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After Work Special
by Dmddrgn | Forum Feedback
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Storycodes: M/f; bond; strappado; bdsm; tease; torment; spank; cons; XX
After Work Special Dmddrgn M/f; bond; strappado; bdsm; tease; torment; spank; cons; XX

Her head twitched to the side as a drop of the cold water landed in her straggly brown hair. Blindfolded, her eyes tightly covered by the padded leather strap buckled snugly around her head, there was no chance for her to see the drops coming, or avoid them. She could probably hear my fingers tapping lightly on the arm of the hard office chair a few feet away as I watched her deal with her situation.

Another drop landed at the base of her neck, and her bent over form jerked in surprise. A whimper escaped her. Held in place by a foot long spreader bar between her knees, and shackled to bolts set in the cement floor by her bare feet, the woman could only move a few inches in any direction without losing her balance.

The ring gag in her mouth kept her from speaking intelligently, though if I tried I could probably understand anything she chose to try and say. But today's exercise was about sensations, so I didn't try. I simply watched as she fell slightly forward on the chain holding her wrists locked together and drawn upwards, keeping her bent over, and watching the drool drip slowly from her gaping mouth. She pulled herself slowly back upright using her wrists, but it was impossible for her to stand without pulling her arms up severely behind her.

She was still dressed as she'd come to me that afternoon, wearing her professionally appropriate blouse and ankle length skirt, with demure two inch heels. Only the spreader bar at her knees, the cuffs on her wrists, and the gag and blindfold had been added. Now, I got up from my chair, and flicked the shower head above her, making another drop of water fall onto her head.

Watching her slowly get used to the steady drip of the cold water, I changed the game for her, slowly running my hands down her arched back, and down her sides, moving closer and closer to the buttons of her blouse. Her panting breath was a sign of her arousal, and the jerks of her body as new drops of water landed on her head distracted her from what I was doing.

Soon, I reached my goal, and unbuttoned her blouse completely, pulling it out from her skirt band. I rolled it up her back, and tucked the ends behind her so that her body was exposed, without ever taking it off. Underneath, the sensible white cotton bra was holding her smallish tits in place, though her chest was heaving in excitement. The drops of water were no longer a real distraction for her, as she concentrated on what my fingers were doing to her now.

I lightly caressed her freed skin, tracing gentle and wide patterns across her back and stomach, down her arms and around her upper chest, but never quite straying onto her bra or breasts. I moved closer and closer with my touches, hinting at getting closer, before I'd move away, and work another part of her body. I knew I was getting her where I wanted her when she started to moan as I moved away from her breasts once again.

Now, I moved behind her and slowly rolled her skirt up her legs, gathering up the loose cloth and tying a loose knot in it all at the small of her back. By now she was blushing a little as she knew what I was seeing now--her side-tying white cotton, and now quite damp, panties. A small smile on my face, I started to massage her calves, working my way up her legs and back down, moving slightly higher each time up.

This time around, I was using strong, firm pressure on her, not a tantalizing touch like I'd been using before. Each time, I'd get closer and closer to her ass before moving down, always careful to avoid touching her covered puss. Before long, I was hearing her moan in frustration as I came closer and closer before moving away again. However, I didn't stop what I was doing until I had slid the lower edges of her panties up, wedging them tightly into her ass crack and outlining her damp puss even more.

By now she was completely ignoring the dripping water coming down onto her head, and the drool from her gag was slowly filling the bowl I'd put under her head. She was moaning with frustration each time I moved away from her most sexual spots, and gasping each time I'd get closer than before.

I suddenly stopped, and stood motionless behind her. She whimpered, trying to get me to touch her some more, but I waited until she'd calmed down some. Before too long, she was back to twitching as the water landed on her head and neck. Her now damp hair was dripping around her face as she continued to be held there, bent over, drool falling into the bowl below her.

Now came the difficult part for her. I slowly started to spank her, light slaps on her ass and upper legs. One spank every few moments, just long enough to let her absorb the sting of the previous smack. Each impact brought another gasp from her, and I slowly started to speed up the smacks, until she was receiving one about every other second. By now, her ass and upper legs were quite red with all the slaps coming across.

She was trembling with the effort of not falling over, and continuing to take the spanking without screaming. I noticed as I continued to spank her that her panties were becoming quite wet again. Apparently, she really liked being spanked, too. I slowly wound down my spanking, until she was jumping with the impact of each spank.

I slowly lowered the chain holding her wrists behind her, until she could stand somewhat comfortably again. I stood in front of her, and held her against me gently until she stopped trembling so much. Her drool continued to run down her face and onto her chest and my shirt, soaking both her bra and me.

Till now, neither of us had spoken. Now I said with mock sternness, "Dear girl, you're soaking your underwear. We'll have to do something about that."

She cocked her head with confusion as I reached behind her and picked up a pair of scissors off a shelf there. Then she cringed away as I began to run the edge of the cold metal along her skin, eventually sliding it under the back strap. Unknown to her though, I'd never opened the blades. I pinched together the clasps behind her and said, "Now we'll have to cut this off, since it's simply soaked. We wouldn't want you to get sick from exposure to wet clothes."

She gasped and shook her head as she felt her bra strap come loose when I let go. I pulled the edges forward and up, tying the ends together behind her neck. "We'll finish taking this off after we're done, little one. I don't want you sick, but you obviously want this bra."

Running my hands down her back, I came to the tied off dress and her wedged up panties. Continuing my explorations, I found the dampness of her panties, and exclaimed in dismay, "Damn girl, are you trying to make yourself sick? These are all wet too!" I undid the ties at the sides, which let the cloth fall from her wet puss.

"There, that should be a bit better for you... though we should probably dry you off from all those wet clothes."


Not sure where I should take it from here. Probably more teasing, but who knows.

Suggestions might give me an idea which way it should end...this time.


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