An Interesting Turn of Events

by Canlock

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© Copyright 2008 - Canlock - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; bdsm; chast; oral; shave; cons; X

I would like to say that we meet routinely but our meetings are never routine. Sometimes we can meet only for a short while, for a short hour or two, but at other times we can spend the day together. Those longer times are my favourite as I do love spending time with my Princess.

She is a remarkable lady. On the one hand she can wield a strap or the cane with practiced dexterity while on the other she is soft and cuddly. I have come to love and appreciate the differences and I am getting good at sensing what mode she is in at the moment. Sometimes we just get together for a good cuddle (I have admit I love those too). We will lay snuggled together, spooning as I hold her close. The most adventurous I get then is to hold her breasts in my hand and to gently stroke her nipples. She often drifts off to sleep then, for a while, journeying in some dreamland that I will never know. I am content with those times, I love them in fact, and even if I didn't I know that if I ever wanted a release then I would go along anyway. None the less, it is a win-win situation for me at least.

We have talked of my little fetish and agree that it is a bit odd. Can you imagine, she says, a very healthy male with a high sex drive wanting to be teased and denied then locked up for extended periods of time? It is odd. I have explained my feelings, loving the heightened awareness of those around me, of being aroused for days on end, desiring to have a release so much that my balls ache. With this she laughs, holds my hand and say she loves it too, knowing that I am as frustrated as can be and her having the power, and the only one having the power to release me. She says she loves being able to decide when, where and how, or even if, I will come. And she really loves locking me back up when I am very aroused to wait for her decision. She says that power and control is an incredible turn on for her.

She looks at me and wonders why I like to give up the control over something that is so important. She questions why I like to give up control over this aspect of my life when I am so much in control of every other aspect of my life. She poses the question but does not really expect an answer.

She loves this and especially loves my torment. And she loves the BDSM thing too. She says it has awakened a new her. One that was buried deep down but now is surfacing. And as we explore all aspects she is becoming far more confident in her capabilities and abilities in BDSM although there are something's she does like as much as some others. And being a Domme has certainly has increased her confidence and happiness in all other aspects of her life. For her it is win-win too.

So when she called she asked if I wanted to take a gamble on being released. Of course, I responded. At least then I had a chance for release.

When we met at our high top dungeon she held my hand and then held me close. We kissed there for a few minutes. Some kisses were deep and passionate, demanding even,while others were sweet and gentle, the giving kind that usually indicates a desire to make me happy in some way.

She asked me to get the bag of marbles for the marble game. We don't use them very often, just when neither of us is feeling very creative or just because she wants to add a new dimension to our play. I retrieved the bag, my heart was sinking as I know that there are far more black marbles than green ones. Green for my O. And there are a couple of white ones which means that I O but I get a 'snowball', and there 2 blue which means I come inside her but have to eat her out afterwards, a 'cream pie'. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a muticoloured marble. She said that this meant that she was to be the sub for the day, but it didn't mean that she would allow me to O.

As per normal I reach into the bag and selected a marble. I was never to look at what it was but I was to give it to her for her to action. And when and if she was satisfied than I would be shown the marble and we would act out what was determined by the marbles colour.

Now what are the chances that I would pull out the multicoloured one. Actually it was 1 in 36. She showed me the marble right away which was very unusual and sure enough it was the multicoloured one that we had only just put into the bag.

She put that marble back and proceeded to tell me her limits (which I already knew). No heavy paddles and nothing that will leave marks. And no golden shower. I was already very excited at the prospect of being the 'boss' if only for a short while. And yes I knew she was topping from below. I also knew that if I overstepped my bounds I would be made to suffer

Now what to do?

I asked her to get undressed. I always love to watch her slowly strip for me. As each garment is removed she exposes to me a most wonderful, and honest sight. It never ceases to get me going as I think, no, I know that she is very beautiful and very sexy. I could feel my trapped member stir as never before. I was aroused before but now I was fully engorged and trying to fit each spare bit of space in the tube. Every time I tell my fair Princess of its predicament she laughs loving the torment she puts me through.

We kissed some more and played with her nipples, much more forcefully than I normally do. I kisses and bit her neck. This always makes her knees weak and I could feel a shudder course down her spine.

I moved her in front of the chair where I have knelt so often worshipping at her goddess spot. I had her kneel there as I have done so many times.

Around her ankles I put the cuffs I have worn for her so often and a spreader bar which I chained to the front of the chair. If she was moving it wasn't far.

I put the posture collar that I have worn so often. I gently wrapped it around her neck then tightened the straps to achieve just he right balance between discomfort and head control. Then I put a chain around the collar and attached it to handcuffs that locked her hands within 6 inches of her neck.

From the kitchen I fetched a big glass of water and an egg timer. She watched wide eyed as I drank the water relishing each drop.

I sat down in front of her. My member just inches from her mouth. The ring gag I have worn so often dangled in front of her face and I asked her if she needed that or would she comply with the conditions. She said she didn't need the gag and that she would happily take me into her mouth. I then tightened the strap that pulled her head into my penis. She was now stuck in this position.

I told her my bladder was full and I needed to pee. I went on to say that I would need to pee very badly soon. And that if she wanted to put off the golden shower she wanted to avoid then she would have to keep me aroused. That if the male is aroused he cannot pee, that a small valve closes which prevents it. But if I came then she knew what would happen, or if she could not keep me fully aroused then she could expect the worse.

I showed her the egg timer which I set for 20 minutes. I know that she felt fear. She was no doubt very annoyed with me that I was pushing her beyond her limits. And I knew I would suffer for this at some point.

The next 20 minutes were a pure joy. She kept me aroused and interested the whole time. She licked and sucked and pulled me deep into her mouth. I could feel her tongue move and when she swallowed it was pure heaven. She did keep me fully erect and near the edge. It was heaven.

Throughout the whole time I would tell her how my bladder felt and that I was desperate to go. Every time I would say something she would renew her efforts to avoid what she dreaded most.

Finally the bell rang and I removed the strap that held her close. Her moth came off of my penis and she said that she was going to make me pay. Of this I had no doubt. But for today she was still mine.

I got up for a moment to make some adjustments to the room and the situation. In the meantime she knelt there staring at the chair I had so recently vacated. She had been there for a while and I knew she would like to find a different position.

I let her up and helped her across the room to lay on the spanking bench under the hook in the ceiling. I took the line that often suspended me and attached it to the center of the spreader bar then hauled her legs straight up into the air. She was now full exposed to me.

One of the goals that we had set was for her to achieve a G-spot O. She was now at the right height for me to work on that goal.

For the next two hours I made love to her with my tongue, lapping at her temple. I licked and sucked and enjoyed at length doing what I love so much to do. She responded by having lots of Os, each one deeper and longer than the last. She particularly loved it when she becomes fully aroused that I sucked her nub into my mouth and tickle it with my tongue.

I made love to her too. I penetrated her and make sweet gentle love with the proviso that I would not come. She had another this way. I loved it to as she can control her muscles to a remarkable degree. It felt, even if I held perfectly still that she was stroking me.

Then I got out her favourite vibrator and used it. Again she O'ed several times. She thought maybe she did have a G-spot O but she could not be sure.

None the less, after being exposed and assaulted for two hours she was bathed in sweat. She had a smile on her face and she said she had not felt that contented for a long time nor had she had that many Os at one session. She was exhausted.

One last thing to do I said.

She protested as I got out my electric razor and started shaving her leaving a heart shaped patch of hair just above her Goddess spot. I then got out the shave cream and shaved all of the areas that had been cut. She lay very still as I shaved her lips.

At long last I let her down from the leg suspension and let her stand after being on the bench. I removed her ankle cuffs and spreader bar and removed her collar. I gave her a neck rub for I knew that wearing this collar for a long time can cause some stiffness.

I took her to the shower and we stayed there till the water began to run cold. A big fluffy towel was the final tool I used to massage the aches and pains away and bring a new freshness.

I got out the red lipstick I love on her and rouged her face to accentuate the healthy glow she has. I helped her into hose black stayups that I love and red high heels that accentuate her very pert and beautiful bottom. She was gorgeous standing there and cute too with her hands cuffed so closely to her neck

I brought a small red ribbon that I fixed into the heart shaped bush that I so loved and worshipped.

I unlocked her hand and removed the chain from around her neck. Then I retrieved a red bra that I bought for her as a surprise. We put this on.

She was beautiful, especially beautiful for today she trusted me. And she was absolutely stunning standing there. Made up, dressed in red with a beautiful red ribbon to accent her beauty. She was incredibly stunning.

Although she was demure and pleased with the way she looked and for the kind attentions I had given her she was annoyed for the almost golden shower and for the shave she didn't want.

She smiled at me and had me get the belt I know so well. As she clicked the lock closed an a longtime, and unsatisfied she said she may take to the next leap year before she would be release me.

It was soon Valentines day and I wanted her to look like a Valentine. She certainly was, and is, as pretty as a picture.

And if it took some time being locked to make her happy and to satisfy her then it was a small price to pay.

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