by Cuffmate

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© Copyright 2003 - Cuffmate - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; imprisonment; n/c; XX

His hands almost shook when he read the letter. The letterhead was that of the Sheriff's office and he was the addressee.

It indicated that a warrant had been sworn out for his arrest and he was to report to the Sheriff's office within 3 days to turn himself in to face the charges or a warrant would be issued for his arrest and he would face charges that could result in two year sentence in jail. The letter indicated he should report to officer Kelly Andersson.

His heart raced as he entered the sheriff's office and approached the information officer at the front desk.

The receptionist was a blonde woman and he handed her the letter he had received.

She smiled at him and said, "Please be seated. You will be taken shortly."

There was a fairly large room with rows of wooden benches. He walked over to the bench and seated.

A few moments later officer Kelly Andersson appeared in the doorway with a bundle of chains in her hands. She was a quite beautiful police matron. She was a slim 5'6 long legged female officer, tiny waist, beautiful breasts and with sex appeal to die for. She was wearing a blue Police shirt with a black cravat and shoulder epaulettes, black skirt, stockings and black leather boots on her feet.

"Please, stand up and turn around," officer Kelly Andersson called.

He slowly rose and walked toward them. As he rose, Kelly took her handcuffs out of the holder on her belt and waited for him to approach her.

He turned his back to the officer. Kelly firmly took his arm and applied a twisting motion. He allowed her to guide him with her firm grip, and felt warm metal applied about his wrists. Then she ratcheted the handcuff on his wrists. Each wrist was cuffed tightly so that there remained no play about his wrists whatsoever.

"You are now under arrest", the female officer stated.

Next came a clattering, as she produced a pair of leg irons. She knelt by him side, and he co-operated by putting forward his feet. The ratchets were quickly latched shut. Then she pushed him against the wall and placed a belt around his waist, pulled it snug, and closed the locking buckle. Then she ran the chain from the leg irons up to his waist and attached the belt on the chain to his waist. The handcuffs were padlocked to the belt. The female guard finished by double-locking all the cuffs so they would not tighten.

"I don't understand," he said. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"I know exactly what I'm doing," Kelly said.

Quickly he found himself very tightly confined in the restraints - comfortable, but fairly immobile.

"You have been listed as a security risk," Kelly told him.

"Walk slowly and don't try to run or kick," the female guard told him as she checked the fit of the ankle cuffs. He saw the leg irons had a shortened chain.

Then he was taken behind the door.

Taking him by the elbow, she pulled it upward and toward the direction of the door. He stumbled in his chains as he was taken into custody.

"Is it really necessary to use all these restraints?" he asked.

"Procedure. We are doing it for everyone and according to the regulations, you are to be treated as prisoner with high escape risk" Kelly continued. "All security imposed on such prisoners will be imposed upon you.

Then she almost pushed him down the long hallway, and finally into a small cell. Then the woman turned around and left. The heavy door was locked behind her and he was left in handcuffs and leg irons.

"What!?! You can't leave me handcuffed like this!" he called, but she seemed not to hear him. His hands clenched into fists as he pulled against the handcuffs. It was hopeless; there was no way he could possibly escape.

"You are listed as security risks, so your restraints will not be removed. You can sit on the bench or stand" Kelly replayed.

He started to kick the door.

Few moments later she returned and came into the cell.

"Come here and turn around" Kelly ordered.

"You don't have any right to keep me handcuffed in the cell." He snapped.

"Actually we are authorized to keep you secured any way we feel necessary." Kelly explained.

"I'm going to replace your handcuffs" Kelly explained.

"Finally! I thought you were going to leave me chained like this and leave me handcuffed" he snapped."

"Actually, I am going leave you handcuffed and put you in hinged handcuffs for the night. They're double-locking so they won't over-tighten if you roll over on them, and see how they're hinged instead of being joined by a little chain? When I lock them on you with the key holes pointing up, even if you ever did somehow get hold of the key you still wouldn't be able to get out of them without help" Kelly explained and produced a pair of hinged handcuffs.

"I like very much using the waist belt in combination with the hinged handcuffs. Far more effective than simple cuffs behind the back" Kelly explained.

Then his handcuffs were replaced and he was very tightly re-cuffed with hinged handcuffs. His wrists and arms were forced to stay parallel to each other and it was very restrictive together with the waist belt combination.

"These handcuffs are a little tight" he tried with more than a hint of irritation in his voice.

"Your comfort has left your control" was the replay.

Then she was helped down on the floor and placed face down on his belly.

"What would you say, if I put you in a hogtie for the night?" Kelly asked.

He tried to turn around with confusion.

"What are you talking about?" he said to the female officer. "Hogtied? What does it mean?" he asked.

"You don't know what a hogtie is?" she asked innocently. "Never mind, you are about to find out"

Kelly reached down and grabbed his ankles and hinged handcuffs were placed around his ankles. Then the leg irons were removed.

"Now lift your legs straight up your back, please". Then both handcuffs were connected together with a chain and a padlock. The chain connecting his wrists to his ankles was only a few centimeters long, forcing him to keep his legs bent back.

"Now you are hogtied" Rachel explained.

"You bitch!" he snapped. "I will have your job for this!

"So you're still not going to behave, are you? she asked. "You think you can call me bitch and get away with that? I'm not the one who is hogtied with hinged handcuffs on the floor. And because of that, I will keep you in heavy restraints. And I think you need additional restraints. Very heavy additional restraints" she stated smiling.

"I'd better explain what I'm putting on you," Rachel said.

Then he felt a leather belt being looped around his upper arms and tightened roughly. His elbows were now almost touching behind his back. Then the belt was buckled there.

Kelly put a small rubber ball in his right palm.

"Squeeze this ball tightly please," she said.

He complied with this seemingly innocent request. He felt something being forced over her right hand with the ball in it.

"These are thumbless leather mittens" she explained. "When I put your hands in these, your fingers are forced into tight fists that you cannot open. These lock on with a small padlock."

The mittens were tight over his hand and the ball. Once placed on he could not move his fingers even slightly. The ball in his palm prevented him from closing his hands at all. He heard a lock click as the mitten was sealed on. A second rubber ball was placed into his left hand and his fingers pushed around it. Another tight mitten was slipped and locked on. Her hands were now bound with handcuffs and leather.

"Please, this is too tight!" he tried.

Next the female officer pulled out a long, tapered black piece of leather. There were straps and buckles up and down the device.

"This is called a leather armbinder. It is pretty simple. It is a shaped piece of leather that fits over your arms and specially designed to be used with those hinged handcuffs." Kelly explained. "Here at the bottom is where your hands will go. With those hand mittens and cuffs already on you it won't make much difference having another layer of leather wrapping them up. The width of the sheath makes it so your arms from fingertip to elbow are going to be pinned tightly, almost together. There are straps that wrap around your arms about every inches. Again, they are not necessary, but they just serve to make sure you are more secured. The binder goes all the way up to your shoulders. And of course I'm going to strap you into this one as tightly as I can."

He tried to get up, but Kelly was on her and forced him to his stomach again. He felt as the leather sheath was easily slid up his handcuffed arms. There was no way he could escape this thing. There were laces that ran the entire length of the armbinder. Slowly she began to tighten them. It took at least ten minutes for her to get from the tips of the fingers to the top of the shoulders. Each of these straps were pulled tight and had a small stainless steel lock on them. Finally two thicker straps ran from the top of the binder, over each of his shoulders and then buckled and locked to the other side of the binder right beneath his armpits.

By the time she was finished, the leather stretched around his arms like a thin leather skin. There was absolutely no slack anywhere along the entire length of the binder.

"This is too much!" he started. "You can't treat me like this. I have rights"

"Temper now, mister" Kelly said. "Lets get started on those legs of yours, shall we?" She pulled out a device with thick leather straps. "I am going to secure your calf to your thigh, your ankle to your butt. Then thick leather straps will be tightened around your thighs and ankles" she explained.

Just like his arms, officer Kelly Andersson pulled each lace as tight as it could go, before moving to the next one up. Slowly and tightly she looped from his ankle and thigh down to his knee, fusing his legs together. By the time she was done his legs were completely immobile. Finally a very wide, very stiff leather belt was pulled around the bound legs, covering almost half of his thigh and calf. It was just another redundant addition to an already inescapable bondage and a hinged handcuff hogtie, another layer of leather to wrap him into.

When she was done, his legs were covered with a tight leather skin from the very top of his thigh to the tip of his toe.

"Happy now?" he snapped. "You are not going to get a way with this!"

"Maybe you would like to be gagged as well?" Kelly asked innocently.

She produced a red rubber ball, almost as big as a tennis ball. It had several straps and buckles attached to it.

"What's that?" he asked.

"This is called a head harness ball gag, mister." Kelly explained. "It is designed to keep this rubber ball tightly wedged into your mouth. Once this goes on, the only sounds you will be able to make are little mews. There is no chance of you being able to slip it off without unlocking it. The straps will cover your face holding the ball in and your jaw locked around it. It is very effective."

"You bring that thing even near to my face and you will be so sorry" he said.

"Okay mister, one more word and you are gagged" Kelly said. "And if you make me gag you, I will keep you gagged for the night".

"Look, I promise I won't make any noise if you just release me," he pleaded. "You can't keep me this severely bound"

"Open wide" Kelly said smiling.

"I swear not to make a sound unless you say!" he pleaded! "I won't let you put that thing in my mouth!"

Kelly put her knee into his back and grabbed his hair, pulling his head straight back. His mouth opened involuntarily as his neck was jerked roughly back.

"Please, don't let me" Kelly answered innocently.

Once his mouth opened, Kelly began to shove the ball in his mouth. After a few minutes of struggling the ball forced his jaw to extend wide enough to accept the rubber ball. He groaned and tried to pull his head away. Rapidly Kelly pulled the main strap of the gag around his head, buckled it as tightly as possible at the base of his skull. More straps ran from the ball, over his head and buckled at the top of his skull. Another strap ran under his chin and attached to the main strap around his mouth. Finally, she picked up the straps that dangled in front of his face. They were formed in the shape of a Y with the two ends of the Y attached to the front of his gag. She ran the long end of the Y across the top of his head and buckled it into a slot at the back of his neck.

Now the gag was fitted so snugly into his mouth that he couldn't move it at all. Nor could he close his mouth at all. Then all these straps were once more tightened and locked with padlocks and he could not move his jaw at all. He tried to shout around the gag, but of course nothing came out but a helpless mew.

"I have something to make the gag even more effective" Kelly continued.

Kelly picked up a soft piece of leather, almost four inches in square. On two sides it had four shining buckles. She placed the leather square over his mouth and started to buckle it tight, pressing the ball deeper inside, sealing his mouth completely. At either side of this covering were four small padlocks, ensuring that there wasn't much likelihood of him forcing the ball from his mouth with his tongue. The covering stretched down over his chin, moulding tightly to it and forcing his bottom jaw upwards to sink his teeth deep into the ball. A further strap ran from either side of this part of the covering, meeting at the top of his head where they were padlocked tightly together.

Then the female officer locked a wide leather collar around his neck and was shut tight by two padlocks. Then she padlocked one end of a very short chain to a D-ring on his collar and the other end to an eyebolt set into the floor near the center of the cell.

With it in place he could hardly move his head. Next she grabbed his legs and shifted him over few inches, toward the center of the cell. He saw a heavy chain being put around his feet and pulled down against a ring set in the floor. Then he was truly immobilized, secured to that spot in the cell.

He was unable to believe what was happening to him. He struggled for a few seconds, testing the binds to see if there was any slack. After several minutes of straining and pulling, all he had managed to do was cover his body with a sheen of sweat from the exertion. At this point he began to scream as loud as he could into the gag.

This had no effect on the leather enveloping him so successfully. His mind raced frantically for a solution to this impossible situation. He tried to make as much moaning noises as the gag would allow.

"Well, mister" Kelly said. "Still haven't learnt to behave? Maybe you would like to try a leather hood?" she asked innocently.

The female officer produced a hood that was black with straps and metal rings all over it.

"There was no way he could allow that thing over his face" he thought. He strained and struggled to move away, shaking his head violently.

Kelly then brought the leather mask over the face of the heavily restrained prisoner. The mask was all one piece, which had laces that ran all the way from the top of the skull to the base of neck. Kelly loosened all the laces and brought the hood over his shaking face. His whole body shook and strained against his inescapable bonds. It was hopeless though; the bonds that held him so well could have withstood the struggles of 50 men of his strength.

"If you don't want to be hooded, just let me know" Kelly teased.

There was nothing he could do as the leather was pulled over his head. He was plunged into darkness as the formed leather settled over his face. Kelly began to lace the hood at the top of his skull. She pulled and laced as the leather stretched to accommodate the prisoner inside. Soft pads fit over his eyes. Thick leather padding fit over the ball filling his mouth. As the leather hood tightened, the pad over his mouth actually forced the ball farther into his jaws. Tighter and tighter the hood laced, closing off all air, all light, and all hope of escape.

A zipped flap covered the lacing and this was closed in with a small stainless steel lock. The zipper connected to a leather collar that went around his neck with the lock. He was sealed in a leather prison with no hope of escape.

A two and a half-inch strap wrapped around where his eyes were. It was pulled as tight as Kelly could do it and locked behind his head. A second strap of equal size was pulled around his gagged mouth, tightened and locked behind his skull with a buckle and padlock. A final very wide strap ran under his chin, over his filled, leather-covered cheeks up to the top of his head. When this final strap was pulled as tight as cold be, his mouth was locked even more closed around the ball that had become part of his aching mouth.

Kelly ran one leather straps from small "D" rings that was attached to the middle of the single sleeve at about elbow level. Then she ran the strap from a buckle at the top of his skull and looped it into the "D" ring at his elbow. Kelly began shortening the strap, inch by inch. His neck arched farther back as she pulled the strap tighter. By the time Kelly locked this final bit of bondage off, he could not twitch a muscle; his body was immobilized by expertly applied leather and steel bondage.

"Looks like you are going to have to stay here mister until I get back." Kelly said. Only response was a muffled mew of pleading and surrender.

Then she went to the door, turned out the lights and shut the door.

He was unaware of what was happening outside his tiny prison.

He had not been able to move an inch in the fifteen minutes they had been gone. He sat in darkness.

The next few hours were a continual cycle of he thinking about how he had to get out of this! Struggling would then ensue. He would sit quietly for a few minutes, and think about what was happening to him, but the struggle against the implacable bonds holding him. The minutes turned to hours as he continued his desperate attempts to get even the slightest slack, the tiniest bit of relief from the constant strain of the hinged handcuffs and leather holding him. It was a hopeless fight.

He waited bound tighter than he knew possible. The darkness of the leather helmet laced around his head was overwhelming. He could not get a millimeter of slack in his bondage to give any relief. His defeat was so total and overwhelming. No sound could escape his rubber filled mouth. He could only feel the leather, rubber and metal holding him so tight, no other tactile input was available. Again and again he would struggle and pull with every fiber of his being. Again and again his bonds easily held his attempts.

Eventually he became convinced that escape was impossible without assistance. He would remain secured where he was until someone came for him. He could only lay there and wait.

Kelly returned after several hours. She casually opened the door to his cell and stepped in. He waited in the exact same position that Kelly had forced him earlier. He just continued sitting there, moaning into his gag. Kelly began to loosen and remove the hood over his head. With all the buckles, belts and laces this was no quick process, but after an eternity she pulled the leather hood off his head. The way his body was secured still made it impossible for him to move more then a couple of inches. Kelly put a glass of water on the floor and put her finger to her lips to let him know to be quiet She then reached behind his head and unbuckled the harness gag. Kelly pulled the ball from behind his teeth; it made an audible pop as it came free. He gasped and coughed for a few moments while Kelly waited patiently

"Please... let my arms go. I won't try to get away." He squirmed his body around to try and show Kelly his bound arms. Kelly simply reached down and grabbed the ball gag again.

"So, you haven't learn anything?" she asked.

"No, no... Please. I'm sorry. I won't say another word. I swear. Please, I can't take that thing anymore." Kelly simply put her finger to his lips again and gestured with the harness gag.

"You will listen while I talk. From now on you will not speak unless I have given you permission. You will wear that gag as long as I wish, but when I take it off you still do not have permission to talk" she said.

He got the message and shut up. She brought the glass of water up to his lips and gestured for him to drink. He drank hungrily.

"To be honest there is no reason to keep you so securely trussed up. There is no way you could escape this cell" Kelly confessed.

"So, are we having fun?" Kelly asked. "I bet you want me to remove those leather restraints and handcuffs?" she continued.

"Yes, please´┐Ż I do anything if you let me go," he pleaded.

She got the glass and the head harness ball gag and walked behind him. He strained around to see what Kelly was up to.

"So, if I gag you again, you know it's not because I need to. It's because I can. And because I want to" Then she jerked his head roughly back. He let out a squeal as his mouth jerked open. "You weren't able to stop me gagging you in the first place, and you won't be able to stop me now," she said and pushed the huge ball from the gag back into his still aching mouth.

He tried to beg her not to do this, but the gag was as effective as it had ever been and reduced his pleading to a helpless groan. Kelly once again pulled the various straps around his face, once again buckling them as tightly as her strength would allow. She grabbed the same discipline helmet that had been on him before and brought it up to his face. His whole body shook as he desperately tried to move away from the impending leather device. It slid over his head and was laced up in a few minutes. The strap leading from the top of his head was once again attached to the "D" ring at his back.

A few moments of near freedom, only to be put right back into the exact same bondage. He was totally helpless to stop anything that Kelly wanted to do to him.

"No relief until tomorrow morning" Kelly said and checked all the leather bonds and handcuffs one last time, pulling a buckle or two a notch tighter here and there.

"I love playing bondage games" Officer Kelly Andersson finally confessed. "And you are going to be my playmate. But there isn't going to be any safety word for you. You are my bondage prisoner as long as I want you to be. Good night!