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The Afternoon Post
by Jenny Bonici
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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; harness-gag; collar; shop; emb; bedroom; strip; naked; bond; rope; post-tie; toys; insert; crotchrope; stuck; discovery; climax; true; cons; X
The Afternoon Post Jenny Bonici M/f; harness-gag; collar; shop; emb; bedroom; strip; naked; bond; rope; post-tie; toys; insert; crotchrope; stuck; discovery; climax; true; cons; X
Story published to celebrate the life of the author Jenny Bonici, who sadly has passed over way too early from Leukaemia. Jenny sent in many stories over the years from 2002-2014. Her friend Doug sent me the remaining stories and said, "A few years ago Jenny contributed a number of stories to the Plaza. You may not have realised that at the time she was suffering from Leukaemia. Unfortunately the Leukaemia finally got the better of her. She was a bubbly personality and put on a very brave face in spite of knowing that she was dying. We all miss her."

A True Story Of How The Winner Of The 3.30 Race, A Shopping Spree And Unwanted Visitors can lead to An Unforgettable Afternoon Of Bondage.

The Background

When Don and I sat down to write down some of our most notable bondage experiences I insisted that this one was at the top of my list. I had only moved in with Don a short time before this memorable afternoon. At that time we did not have the large collection of bondage equipment we have now –just some lengths of rope plus the leather cuffs, chains and padlocks that Don had collected. Of course many folk think that this is more than enough for any party. Well this particular weekend we christened two new acquisitions –a harness gag and leather collar. These still remain two of our favourite toys. But on that sunny Saturday I hadn't reckoned on them being the cause of such memorable events. With Don's help, let me tell you what happened.

The Shopping Spree - We Spend Don's Winnings

Don was not the type to have a bet on anything, in fact he admits to knowing absolutely nothing about horses and horse racing. So it was a bit of a surprise when he came home one Friday and said that he'd won $1000 on the gee-gees. A close friend of ours had phoned him at work that morning and told him that another friend was a part owner of a horse that was a sure thing for the 3.30 and that Don should get something on it. So that lunchtime Don invested the princely sum of $20 on the nag. It romped home at 50:1 –well it won by half a length. Now we had to decide what to do with our windfall.

So it was that early next morning we set off for the shops with $1000 cash in our pockets. We spent a large chunk of the money on new clothes that we both desperately needed. Laden with assorted bags we staggered into a small café by the harbour for a cup of coffee and to reckon up how much we'd spent. We had a little over $150 left. "We can't go home with that!" I exclaimed. "What shall we spend it on?" Another cup of coffee and a range of suggestions –there were so many practical things we really needed.

"Bugger practicality, let's spend it on some fun thing for us! How about that black leather harness gag that we saw last week."

Don thought it was a brilliant idea and muttered something about me being not just a pretty face. "You'd look great in that," he added. We downed our coffees, gathered up our many bags and set off to the adult toyshop to get the gag. I love the heady smell of leather in these places. In a display case at the back of the shop were three different harnesses. An assistant came over to ask if she could be of any help. I said told her that we'd like to look at the harness gags. One looked far too heavy and crudely made – but it was hard to decide between the other two.

"I think we've got another sort out the back," the girl said while we were trying to make up our minds. She trotted off to look for it. Her slender waist was tightly laced into a black corset edged in blue satin –a garment she wore with pride outside her long black skirt and see-through top. Don wasn't too impressed by her matching blue lipstick and nails –but the see-through top showed off her full breasts rather nicely –but then he always has been a tit man!

As soon as she returned with the new gag we knew that it was the one to get. "We'll have it," I stammered. "But can I try it on now to make sure that it fits?" I added. It wasn't the policy of the shop to allow customers to try on gags but, as we were going to buy it, she agreed. The three of us went into a small curtained cubicle.

"Come here, I'll show you how it goes on," the girl said. "Open your mouth. No wider that that," she ordered. The fat bright-red plug squeezed past my teeth and filled my mouth. A padded leather piece covered from my chin up to my nose. She went round behind me and, lifting my hair, buckled the strap at the nape of my neck. She made sure the two straps from the sides of the mouth piece were snug against the sides of my nose, then pulled another strap over my head where it again divided into two and connected to buckles on the first strap. Finally she did up the short strap under my chin.

"How's that?" she asked. I nodded. Although I knew what I wanted to say, "Hmmmm, hmmm, hmmmm," was the about the best that I could manage. It cost $70 so we still had some cash left.

"We'll get her that matching leather posture collar too," said Don pointing to on one a rack the other side of the room. The girl got it down and, turning to Don said, "I think she should try this on too, just to make sure that it fits as well." Don nodded.

The two buckles at the back of the collar were soon pulled tight. The girl ran her fingers round the edges to make sure that they weren't cutting into my skin. "There you are, a perfect fit," she said standing back as if to admire her work. "Look at yourself in the mirror," she added. I stepped out of the cubicle and stood in front of the double mirrors. It was only then that I realised that I was in full view of the other people in the shop. Red faced I hurriedly beat a retreat back behind the safety of the curtain. "They both look real good," the girl said as I reached behind my head to undo them.

"No, don't do that –I think you should keep them on to go home, don't you?" the girl said winking at Don. "No way!" I thought as I undid the buckles. Instead the girl gift-wrapped them for us and put them in yet another bag to carry. As we drove home I couldn't help undoing the wrapping and having another peek at them.

The Afternoon –And Time To Try Out Our New Toys

It was just after 1 pm when we arrived back at the apartment and carried our collection of bags inside. "Come on, let's try our new toys on again before we unpack everything else," said Don as he put the last bag down on the bed. The gag and the collar were soon back on. This time I thought they were buckled even tighter than they were in the shop. "That looks great –now get your clothes off and get ready for a screw you'll never forget." I quickly undid the zip of my skirt and let it fall to the ground. At the same time Dons' warm hands were undoing the buttons of my shirt. Before that hit the deck his fingers were fumbling to undo my bra. My panties soon followed the rest of my clothes on to the floor by the foot of the bed. I put my arms round his neck and pulled him to me.

"Not so fast young lady," he cried.

He pushed me away and opened the doors of the wardrobe. I knew what he was after –the box that held most of our bondage toys. He pulled it out into the room, lifted its lid and, sorting through its jumbled contents, picked out a handful of ropes. "Now stand with your back to that post," he said pushing me towards the central doorpost of the wardrobe. He looped a length of rope round my waist a couple of times and tied it tightly in the middle of my back. Then he tied the loose ends round the post. The next two lengths of rope bound and cinched my wrists and elbows behind the post. The ends of these were also used to bind my arms tightly to the post. My pussy was already hot and wet with expectation. I spread my legs in anticipation. "Not so fast," he said again. Another rope was soon tied to the post in the middle of my shoulder blades. The ends were drawn under my armpits to be tied beneath my boobs before being taken up over my shoulders and tied off to the post behind my neck. My upper body was now pulled back against the post. He sorted through the box once more before returning with even more lengths of rope. He threaded the shortest one through the D-ring on the top of the gag harness and tied this round the post as well. Even before he added this rope, the high collar had severely restricted the movement of my head - now l could hardly move my head at all.

His hand cupped my pussy. His middle finger massaged my clit and then probed inside me searching out my G-spot. I was sure that any moment he would lift my thighs and give me that screw he promised. But that was not to be. He went over and opened the draw of the bedside table and got out one of my vibrators. "That's good." I thought. "At least he's chosen the best one –the one that whirrs and pulsates at the same time, has the pearls that wriggle under its skin and a head that twists and turns. He slipped two new batteries in it. He switched it on and pressed its tip against my right nipple. "How's that?" he asked. Then its tip found my other nipple. He tweaked one nipple with his finger and thumb whilst the tip of the vibrator worked on the other one. Both nipples were soon hard and, God, I was even hotter now. He made sure that the vibrator was well lubricated by working it around my wet pussy before slowly but surely pushing it into me.

Now he roped my knees tightly together, not forgetting the cinch, before tying off the ends of the rope around the post. Then he did the same with my ankles. I was rigidly bound against the post from head to foot –I could hardly move at all. "I'd better make sure that thing doesn't slip out," he said, pointing at the barely visible end of the vibrator. He took another length of rope, looped it over the waist rope at the centre of my stomach and then passed its two ends between my legs as a crotch rope. He made sure that the ropes were carefully positioned either side of my clit before tying them off at the waist rope behind me. If he had pulled it any tighter I'm sure he would have cut me in half.

Although I could hardly move a muscle I knew that any minute now I was going to have one doozy of an orgasm. It wasn't so much the buzzing, wriggling thing that was driving me to a climax, but rather the position of the two soft crotch ropes. With the slightest movement of my hips they either rubbed or squeezed my clit and the sensation was heightened by both ropes pressing against the vibrating base of the shaft stuck deep inside me. Don stood back to admire his work. Then the phone rang. Don went into the kitchen to answer it.

When he came back he calmly announced, "You'll be OK like that for a few minutes won't you? I've got to slip down to Tom's place –he wants to borrow a couple of my tools –he needs them to finish fixing his car for tonight." I could have murdered him but I could only use my eyes to plead with him not to go, but it was no use. He got his jacket out of the wardrobe, pushing back the box of bondage toys as he did so. All my 'Mmmmphs', struggles and pleading with my eyes were no use –he put on his jacket and, after blowing me a big kiss, he left.

Left Alone And Visitors Arrive

The afternoon sun streamed through the window. It was good that we were not on the ground floor where folk could look in. I was still fuming inside that Don had gone off and left me like this. I struggled in my bonds but I was so well tied that I could hardly move. However, every little movement of my hips drove me further towards that orgasm I could feel welling up inside me. I found that if tensed my thigh muscles my hips moved backwards and forwards just enough to really get that crotch rope pleasuring me. My body had taken over –I was pushing uncontrollably against those ropes. At last I came with one great earth-shattering orgasm. I writhed in my bonds as it consumed me. Saliva drooled uncontrollably from the corner of my mouth. I was gasping for breath. I had cum; then the second wave hit me. I was satisfied. All I wanted now was for the vibrator to stop and let me down gently, but still it buzzed on. The crotch ropes were soaked with my juices. I felt like I was just hanging in those ropes. I felt strangely cold –but not for long.

The buzzing thing inside me plus those damned crotch ropes were driving me to cum again. This second time was nowhere near as strong as the first. And still the vibrator buzzed on. I tried muscle control on the thing, but that only made the sensation worse. Then I heard a key turn in the lock of the front door. "Thank God," I thought, "That will be Don returning." But then panic, my heart missed a beat; it was Don's mother. "Anyone at home?" she called out as she entered the apartment. I heard her go into the kitchen. Then, horrors and even more panic –I could hear the click-clack of her heels as she walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. I froze. My heart was pounding. I hardly dared to breathe. If she didn't see me, she would surely hear my heart beating –if not that, then the whirr of the vibrator, which now seemed louder than ever. What was I going to say when she found me like this?

She looked in the bedroom but luckily she did not come in and from where she stood I was shielded from her view by the wardrobe door. Also I was lucky that she did not decide to tidy the place up or draw the curtains to stop the sun fading the carpet. My heart started up again as the sound of her footsteps faded as she went back into the kitchen. I could hear her making herself a cup of coffee and it sounded like she was raiding the biscuit tin too. It also sounded like she was tidying up the kitchen. Damned woman would probably stay around and spring clean the whole place. I'm sure that the buzzing vibrator was getting louder by the minute –why is it that the batteries never run out when you want them too? Don said he would only be gone for a short while –he must be back soon. There was a knock on the front door. That wouldn't be Don, he had a key. I didn't have long to find out who our next visitor was when I heard my friend Cathy's voice ask Don's Mum whether I was in or not. Alas I knew that both of them were past masters at sitting down and having a long chat.

"So this is little Jason," I heard Don's Mum say. "Jenny has told me a lot about him. How old is he now?" And so the conversation went on, and on and on. By this time coffee had been made and from the clinking of the cups they appeared to be having a party out there. Then disaster number two … little Jason crawled into the bedroom and started playing with the knobs on the drawers of the dressing table. He seemed to take no notice of me. Then I heard Cathy ask where Jason had got to. As Don's Mum didn't know, Cathy started out on a hunt. I heard her footsteps approaching. Again I held my breath. She looked into the bedroom. "Ah, there you are," she exclaimed. "Come on out, that is Jenny and Don's bedroom." Once more luck was on my side as she didn't enter the room but stood by the open door as the dear little soul crawled towards her. She closed the door behind him. At least I felt safer now - even though my heart was beating like a drum. At last I heard Don return. "Hello Mum, what are you doing here?" he asked. "I told you I'd bring over some the pot plants this afternoon and you gave me the key as you said that you'd probably be out." Now there were three of them having a chinwag in the kitchen –this could go on for hours.

The sun was going down and I was beginning to feel a bit chilly and my arms and shoulders ached. At least the batteries in the vibrator had run down –if they had lasted much longer I'm sure that my pussy would have been whipped into a jelly or I'd have turned into a nymphomaniac. But I cheered up just a little when I heard Cathy say that she had to be going as she had some shopping to do. With the departure of Cathy I heard Don say to his Mum that he would also have to go and get me. A good excuse to get her to leave as well –although he probably had to push her out. I heard the door close and then silence. I found out later that he had gone out with her and then driven round the block so that it looked like he was going to fetch me from some place. This time it was only a few minutes before he returned and we didn't get any more visitors while he was away.

Don Returns

He opened the bedroom door, came in and sat on the bed. "That was a bit of a shock. Believe me, I'd forgotten I'd asked Mum to bring those plants over this afternoon and lent her the keys." I didn't believe him –although it was probably true. I 'Mmmmphed' some more, begging him to release me. "I suppose you want me to undo you," he said nonchalantly. I tried to nod but the rope holding the back of the head harness to the post stopped this. He cupped my breasts. His thumb and first finger massaged my nipples. Then his hand slid slowly down my body and his fingers searched out my clit. "It's wet down there –and it's time to change the batteries," he said as his fingers found the base of the vibrator. "Let's undo those legs and get it out." Soon the ropes fell away from my ankles and knees.

It was some relief to simply stand with my legs apart. He undid the crotch rope and gently worked the vibrator out - it came alive again with a few weak vibrations as he did so. His fingers now probed deep inside me. His warm hands caressed my body. Soon I was getting hot again. My nipples were hard. He undid his jeans and pants and let them fall to the floor. He undid his shirt and pressed his bare body against mine. He lifted my thighs and spread them wide then slid his rock-hard cock into me. It was even bigger than the vibrator. I crossed my ankles behind his back and gripped his body as firmly as I could.

Slowly, rhythmically he thrust into me. I was going to cum again. His pace quickened. He couldn't keep this up for much longer; he must be bursting to cum. He lifted my legs some more –they were now up under his armpits –and still he drove on. I was gasping for breath. I was heading for yet another climax. His sweat was running down my body mingling with my own. I gasped again as I reached another orgasm. My whole body quivered. At the same time he released his load into me. A few more thrusts and he was spent. He lowered my legs. Without him inside me, my pussy just felt empty and wet. His juices trickled down the inside of my thighs. He gently kissed first one nipple then the other.

He released the ropes round my wrists and elbows. "You can undo the rest," he said as he went into the bathroom to relieve himself and the fetch a towel. I fumbled to undo the knots, but it didn't take me long to release the other bonds that held me and to remove the head harness and collar. I ached even more now that they were removed –particularly my jaw. I followed Don into the bathroom. He had filled the bath and thrown in a large handful of bath salts –and our pet rubber duckie. I got in and lay back - I was exhausted, I ached all over now that I had relaxed. Don had been right, this afternoon was one that we'd never forget - and both the first and last earth-shattering orgasms just blew my mind.

"What's running in the 3.30 race next Friday?" I asked as he joined me in the bath.

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