The Ad seemed Innocent Enough

by Captain Lance

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© Copyright 2010 - Captain Lance - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; kidnap; bond; collar; toys; mast; messy; cons/nc; X

The ad seemed innocent enough. She had been reading the want ads for some time now, seeking something different to do. Years at the same job had taken it’s toll, boredom, and a feeling of dread that came with every new day. This ad was different though. It caught her eye, and after dismissing it as either nonsense, or a joke of some kind, she kept going back to the same paper and rereading the circled advertisement.” if you are a bright, thin, attractive, highly adventurous and daring girl who sees herself as a fire engine red Ferrari rather than a blue mini van, and craves excitement beyond the usual, contact us at....”

Some job description, she thought. How is anyone expected to apply for that, she thought. It must be a come-on of some kind.

Thursday was slower than usual, no good prospects, and her funds were rapidly running out. The idea of working at a McDonalds was not in the picture, after being an executive for a large company. Damm them for relocating to China, she muttered to herself.

After looking in her purse, she decided that the twenty four dollars that she had left was not going to last too much longer, the paper was still lying on the kitchen table with the circled ad folded on top as she finished her breakfast.

Reaching for the phone she muttered to herself, "another crappy job, I’m sure. The excitement is probably doing cold calling for vacuum cleaners or something".

The phone rang and rang, just as she was ready to hang up an Oriental female voice answered. She explained her calling and the girl on the other end just listened. When she was finished, the voice simply said, "Come to 99 Elm Street, suite 4 tonight at 9PM. Dress like you were going to a rock club to party, you will enjoy the interview, I promise" and then hung up without saying another word. Weird, she thought and dismissed the whole idea. The day dragged on. Daytime TV sucks she thought to herself.  One more show about dumb women that love prisoners and I will scream.

The clock showed 7:30, she was still unsettled about the ad and now the weird phone message. Her imagination was peaked, and she could not get the callers words out of her mind. Taking a deep breath, she got up and walked into her bedroom and opened the closet. 'OK' she thought, 'I’ll go take a look, and then leave'. She had no idea of what to wear, she usually wore dress clothes to her job, and had not dated too much in the last few years after her divorce.  She spied something in the back of the closet that caught her eye. A few years before, she had bought a wild outfit to show off for then husband, after she had caught him cheating on her with his secretary. 'Let him eat his heart out', she had thought, 'I’ll be the wild child and then dump his sorry ass'.

The bright red vinyl micro mini skirt barely covered her behind, and the halter bra top likewise was about half the size that she would have liked it to be if she was to be in public. The thigh high red vinyl boots stood atop a platform that made her beautiful, long legs seem like they went to the sky. Matching studded red wrist bands and a neck choker topped the outfit off. This will do she thought, and besides, it will make me feel better if I can strut myself a bit and drive the interviewer a bit crazy. The drive to the location was exciting enough for her. The top was down on her convertible, and all the truckers on the interstate honked and whistled as they looked down on her in the tiny car. The tease in her was coming back, she hiked her skirt up almost to her waist, so that her bright pink satin panties were almost fully exposed. 'This isn’t bad entertainment', she thought to herself.

The address was not in the best part of town. The street lights were about half broken, boarded and abandoned buildings were everywhere. Parking as close to the building as possible, she looked in her mirror and poofed her hair up to where it was desired, and put a fresh coat of ruby red lip gloss on, just for good measure.

The walk to the building was a combination of excitement, and the feeling of what the hell am I doing here... A strange feeling of wetness greeted her as she walked, her panties were soaked, and she didn’t realize it until now. 'Wow', she thought, 'this isn’t too bad so far. I haven’t been this hot since the divorce, when I seduced a young guy in a bar, just for the fun of  it'.

The steel door on the building was bent and dented from too many attempts to get inside, the handle was ripped half off, and she hesitated for a second. A voice on the intercom rang out even before she had pushed the buzzer. "Walk in, Please" it said. She heard the click of the electric lock as the door eerily creaked opened.

Before her was a steel stair case with an arrow painted on the wall pointing up. Seeing nothing else, she climbed the stairs and opened the door at the top of the landing. Inside, she was greeted by the girl behind the voice, she was a very beautiful Oriental girl, with long flowing jet black hair and a face that belonged on a porcelain doll. Her Kimono dress was a bright orange silk and fit her like a glove, although the length barely passed her upper thighs.  The reception room was appointed like a Park Avenue office, beautiful wall coverings from China, lush carpeting and a mahogany desk.

'Not too shabby, so far', she thought.

Looking at the wall hangings she noticed that they were all of ancient erotic scenes, most of which had women as the object of a royal’s pleasures. Unusual compromising positions, and strange acts were foreign to her were depicted in bountiful detail. As the inner office door opened it startled her. A man and a woman  passed from behind the hidden inner door were  chiseled in appearance, and looked like they just stepped out of a runway fashion show. The man’s suit fit like it was hand tailored for him. The girl was tall, thin, and wore what looked to her at first glance to be a skin tight black catsuit and high heel ankle boots. The dim lighting played tricks on her. At second glance, the girl didn’t seem to have a face or hair... She regrouped her senses and took another look at her. She was right, no face or hair to be seen. The girl was covered from head to toe in a stretchy, shiny, black suit that was like a second skin on her. She was able to speak and breath well enough, and didn’t seem to mind at all what she was poured into.

The man noticed her staring at the encased girl spoke to her. "It’s a Zentai" he said, "It’s ritual Chinese for a courtesan to wear in front of her master, you’ll get used to this and more".

"What do you mean", she asked.

"You are here, once again, to become a member of our family", he said. "Your reply to the ad was based not on what you read, but the subliminal messages within it. You saw what you wanted to see, no more, no less. Your being here once more is your final acceptance into our world. From now on, we are your only contact with the outside world. As we speak, our men are emptying your apartment, and the belongings that you will require are being transported to your new home. That home is here. Every second of your day is to be a learning experience, every action that you will take is to be what we expect of you."

"WHAT???" she screamed, "are you NUTS???''

"What do you mean, here once again, I have never seen you or this place before, you have the wrong girl. I was replying to an ad for a job, that’s all" She said to the now impatient man.

He then proceeded to go into great detail about her prior experiences, none of which made any sense at all to her. She was told that for nearly three years she was a part of his family of courtesans, and he even produced photographs to prove his point to her. He told her that on a stormy, terrible night several years earlier, she disappeared along with two others in the family, leaving no trace to follow. They searched and searched for her, and finally gave her up for dead. Somehow, as a last chance, they placed a repeat of the original advertisement that brought her to them the first time. It ran in the papers all over the country for weeks and weeks, only to have her turn up less than ten miles away from where she disappeared. Naturally, she was unable to process all that was going on, and felt overwhelmed with it. She could not decide if it was all an elaborate hoax or not.

Without warning, a large burly Oriental man appeared from nowhere, He grabbed both of her arms and pulled them roughly behind her back and within seconds her wrists were bound tightly together. From his pocket he produced a bright yellow rubber ball with a thin leather thong threaded through it. The ball was stuffed deep into her mouth and the thong tied tightly behind her head, cutting off any possibility of speech or screams for help. The mystery woman walked in front of her and hugged her. "Don’t resist, my dear, it is futile. Let yourself go, it will be much easier on you".

"Besides", she added, "your subconscious begs you to be here, you will come to learn a much deeper truth as time passes".

Strangely, the woman’s voice calmed her to the point of nearly relaxing her. She took a few deep breaths and stopped her fight to get loose. Then, the woman bent her covered head towards her and repeated the single word "Amethyst" to her. Hearing the word spun her head into a wildly turbulent cycle of vertigo, she felt like she had been drugged with the most powerful narcotic imaginable. She lost all relationship to her body, and to her surroundings. She was able to hear voices, but not to make any sense out of what they were saying. It was like being inside of a closet and hearing muffled voices from the next room.  "You are a beautiful woman" ,was the last thing she recalled hearing.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself in a predicament that she could not understand. She was in a sitting position with her legs underneath her, as if she was kneeling and sat down upon her legs. Still groggy, she attempted to move and get up but was unable to. Around her waist she saw a wide, black leather waist cincher belt that had drawn her waist in some five or so inches smaller. Attached to either side of the cincher belt was a large chrome metal ring and a snap hook that were attached to similar rings on the surface that she was placed on. 

Trying to look around the room was very difficult, she was now coming out of her stupor, and could feel that her neck was laced tightly into a neck corset that held her head erect and removed the possibility of any rotation or lowering her head. The surface she was attached to was a platform, about five feet square, and raised about a foot off of the floor. The top that she sat upon was covered in a burgundy naugahyde, and was padded softly. Dozens of candles surrounded that room, with no other source of light. Her arms were still bound tightly into the arm binder, the end of which was drawn taught and attached to another ring on the floor of the platform, pulling her body slightly rearward.

Between her legs she felt a strange stirring, The result of her being impaled on a very large rubber cock dildo that was likewise attached to the platform. Now fully awake, she was able to comprehend her situation, and somehow , she was not afraid of what was happening, this frightened her more than the situation itself. 'What is this all about?' she thought, 'was I really here before, and why? In what capacity was I here?' These and hundreds more thoughts flooded through her mind like lightning.

Rocking back and forth to try and loosen her bindings, she inadvertently began to excite herself as the dildo slid in and out with every movement of her body. All but giving up on the hopes of pulling loose from her shackles, she contented herself with rocking to get the most feeling out of her erotic torture. Quicker than she had anticipated, the feeling grew and grew until the inevitable occurred, a wave of orgasmic energy flooded over her, only causing her to rock and rock with all the intensity that she could muster. Finally, the waves subsided and she went limp, nearly out of breath and feeling very dizzy.  As her fatigue grew into a peaceful slumber, she heard her thoughts in her mind. "What is wrong with me? I am not afraid, I am so peaceful and contented even though I have been kidnaped."

No answer entered her mind other than if this was her past, what would her future bring?

That question would soon be answered. From behind her, she heard a door swing open and bang the wall loudly.

"Did you enjoy that?" the man’s voice echoed. "For your sake, I hope so......"

She heard many voices and footsteps behind her, and then she saw the mystery girl from earlier, and a similarly clad girl, but in bright metallic gold, kneel, one on each side of her, and begin to touch and caress her body with their covered hands. The feeling was sublime as she luxuriated in the attention of the mystery figures. Just then, the man stepped before her and pointed at her.

"Now you will unfortunately feel the result of leaving us, causing us great fear and upset that you could have been lost to us forever."

As he stepped away, the two girls stopped their ministrations and kneeled motionless. Many footsteps could be heard from the rear and sides of the room. The candles were extinguished until only the softest of light was visible, barely sufficient to find your way in the room. She then saw a sight that shocked her to the core. Before her stood several men, all young and handsome, and all totally naked. They grouped next to each other and with their rigid cocks pointed inches from her face, began to masturbate themselves, and each other wildly, some with the help of the two covered ladies that were beside her.

Within a very short time, she felt the first of what would be countless ejaculations shoot at her face. The first landed on her forehead and slowly began to slide down her face, and ultimately drip down onto her breasts. Shot after shot was propelled at her, gradually covering her entire face and blinding her eyes. Her face had become a liquid white layer of eroticism, her attempt to count ended at over 35 when she lost count and just settled into the moment. She could feel every shot hit her, some squarely in her eyes, some into her forehead, and most dripping around the ball gag and sliding down her tongue and into her throat. 

Her beautiful breasts were glistening in the candle light with their newly found layer of lustful expression covering them. She also had lost count of how many times she had successfully managed to manipulate herself into orgasm by rocking her hips back and forth, but then, who cared? Time seemed to be intangible, but after what seemed to be forever, the attention stopped.

She was once alone and immersed fully in the moment.


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