Andrea and the Mistress

by Chris Powell

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© Copyright 2007 - Chris Powell - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; chain; bdsm; toys; cons/reluct; XX

Andrea had a craving to visit a Mistress and finally it had come true. She had found a Mistress through a friend and now she was on her way to visit her. She really knew little about her other then she was very secret about her location.  Andrea drove through the city finally arriving at a small side street. She pulled into the street and parked. The directions she had gotten from the internet said to go to the door marked 194.

She spotted the door a little further down the street. Following the instructions she had received, she locked her new chain collar around her neck, the chain dug into her skin and Andrea could not keep from shaking from the mild pain and pleasure it caused. She locked it in place with a pad lock and put the key in her pocket. She had also been instructed to wear something simple and easy to remove. She had a short mini skirt which just covered her bottom. She wore a white blouse which was cut low in front to show way more cleavage then she would normally dare. Under these she had nothing, she had left off her underwear. She wore a set of sandals on her feet just to be easy to remove.

Andrea made her way to the door and knocked three times as instructed. She then waited. It was several minutes before the door opened.

A voice said, "Step in and close the door, then remove all your clothing. I noticed you wore your collar as instructed, very good slave. As per our agreement you will be mine to do with as I please for 24 hours. You will feel pain and pleasure and you feel what it is to be a slave of someone else. Now follow your instructions and then walk down the hall to the second door on your right. Enter this room and kneel in the center. Put on the blindfold and wait. Do you understand?"

Andrea shook her head yes.

She removed her clothing and begin her walk down the hall. Her body was beautiful, her skin was a dark tan, her large perky breasts fit her body perfectly. Her legs were long and slender. She had removed all hair from her body but for her head. Her vagina was as beautiful as the rest of her body, looking like a flower about to open. She entered the room and did as she was told, kneeling on a pillow in the center of the room.

The blindfold was leather one with a place for a lock. She looked around but found no lock, so she placed the blindfold over her eyes and latched it closed. Then she waited.

About 20 minutes passed and she waited, her knees started to hurt, but she held her place. She could feel herself being watched and she wanted to make a good impression.

Finally she felt a hand on her shoulder and as sexy voice said, "Rise and stand with your legs apart."

She stood and spread her legs.

"A little more!"

She now felt a little unsteady but she waited trying to keep her balance. She felt a chain placed around her waist and pulled tight. She swayed a little then regaining her balance. The chain was then passed between her legs and pulled tight back to the waist chain. It was then fastened with a pad lock. The chain sank deep into her vagina and caused her a little pain at first as it pinched her tinder flesh.

"Close your legs slave and walk this way."

A hand on her shoulder moved her to the corner of the room. She was pushed against a post.

"Stand still with your arms behind the post."

She did as she was told. Hand cuffs were placed on her wrists locking her arms behind the pole. She felt a lock placed behind her head locking the blindfold in place. Then at her feet she felt a chain being wrapped around her body. It started at her ankles and was wrapped once and pad locked. Then the rest of the chain was wrapped up her legs sealing them to the pole. Up her body the long chain sealed her tight to the post. At her breasts it was wrapped first above and then below them, then crossing between them to make her a bra of chain. The final bit of chain was wraped around her upper body and a padlock locked the end to her collar.

"Now my beautiful slave, lets see what you are made of. Open your mouth."

Andrea did as she was told, a plastic bulb was pushed into her mouth. Tape was then wrapped around her head sealing it to the pole and the gag deep inside. As Mistress pumped the gag up, Andrea could feel the gag filling every part of her mouth, only a whimper escaped her as Mistress pushed the pump one more time and then removed it.

"Now lets see what you can take!"

Andrea waited as Mistress moved around the room. Then she felt it, a whip smacked her left breast, it hurt like fire as it again hit her right breast. Andrea screamed into her gag, this was not what she ask for.

"I know my sweet you are thinking this is not what you ask for, well you are my slave now and I will do what pleases me. Right now whipping your body pleases me."

More strikes from the whip hit Andrea's body down her stomach and over her legs. Red marks started to show as Mistress continued her assault of the bound girl. Finally after about twenty minutes Mistress stopped.

"You are nice and red my dear. There is only one place I have not whipped. So lets make it a bit red also."

Then the whip hits between Andrea's legs on the left lip of her vagina. Andrea screams into her gag. The whip again strikes the left lip of her vagina. Andrea slumps to the pole. Ten more strikes and Andrea is in tears unable to more and avoid the whip.

"There, there sweety, I am finished for now, rest for a while and then I will give you some pleasure." 

Andrea waits sealed to the pole.

About a half hour later she hears someone enter and feels a tongue on her left nipple, her nipples was licked and sucked, Andrea could not help herself her body was responding and her nipples were getting hard. She also felt that wonderful feeling between her legs as the mouth moved from nipple to nipple. 

"I hope you are enjoying yourself sweety" Mistress said.

Andrea starts to moan through her tight gag as Mistress reaches her fingers between Andrea's legs.

"You are so wet!" Mistress says, "lets see what we can do with you."

Mistress speeds up sucking Andrea's nipples and moving her fingers in an out of Andrea. Andrea knows she is close, she needs this orgasm. She nears the edge and then Mistress stops and steps away. Andrea can't believe it she was so close.

"Not yet my pet, it's way too early."

Andrea feels the chain between her legs tighten, she yelps as it slides deeper into her wet vagina. She then feels metal clips placed on her nipples, they hurt as they bite in to her tinder flesh. Mistress pulls on the golden chain attached to the nipple clips. Andrea moans in pain as Mistress pulls on the chain attaching it to the pole above her.

"I have one more set my dear."

Andrea feels another clip on her tender flesh between her legs, then another. She yelps into the tight gag.

"I will leave you now for a while my dear to enjoy your pain."

The chain digs deep into Andrea as she stands still. Any movement causes her pain.  Her vagina and nipples hurt from the clips. The chains digs into her body, but Andrea finds herself moving against the chains and things start heating up down between her legs. Her nipples begin to get hard again despite the clips on them. Andrea moans this time in pleasure not pain.

Mistress watches from the other side of the dungeon and a smile crosses her lips. She thought to herself, 'This might be an easier one to break than I thought, I need a new house slave.'


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