Alice & Amanda 4: Subbing Together

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2009 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; D/s; bond; rope; gag; cuffs; denial; cons; X

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Part 4: Subbing Together

I felt a familiar shiver going through my body as Amanda was checking that the ropes, buckles and cuffs were tightly, but comfortably securing my captivity. The shiver was familiar and Amanda was familiar, but almost nothing else about what was transpiring was.

I was standing naked in the bathroom of our longtime friends, Jenny and Susan, a wealthy couple who had turned their mansion into the epicentre of everything BDSM in our area. A kinky old tired stereotype, as they were the first to admit. They had made quite a name of themselves, running a BDSM equipment business at the side to support their own, very public, hedonistic lives.

We had never been very into the scene, being the shy introverts that we are. We never sought to display ourselves. Amanda had known Susan before she had fallen in love with Jenny and the luxurious life she had presented her. We were good friends with them, but since we weren't part of their public games, we tended to loose touch with them.

But tonight we would be closer to Susan than we could imagine. It had taken quite a long time to settle our schedules, but here we were, ready to submit to them.

The fact that the both of us are submissive had always been a big problem for Amanda and I, although we had been quite successful at working around it. We both had equal time submitting to each other, but the desire of getting to submit together was a constant theme in our discussions about our fantasies and needs.

Sure, we had had lot of fun doing selfbondage together, but it would never be the same if we didn't really feel trapped. One of us would tie up the other into some comfortable position and then manoeuvre herself into a decent selfbondage. We'd stay immobilised like that for hours. It was wonderful, but it lacked the final jolt of satisfaction, especially for the one who had the task of tying herself while the other watched in perfect bondage.

The biggest problem in this approach was, at least to me, the gag. Every time Amanda secured a gag to my mouth, I felt so peaceful and secure that it was a stronger seal on our eternal love than any vow of marriage could ever be. Strapping the gag myself felt bland in comparison.

The problem was that we didn't want to submit unless we could be completely certain that we'd be safe, and that the process would be about us and our love instead of some wild woman's desire to beat the living shit out of two immobilised girls. We knew that Susan would know exactly how to fulfil our wildest dreams and she was the person we were able to trust.

Susan seemed willing to oblige, but her condition was that it should happen in a public session. She had always found us a cute couple and felt that our genuine love would give a special boost to any public session.

Finally, after two years of persuading, she had agreed to clear her schedule for just one evening to indulge us. We had agreed to reconsider her offer to pay us quite well for just one public session in exchange, but we all knew it wasn't going to happen.

"Just relax. You'll enjoy it more," Amanda whispered softly into my ear as she tightened the overhead strap of my head harness ballgag. She was clearly sensing that I was nervous about the ordeal now that it really was the night it was finally about to happen.

I was extremely aroused, but at the same time I couldn't help but feel mild anxiety and unease about the whole thing. I had never even been naked in the presence of anybody else than Amanda. Could I really find it in me to trust Susan that much? I had always told myself yes, but now that the decision was about to really take away my freedom, I couldn't help but to second guess myself.

Amanda stroke her hand through my hair and then took a step back to admire her handiwork. I was standing naked in the large bathroom, quite conscious about my predicament. My bonds were simple, but effective. Amanda had tied a rope around my waist and cinched it tightly around the short metal chain of the handcuffs that gripped my wrists tightly. My hands were cuffed in front of me, but because of they were attached to the rope, I couldn't move them much.

The only other item used in my bonds was the harnessed ball gag that filled my mouth more than I had even experienced before. One of the perks about being tended to by an equipment dealer, there's plenty of new equipment to test. When Amanda had first shown me the gag, it looked way too big to fit into my mouth. I was starting to feel like backing out from the session right there and then.

But as soon as she demonstrated that the ball was very soft, I couldn't wait to get it on. And it indeed was one of the most effective, but comfortable gags I had ever tried. The soft ball, covered in some kind of leather and apparently filled with foam, filled my mouth, but didn't obstruct my air passages. At first it felt too soft, but as Amanda tightened the straps of the harness, it settled firmly in place, not allowing any intelligible words to come out from me.

As Amanda took the moment to admire me, I looked at her. She looked incredibly hot wearing just a bright red bra and a black miniskirt. I was again amazed how Amanda filled my ideal of a perfect companion and my vision of an incredibly hot girl that I just wanted to take right then and there. I rested my eyes on every detail of her body and soft skin. Her body was extremely familiar to me after the years we had spent together and the countless hours I had spent exploring it with my fingers and tongue, but I didn't think I could have ever grow tired of it.

Amanda had clearly noticed my feasting her with my eyes and playfully slapped me on my buttocks. She then picked the last remaining items from the chair where we had originally found her clothes, the bondage gear for me and instructions on what to do. She took the collar and leash and started to put the collar around my neck, firmly but not too tight.

This worried me a bit. I didn't like the collar at all since I don't like anything going around my neck. I knew it was a very common symbol in the BDSM circles, but I never even wore scarfs because they were too uncomfortable. I knew that Amanda was aware of this and I noticed that she was particularly careful in fastening it and leaving it quite loose. I still would've liked to remind her to be extra careful. Naturally the gag didn't allow me to produce anything more than a faint whimper, which I did. Amanda seemed to notice my discomfort, but apparently thought that I should just suck it up since she didn't loosen the collar any more. Instead, she looped a leash around the d-ring at the front of it and nudged me to start moving forward.

The butterflies in my stomach started to wrestle as she led me out of the bathroom to the hallway. I couldn't help but to quickly look around to make sure that nobody could see us. We both knew that the entire mansion was deserted from everybody except us and Susan, who was waiting in the bedroom dungeon for us. I still felt more exposed than I had ever felt and I couldn't help but loosing my feelings of arousal to the more immediate fears that still hunted in my head. Amanda seemed a lot more confident about the whole situation, but I noticed that she was looking around as well.

I was glad that she moved towards the door of the dungeon, thus minimising the time we spent in this relatively open space. When we came to the door, she stopped and turned to look into my eyes. She looked surprisingly serious when she asked me:

"Are you sure you want to go through this? If you want to back out of this right here, I won't argue or ask any questions. We can go right back to that bathroom, untie you, get dressed and drive straight home. You know that after we go through this door, there's no turning back."

The look on her face convinced me that she would do exactly what I wanted and wouldn't question me even tough this was something that she had looked forward to for a long time. This gesture and show of trust was the only remaining thing I needed to finally let go of my fears. I knew right then that I wanted nothing more than to spend a passionate evening in bondage with her. I nodded and took a step forward, expecting her to lead me in.

But she didn't move.

"You remember the safeword?"

I smiled as much as the gag allowed and nodded again. That was exactly like Amanda, she wouldn't allow us to go forward with anything unless she was sure we were on the same page about everything that we were about to do. Sometimes that annoyed me a bit since it could distract and even kill spontaneous sessions, but I knew that it was what she needed to do or she couldn't relax and enjoy herself.

"Alright, then," she said and let out a long breath to relax herself. "It's going to be one hell of a night."

And with that, she opened the door to the bedroom.

The room was quite familiar to me as Susan had gone through it with us inch by inch the day before. It looked like a pretty ordinary bedroom, but it was quickly evident why she had been so thorough with showing it around. The room didn't have any windows, but most importantly, there were a lot of hooks and rings all around the walls, ceiling and even on the floor. It became quickly obvious that you had to memorise where they were, since hitting your head or arm on them, or jabbing your toe to one would quickly make a session quite painful in ways that one probably wouldn't find very enjoyable.

The bed itself was pretty large, wide enough for at least three people, but nothing too flashy. The sheets were black, as was most of everything about the room. Dressed in black was also our host for the evening. She grinned widely as she saw us enter the room.

She had been waiting for us on the bed, so she stood up gracefully and started to walk to us while Amanda locked the door. Susan wasn't a large woman and her features would've suited more for a friendly store clerk than a professional mistress and a runner of the entire local BDSM scene.

But what she lacked in appearance, she more than compensated with her confident and professional demeanour. Everything about the way she behaved and moved underlined the fact that she was in charge. There was no question who was the dominant in any room she inhabited.

I was very aware that she was able to do this, but I hadn't experienced it this fully before. We've never had a session together so she had always been a friend rather than an authority.

She was wearing a leather catsuit, her favourite outfit. She didn't wear any shoes or gloves because she wanted to be as mobile and as efficient with her fingers as she could. We both knew that she was one of the best riggers there was, which made everything even more exciting.

I noticed that Amanda was immediately ready to submit, not just because that was the part she had taken, but also because Susan triggered that instinct from people. Even though we were both submissive, we had decided very early on that Amanda would present me as her property for Susan to do as she wished.

Amanda kneeled in front of Susan and presented my leash to her.

"I give to you myself and this slave to do as you please," she said. Susan smiled and looked at my bonds as she took the leash. I was feeling a bit embarrassed about being naked in front of her, but this time the acute arousal remained foremost in my mind.

"Yes, very good," Susan said as she rolled my leash around her wrist. "Now, Amanda, lie face down on the floor!"

"Yes, mistress," Amanda said as she complied. It was very weird to hear her say that. We never used any titles during our sessions, so we were not used to this kind of formal language.

As soon as Amanda settled on the floor, Susan took a short piece of rope from the floor and forced her arms behind her. I couldn't believe how fast she was at tying her wrists together, especially since the result looked very neat and tight.

Susan patted Amanda's head and said:

"Excuse me, I'll get you properly restrained in just a moment. I'll just have to find a place to put your wonderful gift first."

Amanda didn't reply, so Susan led me to the nearest ring bolted on the floor. She then yanked the leash downwards, enough to make it clear that it was my turn to get down on the floor. I got down on my knees and she then helped me to manoeuvre safely face down on the floor without the use of my hands.

She tied the leash to the ring so close to the collar that I couldn't see it, much less reach it. I wasn't going to go anywhere for awhile. Susan seemed happy about this and went back to Amanda.

I watched and got ever more aroused as I watched Susan working on Amanda. She sat on Amanda's feet to keep her pinned down on the floor as she undid the ropes on Amanda's wrist. She yelped in protest to the sudden weight on her, but Susan didn't react. Instead, she took large coils of rope that were at the ready beside them and started working on boxtying Amanda's hands behind her.

Pretty soon she had to let Amanda stand up in order to get the ropes where they needed to go and walked her to the bed. Amanda sat on the bed while Susan continued rigging. I couldn't help but watch in amazement at how efficiently she was placing the ropes and I nearly forgot my own predicament as I took mental notes about the process. I was hoping to learn something that I could use in our private sessions at home.

Once Susan was ready, I could see that Amanda couldn't practically move her arms at all. She had that look in her eyes that she always had when she was thoroughly enjoying the bondage she was in. She had slipped into subspace almost immediately. Susan directed her to sit on the floor and keep her legs together. Amanda complied and Susan started to tie her legs. She did nothing fancy, just coiled generous amounts of rope around her ankles and above and below her knees. But she made even that look elegant with her skills.

"There you are, dear. You're all done," Susan said as she stepped back to admire her handiwork. Amanda looked up to her with grateful eyes.

"Just need one more finishing touch. We don't want to leave you there without a gag, now do we?" Susan said playfully and took a bright red ballgag from the bed.

She knew that both of us had huge gag fetishes and therefore could handle bigger and tighter gags than average subs. This one wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it was bigger than 2". Amanda eagerly opened her mouth to accept her loss of speech and Susan shoved it quite forcefully behind her teeth. I could see that she didn't go easy on her, but tightened the neck strap almost as tight as it could go. She then tightened the chin strap quite harshly as well and shoved Amanda down to the floor.

"Now, you stay there like a good girl while I tend to your little friend," Susan said as she started to walk to me. Amanda made a slight whimper which was probably meant as a sign of compliance. Susan ignored it as she unbuckled my collar.

I was incredibly relieved to get the thing off my neck and took a breath of relief as she helped me to sit up. She left the leash and the collar on the floor as she walked me to sit on the bed, right next to where Amanda was lying on the floor.

"I'm really sorry about this abysmal bondage you've had to endure, but we really had to restrain you somehow while I was working at your girlfriend there."

I couldn't respond to her, but clearly she didn't expect a response anyway.

"Did you like what I did to her?" she asked and I nodded meekly. "Would you like to be tied up like that as well?"

I nodded again with a hint of smile and she smiled back at me.

"I thought you might," she said. "Now, I'm going to undo this mess, but I don't want any funny business from you, is that clear?"

Again, a nod was all that was needed, and all that I was going to be able to give her. I was pretty sure that the gag wasn't going to come off in awhile.

And I was right. She uncuffed my hands and took the rope off my waist. She twisted my hands gently but firmly behind my back as soon as she was finished. She commented shortly about how lazy and unsophisticated cuffs were, but concentrated on a repeat performance of the boxtie she had already applied to Amanda.

It was amazing to actually feel her expert hands administering the ropes on my body. I had seen countless videos in which an expert rigger works on a model and I could only imagine what it would feel like if I had been the model in question. Now that I had seen the amazing rigging applied to Amanda, it was like I finally had realised that. I was now being rigged by a real professional.

It also felt like a pretty harsh reality check once she was done and my hands were locked in the boxtie behind my back. Amanda and I were pretty good riggers and we could handle pretty inescapable ties ourselves, but this was a whole different ballgame. I had never felt my hands truly immobilised like this and I had to do several forceful squirms to really make the incredible predicament concrete in my mind.

"Attitude," Susan said as she had noticed my squirms. "I like that."

If I could've corrected her about what I had been doing, I would've. But if she was happy thinking I tried to put some resistance, I didn't mind. She helped me down to sit on the floor and then propped up Amanda so that we sat our backs to each other. Susan then started to work on identical ties for my legs.

That was the moment when it really hit home to me. This was really happening. I could feel Amanda's warm skin and her immobilised hands pressed against mine. We were really in this together and I was almost overwhelmed with emotion.

Her hair was brushing against mine, the buckles of our gags were touching each other and our hands clenched together. At that moment I felt like I could've spent my entire life like this. Susan was no longer even a part of the scene in my mind. It was just the two of us, finally sharing subspace together. I felt so at peace that I could've sworn that time was suddenly progressing slower than I had ever experienced.

Susan had finished tying my legs, but I hadn't even noticed. But I did notice when she pushed us forward and started to tie our wrists together. The forward bending position was highly uncomfortable, but fortunately Susan was as efficient with this tie than she had been with the others. When our our wrists were tightly cinched against each other, she pushed our backs against each other again.

She then tied our elbows together and finally took an extremely long rope that she started to coil around our hips and stomachs. She then cinched the huge rope to our middle and thus we were pressed tightly against each other.

I would've been happy if this had been everything we had to do the entire day. We held each others hands again and just revelled in the feeling of closeness as the ropes squeezed our backs together. But that wasn't what Susan had in mind. She coughed lightly to get our attention and we turned to look at her. She had an alarm clock in her hand.

"I bet you thought you could just relax all day in that wonderful bondage while I do all the work, huh? That doesn't seem very fair in my opinion. You see this alarm clock? It's set to go off in an hour."

She walked to the other side of the room and put it on a small table.

"Your challenge is to reach this table, get the alarm clock down to the floor and turn it off. If I don't hear a ring in one hour, you will get an extra reward, if you fail, you'll get punished. You know, the normal deal."

I thought the challenge wouldn't probably be all that hard. It was a sizeable room, but not so large as to pose a challenge. Besides, both of us were very used to moving around in bondage since it was enough of a regular part of our daily lives to be at least somehow restrained. The height of the table seemed to be the bigger challenge, but I thought we'd be able to deal with it when the time came.

"I will go and do some work, but I'll be nearby. If you get in any problems, just yell as loud as you can and I'll be back to get you out. Is that undestood?"

We both nodded, which made Susan smile.

"You have no clue how cute you are together like that. I'll be back in an hour."

And with that, she was gone. Even though our time was limited, we took a moment to just relax and enjoy the predicament we were in. Amanda even tried to speak, but even though her gag was considerably less severe, I couldn't understand a word. She gave up on the attempts pretty soon as she realised it.

We tried to rub our cheeks against each other, the closest thing to a kiss we could manage, but the straps of our gags made it quite hard an unsatisfying. But it didn't change the fact that we were glowing with satisfaction. I could feel her body as I had never before and the strict bondage we were sharing made it feel like we were just one body. I felt like our entire relationship had been nothing but warmup to this moment.

But, being more competitive in nature, I noticed quite quickly that Amanda clearly wanted to start moving. I looked at the clock and was surprised to note that ten minutes had already passed. It was time to begin our challenge.

A challenge that I quickly realised was a lot more demanding that I had previously thought. Once we tried to start moving, the feeling of being one body shattered quickly. Instead, we were two people, trying to do something that required a lot of cooperation and coordination, but without any means to communicate.

At first we tried to slowly drag ourselves towards the table, but quickly came to realise that we were just flinging our bound legs aimlessly. We made quite a lot of noise as we tried to work ourselves closer to the finish line. A few times we were worried that Susan might think we were asking for help, but she never reappeared.

Not until later, when in a particularly forceful attempt to throw our combined mass towards the table, I accidentally jabbed my toe to the foot of the bed. I let out a scream, more in surprise than in pain, but it was enough to alert Susan. A few seconds later she was standing in the doorway.

At first she looked worried that something had gone wrong and needed to release us, but once she realised what had happened and I had confirmed with a nod that I was fit to continue, she was visibly amused by our minimal progress.

"Don't give up now, girls," she said playfully. "You still have plenty of time to get there if you'll get your act together."

With that, she pushed us gently down to the ground and left again, chuckling at our predicament.

Once she was gone, we started working again. Amanda got the idea to try and roll, now that we were down on the ground. I understood her intentions and tried to work with her. We even managed to do a quarter roll that resulted with me flat on my stomach and Amanda on top of me.

I immediately decided that this was a terrible idea as her weight made the ropes dig painfully into my body, my breasts to squeeze flat on the floor and blood started to pack into my head. I made a painful whimper and threw Amanda back to the direction she came from as fast as I could and once the tension was gone, it took me a while to catch my breath again. If I could've talked I would've said to never, ever try that stunt again on me, but fortunately Amanda seemed to get the general idea on her own.

After that, the only thing we could think of was the aimless kicking. We tried to get up to a sitting position again and we tried to turn ourselves so that our heads were to the table, but it was all pretty useless. And when the alarm clock finally went off, we were exhausted and pretty resigned to out fate.

Susan came in after the alarm clock rang painfully long and turned it off. She watched us as we were breathing heavily in exhaustion, but didn't give us much credit.

"Girls, girls, girls," she said and shook her head. "I expected a lot better performance out of you two."

She kneeled right next to us and whispered so that we both could hear:

"You know this means you won't get a reward tonight. Such a shame."

At that point, I really didn't care all that much. I just wanted for the exhausting ordeal to be over and all signs pointed to Susan giving us a break. She propped us into the sitting position again and started untying the ropes that held us against each other.

She was very fast at getting us out of the ropes, even after they had been tangled quite a lot in our efforts. After releasing ourselves from each other, she undid the ropes on our feet, Amanda's first and then mine. She didn't release our hands from the boxties just yet, but helped us to sit at the side of the bed.

I was mildly amused to see that Amanda's bra had tangled with the ropes and weren't even close to her breasts, and her miniskirt had rolled down to the floor.

"Look at yourselves! You're all sweaty and covered with drool even though you didn't even manage to get anything done!"

I hadn't realised it, but when Susan pointed it out, I saw that we indeed were pretty sweaty. We had also drooled a lot on the floor, which then got everywhere when we were struggling to make any progress.

"I'll have to hose you two clean before your punishment."

And with that, she started to untie Amanda's boxtie, taking off all of the ropes, except one to keep her wrists together behind her back. She used safety scissors to cut the shoulder straps of Amanda's bra and threw it next to the miniskirt. She then repeated the process with my ties.

Having just my hands tied behind my back felt like I wasn't in any bondage at all after the long ordeal in the severe boxtie. I could also feel extreme relief on the insides of my legs as air finally accessed them. They had been compressed against each other and gathered a considerable amount of sweat.

Suddenly Susan grabbed us both from our necks and started to lead us out from the room. She kept us bent down, so we couldn't see where we were going, but kept a rapid pace. I felt this to be quite humiliating and even a bit dangerous, but couldn't help but to find it surprisingly exciting as well.

She led us out from the bedroom and back to the hallway. But we only crossed the relatively open space quickly and then entered another door. It wasn't until Susan had closed the door behind us that she let go of our necks and we could see where we were.

The room was a bathroom, but not the same we had came from earlier. The room was very bare, with only a few shower heads and rings at various places in the ceiling and walls. It was pretty clear what this room was designed for: To hose off restricted slaves. And it would be our turn to play the part of the slaves.

Susan didn't untie our wrists, but she looped new ropes to each of our hands and did the same for our ankles. I was puzzled at first, but realised the reasoning as she led Amanda to the wall. She untied her wrists, but immediately used the new ropes to anchor her hands to rings away from her. She tied the rope and then repeated the process for the other hand.

Susan then forced Amanda to spread her legs as she did the same for her legs. She tied the ropes of to hooks on the floor and once she was finished, Amanda was spreadeagled against the wall. I was next. She did the identical procedure on me right next to her.

I was never a fan of spreadeagled positions, especially when standing up, but this was a pretty special occasion and my excitement only grew as I knew what was in stock for us.

Surprisingly Susan started to undo the straps of my gag, but I was pretty glad about it. I do love restrictive gags, but almost two hours in one was a limit, even for me. She pulled the ball out of my mouth so fast that I didn't have time to prepare and a long stream of drool fell down to my chest. She tried the same trick with Amanda, but she had been paying attention and managed to swallow most of her drool.

"Don't think you'll get away so easily, guys. You said you liked gags, so gags are what you'll get," Susan said as she pulled a couple of ring gags from the only cupboard of the entire room.

I almost groaned as my jaw could've really used a break, but I kept it to myself. It's all part of the game and there's no reason to get all whiney when the going gets tough.

Susan at least was merciful enough to start with Amanda. We didn't say anything to each other during this small window of opportunity. We both knew we had a lot to say to each other, but I was sure that any attempt would've resulted in punishment. And besides, we'd have plenty of time to talk about all this when we were done.

The ring gags were quite small and Susan didn't pull the strap very tight. She was experienced enough to know that we needed some respite from the constant strain on our jaws. But they were big enough to get the job done more than adequately.

Once our gags were in place, Susan grabber two showerheads and without warning started to spray us with water. Both of us yelped as the water was quite cold. The acoustics of the room made our shrieks echo and amplify.

The water settled to a comfortable warmth soon enough and I was once again having a great time. I've always liked water, so adding it to our session was an added bonus that I hadn't even dared to hope for.

What was the most difficult aspect about it was that the ring gag let water enter our mouths quite freely and Susan revelled in spraying us to our faces. We squirmed away as best as we could, but the ropes didn't give us much room to work with.

After a few minutes of fun, Susan attached the showerheads to a vertical boom that kept them shooting water directly at us. Susan then took a bucket, filled it with water and dumped some liquid soap in it. Then she came to us, soaking an unused sponge in the bucket.

My stomach was turning upside down with anticipation. My entire body flamed with arousal immediately as the sponge hit my body. Susan scrubbed me very forcefully, but I took it all with just occasional groans of pleasure.

She took quite a while scrubbing my private parts, but kept the contact short enough. At the time I would've loved to have an explosive orgasm to release all the arousal, but we had been very clear about the rules. Only Amanda and I could have sex or bring each other to orgasm. Susan was to only deliver the bondage and domination.

But she was very good at what she did and even though the contact was highly sexual in nature, she didn't cross any line, at least not in my books.

"It seems you're enjoying this a little too much, Alice," Susan said and left to give the same treatment to Amanda. I groaned in protest, but Susan ignored me completely. So I just watched as Susan gave Amanda the same pleasurable ordeal while I tried to spit out the soapy water from my mouth. Unfortunately the ring gag seemed to be as effective in keeping stuff in as it is keeping stuff out.

Once Amanda had received the same scrubbing, she took the showerheads again and made sure to rinse the soapy water from us. After that, she turned off the water and started to untie Amanda from the spreadeagle.

I watched as she threw the ropes aside and ungagged Amanda. Amanda immediately started to spit out the remains of the soapy water to the floor and Susan did nothing to stop her. Instead she handed Amanda a towel and a bottle of water.

"This is the only break you'll get today. Get yourself dry and hydrated. But do it fast, because I won't untie Alice until you're all ready and back in bondage."

Amanda looked at me an gave me a loving, but pitying look. I could only imagine what I looked like to her. Still tied in a quite uncomfortable position, dripping water and trying to spit. But I didn't feel all that bad and I would've urged Amanda to take her time.

But Amanda didn't get my telepathic message, she was quite quick at getting herself dry and hydrated. Susan also showed her a door to the toilet so she could relieve herself, but was made sure that orgasming was not allowed. While she was gone, Susan quickly dried herself and her catsuit with another towel.

Even though Amanda was fast at what she was doing, it still took quite a long time to get herself as dry as Susan wanted. She had grown her hair long a while back, so it took most of the time. As the time droned on, I started to slowly feel more uncomfortable.

I tried to rest my limbs one at a time, but the ropes didn't give enough slack to really be able to relax my muscles. The cold that had started to creep on me from the moment Susan had turned off the water was getting more concrete. I even let out some pathetic whimpers to urge Amanda on. She noticed my discomfort and talked for the first time since she had given me to Susan.

"Shouldn't we do this at the same time, mistress?"

"Absolutely not," said Susan. "I can't take the chance that the two of you would had your way with each other. No, missy, I'm not letting you be out of bondage at the same time. You'll come to see that it's all a part of the punishment."

My heart sank a little when I heard the words, but decided to suck it up. Without the uncomfortable parts, the enjoyable moments wouldn't feel nearly as divine.

Fortunately Amanda was finished very soon after that. I hoped to get out of the predicament immediately after Susan had indicated that she was satisfied that Amanda was dry enough for the next portion of our session. But instead of untying me, she took Amanda's wrists and kept them behind her back as she led her out of the room.

I was left alone in the room for a few minutes. It was odd to be all alone after all that had happened and I found that my brain wasn't ready to process it all just yet. My loins felt overdriven, but my most urgent need to discharge the sexual tension had taken a back seat. I knew that it would still take a while to be able to get off, so there was no reason to get too worked up.

After a while, Susan entered the room alone. She undid the ropes and my joints felt like they sprung back in protest when the tension was finally released. I was so exhausted that I didn't have the energy to do anything else than sit down on the floor for awhile, not even taking off my gag.

Once Susan saw how exhausted I really was, she took off the gag for me and wrapped the towel around me, helping me to get back on my feet.

It was amazing how at that point the domineering mistress had vanished from the room and instead there was my friend, making sure that I was all right.

"Are you ok?" she asked with concern.

"Yes, I'm fine. I just didn't realise how tired I was."

"Do you think you can go on?"

"Sure, just give me a few minutes to recoup myself."

"Ok, but remember, you can use the safeword at any time, no questions asked."

I nodded to her. We were both experienced enough to know that she really didn't have to tell me that, but I appreciated that she wanted to be absolutely sure.

Her concern, and my own, proved to be unwarranted after just a few moments. Once I drank quite a big portion of the water she gave me, I was already feeling a lot stronger. She started to help me to dry myself, but told her that I'd rather do it on my own. She warned not to make any extra drying in my private area and I promised to be good.

It took me a lot less time to get myself dry, mostly because of my short hair and Susan was pretty soon satisfied that I was fit enough to proceed.

"Ready?" she asked once I put the towel on the cupboard.

"Sure," I said. She smiled and started to lead me out from the room. She didn't grab my wrists or even touch me when she opened the door. Apparently she still felt like she should take it easier with me and I was happy to get this respite.

We walked through the hallway again, but this time I didn't feel as nervous as the first time. Part of it was just me being too tired to care, but I had created a strong trust for Susan. The session was going better than I had dared to hope and Susan had respected everything we had talked about beforehand, even as she threw us interesting curve balls. She was indeed a professional. But more than that, she was a friend.

She led me back into the bedroom where I wasn't surprised to see Amanda waiting in light bondage. Her wrists had been tied together in front of her and then the rope had been tied off to a ring in the ceiling. Her arms were raised to the point where her wrists were just above her head. Very light bondage, but enough to keep her from giving any pleasure to herself.

What I was most surprised to see was that she was wearing a very loose and comfortable looking pyjamas. Not exactly regular BDSM outfit, but I thought she looked incredibly cute in them. I had always liked to play around with common elements of real life with bondage and BDSM, and this was right in my alley. And before I knew it, Susan handed me my own pyjamas that I obediently put on.

I had never been into bondage wear, instead opting to be naked or wear either normal clothes or an apron for Amanda's benefit. And these pyjamas were very comfortable indeed. I had never really had any before since I prefer to sleep naked, so I was glad that this very ordinary element was added into the mix.

"Now, let's get you tied up again, so I can explain your punishment," Susan said as she took a rope from the bed. The tie was very quick and simple, she simply tied my wrists behind my back. I noticed that there was a lot of rope remaining when she was done, but she simply let it hang.

She then went to Amanda, released her hands and used the same rope to tie her hands behind her the same way she had done to me. I noticed that a lot of the rope was left over in her case as well. Susan then led Amanda right in front of me.

As we looked each other, I could sense a volley of emotions coming from her and we both urged to be able to talk about what had been going on and what it meant to our relationship. But, alas, it was not time for that quite yet. Susan noticed our loving looks at each other and decided to break the moment before it was too late.

"The reward, if you had been able to do your task, would've been to have this room and all the equipment around to yourselves for the night. Too bad, really. I can only imagine the sex after a day like this," Susan said and grinned evilly.

Amanda looked quite disappointed since this obviously wouldn't be in the program for tonight. I decided not to think about it since whatever Susan had in store would probably be quite nice as well.

"Instead, you won't be having any sex or relief for your throbbing pussies until you get home. But don't worry, I have something really interesting that I'm sure you'll enjoy as part of your punishment."

As she said that, she opened a drawer and pulled out a very interesting gag that immediately grabbed our attention. It was a double ball gag with quite large black rubber balls and a short metal rod separating them from each other.

I felt a new surge of excitement and arousal flashing through my body. I had seen gags like that occasionally on the Internet, but even to see them there was rare. I couldn't believe Susan was dangling it in front of us. And I was sure she knew it pushed just the right buttons for us.

"So, as your punishment, you'll be wearing this contraption all night, tied up on that bed. Only inches away from each other, but completely incapable of contact."

She put the gag back in the drawer and shoved Amanda to lie down on her side on the bed. She then used the rope that was dangling from her wrists to pull Amanda's hands slightly towards the head of the bed, forcing her to bend a little at the hip. Susan then tied the rope to the head post of the bed and thus forced Amanda to remain it the position. Susan once again showed her expertise about rigging, as it looked like just enough strain to keep her in the position, but not too much to make it uncomfortable.

Susan again tied Amanda's legs together, simply but efficiently. She used the same technique to use a single rope to tie her ankles together and tied the remaining rope to a bedpost to keep her legs immobile. When she was done, Amanda was quite firmly fixed in the position, but relatively comfortable.

I knew it was my turn, and didn't wait for Susan. I lay down at my side on the other side of the bed, facing Amanda.

"Very good girl," Susan said as she started a repeat performance of the rigging she had just done for Amanda.

Once my hands, arms and legs were as immobile as Amanda's, Susan took the gag from the foot of the bed an placed it between us. Once again, I was the first one gagged. She pulled the neck strap tight enough to keep me from spitting it out, but loose enough so I could keep it in for quite some time.

My excitement rose to a new high as she finally pushed our heads closer each other and put the other ball in Amanda's mouth. Our eyes were so close to each other that I was unable to sharpen my vision. I felt her warm breath at my chin, as I was sure she was able to feel mine.

I heard the familiar buckling of a strap and so we were locked to each other with the gag. Susan made sure that neither of our straps wasn't too loose by pushing our heads away from each other. But the strap and the metal rod between the ballgags held firmly.

"There you go, girls," Susan said finally and I heard her walking to the door. "You have a good night."

And with that, she shut the lights and left the room. It was suddenly pitch black. I was sure that she wouldn't really leave us like this for the entire night, but for now, it was a very happy prospect. We'd be stuck like this for a long while regardless.

Without being able to see, the entire world vanished from around me and everything that was real was right there. I could feel her body heat. I could feel her tiniest move through the gag we shared. We were so close that we were smelling, even tasting each other, but unable to make any contact. All that I could sense was to feel and hear Amanda's breathing.

At that moment, nothing else mattered than that breath. It didn't matter that we couldn't touch each other, it didn't matter that we couldn't talk to each other. We were closer than we had ever been and I was more in love with the creature I was connected to than I had ever been. The strict, but comfortable bondage made me feel safe and at home. The arousal and excitement was gone, I had moved beyond those physical feelings and into mental tranquility.

With nothing but Amanda filling my entire world, I slowly drifted to sleep.


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