.

“Pllease nno cops… ” she stammers that accent still lingering in her voice. “ can’t you just let me go... I’ll pay to fix anything I broke”

“Oh really tell me stranger what were you stealing from me?”

The thief shifted in her seat and said, “Some gold watches and a computer stick”

“Ah well for that the penalty is steep.. and since we can’t call the cops... you have to be our prisoner then. So, let’s see who our prisoner is Holly. “

Rosencrantz then leapt up and turned a security cam towards them. Holly retrieved her phone and hit the camcorder app. “Wait noo don’t tape me!!” the burglar bucked and kicked helplessly as Rosencrantz approached her and began to pull on the mask. Holly zoomed in as the mask pulled up her face. “Noooo stop!”

“Its part of your punishment… I need to know who my slave is” and he yanked the mask off. Grabbing her chin he forced the beautiful young thief to look at the security camera. “Here she is our lovely captive, Holly you know her?”

Holly walked up still recording and gazed into the eyes of her yoga instructor. “Her name is Nicole Messier and she is my yoga teacher” Holly said on camera making sure to get a good shot of the unmasked thief.

“Fantastic well then we will have to take advantage of her flexibility.” Nicole’s eyes were wide as she darted back in forth between Holly and Rosencratz.

“Wh… what are you going to do? “ she asked.

“Well you will be mine and by extension Holly’s for a while. You will do as I say or else the video goes to the police. You are our sub meaning submissive. Now Holly it’s time for that bondage lesson… grab the bag... and I’ll grab Nicole “ Nicole gasped as she was tossed over Rosencratz shoulder and carried off to the bedroom..


A few days later Holly arrived for a private yoga session with her teacher. Walking into the studio Ms Nicole was laying out yoga mats for her private lesson when Holly cleared her throat. “You! You’re my student tonight?” she cried.

“Oh, no Nicole you remember the deal I get some sessions with you” Holly replied walking in with a bag. She circled Nicole who had stopped moving and was gazing at the bag. Nicole was wearing powder blue lycra leggings and a matching sports bra, her platinum hair spilling down to the small of her back and her bare feet made her seem perfect.

“ I..I remember the deal. So you want a free session I can do that.”

“Oh no mademoiselle the session is not for yoga” Holly said uncoiling some rope. She stepped behind Nicole and smelled her beautiful hair. The action causing Nicole to gasp in pleasure. “ I really did enjoy the other night… as did you. “ she said wrapping some coils around Nicole’s slender wrists. “And we get to play with you for a whole year. Isn’t that right Nicole?”

“Yes one whole year that was the deal” Nicole replied almost in a trance.

“Was the deal what?”

“Sorry was the deal my mistress” Nicole said being corrected.

“Very good” said Holly cinching the wrists behind Nicole’s back. Nicole sucked in a moan as the ropes bit into her soft skin and she dropped to her knees and faced her mistress. Bowing her head in submission she tried to suppress her excitement as Holly began her punishment for the evening.




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