A is for Abduction

by DarqueSoul

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© Copyright 2013 - DarqueSoul - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF/f; M/f; kidnap; drug bagged; hood; transport; shave; insert; latex; suit; sealed; encased; cons/nc; X

Chapter 1

Jess closed her front door and walked to the underground car park to retrieve her car and begin her drive to work, she hated the routine of it all, why did everybody else have all the fun and adventure, why was she all alone, she sighed to herself as she beeped the alarm off and went to open the driver’s door. A black van had been parked outside Jess's flat all night; the three figures inside were less than happy about it.

"At last, I thought she would never leave" said a male figure dressed all in black.

"Stop complaining and just don't lose her" said a female figure dressed in black.

"Will you two shut up, she is worth a lot of money so you better not screw this up" said a second female figure.

The two figures in the van looked at each other and nodded, they knew what would happen if they messed up.

"Oh great, now what" scowled Jess as her repeated turning of the car’s ignition was only greeted with a clicking noise, she could tell it was going to be one of those days.

While Jess called the breakdown service she got out of her car and lifted the bonnet, she did not know what she was looking for but it made her feel a bit more practical.

"Can I help?" said a figure from behind her.

Jess jumped and spun around to see a woman dressed in black leather jeans and black silk shirt smiling at her "Sorry about that didn't mean to make you jump" the woman said smiling.

"The names Jen, looks like your having some trouble?" said the stranger.

"God you gave me a shock, do you always sneak about like that?" asked Jess.

"Not always" said Jen with a grin as she stepped past Jess to look at the engine "Oh dear"

"What?" said Jess as Jen made sure to get herself between the car and Jess.

The black van began to slowly approach behind Jess, its side door on well oiled rollers slid back.

"I am sorry Jess, but I don't think you will need your car anymore" said Jen

"But it's only a few, Hey, how did you know my name?" asked Jess.

"Oh we know a lot about you Jess" said Jen with a grin as she pushed Jess backwards.

"Now" shouted the woman in the black van.

As Jess stumbled backwards a black leather sack held between two strong hands was pulled over her head and she was pulled into the van.

Jen quickly jumped into the van and pinned Jess down.

"Quick, get the door closed and let’s get out of here" said the female in the back of the van.

As the man in black started to drive the van out of the underground garage Jen quickly closed the side door of the van then helped the other woman try to sedate Jess, who was fighting for her life and kicking and screaming.

"Oh it's going to be fun breaking this one, she has a lot of fight in her" said Jen as she continued to hold onto the struggling Jess.

"Lara, for god’s sake get her quiet, where nearly at the street" said the man in black.

"What do you think I am trying to do Joseph" replied Lara.

As the van exited the underground car park, Lara eventually managed to jab a needle into Jess's arm, the struggling got less and less, until Jess was still.

"Happy now?" said Lara as she scowled at Joseph, who just grinned into the rear view mirror and kept driving.

"We better get her ready, Master will be eager to get his hands on her, she is going to need a lot of work" said Jen.

Lara removed the leather sack from Jess's head as Jen began to remove Jess's clothes, she put all the clothing into a garbage bag and soon had her naked.

Once Jess was naked and lying on the floor of the van Lara unrolled a leather sleep sack and both she and Jen started to push Jess into it.

"I love this part, packing them away for delivery" said Jen.

It did not take long before Jess was tightly zipped and laced into the sleep sack, only her head was exposed, but not for long as Lara pulled a tight leather hood over Jess's head and buckled it tight, she finished by putting a rigid posture collar around Jess's neck, as Jess disappeared under the leather Jen stroked Jess's head "welcome to the rest of your life"

* * *

The Black van had been on the road for many hours before it approached the large heavy iron gates of the Stafford estate.

"You better make sure she is still out" said Lara.

Jen made her way to the still sleeping leather bound form of Jess "No problems, she is still out cold"

Jen gave the figure a quick rub on the breasts to see if there was a response "Such a waste, I could have so much fun with her"

"Stop that, Master will be angry with you for playing with his property" called Lara from the passenger seat of the van.

Jen just smiled and rubbed Jess's crotch, she was greeted with a small moan, and she quickly made her way to her seat, giving Jess a quick glance as she sat.

The large gates opened slowly as the van got up to them, without slowing down the van drove into the estate, the gates swung closed behind.

Joseph drove the van up the 1 mile driveway to the front of the large mansion, then swung around the side and into the unlit garage building at the back, he turned off the engine and stretched.

As Joseph stepped down from the van he looked about, who would believe what was going on behind the Walls of the estate, the 12 foot Walls, with their motion sensors and CCTV made the estate impregnable.

He shrugged and turned to Lara and Jen "wait a minute and I will go get the trolley"

Lara watched Joseph walk away before turning to Jen "I know what you did, you should not have touched her like that, and Master will be upset with you"

Jen just looked at Lara and shrugged, she knew it was forbidden but after all these weeks of watching Jess, she could not resist.

"Come on then, let's get her inside" said Joseph as he returned with the trolley.

As Lara opened the van door, Jen got in the van to start to push Jess's leather bound form towards the trolley.

Joseph quickly pulled Jess onto the trolley and after checking she was not going to fall off, began pushing the trolley to some large doors at the rear of the building, the doors opened into a delivery lift that Joseph took down to the sub basement.

Jen and Lara made their way into the building and closed the door.

Joseph silently waited for the lift to stop then pushed the trolley down a corridor to a large room, he knocked before entering.

"Come in Joseph" said a voice from inside the room.

Joseph hated this room, half was fitted out as an operating theatre and the other half like a medieval dungeon, although the large clear tank looked new.

"Just leave the trolley there, I know how much you hate this room, besides I do like to unwrap my presents myself" said Master with a smile, he waved Joseph away "Oh and do tell Jen I will want speak to her later"

"Now then Jess, let's see if your worth all the expense" said Master.

Master slowly undid the posture collar and then the tight leather sleep sack "Oh I see why you were chosen now, you really are quite beautiful, I am going to enjoy working on you"

Master carefully picked Jess up in his arms and carried her to a large metal table, it had slightly built up sides and drain holes in it.

"Now let’s get a good look at you" said Master as he pulled the leather hood from Jess's head.

"You really are quite beautiful, what a shame" said Master as he looked at the sleeping form of Jess.

Realizing there was a lot of work to do, Master began to prepare Jess.

Firstly he took a pair of electric clippers from a bench and began to shave all of the hair from Jess's head, when it was down to slight fuzz he shaved her pubic hair, then to finish off he shaved her eyebrows off.

"Now isn't that better, just your eyelashes to go" said Master as he took a pair of tweezers from his coat pocket and plucked the hair from her eyelashes, it was tricky work but he had done I so many times that he did not mind.

Master then took a bottle of a strong hair removal cream and began to cover all of Jess's body, he was careful to cover her body completely apart from her eyes, by the time he had finished Jess was just a cream covered shape that gently fizzed whilst the chemicals in the cream stripped her body of all hair permanently.

After watching for a few minutes Master got a high pressure hose and sprayed Jess's body to remove all traces of the cream and her hair.

"Now you just stay there for a moment whilst I go and get your new skin" chuckled Master as he walked over to a large set of mirrored doors, with a press of a button the doors opened to reveal a stunning collection of latex and leather clothes, the shelves were full with everything a person could imagine and a lot of things that a normal person could not.

* * *

Master pushed a large trolley covered in all manner of items over to the sleeping and now bald figure of Jess, he knew she would begin to wake soon, he always liked it when they woke up to their new life.

First he flipped Jess onto her front and after examining her anus, he pushed a hollow latex tube into her, once he was happy it would not fall out he moved up to her neck and after examining the pale skin for a moment he took a thin plastic template from the trolley and stuck it to her neck, once the template was placed to his satisfaction he picked up a tattoo gun and after making sure it was filled with permanent ink he began to quickly tattoo the pattern permanently in her skin, it took longer than he liked but when he had finished he thought it was his best yet, once he cleaned away any blood he peeled away the template to reveal a permanent barcode that would forever mark her as property, the last few numbers would be filled in by her new owner.

After making sure the bleeding had stopped Master turned Jess onto her back and continued with her preparation.

Master expertly inserted a hollow latex tube into her vagina; he made sure it was not going to come out.

Master now started at Jess's feet and forcibly bent them into a ballet position, he made sure they would stay like that by gluing a hard plastic foot brace around them, her legs from the knees down now looked to be made of skin tight black plastic.

Master now worked up her body, he retrieved a plastic shell, a bit like a pair of bikini briefs and after checking that all the small metal discs inside it were clean, he began to fit it to Jess, he had to lift up her behind, but it soon fitted over and around her buttocks, the strategic hole was perfectly placed over her anal sheath.

He had to push down with a bit of force to make sure both halves would lock in place, but once the front piece was fixed, he knew it would not be removed easily.

Next he approached Jess’s breasts and after looking them over for a moment he picked up two horizontal bars that he was going to pierce her nipples with, he gently used some alcohol to make sure they were clean, then with a piercing gun he swiftly pushed two holes through Jess’s nipples and quickly put the bars in place.

Once he was sure they were sitting correctly he fitted two breast cups around each breast, they covered each breast from chest to the nipple, with only a small slit in the end so that the bar could be seen.

He knew the next part was going to be tricky, but he just had to see her in a corset, he gently lifted up Jess’s back and slid the hard plastic corset under her, he made sure it was sitting right before he brought the two front ends together, they clicked in place and gently held her in shape, he knew he would tighten them up later.

Master then lifted up Jess’s left hand and after looking it over he took a plastic glove from the trolley and fitted her hand into it, it was a tight squeeze, but he knew it was worth it as her slim fingers were now held immobile and had 2 inch nails attached to each, he repeated the process with her right hand.

Now he came to his favorite part and also his saddest part as he knew he was going to be the last person to ever see Jess’s face.

Master began by gently lifting Jess’s head and then lowering it into a half black plastic shell that fitted snugly from her forehead to about an inch down her neck. He then picked up a number of wide plastic strips in the shape of loops and put them around Jess’s neck, he began just above her collar bone and worked his way to just under her chin, the last piece was flared at the top so that it held her chin up.

Master now picked up two small LCD screens that were fitted into oval shaped plastic shells, they would perfectly block out all light and the only vision would be via the screens.

Master slowly started to fit the left screen to Jess’s eyes, it fitted snugly to her eye socket and as he pressed it in place he applied a layer of strong glue to the edge to bond it with Jess’s skin, once he was happy how it fitted he placed the second screen against Jess’s eye and pushed it in place, with a small application of glue Jess’s eyes were forever sealed and would only ever see what her Master wanted her to.

Master next picked up two ear plugs that would go deep into Jess’s ears, they were made from a soft wax that would harden almost like steel once they were heated, he gently pushed these into Jess’s ears, and they fitted perfectly and soon filled her ear canals to make her completely deaf.

Next Master pushed two small plugs up each of Jess’s nostrils, once in place he pushed small tubes through there centre and kept pushing until he knew they had passed into her throat then down to her lungs, he glued them permanently into her nostrils.

Master next picked up a large rubber tube from the trolley and after checking it was sterile he pushed it into Jess’s mouth, it was a bit of a struggle as it was designed to hold her throat wide open and yet allow Jess to close her mouth, as he pushed it further into her throat he made sure that it reached almost to her stomach, he knew she would not like to be force fed, but then they never do. As he got to the end of the sheath he fitted the built in hard white teeth covers over Jess’s teeth, she would forever have a perfect smile.

As Master gazed down at the still sleeping Jess he wished he could keep her for himself, but she was a special order and he did not break the rules. With a sigh Master picked up the lower jaw of Jess’s new face, it was perfectly formed and had an open mouth built into it shaped in a pout, the nose covered Jess’s nose and left only small opening for the nasal tubes.

With the last part of Jess’s face in his hands, Master bent over and gave her a kiss on her forehead; it would be the last kiss she would ever feel.

Master quickly pushed the front of Jess’s new face into place, it fitted over the nose of and formed a perfectly smooth surface around Jess’s head, and her ears disappeared behind small raised ovals that had microphones build in, the face had a long horizontal thin slit that glowed with a ruby color for eyes, not that she had any anymore, but behind the slit were two small receivers that could project there view onto the screens now fixed to Jess’s eyes.

Master stood back and admired his work, she really was worth all the trouble, she might just be his best yet, despite his wishing he could keep her, he knew it could not be so and with a sigh he turned back to his trolley to pick up her new skin.

* * *

As Master got Jess's new skin ready he kept looking over at her lying asleep, her beautiful face was now forever trapped under her new identity, nothing remained, her ears, nose and mouth were now hidden forever, even her vision would only be artificial now, her eyes were sealed away forever.

Master brought Jess's new skin over to her sleeping form and laid it next to her on the table.

He knew that once she was covered Jess would cease to exist, he spent a few moments checking everything was ready, her feet were now permanently molded into a ballet position, her hands were slim and elegant, she may regain some movement of her fingers over time, but that would be down to her, he checked her anal and vaginal sheaths, they kept her open and accessible, her crotch was secured and locked away, her nipples with the new piercings were now secured in her new breasts, all pert and perfect, her waist was locked in her corset.

Master looked down into the glowing visor of Jess's new face, all humanity was gone, her head was devoid of all human features, only her lips and mouth remained, her neck was gracefully held in concentric permanent rings.

Master took one last look at Jess then picked up a bottle of blue liquid and began to spray her body from neck to feet, he sprayed the interior of the new silver catsuit he had prepared for her.

Once Jess was slick with the blue liquid he began to force the catsuit onto her body via the neck, the catsuit slid up her legs, each foot was fitted with internal ballet boots which tightly gripped each foot, as he pulled the suit higher he made sure to fit the connecting ring at her vagina and anus to their corresponding holes, once satisfied that she would now forever be available for anybody he pulled her hands into the built in gloves of the catsuit, her hands with their new nails were gripped tightly, as were her arms as the last of the suit snapped into place at her neck.

With his work almost done he began to attach a breathing tubes to Jess's nose vents and one in her mouth, next he screwed an automatic dildo to her vagina and anus openings.

Master then strapped a quick release harness to Jess's body and pulled her sleeping form into the air, she hung limply in her new silver latex catsuit and her black plastic head, next he carefully moved her body to over the clear tank of gel in the lab.

Master always loved this part, he considered like a birth.

As he watched he could detect a few tremors a twitches from Jess, she was waking up, her legs flailed and her arms started to try to touch her head, when they met her new face he knew the eye screens would come on and she would see her new hands.

He knew that if he still had a voice she would be screaming, but the mouth sheath was designed to stop her making any noise ever again.

Once he was satisfied she was ready to begin her deprogramming he triggered a switch and her body dropped into the gel, where she sunk a few feet then stopped, trapped barely able to move.

Before leaving the lab, Master started the program's that would scrub her mind of all identity as Jess, she would be shown the video of her transformation on an endless loop, her vagina and anus would be assaulted by the two dildos that would pump in and out, in and out, he knew the deprogramming would take a few days, then the final stage would begin.

As Master turned off the lights and left the lab, he wondered how to punish Jen, she had disobeyed him and just would not do.


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