Andrea's Summer Vacation

by Richard M

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© Copyright 2001 - Richard M - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; M/f; strip; bond; drug; rope; gag; bfold; toys; insert; cage; fantasy; reluct/cons; X

Cynthia's drive was long and winding, swooping around the cypress trees that grew along the drive in swampy soil. The house was large, Andrea guessed about 5 bedrooms and seemed very at home in the country atmosphere.

She could just see a swimming pool and a sailboat docked around the corner of the house and could hear people laughing and a stereo playing a sort of punk sounding beat. A tall dark man dressed in an expensive three piece suit answered the door and before Andrea could say anything, the gentleman handed her a drink, told her to join the party and walked off. Not knowing what else to do, Andrea wandered through the living room to the deck, sipping on the drink.

As she reached the windows at the rear of the house, Cynthia met her. "Brad said you were finally here, you must have gotten lost, I love that suit, it really shows off your body. The guys are gonna love you at the party tonight!" Andrea started to tell Cynthia about her ordeal, but she felt guilty about the whole thing, it seemed like a bad dream and not important.

She quickly joined her friends chatter, which revealed that Cynthia was on Roderick's list because she had dated him for a while after college and they remained friends. After talking for a while, Andrea mentioned she was tired and would it be possible to take a nap before the party that evening? Cynthia assured her it would and showed Andrea to an upstairs bedroom. While Andrea slept, she dreamt of the stranger that assaulted her and of voices talking about how beautiful she was and what an addition to the stable she would make. She became frightened and started to wake, but felt a sting on her arm and drifted off into deeper sleep, the dreams forgotten.

When she awoke Andrea was very confused, nothing seemed real anymore and she was half convinced she had dreamt the assault on her by the man. Just as she was finishing cleaning up in the bathroom, she heard Cynthia come in and call her to dinner. Andrea explained that she had only the one bathing suit, nothing appropriate for dinner. Cynthia dragged her across the hall to another room and said "Take your pick".

The closet was full of dresses of all shapes, colors and materials, but nothing very modest; and she didn't want something revealing since she did not have any underclothes with her. Some of the designs seemed like all her tits or ass would be hanging out. She finally found a black skirt with matching blouse that seemed less revealing than most there. The skirt was slim and long, reaching almost to her ankles, with a 12 inch slit up the front coming to just above her knees. It did fit a little tight, but at least nothing was hanging out.

The blouse was another matter, it was full through the middle, coming in to skin tightness at the waist, neck and wrists. It was a black hazy material, that it seemed you could almost see-through. The only shoes that fit were some black 5 inch pumps that really set off her legs and thrust her breasts out.

She rejoined Cynthia in the hallway, feeling a little self-conscious about the outfit, but after seeing Cynthia, she figured no one would be watching her that night anyway. Cynthia was wearing a black leather miniskirt that just showed the tops of her stockings as she walked. The ass was so tight you could tell she was not wearing any panties and it followed the crack all the way to the tops of her legs, then her gorgeous legs went all the way down to slim feet in t-strap heels that must have been at least 6 inches high, the straps coming from the shoes around her ankles were not buckled but locked with tiny padlocks.

At the other end, Cynthia's brown hair was fluffed like a lion's mane, she also had a black choker with an "X" design in gold on the front. Her blouse was lace, completely see-through, but her large breasts were hidden from sight by a black corset. Fingerless lace gloves and a tight gold bracelet on each wrist completed the picture. Andrea knew then that Cynthia's personality had changed since they had parted she definitely wasn't the innocent friend any longer.

"Let's eat!", Cynthia burst out, "I'm starving and was too tied up all day to get any food."

Andrea was amazed at Cynthia's dexterity in those shoes, it seemed like her ankles should break at any moment, but Cynthia walked short, quick steps with no problems.

At the dinner table, she was introduced to Brad, the man that had answered the door, but he quickly resumed talking some kind of business with his neighbor, a short balding man, who, though older, seemed handsome. Andrea quickly lost track of the dozen other names she was given and dinner passed quickly as she and Cynthia caught up with each other. Andrea did notice a cute guy at the other end of the table giving her a look now and again, be he seemed to be with another woman, a real blonde bombshell type that monopolized his conversation. Andrea felt much better after a good dinner and when everyone decided to swim, she felt that lounging in the pool would be great.

As she got back to the room, the blonde, "Ginger", her name was, grabbed her and said, "Keep your paws off Cliff, Bitch!", shoved her back into the wall and stormed out. Andrea was shaken, but decided to not let that peroxide bimbo ruin her evening. She put on the sexy swimsuit she had brought and walked down to the pool. When she got to the pool, Andrea realized her suit was the most modest of the girls there, they all had more tits and ass hangingout than seemed possible. She found Cynthia wearing a black leather one piece that had so many cutouts, there didn't seem to be anything really covered. The ass was more like a string than anything else.

For some reason she still had on the shoes though, but Andrea put this out of her mind as she told Cynthia of the confrontation upstairs. Cynthia said, "Don't worry, she's all talk, but I'll help you get revenge later if you want and the best revenge is getting Cliff to your room tonight instead of hers." Andrea was surprised to hear her talk this way, but decided, "Hey, I'm out for a good time, why not and anyway he is good looking." So she listened while Cynthia laid out her plan for later.

Everyone seemed relaxed and had a good time by the pool, enjoying the warm water in the cool Florida air, but as it got late, couples drifted off and soon Andrea, Cynthia, Ginger and Cliff were the only ones there. Andrea got up and said good night to everyone and went inside, but hid in the darkened hallway. She heard Cynthia ask Ginger; "Would you mind helping me in the kitchen for a minute dear?", and the two of them came around the corner into the hallway, Ginger first.

As she passed Andrea's hiding place, Andrea jumped out and stuck the end of an empty bottle in Ginger's back and said "Threaten me will you, I'll show you who's the bitch!" Cynthia pushed Ginger on down the hall while Andrea followed along, helping out with the charade by pleading with Andrea not to shoot Ginger.

They went through the kitchen and out the side door to a kennel in the yard, well away from the house. Andrea had Ginger strip, though she was having trouble with the "tough guy" role and followed Cynthia's plan to the letter. After having the nude blonde lay on the cold concrete in the kennel, Andrea told Cynthia to tie Ginger up using some small leather dog collars hanging there. Ginger soon found herself with tied arms crossed behind her back and tied legs crossed at the ankles. Cynthia left the blonde's gold strap heels on, then taking a leash, pulled her legs into a severe hogtie. Finally, she was gagged with her bathing suit bottoms held in place with the top. Locking the gate as they left, Andrea reminded Cynthia to let her out in an hour or so, just long enough for a good night kiss with Cliff. Andrea had decided to chicken out on sleeping with him, she still could not overcome the stern upbringing she had had.

Rejoining Cliff at the pool, she cuddled up to him and bringing a couple of drinks, said; "Ginger will be busy for a while with Cynthia, so I thought I might keep you company."

They talked for a while and then began kissing and stroking each others bodies in the warm water. Deciding she had better bail out before getting in too deep, Andrea told Cliff; "I had better turn in, good night," but before she could leave, Cliff suggested one more drink.

Serving her this time, he kept his distance so as to not make her nervous and they continued talking. Andrea was suddenly so sleepy she fell asleep in the pool. Cliff caught her as she passed out and carried her into the house, but instead of going upstairs to the bedrooms, turned and went downstairs.

When Andrea awoke, she was in darkness and felt stiff. As she became more alert, she tried to roll over in bed, but realized there was something holding her down. Then she realized that her eyes were covered and her mouth was full of something rubbery and it was shaped like the penis of the man that assaulted her. As Andrea struggled with her bonds she could feel that her body was uncovered and laying on a soft pad, but too hard to be a mattress. She rocked back and forth trying to loosen the straps that held her arms over her head and her legs spread. Andrea became still when she felt a cold breeze like a door being opened into the room. A voice quietly said, "Feeling rested dear? You've slept through the night and it's time for morning exercises."

Andrea stiffened and suddenly realized, "It's the man that captured and raped my mouth before! He must have kidnapped me from Cynthia's house, or maybe captured us all!"

Almost in answer to her questions the voice continued; "You and the other lovely ladies are my prisoners and my friends and I will let you go after a little fun, but first, morning calisthenics!"

Unseen hands then proceeded to fondle and tease Andrea's body, roaming over tits, cunt, belly and the dozens of hidden spots that women react sexually to. Andrea rapidly approached orgasm and tried to cry out as she came, but the rubber penis in her mouth muffled the sound. When she had recovered from the spend, Andrea felt her bonds being loosened and the voice warned; "Don't try to touch the gag or blindfold or I'll have to punish your pretty breasts."

Rolled over on her stomach, Andrea felt her hands brought palm to palm behind her back and fastened tightly, her elbows were then strapped and pulled within inches of each other. Andrea moaned through her gag from the pain but the unseen attacker continued. She felt shoes placed on her feet and straps being placed around her ankles to hold them on.

The hidden voice whispered in her ear. "Just five inch heels, we'll start you off small then work up to a real woman's shoe and the same with the dildos."

At that last remark Andrea started struggling again, but was too tightly bound to accomplish anything but thrashing on the table. Her ass cheeks were spread and she felt a warm, thin object touch her asshole. Andrea struggled to prevent herself from being entered, but the intruder slid home easily after the first bit of resistance.

A strap was placed between Andrea's legs and she was rolled over; the weight of her torso bringing new pain to her shoulders. As the strap was pulled through her legs, another invader was placed at the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed in. Completing the project, the unseen voice strapped a belt at her waist and connected the strap running from her ass to cunt to it.

"That should hold them, just a sec and I'll give your pussy a jump start."

With that statement ringing in her head, Andrea felt the dildo in her pussy start to slowly vibrate and expand. "It's fucking me!" Andrea thought, her cunt starting to warm again towards climax. She was concentrating on the pleasure so much, she didn't hear the next command; "Stand up bitch!" and as she ignored her captor, he grabbed a nipple in each hand and pulled Andrea upright.

She squealed as the pain brought her back to the reality she had not yet accepted: She was captive of some lunatic who would do who knows what to her and she was powerless to stop him.

As the man stood her up, Andrea realized there was a chain dangling between her ankle straps which limited her steps to short ones, no more than 12 inches. The vibrator was making her horny very rapidly and the man assaulting her tits loosened his painful grip and his hands suddenly felt good on her chest, but just as suddenly as he had grabbed them, he released her nipples.

Next, he strapped a collar around Andrea's neck and led her slowly from the room.

Andrea stumbled as she crossed the threshold of the room and her unseen attacker caught her and said, "We can't have you falling and breaking any of those beautiful bones, can we? Just a minute and I'll remove your blindfold."

As her eyes acclimated to the light, Andrea turned to see who had kidnapped her and assaulted her, in fact was still assaulting her via the three dildos filling her holes. Standing behind her as she turned, was: Bugs Bunny.

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