Agent Kim Visits Riverside

by Handcuffgirl

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Author’s note:  This story takes place is the same universe as Big Changes in Riverside and Big Changes in Riverside High.  It takes place mostly after the first story.  Please read Big Changes in Riverside first and Big Changes in Riverside High so you will understand the mind control devices at work, and more about Platformz.  Also, please enjoy all three of them, and let me know what you think.  ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)dom  - Bethany

Part 3

Agent Kim parked at the Riverside Police Station.  She had only gotten a few hours sleep, and that was in cramped seat of her Ford Focus.  Getting out of the low car without flashing her stocking tops was a little difficult.  Agent Kim gathered her backpack and walked into the station.

Sergeant Robinson whistled when she walked in.  She didn’t blame him.  The skimpy blue sundress was a far cry from the no-nonsense business suit that she had worn previously.  The tall platform heels made her hips sway provocatively with every step. 

Agent Kim decided to make the best of her situation.  She turned her weapon over to him to secure, and good naturedly took a few comments about the way she was dressed.  Then Agent Kim was escorted to the interrogation room.

The air conditioner had been fixed.  It had been more than fixed.  It was at fifty degrees—at most—in the room.  Jason was very glad to see her.  Agent Kim had an even harder time keeping his attention on the interview today.  Funny thing was, she didn’t seem as interested in talking about passwords and ghost IP addresses as she was the day before.  She felt kinda sorry for him, having to be handcuffed to the table all day long.  When Michelle came in with lunch, she smiled at Jason, and then looked over to Hy.

“Hey, Agent . . . Kim, wasn’t it?”  When Hy nodded, she said, “I like that dress,” with a smile. 

“Thanks,” Hy replied.  Before Hy could say anything else, Michelle said. “Can I try it on?”

Agent Kim didn’t see Jason’s eyes go wide as he leaned forward to hear her answer, “Maybe later,” Agent Kim said and smiled back at her.

Giggling, Michelle set Hy’s lunch down in front of her.  As Hy started to eat, Michelle glanced into her open backpack.  “Hey, what is that?” Michelle asked pointing into the backpack.

Hy looked at what she was pointing to and pulled out the black ASP handcuffs that she had bought the night before.  “Oh, just some cuffs I got last night.” She replied as she passed them to her. 

Hy took another bite before Michelle asked.  “Can I try them on?” as she turned them over in her hands.

“Sure,” Hy said as she set down her fork and took the cuffs from her.  “You want them in front, or back?”

Michelle thought a moment, “In front,” she replied as she held out her hands, bracelets clinking as they slid down her wrists.

Hy pushed the bracelets up a little and snapped the cuffs onto her wrists.  Hy pretended not to notice Michelle winking at Jason as she was cuffed.  “There.  Now sit tight while I finish my lunch,” Hy told her in a mock commanding voice.

“Yes Agent Kim,” Michelle replied while suppressing laughter.  Since there wasn’t another chair in the room, she hopped up onto the table.  Hy ate quickly, instead of working during lunch like she had the previous days.

Michelle lay on her back across the table with her cuffed hands over her head.  Hy giggled to herself when she realized that Michelle was giving Jason quite a view of her tits . . . er breasts.  Well if she’s gonna show ‘em off like that then you might as well call ‘em tits, Hy decided as she ate.  Glancing down at her own B-cups, (whose dimensions were amplified by the push-up bra) Hy figured that hers might as well be called tits, too.  For some reason that thought didn’t upset Hy like it should have?

Now Michelle had sat back up and was looking into Hy’s backpack again.  “Hey, you got another pair,” she said as she picked up the hinged cuffs lying inside.  “Can I lock them on you?” Michelle asked her sweetly.

Hy thought about it for a few seconds.  It wouldn’t be so bad.  She had enjoyed being cuffed at Cuffz the night before.  But then she snapped out of it.  “No!  I’m trying to interrogate a prisoner.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind at all, Agent Kim,” Jason interrupted with a leer.  He displayed his cuffed hands.  “After all, I’m handcuffed, and so is Michelle here.”  He winked at Michelle.  “It’s only fair that you are too.”

“Just for a few minutes, Agent Kim, then I promise I’ll leave you alone,” Michelle said nearly pleading.

A look of resignation flashed across Hy’s face for a moment.  Then resolve.  “No!”  She looked across the table.  “Mr. Roberts, don’t make anymore suggestions about me being handcuffed.”  Then she looked up at Michelle.  “And you, please don’t encourage him.”  With that Agent Kim unlocked the handcuffs on Michelle’s wrists.

“I’m sorry about that Agent Kim, I’ll put them up for you,” she said apologetically. Michelle opened her backpack wider to return cuffs.  When her hand came out Agent Kim was horrified to see the bimbo holding her red Lyrca thong.

“Hey, Sexy!”  Michelle exclaimed as she held them up for all to see.

“Stop that!”  Agent Kim yelled as she snatched the thong away and stuffed it back into her bag.

“Oops!  I’m sorry Agent Kim,” Michelle said with a grin.  Before Hy could respond, Michelle glanced over to Jason, then back to Hy and said, “I’m wearing a pair just like them,” and winked at Hy.

Red with embarrassment, Hy replied “Please get out.  Just go.”

“Okie dokie,” Michelle chirped in response.  She hoped down off the table, picked up the used lunch trays, and sauntered to the door.  While she waited for the door to be opened, Hy turned her attention back to her laptop.  When the door finally did open, Hy looked back at Michelle to see her blow Hy a kiss as she walked out.

Agent Kim rolled her eyes and went back to work.  She tried to catch up from the day before.  Mr. Roberts was still distracted though.  One reason was that the air was so cold that it made her nipples hard.  The thin sundress didn’t hide that at all.  And her bracelets clicked against each other with every moment of her hands, drawing even more attention to her.  It was even distracting her.  At least the table was hiding her legs.  Her dress was so short it showed her stocking tops when she sat down.

Speaking of the table hiding things, what was he doing every time he put his hands underneath the table?  Agent Kim pushed those thoughts aside and tried to concentrate on the interrogation.

Several hours later, Agent Kim reluctantly stopped for the day.  Since she didn’t have anywhere to sleep, she had stayed at the station for as long as possible.  The officers had checked on her (and her out) several times, and politely dropped hints about needing the room.  She could feel Mr. Roberts’s eyes on her as she left the room. 

Officer Clark escorted her out.  On the way, she asked him if there was any way she could speak with Chief Beavers; or if he had left, whoever was in charge.

“No problem, Chief Beavers is in his office.  He said that if you needed to talk to him, to bring you over,” Officer Clark told her.

“Thanks,” Agent Kim replied as the turned and headed down an unfamiliar hallway.  She didn’t think anything about Chief Beavers working late and leaving specific instructions about her needing to talk to him.

Not one, but three “Office Girls” were in the Chief’s outer office typing away when they arrived.

Officer Clark told Sara, who was closest to the Chief’s door who Agent Kim was, and that she needed to speak with Chief Beavers.  Officer Clark left as Sara called the Chief over the phone.  She hung up and sent Agent Kim in, closing the door behind her.

Chief Beavers’ office was huge!  His desk looked large enough to play pool on.  Or have a threesome on.  Whoa!  Where did that come from, Hy wondered.

“Good afternoon Agent Kim,” Chief Beavers greeted her with a smile.  “What can I do for you?”  His eyes traveled down her legs as he spoke.

“Yes Sir.  Thank you for seeing me Sir.”  She swallowed nervously, looking at his feet. “The problem is, the hotel I was staying in closed for renovations.  The other hotels are booked as well.  So what I need is . . . I need a place to sleep.”  She finally looked up to his eyes, which were still lingering on her thighs.  “It’s just for tonight.  I promise I won’t be any trouble.”

Chief Beavers smiled to himself.  This was exactly what Mr. Black had said would happen.  Now he just had to play his part.  “Well Agent Kim, I don’t know what you expect me to do.  The only place I know of that you could sleep is the jail, and we’d have to figure out something to charge you with, in process you, and put you in a uniform.  Frankly, it’ll be a lot of trouble for just one night.

Agent Kim frowned.  She just needed a place to sleep.  She didn’t want to get in processed like a prisoner and all.  Did she?  When Chief Beavers said it, a chill went through her.  “Can’t you just let me sleep on a couch or something?  That’s what I meant,” Agent Kim replied, waving a hand to one of the large leather covered couches nearby.

Chief Beavers shook his head.  “I’m sorry Agent Kim.  That’s just not possible.  We can’t let visitors wander around unsupervised.  I could let you get by without being strip and cavity searched, but you’d have to be entered into the computer.”

Agent Kim thought about it a few seconds.  She couldn’t come up with any alternatives.  “Well, I guess so Chief Beavers.  Thank for helping me out.

Chief Beavers smiled, and called Officer Clark back in over the radio.  While they awaited his arrival, Hy set up her laptop to upload the day’s interrogation to the FBI’s satellite.  Chief Beavers also explained that was going to happen. 

She would be booked on a minor charge, but the computer wouldn’t contact the Federal database to search for warrants or an arrest record.  Her current offense also wouldn’t be sent to them.  She would be issued a prisoner uniform, and an ID band.  Finally she would be put into an isolation cell for the night.

“Why do I have to be put in an isolation cell?” Agent Kim asked him as she glanced up from watching the upload.

“Well, the isolation cell is to keep you safe.  Also, it’s very important that you don’t tell anyone who you are; even indirectly.  If any one found out who you are, you’d be in a lot of trouble,” Chief Beavers replied as eyed her legs.  “Only myself, Officer Clark and Michelle will know who you are.  Since Sergeant Robinson also knows who you are, he’ll be brought into our little conspiracy in the morning.”

“Um, won’t I be released in the morning?  And I would rather Sergeant Robinson didn’t know,” Agent Kim replied

“Well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.  Who knows, you might want to stay longer?” Chief Beavers replied with an evil smile.

Agent Kim felt a strange arousal at the thought of being in jail.  “Um, I don’t think that will be necessary,” she said quickly, before he could sense her hesitation.

Officer Clark arrived and he and Chief Beavers explained to him the plan.  After giving him the outline of it, they stepped away and they whispered to each other a few minutes more.  Agent Kim used the break to call the office and give them a brief summary of the day’s interrogation, and tell them that she would be out of touch till tomorrow.

Chief Beavers and Officer Clark finished their private discussion and walked back over to the couch where Agent Kim was sitting.  Since the upload had just finished, Agent Kim hung up her cell, packed up her laptop, and told them that she was ready.

“Excellent,” Chief Beavers replied.  Officer Clark handed him a pair of handcuffs.  “If you’ll turn around and place your hands behind your back,” Chief Beavers politely ordered her.  Agent Kim complied and Chief Beavers locked the handcuffs onto her wrists. 

She had been handcuffed dozens of times at Cuffz the night before, but somehow this felt more real.  “Officer Clark will take it from here, Agent Kim,” Chief Beavers told her.  “And remember; don’t even hint at who you are.”

“Yes Sir,” Agent Kim replied as Officer Clark picked up her backpack and pushed it into her cuffed hands.

“This way,” he said and gently pushed her towards the door.  The formerly arrogant FBI agent meekly walked out of the office and towards the prisoner intake area.

They arrived and Officer Clark, along with two of the office girls began in processing her.  First she was finger printed and her mug shot was taken.  Then they opened her backpack and after pulling out her laptop, unceremoniously dumped the remainder of her belongings out onto the stainless steel table.  The still-handcuffed FBI agent was forced to watch while they inventoried the contents one by one. 

Claire picked up a pair of her handcuffs and said, “Looks like we got a kinky girl!” She and Laura both giggled at that.  Agent Kim looked to Officer Clark for support, only to find him leering back at her.  Clair and Laura both took great pleasure in going through her recently purchased underwear.

Once they finished that Officer Clark removed the handcuffs from Hy’s wrists and told her, “OK babe, strip down.  Take it all off.”

It seemed so natural to obey him that Hy didn’t even bring up the fact that Chief Beavers had said she didn’t have to be strip searched.  Hy quickly undressed, piling everything, even her shoes and bracelets onto the table.  Clair and Laura quickly inventoried her clothes and put them into a white cardboard box along with the contents of her backpack.  When they finished Laura taped it shut. 

Claire set the box aside and Officer Clark, who had donned latex gloves told Hy to hold her arms out, run her fingers through her hair, then squat and hop up and down.  Then, if that wasn’t humiliating enough, next Officer Clark ordered the still naked FBI agent up onto an exam table.

Hy hopped up and lay down.  Claire and Laura smiled as they strapped her wrists, ankles, thighs, waist and chest down spread-eagle.  They had to pull her down several inches to strap her legs into place.  That left her ass hanging out over the edge of the table.  With her legs held wide open, both of Hy’s holes were totally exposed and vulnerable.

Officer Clark stepped up between her splayed legs.  Agent Kim looked down at him with trepidation.  Smiling back at her, he slowly traced a finger around her outer labia.    Suddenly, he plunged two fingers into her soaking pussy. 

Hy screamed out in pleasure; and shock.  Expertly, Officer Clark conducted his “search” while keeping the helpless FBI agent on the edge of orgasm.  After several minutes of Hy writhing in ecstasy, Officer Clark finished his search of Agent Kim.  After a brief pause, he shoved a finger into Agent Kim’s puckered asshole.

Hy screamed again, this time more in shock than anything else.  Just as quickly, he pulled his finger out and announced the cavity search over.

Officer Clark removed the latex gloves while Claire and Laura unstrapped Hy from the exam table.  Hy sat up and tried to regain her composure.  She was tempted to try to finish her budding orgasm, but she was barely, just barely able to restrain herself.  Before she was completely composed, Officer Clark ordered her off the table to complete her in processing.

The jail uniform was next.  Claire handed Agent Kim a tiny yellow spandex jumpsuit.  Officer Clark explained that she would be a trustee, hence the yellow uniform.  Regular prisoners wore orange.  Agent Kim looked at the uniform.  Jason Roberts’ uniform was a common orange cotton uniform, like one would find in any jail in the country.

This one was anything but.  The hem of the legs would barely cover her ass, much less any of her long legs.  The top was tight, too tight.  It was at least a size too small.  Agent Kim complained about that to deaf ears.  The sleeves of the uniform came just past her shoulders.  She glanced at Laura’s office girl uniform and realized that the two uniforms were about the same, except for the color.

Agent Kim had started to put it on when she realized that there weren’t any underwear.  “Hey, can I please have some panties, Officer Clark?”  The humiliated agent asked him.

“Sorry babe, it’s not part of the uniform.  Now hurry up and get dressed, I’m already supposed to be off duty.”

“Yes Sir,” Agent Kim replied as she pulled the tiny uniform on.  Why was she so docile today, she wondered as she zipped it closed. 

Officer Clark had another thing to add.  He reached over to the top of the zipper and locked a small silver padlock onto the zipper hasp.  Agent Kim looked down at the small padlock.  She was locked into the most confining prison she could be; her own clothes.  Well, Riverside city jail’s clothes anyway.

Laura passed her a pair of bright yellow six inch stiletto platform heels.  The ankle strap was thicker and wider than normal, and it also had a hasp for a padlock.  Agent Kim looked at them with trepidation. 

“What are you waiting for?” Officer Clark asked impatiently. 

Startled, Agent Kim sat down and strapped the sky-high platforms on.  When she finished, Laura clicked a small silver padlock onto the hasp on the ankle strap.  Agent Kim was now locked into her shoes as well as her uniform.

She was interrupted from her daydreaming by Officer Clark pulling her hands behind her back and snapping a pair of handcuffs onto them. 

“One last thing to add, your ID band,” Officer Clark said as he took a piece of wide yellow plastic from Claire.  Hy expected him to fasten it around her wrist, but she was surprised when he wrapped it around her throat.  Agent Kim felt him tighten it, and heard a ratcheting sound, similar to the plastic riot cuffs that the FBI used.

“What is that?”  Agent Kim asked, confused.

“Your ID band,” Officer Clark replied tersely.  “Weren’t you listening?”  He thanked Claire and Laura for their help, and after he had Hy thank them for helping him strip search her, he dismissed them.

Hy heard a beeping noise at the back of her neck and glanced back to see Officer Clark holding a hand held scanner, just like you would see at a Wal-mart.

“I’m booking you on charges of prostitution and public lewdness.  None of it will be sent to the state or feds though, so they’ll never know.  Remember; don’t mention anything to anyone about who you are.  You’re just a street whore we picked up.”

“Yes Sir,” Agent Kim replied.  She felt a strange excitement go through her when he called her a “street whore.”

Hy was still running the phrase through her mind when they arrived at the Isolation section.  There he turned her over to Officer Knox.

Officer Knox removed the padlock from her uniform, but not her shoes.  He informed her that her cell would be monitored at all times.  There would be no talking to other prisoners, making noise, or anything like that.  She had to remain dressed at all times, except when using the bathroom.  Last of all he told her, “There will be absolutely no masturbating of any kind.  You little sluts aren’t in here to finger bang yourself all night.”

Stunned, and a little turned on by the casual use of language that she would normally find extremely derogatory, Hy barely made a whimper as she was ordered into the cell with a light push.  The heavy steel door slammed shut behind her.  She heard the click of the door locking.

Officer Knox opened the waist level food slot and had her back up to it.  Only then did he remove her handcuffs.  The flap slammed shut and Hy was left alone in the bare concrete cell.  A stainless steel toilet/sink combo was on one wall, and a low steel bunk bolted to the floor opposite it.  The bunk had a thin plastic mattress and a pillow on it.  Cheap cotton sheets and a blanket were folded at the foot of the bed.

Boredom quickly sat in.  Since she didn’t have a watch, Hy had no idea of the time.  After some indeterminable time, Hy laid down the low bunk.  The events of the past few days played through her mind.  It made her even more aroused.  Absent mindedly, Hy pulled the uniform zipper down and slipped one hand between her legs.

“STOP THAT!” yelled a voice from an overhead speaker.  She quickly jerked her hand out.  “Don’t let me catch you again,” the voice added.

Frustrated, Hy tossed and turned awhile, alternately staring at the walls and ceiling.  Still horny, Hy finally figured out a way to get off.  She turned and lay on her side facing the wall.  Then she pulled the blanket over herself to cover what she was doing.  Only then did Hy slip her fingers between her still wet lips.

The speaker was silent.  Hy had fooled him.  “FBI Agent one, small town hick cops zero,” Hy whispered to herself triumphantly.

Suddenly, Hy heard a key in the door lock.  Startled, she pulled her hand away as the door opened.  Officer Knox and another Officer came in.

“I told you not to play with yourself, didn’t I you little slut,” Officer Knox said as he stepped over to her bunk.

“I’m sorry,” Hy managed to reply weakly before he locked a pair of handcuffs onto her wrists.  Before she could react, he brought her cuffed hands up to her neck and padlocked the cuffs to the lead ring on the front of her ID band.  Then he zipped up her jail uniform and padlocked it.

“Let’s see you flick that clit now,” Officer Knox said sarcastically as he walked out and locked the door.

Hy was stunned.  How had he known?  Worse yet, she was still horny.  With her hands cuffed like they were, Hy could barely reach her tits, much less her clit.  With a groan of frustration, Hy flopped back down onto the hard bunk.

Sleep was hard to come by with her hands cuffed in such an uncomfortable position.  Hy must have managed some though, because she was awaken by food slot opening and a new Officer asking her she wanted him to take ‘em off, or if she wanted to eat like that.

“Off please,” Hy replied as she scrambled to the door and knelt by the food slot.  Officer Wilson, as she read off his name tag, unlocked the padlock on her cuffs and lead ring, but not her handcuffs.  He set a tray and two cups on the open food slot and moved on.

Hy wondered how she was going to eat cuffed, but once she tried it she found that it wasn’t too hard.  She finished the badly cooked breakfast and set her tray back on the food slot.

Before Officer Wilson returned to pick up her tray, Hy developed another problem.  She had to pee.  When he finally got to her cell, Hy meekly asked him if he could unlock her uniform and handcuffs to use the bathroom.

He removed the padlock on her zipper, but not the handcuffs.  Hy was further humiliated when he told her that he had to watch her while she went, to make sure she didn’t try to masturbate.  Hy’s face turned red.  They didn’t even trust her to use the bathroom without playing with herself.  She probably would have protested more if she hadn’t planned on a little finger action while she had the chance.

After she finished, Hy knelt at the food slot and Officer Wilson padlocked her zipper back shut and her cuffs back to her ID band.

It seemed like forever, but it was only a couple of hours when her cell door opened again and Officer Clark appeared.  “Looks like you got into some trouble while I was gone,” he said chuckling.  “Well, let’s go,” he added before she could respond.  Head hanging in shame, Agent Kim walked out of the cell, past a grinning Officer Wilson.

Soon Agent Kim was back to being an FBI agent; at least an underdressed one.  Her sundress and under things had been laundered in the jail laundry.  For some reason, the last item of clothing that Officer Clark handed her was her panties.  Instead of going through the trouble of unfastening and refastening her garters, Agent Kim just slid her panties on over her garter belt.  After she dressed in her own clothes, Officer Clark handed her her backpack.  All that was in it was her laptop and cell phone.

“Hey where’s my other underwear, and keys and stuff?” Agent Kim asked, puzzled.

“Oh, it’s still in the prisoner property room.  You’ll get it back later,” he added absently.  Agent Kim was still wondering why they didn’t give her back her property as he escorted her to the interrogation room


Part 4

“Good Morning Mr. Roberts,” Agent Kim said as she walked in.

“Mornin’,” He replied as he checked out her legs.  “Hey, you wore that dress that I like on you again.  Thanks,” he added as she sat down.

“Your welcome, but I didn’t wear it for you. It’s all . . .” she trailed off.  Damn, Agent Kim thought, as she realized that she had completely forgotten to remind Officer Clark that she had to go get her stuff by 5pm.  Oh well, I’ll just have to do it at lunch, Agent Kim decided.

The interrogation was going even worse than the day before.  Jason was still distracted by Agent Kim’s scantily clad appearance, and to make matters worse, since she hadn’t been allowed to masturbate the night before, she was still desperately horny herself.  In fact, Agent Kim was barely able to keep her own hands from between her legs.

Agent Kim called for a bathroom break only to be told that the women’s staff bathroom was out of order.  She was taken to the prisoner in processing bathroom.  Since it was completely open, Agent Kim couldn’t quench the fire between her legs.  She used the facilities and returned to the interrogation room. 

Michelle brought lunch in.  She sat down on the table next to Agent Kim.  “I heard about what Officer Knox did to you in isolation last night.  He’s so mean,” Michelle said with sympathy.  Before a shocked Agent Kim could completely process what she had said, Michelle continued, “If you need any help scratching that itch, I can help you.”  With a conspiratorial smirk towards Jason, she said, “Or maybe Jason here can help you.”

Mr. Roberts was a smart guy.  He had figured out what was bothering the FBI Agent all morning long ago.  Leaning forwards, he smiled and said, “Sure Agent Kim, I’d love to help you out.”  He held up his cuffed hands, “You’ll have to take off my handcuffs, though.”

“Yea Agent Kim, that’s just what you need.  I’ll go let one of the officers know that you want his handcuffs off.”  Michelle got up, went to the door and pressed the call button.

Agent Kim was nodding her agreement when she came out of her daze.  “NO!  I don’t need you to help me with anything, I can do it myse . . . I mean, I just don’t need your help.” She said to Jason.  Agent Kim turned to Michelle.  “What did I tell you about encouraging him?”

Michelle looked genuinely apologetic.  “I’m sorry, it’s just that he’s been handcuffed so much, and you looked so . . . you know.  I was just trying to help both of you.”

“I don’t need any help.  And what’s wrong with him being handcuffed?”  Agent Kim asked her.

“Well, he’s a man.  It’s like, natural for a woman to be handcuffed or restrained all the time.  Men are different though.”

Agent Kim didn’t quite understand why a woman could be handcuffed a lot and not a man, but it seemed logical enough to her.

“I won’t do anything that you don’t want me too, Agent Kim,” Jason added.

“Well, OK,” Agent Kim gave in.  She hadn’t seen the leer on his face.  Still looking back at Michelle, she said, “You can take off his handcuffs,” she turned to Jason and added, “As long as you behave yourself.”

“Sure babe, no problem,” he replied with a smile.  An officer arrived and Michelle asked him to remove Mr. Roberts’s handcuffs.  He looked to Agent Kim, who nodded her consent.  Before he could get past Michelle, she whispered something into his ear. 

He smiled and nodded to her, then walked over to Mr. Roberts.  The Officer unlocked the handcuffs on his wrists, and the pair connecting them to the table.  Then, still smiling, he set both pairs down on the table next to Jason and said, “I’ll just leave these here, in case either of you need them.”  Chuckling, he left, grabbing Michelle—by the ass—along the way.

Warily, Agent Kim started eating.  Jason did the same, but with an air of confidence about him.  Every few seconds, she would glance at the handcuffs, just inches from his tray.  Jason meanwhile, just smiled at Agent Kim between bites.  Occasionally following her eyes to the shiny steel handcuffs.

Jason finished first and pushed his tray to the side.  Then, to Agent Kim’s mortification, he picked up a pair of the handcuffs and started pushing the bow around, making them ratchet.

“Please don’t do that?”  Agent Kim asked him softly. 

“What, this?”  He replied in mock puzzlement as he pushed it around several times quickly.

“Yes, that.  It’s . . . distracting.”

“Oh, sure babe, all you had to do was ask,” Jason said as she set the cuffs back down.  Agent Kim finished her lunch as quickly as she could, while still eying the handcuffs.  Finally, Agent Kim pushed her tray to the side and her laptop to the middle of the table.

The interrogation was going slower than ever.  Not only was Agent Kim distracted by her bracelets, short dress, high heels, and general arousal, now she had not one, but two pairs of handcuffs in plain sight nearby, almost mocking her.  Since he was uncuffed, Jason kept one hand under the table practically the whole time.  Moving the laptop back and forth so they could both see was aggravating too.

“Hey Agent Kim, now that I’m not handcuffed, why don’t you just let me come around to your side of the table.  I’ll just stand next to you.  That way we can both see the screen at the same time.”

Agent Kim had thought about that the first day, but both chairs were bolted down.  She would rather let him sit, and her stand, but with her heels, her feet would be killing her in short order.  The interview would go much quicker if she didn’t have to keep moving the laptop.  “Well, OK,” Agent Kim said reluctantly.  Smiling, Jason got up and came around to her side of the table, standing just behind her, off to one side.

Things did seem to move quicker, even if Jason spent as much time looking down her dress and he did looking at the computer.  As Jason was leaning forward to type something into the computer, Agent Kim glanced over and saw that his crotch was just inches from her face!  Worse yet, he had a very noticeable hard-on.  Her mouth opened in shock.  Her pussy quivered with desire.

Smiling down at her, Jason pushed his hard cock a little closer.  Agent Kim just started.  Jason leaned down and whispered into her ear.  “See anything you like?”  Without conscious thought, Agent Kim nodded.  “Well, if you want it, all you have to do is this.”

With that, he closed the laptop, picked up a pair of the handcuffs, and held them if front of her.  “You know what you have to do,” Jason said in a matter-of-fact voice.

Slowly, Agent Kim held her hands out in front of her, keeping her eyes on the cock that was tempting her so much.  Her bracelets made clicking noises as they slid down her arms.  Quickly, before she had a chance to change her mind, Jason snapped the cuffs onto her out stretched wrists.

“There, doesn’t that feel better?” he commented as he pulled her to her feet by the cuffs.  Next, he locked the other set of cuffs onto the chain of the cuffs she was wearing.

As he fondled her breast, he told her, “Now, cuff yourself to that ring on the other side of the table.”  Agent Kim took a deep breath and leaned over the table.  She stretched out and locked the free cuff to the large ring bolted to the table.  A rush went through her.  She was helpless, handcuffed to a table by her own hand.

Jason slid the chair, which was bolted on rails, back so he could get to her wet snatch.  He sat down, reached under her brief dress and pulled her panties down to the floor.  Agent Kim obligingly stepped out of them and Jason held them to his face for a few seconds, savoring the smell of her juices. 

Agent Kim wondered if Officer Clark had given her her panties last just so they could be taken off without having to remove her garter belt.

After flipping her skirt up, Jason admired, and then fondled her toned ass.  “Oops, almost forgot,” he said absently as he leaned to the right, then the left and used the leg cuffs that were permanently attached to the table legs to secure her ankles.  While he was down there, he also pulled off his shoes, and socks; although Agent Kim didn’t know that at the time.

“Now, as bad as you seem to want it, you might want to scream out while I’m fuckin’ you.  That might cause somebody to come in and interrupt us.  So I’m gonna have to gag you.”  After telling her that, he picked up her wet panties off her back and stuffed them into her mouth.  He followed that up by tying his sweaty, dirty, smelly tube sock over her stuffed mouth. 

Chuckling, he commented, “Sorry about the smell.  The jail laundry tends to lose things a lot, so I haven’t had my socks washed in awhile.  Since I have another one, let’s put it to some use too,” he said as he blindfolded the splayed FBI Agent.

Agent Kim was almost retching from the smell.  With her mouth full of satin, she was forced to breathe through her nose.  The meant inhaling the pungent sock odor.  She tried to reach the gag or blindfold, but the cuffs didn’t have enough slack.

Suddenly, he plunged into her.  Agent Kim screamed with pleasure into her gag.  This is what she wanted.  This is what she needed.  To be used.  To be fucked like a bitch heat in heat.  Jason was just as happy fucking her as she was being fucked.  It was only a couple of minutes before Agent Kim bucked and screamed in orgasm.  Jason just kept pumping in and out.

Agent Kim felt him shoot his load deep into her belly.  Moments later, she orgasmed a second time.  He stroked his cock a few more times in her, and then pulled out.  He used the hem of her dress to wipe their juices off his cock, and then he sat down.

“Whew baby, that was fun,” Jason commented as he pulled the laptop over, and set it on her ass.  He briefly considered trying to break into the FBI’s mainframe, but decided that it was too risky.  So Jason spent the next hour or so plugging in how he hacked into the bank’s database.  Jason made sure to keep his cute FBI Agent excited by playing with her pussy or ass often.

After what seemed like forever, Jason moved the laptop off Agent Kim’s ass, stood up, and thoroughly fucked her one more time; good.  He wiped himself off with her dress again and pulled it down, which was just past her ass.  Then he put his shoes back on, and hit the call button by the door. 

While Jason waited, he told her, “The interview is done.  Everything you need to know is in your laptop.  Oh, and just keep my socks babe, I can live without them.  I’d let you go, but I don’t have a key.  I’m sure one of the officers, or somebody will let you go sooner or later.”

Agent Kim tried to respond, but all that came out were a few unintelligible grunts.  She heard the door open, and laughter.

The door closed, and a few minutes later, opened again.  Agent Kim tried to figure out who had come in, but couldn’t because of the blindfold.  Whoever it was walked around the table, and pulled off her blindfold.  She blinked her eyes to regain her vision, and then looked into the smiling face of . . . Sergeant Robinson!

“Hey there Agent Kim, nice view,” he said, smiling.  Mortified with embarrassment, Agent Kim looked down with shame.  “Let’s get you uncuffed from the table, he said in a friendly voice.

Gratified, Agent Kim allow watched as he uncuffed her cuffs from the table.  Then he unlocked her right arm, but quickly pulled it and her left hand behind her back and recuffed them. 

Agent Kim tried to stop him, but since he was an experienced police officer, and her arms were sore from being cuffed in one position for so long, she had no luck.  Trying to scream didn’t help either; her panties in her still effectively gagged her, which produced more laughter from Sergeant Robinson.  He tossed her laptop into her backpack, handed it to her, and pulled the cuffed and gagged FBI Agent out the door.

“The Chief wants to see you, sweet cheeks,” Sergeant Robinson said as he hustled her along.

After Chief Beavers’ assistant Sara notified him of their arrival, Sergeant Robinson and Agent Kim entered his office.

“Good Afternoon Agent Kim,” Chief Beavers greeted her cheerfully.  He looked up from her legs, and noticed her gag.  “Oh, I see you can’t talk.”  He glanced at Sergeant Robinson.  “You can take out her gag.”  His eyes returned to admiring Agent Kim’s slender legs as Sergeant Robinson untied the sock gag.

“Hey! What do we have here?” Sergeant Robinson asked as he displayed her saliva soaked panties.

Agent Kim was busy working her sore jaw, so she didn’t have a chance to reply.  Chief Beavers went on, “Well, I hear you tried to have some fun last night.  And that you succeeded this afternoon.”  Agent Kim was playing attention to Chief Beavers, so she didn’t see Sergeant Robinson slip her panties into his pocket.  “I’ve spoken with Mr. Roberts, and luckily for you, I’ve decided not to press charges.”

Agent Kim was puzzled.  “Press charges for what, Sir?”  She asked softly.

“Charges for having sexual intercourse with a prisoner, that’s what for,” Chief Beavers replied firmly.

“But that wasn’t my fault!  If that Officer hadn’t left those handcuffs on the table, and Michelle hadn’t been leading him on.”

Chief Beavers cut her off.  “Sshhh, Agent Kim, I said that I wasn’t pressing charges.”  He paused a moment, then added, “Now, how’s the interview progressing, if I may ask?”

Agent Kim didn’t even seem to notice that she was an FBI Agent having a business discussion while handcuffed and pantiless.  “I’ll need to review it, but I believe that it is complete.”

“Good and when are you leaving Riverside?”

“Oh, not until tomorrow evening.  I was given an extra day in case I ran in problems,” Agent Kim replied.

“Great.  You’ll be staying with us another night then.”  Chief Beavers replied matter-of-factly.

“Um, I kinda wanted to find a hotel for the night, Sir,” Agent Kim meekly replied.

“Well, if you insist.  But I’d be happy to let you stay in the Riverside city jail again,” Chief Beavers said with a smile.

Agent Kim thought about it a few seconds.  “Thanks, but no thanks.  Also, if you or Sergeant Robinson could please uncuff me,” she half-turned and held her cuffed hands out for him to see.  “I need to uplink my laptop and call HQ, not to mention a hotel.”

“Oh, sure thing Agent Kim,” he replied and told Sergeant Robinson to release her.

Sergeant Robinson quickly uncuffed Agent Kim, who rubbed her chaffed wrists.  Something didn’t feel right to the FBI Agent.  “Um, Sergeant Robinson,” she said meekly.  “Could you please . . . um, handcuff me in front?” she asked as she held her hands out in front of her. Feigning puzzlement, he asked her why. “Because I like the way they feel,” Agent Kim replied softly, blushing with embarrassment. 

“Speak up, Agent Kim.  I didn’t hear you.”

“Please cuff me?” she asked again, still holding out her hands.

“I heard that, sweet cheeks, I meant why do you want to be handcuffed?” he asked the trembling FBI Agent.

“Um, because I like the way they feel on me,” Agent Kim said louder.

“Because you like the way what feels on you?” Sergeant Robinson asked her with a grin.

I can’t believe he making me say this, thought Agent Kim.  “I like the way the handcuffs feel on me,” she said, turning red with embarrassment.

“Well, since you put it like that,” Sergeant Robinson replied and snapped the handcuffs onto her outstretched wrists.

Agent Kim couldn’t believe what she had just done.  She had asked to be handcuffed.  By a virtual stranger, someone that she didn’t even like, and admitted that she had asked him just because he like the way the handcuffs felt on her.  While she struggled with her laptop, Agent Kim felt a tingle go through herself.  She didn’t know why, but it was absolutely true.  She just like being handcuffed.

Agent Kim started uploading the interrogation, and checked that it was complete like Jason said.  Then she called her office, and told them that the interrogation was finished.  She wondered what they’d say if she told them that the suspect had fucked her over the table during the interrogation.  Next, Agent Kim called all the local hotels looking for a room.  To her dismay, they were all booked.

Guess I’ll have to stay in jail one more night, Agent Kim thought.  “Chief Beavers, all the hotels in town are still booked, can I still stay in jail tonight?”

Smiling, Chief Beavers replied, “Of course you can my dear.  Sergeant Robinson would be happy to in-process you tonight.

Frowning, Agent Kim asked, “Can’t Officer Clark in-process me?”

Shaking his head, Chief Beavers replied, “Sorry, it’s his day off.”

“Well, you see, there must have been a mix-up yesterday.  Because even though you said that I didn’t have to be strip or cavity searched, they did anyway.  I just didn’t want Sergeant Robinson to make the same mistake.”

“He did?” Chief Beavers asked, surprised.  He had told Officer Clark to play it by ear, but let him know if he did go through with the strip search, so he could watch on the surveillance cameras.  Agent Kim nodded yes and he went on, “I’ll have to speak to Officer Clark about that,” and added “And check out that DVD,” under his breath. Agent Kim thanked him and he said, “Let me know when you’re done, and we’ll get you into your cell,” chuckling at his lame joke.

Chief Beavers called Sergeant Robinson back in and informed him that Agent Kim would be spending another night in jail, and that she needed to be in-processed.  While she shut down her laptop, Sergeant Robinson and Chief Beavers spoke in hushed tones behind his desk.  Standing up, Agent Kim announced, “I’m ready, Chief Beavers.”

Sergeant Robinson walked over to her.  “Great, let me fix those cuffs,” he said as he moved her handcuffs to behind her back.  “Now I want you to feel what a real gag feels like.  Open wide.”

While still processing what he had said, Agent Kim obeyed his command and opened her mouth and he shoved some kind of rubber ball into it.  She tried to push it out, but he quickly pulled the straps tight and buckled them at the back of her head.

Hy tried to ask Sergeant Robinson to take it out, but he was right.  This was a lot more effective gag than a sock.  Sergeant Robinson handed her her backpack and escorted the cuffed and gagged FBI Agent off to be in-processed for a second night in jail.

Hy was stripped naked and her clothes and backpack inventoried.  Sergeant Robinson made a big deal about her being so slutty that she wasn’t even wearing any panties. She didn’t remember what had happened to her panties.   Hy tried to protest that she wasn’t supposed to be strip searched, but Sergeant Robinson had left the gag in.  Her eyes went wide when Sergeant Robinson ordered up onto the exam table, but he wasn’t about to let that stop him.

Sergeant Robinson took even longer than Officer Clark had “searching” her pussy for contraband.  Hy almost orgasmed twice, but each time he stopped when she was on the brink.  Soon Hy was back in her yellow trustee uniform, complete with locking heels.

Instead of the standard handcuffs, Sergeant Robinson put a pair of 2” wide shackles on her wrists.  Before he secured them behind her back, Hy noticed that they looked just like the pair on Claire’s wrists.  Once Hy’s ID band was secured around her throat, the still gagged FBI Agent was marched off to isolation.

Officer Knox was on duty again.  He inspected her cuffs and gag, not to mention the rest of her, while he and Sergeant Robinson talked about her.  Finally Sergeant Robinson left and Officer Knox turned to her.  “Alright girlie, since you have the long-term cuffs on, and I got to give all of you sluts showers in the morning, I’m gonna go ahead and strip you now.  That way you can take a piss without bothering me about taking off your cuffs.”

With that Officer Knox unlocked her shackles, stripped her uniform off her, and locked her hands back behind her back.  Only then did Officer Knox take the gag out of Hy’s mouth.  Hy was still trying to swallow when Officer Knox slammed her cell door shut and left.

Isolation was just as boring as the previous night.  Tonight seemed even worse.  With her hands locked behind her, Hy couldn’t even think about masturbating.  And that was all she wanted to do because Sergeant Robinson’s cavity search had left her horny and frustrated.  Eventually Hy drifted off to sleep, on her side, with her hands locked behind her.

Hy was awoken early and taken, still naked to a small shower stall at the end of the Isolation hall.  An office girl named Teri unlocked Hy’s platform heels, and took them off her.  Then Officer Knox locked her in the shower cell.  Once she was secured, he unlocked her wrists, leaving the shackles on. 

“Now wash your filthy ass, and be quick about it,” Officer Knox told her impatiently.  Hy still wanted to masturbate, but didn’t dare under Officer Knox’s watchful gaze.  She quickly showered, getting under her ID band and shackles as best she could.

When Hy finished her shower, Officer Knox locked her shackles back together and let her out.  Next Teri helped put her platform heels back on, and locked them for her.  Then Officer Knox escorted her back to her cell.  Still naked, tired, and with nothing better to do, Hy lay back down and dozed off.

A couple of hours later, Officer Clark entered her cell.  “Good morning sunshine,” he said as he tossed a trustee uniform onto the still prone FBI agent.  “Time to get dressed, Chief Beavers wants to see you.”  Officer Clark unlocked her wrists and Hy pulled the tight uniform on.  He then secured her hands back behind her and escorted Hy to the Chief's office.

Awaiting them was Chief Beavers and tall, good looking man in a well tailored suit.  “Good morning Agent Kim,” Chief Beavers greeted her.  “Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Vic Black.  He is a prominent businessman here in Riverside.”

Agent Kim looked at Mr. Black.  Somehow, referring to him as Vic, even in her mind, didn't seem right.  “Hello Agent Kim.  I'd like to you to resign from the FBI and come work for me as my computer-security expert.”

Agent Kim had worked her way through Princeton and still graduated with honors.  Her Daddy had spent his entire life in the Agency, and Hy wanted to be just like him.  Now here was a complete stranger telling her, and there was no doubt about that in her mind, to quit her career and work for him.  “Um, how much can you pay me?” Hy asked timidly.

“Well, you'll have to move into my house, so room and board.  And you'll have all your clothes provided by Platformz, which I own,” he replied absentmindedly.

Hy thought about it a few seconds.  It was crazy.  She made over sixty grand a year doing a job she loved.  “Yes Sir,” she replied after a slight hesitation.

At Mr. Black's nod Officer Clark released her shackles.  Mr. Black instructed Hy to call her supervisor and inform him of her resignation.  As soon as she completed that task, Mr. Black ordered her to take off her uniform.  Without a second thought, she stripped naked in from of the three men.  Officer Clark pulled her arms back behind her back and locked her shackles back together.

“Now, Chief Beavers as been kind enough to let you stay here the past couple of nights, so you need to repay him.”  Suddenly Hy felt terrible about freeloading off the Police Chief.  Using up an isolation cell two whole nights!  Not to mention him having to find an Officer AND a Sergeant that both could have been out fighting crime to in-process her.  Mr. Black continued.  “So I’m going to leave you here to work out a payment.”

That was so nice of Mr. Black, Hy thought.  She really should pay Chief Beavers back for his hospitality.  “Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” she replied to her new boss.

“Just have somebody drop her off at my place when you're done,” Vic said to Chief Beavers as he left the office.

Hy didn't have any cash on her, so she was wondering exactly how she would repay Chief Beavers. 

When the Chief ordered Hy to her knees, she knelt after only a moment’s hesitation.  Then he sat down on one of the nearby sofas.  When he unzipped he pants, pulled out his cock, and ordered the former FBI agent to crawl to him and suck his dick, she hesitated a little longer.  Deciding that she had to repay Chief Beavers, Hy crawled to him and took his short, fat cock into her mouth.

A few hours later, a well fucked and naked Hy was put into the back of Officer Clark's police car and taken to Mr. Black’s estate.    Hy knew the destination, but not how they got there.  A thick leather hood was put over her head before they left.  Besides that, all she had on was her baby-blue platform heels.  Officer Clark had even used her own S&W hinged handcuffs to cuff her hands behind her back.

Hy was pulled out of the car and the hood was taken off.  Standing in front of a gigantic mansion was Mr. Black, and a tall well-toned blond woman.  “Welcome to my home, Hy.  You'll be here for a long time,” Mr. Black told her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ END PART 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Written by:  Bethany ( Handcuffgirl )

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