Angie's Commitment

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Angie was used to the steel collar, the weight never letting her forget its presence and its width keeping her from ever looking down again, the ankle and wrist cuffs she had worn for the last two years had taken some time to let her mind adjust that they like the collar they could never be removed, her Mistress had them all custom made for her, and each fitting perfectly her Mistress having zero tolerance for errors, even when her Mistress locked the steel chastity belt with its attached thighs cuffs on her telling her she was relieving Angie of her of the burden of having to make any decisions about her life or any choice in saying no to anyone who made advances on her and allowing her to service her Mistress or anyone her Mistress chose for her to service without question.

Adjusting the belt so tight it took her breath away and the steel rubbed her pussy and ass raw for the first two months she was locked into it and even though it had key holes and could possibly be removed, after a year of it locked tightly around her body she had no hope of it ever being removed. The thigh cuffs had forced Angie to wear skirts and dresses only and made climbing the steps at college even more difficult than the tall heels she was forced to wear.

Angie seldom showed any of the steel that she was locked into when she wasn’t at her Mistresses home and even though she was very attractive and her Mistress made sure she wore the proper makeup to drive the men in her classes crazy the fact she always sat in back and always stayed so quiet made it easy for her to avoid questions about her attire. Now fully chastised and indebted to her Mistress Angie never questioned how much her Mistress cared for her or how she cared for her and believed she loved her Mistress completely never having experienced any other way in her life.

Her parents had treated her the same way always using her to do anything that needed to be done and her mother lashing her to her bed every night of her life until she met her Mistress by chance and at eighteen and moved away from her parents to be taken care of by her new Mistress. The collar was first and within a year she had been cuffed then shortly afterwards her pussy and ass had been locked in steel so at twenty one she had never been with anyone sexually but had been trained on various methods to service both men and women with her mouth and body.

Angie had an apartment of her own that her Mistress supplied, it was small and very simple only the basics but Angie hated to be left alone and waited patiently for every chance of visiting her Mistress and serving her needs and hoped one day she would be allowed to move in with her and never be alone again. During her last visit Mistress had blindfolded and gagged her locking her cuffs to chains hanging from the ceiling leaving Angie struggling to maintain her balance in her heelless toe boots, a new challenge her Mistress had come up with for her.

Leaving her there for hours, only acknowledging her briefly when she fondled her large natural breasts then began binding them and unbinding them finally leaving them bound tightly while she hung from her wrists. Angie did not question her Mistress but didn’t understand why she had been so ignored then sent away being told only to not remove the tight bands her Mistress had placed around her breasts and to go to a piercing shop and have her nipples pierced and given a name and a time. Angie did as she was told and had her nipples pierced then waited for three weeks to see her Mistress again never taking off the bands around her breasts even though once they were pierced they had throbbed badly for days making her cry frequently.

Feeling frantic from not hearing from her Mistress for so long Angie almost cried when she got the call to come over at the end of the semester and be prepared to stay indefinitely with her Mistress. Arriving the day after class ended Angie was promptly gagged with a large and much longer than normal cock gag and her head was shoved roughly into a leather hood that was laced until it felt like her head was being crushed and then strapped into new boots that held her feet en-point with no heels to help keep her balance and went up to her thigh cuffs and was hung from her wrists again being left naked and alone for two days before her Mistress returned and asked her if she loved her Mistress.

Angie grunted once and nodded her head and felt her Mistress rubbing her body and explaining how much she cared for Angie and how much Angie needed her help, Angie was purring in her hands when Mistress asked if she was ready to be hers forever and give herself to her Mistress fully forgetting her regular life and who she had been forever. Angie swelled with pride and shook her head yes vigorously. Mistress smiled and said only one more test and then you will be with me forever and tied two strings to her recently healed nipple rings and began pulling them until Angie was stretched bow string tight and her breasts were distended away from her chest making them very thin as Angie struggled with the pain but hung quietly waiting for her test to be over.

For almost an hour Angie hung with her breasts stretched motionless and quiet finally feeling her Mistress moving along the twine and sliding something around one breast then the other, stretching them further as she messaged the inch and half wide bands down her breasts until they touched the skin on her chest, once they were seated Angie could feel the pressure on her nipples easing but noticed her breasts felt much different.

Her Mistress said, “Very good” and left her alone again to try and figure out what had been done to her as she continued to hang by her wrists and fight for balance. During the next two weeks Angie served her Mistress still hooded , staggering around on her toes doing everything she was asked, Angie’s hands had constantly been secured, either to the ceiling when she was allowed to rest or to the sides of her serving tray that was strapped to her body. Angie worked hard to keep her balance as she was led by remote control with electricity shot into each breast, she learned quickly a short pulse in her left breast meant a subtle turn to the left was needed, the longer pulses were telling her to turn sharply, the one command she truly hated was stop which sent a strong steady pulse into her breasts and remained until she was commanded to move again.

As Angie was being cleaned and fed one evening her Mistress stood nearby and explained she had done well in her training and was now ready to serve the Mistresses guests at a party she was having, Mistress warned her to be on her very best behavior or she would be punished severely then patted Angie on her firm ass and said, “I know that won’t be a problem for you”. Angie felt her pride swell again and stood up straighter on her toes. During the party Angie was used frequently and even when she was being shocked steadily she stood perfectly still and quiet only a small shaking could be felt from the current pulsing through her body.

Throughout the weeks she spent with her Mistress Angie’s jaw, feet and legs hurt constantly but as her body grew accustomed to her restraints the pain eased leaving her with only the strange sensation around her breasts that she was never allowed to investigate with her hands or eyes, her attire ranged from tight latex dresses to only mittens but Angie never got to see how she looked in any of them only when the hobble dresses where forced onto her did she ever have problems moving around on her toes, fighting the tight latex took all her diminishing strength.

During the party Angie had started out the evening wrapped tight in knee length hobble skirt and could hear the comments of the guests about how well trained and talented she was for being able to maintain in the heelless shoes making Angie try that much harder to impress her Mistresses friends. The last part of the evening she had spent naked except for her bonds with her arms crushed together behind her back in a leather arm sleeve as she was “driven” by guests around the large home in some sort of challenge with other slaves she guessed from the yelling and occasionally being bumped into as she trotted quickly around the house.

Angie woke in the bed in her apartment still gagged and wearing the heel-less boots, she was extremely hungry and thirsty but made no move to remove her gag as she stood and carefully walked around her small apartment getting used to the dim light before finding a note saying, “My perfect servant you were wonderful these last few weeks now your biggest challenge to date is about to start, you will finish college, your Mistress does not want uneducated servants, the gag can only be removed to eat, during college you may wear the clear mouthpiece I have graciously given you but once you have left your classes replace it with the primary gag. I have given you some new clothes to aid you in covering your accessories and your new figure but since you have three months left with only three classes a week I wouldn’t be concerned about appearances, I have checked your schedule and consulted with your instructors explaining your medical problems so they do not expect you to speak. You may not contact me again until you have completed college upon graduating you will be returned to me forever. Do well.”

Angie started crying as she understood she was to be alone with no communication for the next three months nothing else bothered her, not wearing a gag in public or the heelless boots just the thought of her being unable to see or talk with her Mistress for three months was upsetting her. Angie sat depressed for several hours before slowly unbuckling the gag and sliding the long thick leather cock from her mouth, eating was difficult since she couldn’t bite down because her jaw muscles ached when she tried to close her mouth. As soon as she stopped eating she opened the small box and found her new “public gag” and wrestled it into her mouth.

This gag looked like a babies pacifier but the nipple part was made to fit perfectly into her mouth filling all the spaces and had an opening that her tongue would slip into. Once fully inserted the outer part was firmly under her lips leaving only a small octagonal part showing, turning the octagonal part made the gag expand spreading her jaw further and the widening action pulling her tongue deeper into the cavity sealing her mouth and making any speech impossible, Angie wore it for the rest of the night getting used to it as she hung her new clothes up and then went to study her “new figure” looking in the mirror she gasped at what she saw, around her waist was a transparent piece of rubber squeezing her in dramatically, Angie searched her memories but could not recall when this had been applied to her while she stroked it feeling the strong ribs under the surface that were keeping it from rolling up.

Inspecting her chastity belt she could see that it had been drawn in another inch keeping it as tight as the first day she wore it and noticing she had two more adjustments remaining if her Mistress desired. The boots made her shiver, they had been literally been sewn onto her legs and showed no openings, the tops had been attached to her thigh cuffs assuring the boots would not slide down nor the cuffs slide up.

Angie felt the boots and couldn’t figure out what they had been made from, it looked like thick leather but was perfectly smooth all the way to her feet then you could see her ankle bones and just make out her toes as they were held permanently en-point, pulling her foot up she could see no scuffing on the thick pads over her toes which made her even more curious of their material. Finally looking up Angie gasped again when she saw her breasts bulging and a light shade of red, she felt them and smiled as they were now very sensitive and turned sideways and could see how much they jutted out from her chest, the tight steel bands forcing them to appear much larger and bulbous. Her nipple rings and been replaced by small circles of steel, they looked like two small tepees over her nipples and areolas each having a fitted pad lock holding them through her pierced nipples under the covers. Angie toyed with her breasts and nipples slightly sad since they had been her only open pleasurable spots left on her body and now they had been taken away as well.

After inspecting herself for two hours and accepting it was for her own good, everything her Mistress did for her was for her own good, Angie began making a list of things she needed and experimented with her new clothes before heading out to the store to stock up. She was glad it was getting cold out and stepped into the long heavy sweater dress she had been given, inspecting herself noticing even under the thick material her breasts and especially her nipple covers could be seen. Pulling the top down she slipped into one of the firm corset/bras she had been given, the material pulling her waist in further and covering her breasts completely while it tried to restrain them, forcing them to push on the steel bands at their bases and quickly begin to ache again. Angie pulled the dress back up and noticed she now looked like a woman from the fifties with bullet shaped breasts and smiled around her gag as she grabbed her jacket finding she could no longer button it up and went to her car.

Driving while sitting so erect and only using her toes was very different but she made it paying close attention to what she was doing and tip toed her way around the store, her clear gag visible to all as well as her toes poking out from under the skirt making people stare at her while she shopped. Carrying her bags inside took three trips and she met several people along the way who knew her all stopping to say something to her then stopping when she faced them showing her gagged mouth and prominent tits then just nodding at her as they walked off. After replacing her gag Angie put up her groceries and sat down and wrote out a quick clear note, “Had surgery cannot speak”. She had been asked several questions during her trip to the store and now she would keep the note with her and show it to anyone who asked her a question. Unpacking her bag she had taken on her last visit to her Mistress she found three short chains with strange clips on the ends, setting them aside she also found a box with an electrical cord and looked at it then set it aside.

All her clothes had now been put away and in the bottom of her case she found another note explaining that she was to secure herself using the chains one each for her ankles and wrists and the last used to connect them forcing her into a strict hogtie. The box was a timer and would release her before nine on the selected days for classes and release only the hogtie chain for one hour every eight for her days off. She would now need to do her shopping on college days and would be spending the rest of her time in hogtie training or with her hands trapped behind her and her ankles held closely together.

Angie was unsure of the timer but followed instructions and plugged it in and waited for it to calibrate itself while she got undressed and had another meal finishing just as the box started beeping, returning to her room she found the clips open and replaced her gag before lying in the center of her bed and connecting her ankles together testing the strength of the chain before clipping her wrists together and reaching back and connecting the two chains together. Relaxing Angie’s body pulled on the chains that now held her in a strict hogtie. Angie struggled against the chains trying to find some comfortable position as she realized she was now at the mercy of the timer and could only hope it worked correctly since no one knew she was here or would come looking for her.

Angie spent the next three months gagged and forced to walk on her toes, the first few days at college were difficult with everyone staring at her new figure and gagged mouth but it was her boots that got the most attention many of the girls trying to find out where she had gotten them and how hard were they to walk in and by the third week Angie was wearing her short skirts again showing her covered legs to everyone as she strutted silently around the college with her tender breasts showing proudly under her tight tops. Her hours not at college were not so pleasant, the hogties were now tighter since receiving the letter telling her to wear the corset/bra during her sessions and her primary gag had been replaced by and even larger gag forcing her to keep her head pushed backwards to keep from gagging on it and could not be removed until the timer allowed it.

After a few weeks Angie had adapted to her living conditions spending every day and night bound in a strict hogtie sucking a large cock and as it became her normal routine she would slip into her subspace thinking about how proud her Mistress would be and how happy she would be to be kept as her property for the rest of her life.

As graduation neared Angie had gotten more brazen in her clothes she wore to college not caring anymore what anyone thought of her even wearing her latex skirt and top multiple times showing the nipple covers and steel surrounding her body getting gasps from the people who had once thought she was so trendy. When she went to college the last day Angie decided to go out with a bang and wore her long transparent hobble dress, now everyone could see exactly what she had been wearing for years and would leave them all with something to talk about.

Angie had not thought about how much walking she would be doing on this day and regretted wearing the dress as soon as she tried to walk up the stairs in front of the main building forcing herself to hop on her toes to the top. Angie had to visit each professor she had classes with and spent all day struggling with the long dress making her take very short steps and causing her to sweat badly as she struggled inside it.

Many comments were made about her steel underwear and even a few women asked intelligent questions about the chastity belt which Angie gladly stopped and wrote her answers for them and by the end of the day she sat in her car gasping through her nose glad it was over and relieved that soon she would be with her Mistress. Arriving home Angie cleaned herself and prepared for her normal restraint time unsure if the box would change programming now that college was out but since she had not heard from her Mistress she would continue as she had been last told.

With the large gag in place Angie double looped the connecting chain to her ankles and locked herself into her hogtied position and began daydreaming about her Mistress, Angie watched the sun set before drifting off to a fitful sleep waking from the pain in her shoulders and seeing the sun had risen. Angie lay stuck in the stringent hogtie only becoming worried as she noticed the sun had set again and she had not been freed and then panicking thrashing and moaning as she yanked and pulled at the chains holding her firmly.

Angie spent another day in agony as her shoulders cramped and felt like they were being torn out and her back hurt so bad she wept freely no longer able to feel her arms, hands or feet she knew she had been abandoned and would die hogtied on her bed. Waking again in darkness Angie turned her head and thought she had imagined several people entering and leaving her apartment during the long night. She watched them box up her things and carry them out until on her hogtied body and the bed she lay on remained.

When one of the men pulled a bag over her head Angie realized that they were real and that she was now to be boxed up and carried off, she thought why would Mistress pick her up like this and why had she not contacted her. Angie was now struggling again as the men rolled her onto her side placing something under her then rolling her back to her other side, Angie could not see but could feel a bag being pulled roughly around her body and as the zipper was being pulled in forced her into a much tighter arch while it smashed her face tightly into the fabric of the bag making her head lean backwards against the wide collar and restricting her breathing even more.

Angie could feel her body being carried down the steps and as she grew light headed from the lack of air felt herself being tossed into the back of a truck and felt it start just before passing out. Waking Angie found herself on a cold steel table, she was no longer wearing the bag but the bright light over her showed the large bag and the small box lying next to her, looking around Angie could see nothing else in the room except for two doors and began struggling finding that two chains were attached to her belt and kept her from rolling over and the smooth surface of the table only let her squirm in place as she struggled and moaned.

Angie heard something and looked to her right and saw two men closing the door and coming towards her, she moaned and screamed at them as they yanked the bag away from the table and spun it around until she could see a TV screen on the wall, holding her head back one of the men pointed at it when the other turned it on and Angie could see an image of her Mistress appear. “My dearest pet while you were finishing college I contracted a disease and will be dead by the time you finish, I know you would have served me well and you will be lost without my guidance so I have arranged for you to be collected by a very good friend of mine, he will be your new master and will take over where I have left off in your training. His style is different than mine but I have faith you will adapt and learn to serve him as you served me in the past”.

Angie was crying as the screen went black and the man released her head and turned the table around facing the door again and left her sobbing alone under the bright light as she screamed and thrashed against her bonds. After several hours had passed a man entered the room and began speaking to the sobbing girl still hogtied tightly on the table, he explained who he was and that he was sorry for her loss but she had a choice to make, stay with him and serve him as she had her Mistress or be released to continue her life on her own, her education and the strength she had gotten from her Mistress would carry her for the rest of her life.

The man continued saying due to the steel locked onto her body she may never have a truly normal life but he would put her in contact with someone that may be able to release her from the it, or she could stay with him as she was and he would use her for his needs and the steel would remain in place for life including her chastity belt for which he had no key too and would not ever violate her virginity. Angie continued to sob as the man placed some clothes on the end of the table and said, “Your chains should release you shortly when you are free you may put on these clothes and leave this room forever or remain showing your dedication to me by locking the chains around the legs of this table, knowing that neither of us have control of when you would be released and service me on your knees until you are freed then you will join me as my newest pet, I will say I enjoyed guiding you around your Mistresses home by remote and think you would be my top servant. Once you have made your decision either way it will be permanent”.

Angie remained in her strict hogtie another six hours before the clips opened and she was able to straighten her legs and stretch her arms, laying face down for another hour she finally sat up and wept some more unsure of what she should do. Sitting on the table all night she finally pushed her clothes away from her and knelt in front of the table. Locking her feet together around one of the legs then breathing deeply she locked her wrists together behind her back and around the leg and knelt with her head down until the man entered and said, “Very good I had hoped you would stay with me.”

Gently pulling her head up he removed her gag replacing it with a large o-ring gag and strapped it tightly around her head, Angie made no sound and did not resist as he stepped back and lowered his pants showing her his large cock before stepping up to her face and sliding it into her mouth. This was the first unsheathed cock Angie had ever felt and as she swallowed to allow it to ease down her throat she noticed the taste of it and smiled slightly as she began working with her tongue and pumping it with her mouth and throat. Her new master eased back from the table making her change her angle and allowing his cock to slide further down her throat as she continued to suck and stroke his cock, as she leaned forward her upper body hanging from the chain between her wrists keeping her from falling forward. He watched her flailing fingers as she worked his cock masterfully and sucked him dry as he shot his sperm down her throat before pulling away and watching her run her tongue around the ring gag and smile.

He patted her head as she struggled to pull herself back onto her knees and left the room leaving her chained to the table until the box released her and he was free to do as he pleased with her. Looking at a computer screen a credit appeared for one million dollars showing paid in full for services rendered. As Angie’s Mistress leaned back and smiled she knew she had been right again and found the perfect slave for another client, Mistress waved at her men and they took the next girl over to her new small apartment after she had spent several months under the strict guidance of the Mistress and prepared her for the next stage in her training.

The Mistress sent an e-mail explaining the time frame and was irritated when the client said he wanted his new slave now and she had to explain again her training techniques and that each girl was trained for a specific master or Mistress and once she was finished not only would his new slave want to serve him she would crave to serve him, typing while she looked at his list of requirements, extreme corsets and heels and the constant need to be bound by him along with the normal mental training needed to be a slave of her caliber. The man relented and issued a credit to her account of five hundred thousand dollars balance due on delivery.

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