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The Abduction Game
by Jon Deets
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Storycodes: MF; M+/f; bond; captive; strip; auction; sold; group; voy; mast; sex; climax; blackmail; reluct/nc; X
The Abduction Game 2: The Limo Jon Deets MF; M+/f; bond; captive; strip; auction; sold; group; voy; mast; sex; climax; blackmail; reluct/nc; X
continued from Part One: Game Gone Wrong

Part 2: The Limo

"I want to get my brains fucked out", she said, "in a limo."

Now this has long been a fantasy of my wife, and for some reason I had not fulfilled it yet. I immediately called around and found a limo service made up mostly of off-duty cops, and requested a driver for the following Saturday night. The big night came and off we went for a light dinner and some cocktails.

When we got into the limo after dinner it didn't take long for my wife to wriggle out of her bra and panties, leaving only a short cocktail dress on her shapely body. A few hugs and kisses and the dress came flying off as well, followed by every stitch of clothing that I had on. The next 20 minutes were followed by some passionate physical sex slowed only occasionally by changes in position. I am positive many drivers wondered why the limo was swaying so much despite the windless night.

Suddenly, although my breathing had not yet returned to normal, I heard a siren and noticed that the limo had stopped next to a large house that looked like a lodge. I threw my pants and shirt on, and my wife jumped into her cocktail dress. Pretty soon there was a knock on the door, and the limo driver opened the door and said, "We have a problem with these police officers - they think this limo is stolen."

There were 3 officers standing there, and one said, "Alright, we are going to split all 3 of you up and see if you all have the same story."

With that, one cop marched me to one side of the lodge- house, another cop took my wife to the other side, and the last cop took the driver inside.

The cop marched me through a side door and into a room which looked like an interview room in a police station. It had a heavy table with an embedded iron ring which I was immediately handcuffed to, and a large glass window overlooking a very large room with 35-40 guys in it. I noticed our limo driver was shaking hands with people and already had a beer in his hand. The cop told me, "This is a sound-proof room with a one-way mirror so you can see out but they can't see or hear you."

"What the heck is going on?" I asked.

Right then the cop with my wife brought her through the front door and a large cheer went up from the guys in the room.

"What is this?" she yelled, spitting mad.

"Well", the cop replied, "some of the guys recognized you and your husband's names when you called for the limo. You see, many of these guys, all cops, see pictures of you every day above the urinals at the station."

"Come see" he added.

It was then that I noticed the actual life-sized, 3-D cardboard cut-outs standing in the room like you see for Presidents and NBA players. There were two of them: one of them was made from a photo of my wife, stark naked except for the remnants of a tee-shirt cut-off above her nipples, and the other was a profile view of her deep-throating the rod of a man in a police uniform. Two men approached and said "remember us?"

"You liked a pretend abduction so much, we thought you might enjoy a real abduction"!

It seems as though these two cops had caught my wife previously as we played a little of our bondage games. As my wife blushed, the cop that brought her in said, "you are tonight's entertainment. You are going to dance for the guys tonight. Now take off that dress"!

"Fuck you" she replied, "there is absolutely no chance of that."

As soon as those words were out of her mouth, the cop hit her with a Taser. She collapsed and quivered a moment, and they picked her up and said, "every time you don't comply we are going to Taser you, and we have your husband and are going to hit him twice as long with higher voltage and see how long his heart can take it."

"Now, take that dress off"!

She hesitated a moment longer until he raised the Taser, and then reluctantly pulled the dress off over her head. There was a long moment of silence and then laughter and cheers from the guys.

"No bra? No panties? Aren't you quite the slut?" one yelled.

As she stood there naked, a cop said, "this is a charity event and we are raising some money tonight. But now, lets dance"!

They mixed the music up quite a bit: some songs were stripper music and they made my wife get on a table and dance; some music was rock and roll and they would put her in a group of 5 or 6 guys while she danced around naked and they slapped her ass and felt her tits; and some music was country and they actually made her "two-step" naked as they took turns slow-dancing with her. She was quite the sight as she danced around stark naked with her neatly shaved quim and perfect breasts.

After some time, a cop said, "its time for the live auction as no charity event is complete without one. And we even have Vanna White to help"!

With that, they made my wife prance around and demonstrate the items to be auctioned off: A television, two IPADs, a vacation house, etc.

When it appeared as though all of the items had been purchased, the auctioneer said "ok, we saved the best for last. We are auctioning off this lady to be fucked"!

As my wife tried to leave the stage, a couple of guys grabbed her and the bidding began in earnest.

After she raised $1,000 for the charity and the gavel banged down for the high bidder, the auctioneer said, "alright, boys, we are actually going to allow two more of you guys a turn if you will match the high bid."

Of course, two guys stepped up and said yes.

With that, the first winner grabbed my wife and said, "assume the position" as he bent her over slightly and handcuffed her to a table.

With that, he entered her from behind and fucked her for about 15 minutes before cumming. The next guy put her up on the table on her back, positioned her at the very edge, put his hands under her hips, inserted his tool and fucked her hard for 20 minutes. The last guy laid down on the floor and had her mount him, and made her interlock her fingers and put her hands on her head so that he had a great view of her spectacular tits, and made her bounce up and down on his monster member until he exploded.

While that was going on, 4 or 5 guys jerked themselves off and shot their cum on her back, shoulders and ass.

When the third guy was done, they picked my wife up and gave her a huge wad of cash as a guy videoed the exchange. "Here is your fee" one said.

"I don't want this money" she replied as she handed it back.

Immediately the guy said, "the prostitute is donating her fee to the charity"!

They then shut the camera off and said "no judge in the world is going to convict anyone now, so this is our little secret"!

As my wife put her dress back on, the cop with me uncuffed me from the table and hustled me back to the limo.

"Remember" he said, "she doesn't know you saw a thing so I suggest you play dumb."

A minute later the limo driver and the cop brought my wife, who was walking a little bow-legged, to the car and helped her inside.

"What happened"? I asked.

"Oh nothing," she replied, "they questioned me some and left me alone for an hour to see if I would change my story."

"You didn't tell them we had sex in the limo did you" I asked.

"Oh no" she replied, "I just said we were enjoying a special evening out."

"Okay" I laughed, "well this limo sure smells like sex so I am glad you didn't say anything."

She put her head on my shoulder and then looked up and said, "well I certainly got my wish. I got my brains fucked out this evening"!

"Oh" I said, "I was pretty good"?

"Good"? she said. "You were awesome"!

To this day, she has not told me what happened in the lodge and, to this day, I haven't mentioned what I saw.


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