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Gallery 36 - Foxy
DPFoxy212666.jpg DPFoxy212671.jpg DPFoxy212672.jpg DPFoxy212673.jpg
Foxy had been bugging me for months, every since she heard about bondage from her cousin. But she had to wait, so did I. I told her that we couldn't do it until she was of legal age.
DPFoxy212675.jpg DPFoxy212679.jpg DPFoxy212686.jpg DPFoxy212691.jpg
On that day, you can guess who appeared at my door, wearing a frilly party dress ... and a big smile on her face! She was ready, she told me, it was her birthday. And so it was!
DPFoxy212698.jpg DPFoxy212701.jpg DPFoxy212711.jpg DPFoxy212717.jpg
That inescapable hemp rope, wrapped tight around her wrists and elbows, her bound ankles pulled up into an unforgiving hogtie. That's what she wanted ... that's what she got!
  DPFoxy212742.jpg DPFoxy212744.jpg  
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