Angela's Discovery

by Pimpernell

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© Copyright 2007 - Pimpernell - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; Sbm; bond; cd; oral; anal; toys; cons; X

continues from Angela's Wedding Night

The 747 from Barbados made a perfect touchdown at Heathrow Airport, bringing to an end the equally perfect honeymoon of a certain couple named Max and Angela Anders. They had had a wild three weeks of sex, adventure, sex, fine dining, sex, lazing at the beach, sex, and when they had the time, more sex. Not, however, the bondage that had brought them together. Given their passion for each other, it was Not Required On Voyage.

For Max, bondage was merely an icing on his sexual cake. For Angela, having been a virgin for her thirty-six years, regarded sex, any sex, as self sufficient without need for extra spice.

They moved into Angela's spacious apartment in London and settled down to a happy life together. The first weeks stretched into their first year, then their second.

Then came the night of their first major argument. Angela had her period, Max had a couple more after work drinks than usual. A minor disagreement blew up into a row which ended up in them sleeping in separate rooms for the first time. Their sex life came to an abrupt halt, and even after they made up, a week later, it was never the same as before. Their lovemaking became a chore and gradually trailed off.

Angela was no longer a happy woman. Max had become distant and detached, and she was at a loss as to how to rekindle the passion. They were both proud people, and she was loth to crawl back to him to beg him for sex.

Some weeks later, she noticed a difference in Max. He seemed to spend more time at work, but nevertheless came home refreshed and more chirpy. Their love life, however, remained as sterile as before. The suspicion grew in her that Max was having an affair at work.

So it was that the next day Angela showed up at Max's work. He was a senior manager in a successful graphic design bureau, and as Angela entered the office, the first person she saw was Max's secretary, Janice.

Janice's eyes lit up as she saw Angela.

"Mrs Anders! such a surprise to see you again. I haven't seen you since the wedding. How are you?"

Angela fumed on the inside. I'll bet you're surprised, she thought. But instead, she said:

"Hi, Janice, good to see you too. Is Max in?"

"No, sorry. He's at a meeting, but should be back soon. Would you care to wait inside his office?"

And at that, Janice opened the door to Max's office. Angela had never been inside, and despite her urge to storm out, curiosity got the better of her and she entered, shutting the door behind her.

In the privacy of Max's office, Angela began to inspect her surroundings. Well to do furnishings, original paintings on the walnut panelled walls, high end PC on the sizeable desk. She sat down in the leather chair and as she did so, slightly shifted the mouse, at which the monitor came to life.

She stared at the screen, which was displaying a scene from their honeymoon as the desktop background. All the work related icons were clustered on the left of the screen, and a solitary folder named "Angela" hovered in the dead centre of the display.

She opened the folder and saw therein all the wedding pictures, the Honeymoon snaps and video clips, and all the pictures they had taken of each other since. She right clicked each image, and saw that they had been accessed on a daily basis right up to the day before.

Angela was confused. If Max had lost interest in her, how come he was actively reliving up all the best moments of their time together?.

Just as she was about to close the folder, she noticed a sub-folder nestling in the corner of the window. She opened it, and was astonished at what she saw!

It was herself, in a variety of poses and raunchy leather, rubber and PVC attire, in what was clearly a dominant role. In some cases, a man or men lay in submissive attitudes at "her" feet.

Obviously, Max had gone to a great deal of trouble manipulating fetish model pictures to portray her in a S&M  light. She printed out some of the most explicit and carefully deleted all traces of her browsing. She then left the office, having instructed Janice not to bother telling Max about her visit.

At home, she poured herself a glass of wine and spent some time pondering on what to do. Should she confront him with the pictures?. Or accuse him of having an affair, even without any evidence whatsoever?.

She then realised that she was projecting her own negativity onto the situation. She began to browse through the prints, and began to imagine herself in the role of a dominatrix. The pictures and her imagination, coupled with the wine, conspired to rekindle her desire. suddenly, she realised that she really felt like a good fuck!.

Angela made her way to a sex shop not too far away, and began to inspect the fetish garments in stock. She picked out several items as similar as possible to the ones portrayed in Max's pictures. She also purchased various requisite  accessories, and returned home.

Max opened the door to their apartment and immediately noticed the stillness. The lights were out, Windows closed, stereo system turned off... Angela always had music on. She had also never ever gone out without telling him beforehand. Was it a sign of their deteriorating relationship?. He sighed and went to his room.

Angela crept out of the closet where she had been hiding. She sprayed her most expensive perfume in the air and lit some candles. a luscious and luxurious scent filled the whole apartment. She turned on the stereo and played a special CD she had burned earlier. Her last act was to lay out the accessories on the coffee table and lie back in a practised pose on the sofa.

Max finished putting away his work clothes and decided to have a drink. He left his room and immediately noticed the aroma that he associated with Angela. Soft classical music pulsed in the background. A flickering glow emanated from the lounge door. He slowly walked down the corridor and entered.

There she lay in the dim half light, her legs widely separated in order to display her cunt. Her boldly made-up eyes regarded him steadily, silently ordering him to come to her. She was far from naked, her garments accentuating rather than hiding her sex. She wore glossy black leather throughout. Elbow length gloves, short sleeveless dress, the skirt's hem artfully raised to show the crotchless panties, the lips of which were opened wide to allow a clear view of her freshly shaven cunt. Her legs were encased in leather thigh high boots, ending in impossibly high stilletto heels.

An eternity seemed to pass by in a flash. Max had to will his heart to start beating again, having seemingly stopped the moment he had seen her. He slowly moved to her, stopping only when she raised a gloved finger. She slowly pointed to her left. His gaze followed the gesture, falling onto the table bearing... a ball gag... blindfold... some neatly folded garments... and two pairs of padded handcuffs.

He looked back at her, and the leather sheathed finger again pointed at him, and back to the table. Not a word passed her lips.

"For me?", he croaked in a voice he scarcely recognized. She nodded.

He moved to the table and picked up the first item of clothing. it was a pair of PVC thigh high stockings. He stripped naked and clumsily pulled them onto his legs. It never occurred to him to protest, being spellbound by Angela's transformed persona.

The next item was a PVC garter belt. With difficulty, he fitted it around his, thankfully slim and fit waist. The suspenders clipped easily onto the stockings. His own pair of PVC elbow gloves followed,and a PVC knee length skirt came last.

"Kneel" she ordered. She stood and walked behind him. She placed the blindfold over his eyes, pulled his arms behind his back, and slowly, ratchet by ratchet, closed the handcuffs around his wrists.

Max then heard the stilettos click around to his front. A rustle of leather, then a familiar odour filled his nostrils. "Lick", she ordered, and Max, sticking out his tongue, made contact with her fragrant pussy. He began to massage her clittoris, sweeping his tongue around her cunt lips. She shuddered with sudden pleasure, letting go of the crotchless panties' parting, which closed on his mouth and nose, restricting his breathing. She clasped Max's head, grinding her cunt on his face.

Max could sense his air reserve dwindling fast. His excitement rose to fever pitch, and just as he thought he was going to pass out, Angela pulled away.

As soon as both of them had their breath back, Angela stood Max up, and again moved behind him. She began to caress his whole body, running her gloved fingers through his light chest hair, massaging his cock, balls and ass through the PVC skirt, and harshly tweaking his nipples. He in turn used the fingers of both handcuffed hands to finger fuck her cunt and clit. Both writhed in lust and pleasure. Angela then moved in front of Max, pulled up his skirt and began to suck his cock greedily. He could feel her take him in until his cock head brushed the back of her throat. She mercilessly sucked, twisted and pulled on him until he felt he was going to tear apart. Just as he felt he was going to come, Angela let him go, pearly drops of pre-cum glistening on her lips. She removed Max's blindfold and he watched her slowly sweep the moisture from her lips with her forefinger and spread his own juice on his dry lips. She then embraced and deeply kissed him, licking his lips clean.

Now, she thought. She unlocked Max's handcuffs and led him to the bedroom, also seductively lit and scented with candles. She sat on the bed and again had Max kneel before her and lick her dripping cunt. She groaned with pleasure, he with lust. She then pulled Max on top of her, and huskily whispered "Fuck me, bitch".

Max pulled up his skirt and rammed his rock hard penis into her greedy cunt, almost coming there and then. He began to pound into her mercilessly, knocking the breath out of her. She could feel him all the way up her, savouring every inch. Wanting more, she arched her back, increasing the pressure on her already punished cunt. She could sense his increasing need to come in her, but she knew he was holding off as much as he could. Finally, she slipped over the edge, and a shuddering climax took posession of her. She screamed and clawed at his back, crushing herself into him. He then came explosively, filling her to the brim with cum, grinding into her till it hurt. They clung together for a long time, utterly spent.

Max finally awoke, feeling wonderful. Angela lay by his side. Both of them were naked, as they usually slept. There was no trace of the fetish garments, nor the candles, nor the handcuffs. He wondered if it had all been a dream. Even his wrists bore no mark from the padded cuffs. He dressed, and just before he left for work, looked in on Angela, who seemed to be asleep.

Max's day at work seemed to flash by. Even Janice, his secretary, noticed the change in him. He was chatty, constantly smiling and complimentary to her. Being a woman, she could easily guess the reason why, and smiled to herself.

Max reclined in his comfy chair, and thought that he might even take the afternoon off, having breezed through the day's business in a matter of hours. It was then that his PC beeped, and an electronic voice announced that he had mail. He idly opened up his inbox, and noted that the single email therein contained a Jpeg image, already scanned by his AV software. He didn't recognize the sender's address, but that was common for his many business contacts. The attached text simply read: "Just to liven up your day"

Yet another online corporate joke, he thought. He clicked on the jpeg icon, and his heart missed a beat. He recognized himself, in forced fem mode, being dommed by Angela. She had obviously placed her camera, which he knew to have a time lapse feature, in a strategic location so as to capture the scene in it's erotic glory. Some words had been added to the image:

"Want some more?... come home soon. Take tomorrow off. Make sure you put this in your little folder!"

He booked the next day, Friday, off, but allowed a delighted Janice to knock off way early. He usually stayed on after hours, but today he left the office at 5 on the dot.

He entered the apartment, but once again there appeared to be nobody home. What did she have in mind today? he smiled.

He found out as soon as he entered his room. On his dresser he found a note:

"Some stuff 4U to put on just 4 me. Then, go to the lounge and take a seat".

There was another pile of clothing on his desk. Black nylon stockings, lacy garter belt, panties (open crotch and ass), padded bra, and the sheerest full length negligee he had ever seen. He donned the items, slowly savouring the sensations they evoked. No wonder women like fashion so much, he thought. Once all was on, he breezed down the corridor to the lounge, negligee softly billowing in his wake. 

He stopped cold on entering the lounge. She had adjusted the ceiling spotlights to form a soft pool of light in the centre of the room. in that pool was a reclining chair.

The chair had a narrow back which opened outwards towards the head. The seat had a hole which would allow access to the ass from below. The front legs were splayed open with ankle and thigh restraints. A blindfold, ball gag and earplugs lay on the seat with a further note; handcuffs were fixed to the back of the chair with a D-ring and clip.

"Negligee off, you'll need it for later, Sit on the chair and put all of the gear on, then lock yourself into it, bitch!".

He began to quiver in anticipation. The negligee fell off his shoulders in a filmy waterfall, then he sat in the chair. As he opened his stockinged legs to match the seat, his cock and balls sprang out ot the crotchless panties' front opening. Nothing he could do could stuff them back in. He clicked closed first the ankle restraints, then the thighs. He wadded the ball gag into his dry mouth,earplugs in, then placed the blindfold over his eyes. He ratcheted closed the cuffs behind his back. As his weight shifted, the chair tilted back, raising his exposed genitals up, He lay there in the dark and silence for what seemed like an eternity.

The first indication that he was not alone was the warmth of -presumably - Angela's breath on his thighs. He felt lips close around his cock head, softly sucking on his tip.  He shuddered, suddenly sensing fingers probing his anus, gently applying a slippery lubricant ever deeper inside. The fingers withdrew, and he felt  a thick bulbous item slowly inserted up his ass. Just as he felt his ring would tear apart, the thing slurped inside, but was held back by a thick rim. He realized that it was a butt plug.

The roving hands swept over his body and the sucking lips suddenly withdrew. The padded bra appeared to have removable cups, and he felt his teats subjected to a sudden constant pressure as nipple clamps were applied. He began to strain against his bonds, but movement was impossible. The chair tilted even further, and the legs were swung inwards. There was a sudden pressure on his ball gag, and he sensed rather than felt that Angela was gently rocking back and forth, astride his face, massaging her cunt and clittoris on the gag.

And so she was. Angela gasped as the hard rubber pressed against her bud, excited almost to climax by the mere sight of her husband totally open to her. She then moved down his body until her cunt was just above his erect prick, which was erotically framed by the garter belt and the suspender straps. She applied some of the cool lubricant to herself, and ever so slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling him tense and vainly try to push his hips up to meet her. Angela began to pleasure herself with him, hearing him whimper beneath his gag and pulling on the nipple clamps. She rode ever harder, enjoying the slow build up of sheer pleasure in her loins, which suddenly exploded in a burst of bliss, washing up and down her spine.

She then pulled up from his cock, leaving Max vainly seeking her cunt and desperate to come, desire raging in him. Instead, he felt his penis being enclosed by a hard, unyielding tube. Straps were tightened around his balls, holding the tube in place.  He felt his leg restraints removed. The clip holding his cuffs to the chair was removed, and he was made to stand, shakily, by increasing pulls on his nipple clamps. He was then led to the Master bedroom, wrists still restrained behind his back, and made to lie face down on the bed. He felt a pillow under his midriff. raising his ass.

Angela then tied both his ankles to opposite corners of the bed, opening his legs wide out again. She made him wait as she buckled on and lubricated a short strapon, having inserted the reverse dildo into her still moist cunt. She then eased out the thick butt plug, leaving his ass ring wide open. He convulsed as the strapon brushed his ass, the sudden realization at what was about to happen stunning him. He took in the strapon inch by inch, gasping at the unaccustomed invasion. He tried to achieve orgasm by grinding on the bed, but was unable to due to the tube imprisoning his cock. Then she began to fuck him slowly, gradually increasing the tempo, until once again she came, sobbing with pleasure.

She untied his legs and they rested in her arms for a long time. He squirmed against his cuffs, trying to lovingly caress her with his body.

Angela then removed his earplugs and the ball gag. They kissed deeply, both enthralled with their renewed passion for each other. Then she whispered, "Now it's your turn to come, my darling".

She unlocked one of Max's cuffs and left one wrist secure. She then lay a long wide strap on the bed, and lay Max down with the strap at his waist, removed the chastity device and then tied his ankles together. She then removed the blindfold and kissed him passionately, saying:

"This is going to be our last kiss for a while. Make it a good one". So they did, crushing their lips together for a long time, tongues clashing deep inside their mouths.

She then tied her own ankles together, and lay on top of him in the '69 position, so that her cunt lay on his mouth, and she had his cock in front of hers. She reached down and tightly buckled the wide strap around both their waists, locking themselves tightly together. She managed to close Max's cuffs around her thighs. Finally, she took another pair of handcuffs and clicked then closed on her own wrists, locking them behind Max's thighs. It was now a forced '69, and they would remain such until a melting block of ice released the 'cuff keys, which would then swing forwards into their grasp.

It was now payback time for Max. She took his cock into her mouth and slowly began to suck him off. He groaned, knowing that he wouldn't be able to last long. He buried his face in her cunt, kissing, sucking, caressing, giving her yet more pleasure. She sucked all the harder, enjoying his shaft buried fully inside her mouth. She never thought it possible, but she found herself building to yet a third climax. He held back all he could, knowing that it would make his coming all the sweeter. They came together, their bodies fusing into a single pulse of pleasure. He ejected a never ending spurt of warm semen deep in her throat, which she greedily swallowed with lust, both straining against their bonds, slaves to each other.



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